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An unpredictable and uncompromising comic makes her Spokane debut

Becky Robinson is at the Spokane Comedy Club this weekend.  (Courtesy photo)

Becky Robinson is a throwback who is silly, sassy and smart. The comic-actress, who will make her debut at the Spokane Comedy Club Saturday, doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Her TikTok clips are refreshingly daring. It doesn’t matter how ridiculous the Portland native appears while dancing, falling out of a tree or squeezing into a scant Halloween costume.

Her characters, such as the spiritual yoga instructor, the pre-pubescent app developer, and Lil Pickle$, the transgender rapper, are inventive, unpredictable and uncompromising.

Robinson, 30, is fearless, which is uncommon in an era in which many entertainers are reluctant to take a chance since they might offend fans or industry players.

“I would show up onstage in Los Angeles in full character and I would be the hummus guy or a character I call Alan Gingrich and people would say, ‘Becky, I can’t believe you’re trying this! What if a casting director sees you?’ Who cares? I’m going to be myself.”

Robinson is herself when it comes to her body. The former competitive gymnast refuses to starve herself in order to be wafer thin.

“You have to be a certain weight in Hollywood to be up for the part of hot girl who is kind of a bitch,” Robinson said. “And then there is the part of the chubby girl, who is funny. Guess which part I’m auditioning for. I have a healthy relationship with food. My own mother once told me that I can’t eat so much if I want to work in Hollywood. We didn’t talk for awhile and that sucked.”

Part of Robinson’s act is inspired by her parents. Her entitled mom character was taken from her mother.

“My mom had breast cancer and a brain tumor and when the pandemic arrived my mother didn’t want to be locked down,” Robinson said. “ ‘I want to go out to the bar with the girls,’ my mom said. I have so much fun with my characters onstage.”

The same goes for Robinson’s fans. Many dress up as her characters. Her amusing golf bits bring out women in visors. Some fans will bring tennis and pickleball rackets. “There is a lot of energy at my shows,” Robinson said. “There will be dancing. I’ll be running all over the place. I checked my steps at a recent show and I had over 30,000 steps.”

Robinson, who was part of MTV’s “Wild ‘N’ Out,” will talk dating. “I’ve been in straight relationships my whole life until I met my girlfriend two years ago,” Robinson said. “We live together. It’s interesting. I love to eat and she’s a vegan and she eats like a weirdo.”

No punches are pulled at Robinson’s shows, which are spirited and obscene.

“When you come out and see me it’s a party,” Robinson said. “Now that we’re coming out of the pandemic this is the rainbow after the storm.”