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Dear Annie 1/22

By Annie Lane Creators Syndicate

Dear Readers: Before the start of 2022, I asked you all to send me your goals and resolutions for the new year. These are some of my favorites:

• To pull up my bootstraps and address those who have been disrespectful toward me. Physical violence leaves visible scars. Verbal and emotional violence don’t.

• I decided to improve my mental and physical health in 2021, and I did, with the help of the weight loss app Noom (not an ad, just a fact). Since I started actively being kinder to myself, I feel a lot better, and losing weight really made me proud of my strength. Now in 2022, I need to maintain it and branch out more. New friendships need to be explored. New creative ideas need to be made real. My husband and I are planning a real vacation – something we never do!

• This year, and every year thereafter, I resolve to be a person that people would like to be around. I will be attentive, engaging and true to myself and others. It makes perfect sense to find the good in each situation. I will be grateful for each day.

• My goals for 2022 are to love others better and develop greater charity; to school my eight children better; to be of greater support and help to my sweet husband; to get our house in order and keep it generally clean; to get most projects done on time (it’s a work in progress); and to be a more positive wife and mother!

• My resolution is to ease up on worrying and to trust in my own parenting skills. My 17-year-old son has grown up with lots of challenges, but this year, I will place more faith where there is skepticism, and let him jump from the nest and fly on his own. Of course, as parents, we all worry about our kids, but this will be HUGE for us both. I’m going to work on not worrying and not being the helicopter mom, and focus more on making myself healthy and happy.

– This year, I vow to drink more water. We oldsters need to stay hydrated and often forget. Another thing I’ll do is keep a daily journal and specifically record one thing a day I am grateful for. (Studies prove it’s a great project for improved mental health, and you will so appreciate reading it in your later years.) I will also really try to maintain a positive attitude, which can be especially difficult these days. I have absolutely cut off negative people who complain, drag me down and make me feel sad. The power of positive thinking has never been more needed than now, so surprise others with a heartfelt “thank you,” a smile, or a gentle squeeze of the arm in lieu of a hug. I am doing my best, and others compliment my efforts.

I hope these thoughts encourage you, dear reader, as you envision what you and your life will become this year. Here’s to a 2022 that’s filled with happiness, healthiness and an abundance of love.

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