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Parting Shot — 10/31/08

Marija B. Vader/Grand Junction Free Press, AP
An effigy of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama walking the plank while a pirate holds a gun to his back, and a spray-painted sign reading “Obama for President of Afghanistan,” appears outside the home of Mike and Cheryl Barnes, west of Grand Junction, Colo. The sign and the effigy have been removed from the Halloween display after a newspaper inquired about it.

Andrew Zahler’s Snapshots from Around the World

TUBOB: Calls To Scary Things Grow Faint

I love Halloween and hate missing it, even though there are less kids out trick or treating every year, instead going to safe and controlled parties and malls and churches. I am so glad my Halloweens growing up were never like that, instead were enjoyed with the mobs of costumed kids roaming neighborhoods demanding treats under the not altogether symbolic threat of vandalism if treats were not forthcoming/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Is Halloween as grand an event today as it was during your youth?

Scanner Traffic — 10/31/08

5:14 p.m. Worley Ambulance is responding to a report of an unconscious man at Jimmy’s Bar/F Street, Worley.
3:59 p.m. Injury accident involving ejection of motorist @ MP2 e/b on I90 (Riverbend area/Post Falls). Another is trapped in a vehicle. 3 ambulances have been called for.
3:36 p.m. Woman reports that 2 men rearranged her apartment furniture while she was in the shower. One man may be her landlord. The men are now outside the apartment.

CindyH: Words, Phrases Don’t Wanna Hear Again

*Drunk the kool-ade, cool-aide or kool-aid
*Omama (er..some exceptions may apply to that one)
*You betcha
*Liberal media
*Left/wing right wing bias
*Mucus (she really hate that word).

DFO: You can read CindyH’s contribution to the SR Voices this week here, here, and here.

Question: Which words or phrases don’t you want to hear after Election Day Tuesday?

SKato: Barbarian Meets A Vandal

Stasia Kato/UIdaho Argonaut

Gil Yates, 89, Funeral Home Founder, RIP

After the war Gilbert returned to Coeur d’Alene and to his profession as a funeral director while obtaining his pilot’s license. He purchased the current property on 4th Street and started the Yates Funeral Home in 1952. In 1974 he purchased the Browning Funeral Home in St. Maries, Idaho and then opened the Yates Funeral Home in Hayden in 1978. He sold the family business to his son, Dexter, in 1981 but continued to work with his son and grandson, Eli, for the rest of his life/Yates Funeral Home. More here.

Hat Tip: Digger

Barker: Enviros Endorse Pro-Nuke Anderson …

Bonner County R’s upset by Anderson’s ties to enviros, D’s upset enviros didn’t back Elgar

More Info: Anderson is fighting a tough rematch to hold on to his seat against Democrat Steve Elgar, an engineer, oceanographer and former college professor who does water research for the U.S. Navy in North Idaho. Republican lawmakers visited Anderson’s district recently going door-to-door to keep him in the Legislature. Anderson also is endorsed by the Conservation Voters of Idaho. His endorsement says as much about the environmental group as it does about Anderson.

Question: Is the Conservation League of Voters using common sense by endorsing a sympathetic Republican? Or is it turning its back on a Demo who is more sympathetic to enviro causes?

Vandals Attack Mudgy & Millie Downtown

“As I was going through my mail this morning,” writes Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander, “my brother, Terry Lee, came in and said that he, along with some of our city people, had just spent the last couple of hours cleaning graffiti off the Tubbs Hill Mudgy Moose. The pictures showed some pretty nasty stuff. If folks are out and about, let’s keep an eye on our public are. Especially the art like Mudgy where it may be a darker area at night. It would be very sad if we had to remove any art piece that became a target for graffiti. Mudgy and the Mudgy Trail are such a good thing for the children of Coeur d’Alene. Please help keep it safe.”

HBO @ Noon: Should M’s Sign Griffey?

The Mariners can have Ken Griffey Jr. back if they want him, now that he’s a free agent. New general manager Jack Zduriencik refused to say whether Seattle will make a push to sign its former franchise center fielder, who is still beloved in the Northwest. That was hours after the Chicago White Sox made Griffey a free agent — and free for a potential return to the team with which he said two years ago he would like to retire/AP. More here.

Question: Would you like to see Ken Griffey Jr. finish his career with the Seattle Mariners?

Conservatives Can Save Planet, Too

When it comes to daily practices and habits, it seems to me that what we would call a “conservative” attitude should lend itself well to the cause of environmentalism. Even if someone on the right side of the political spectrum does not agree that human activity needs to be changed dramatically in order to save the planet, it seems he or she could still easily agree recycling, conserving water, turning off the lights, using more efficient appliances and reusing old items are all good ideas. There is nothing conservative about wanting to build a bigger landfill/Benjamin Ledford, UI Argonaut. More here.

Question: Are conservativism and environmentalism mutually exclusive philosophies?

Swindell: I Met Gov. Sarah Palin

I had the chance to meet and talk with Governor Palin at the rally. I shared some of the work I’m in involved with and said to her “Thank you for raising the bar for Christian women” I went on to tell her that many men and women around the country are praying for her. I said “we’re proud of you Sarah, stay strong” She couldn’t have been more grateful. She looked me right in the eye and thanked me for what I said to her/Brandi Swindell. More here.

*Minnick’s D+ NRA rating/Adam’s Blog
*Civil rights & gay marriage/Angry Young Woman
*Bill Sali: Right and wrong/Bubblehead
*Power of people on politicians/Scott Picken

CDA Press Poll: No On Both Jail Measures

How do you feel about the jail expansion proposals on the ballot?/CDA Press

*I’m voting “yes” for both. (101 Votes, 21%)
*I’m voting “yes” for one or the other. (49 Votes, 10%)
*I’m voting “no” on both. (325 Votes, 68%)

Question: Will the Kootenai County Jail expansion measures achieve a simple majority?

SR: Districts 1, 2, 4 Incumbents, Except For Rose

Item: Choices are clear in North Idaho legislative races/SR Editorial Board

His opponent, C.J. Rose of Spirit Lake, is an openly gay Democrat with strong environmental leanings. She says she would work toward an ongoing dialogue with the Coeur d’Alene Tribe. Harwood, who is seeking his fifth term in the Legislature, has solid Republican credentials in a solidly Republican district and Legislature. But our endorsement goes to Rose, because she could become a strong voice for Idahoans – including liberal women – who are vastly underrepresented in the Legislature.

Question: Do you predict any upsets in North Idaho legislative races?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/31/08

Rome Bioparco Zoo/AP
Hippos Mimi’, left, and Carlo approach carved pumpkins for Halloween, fed to them as a Halloween treat at Rome’s Bioparco Zoo Thursday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. We behold the hippopotamus
They’re heavy from lip to bottomous
For pumpkins they’ll leap
So our distance we keep
All so they won’t nip a lot of us/John Austin.
2. Hippos Mimi, left, and Carlo wail like scalding cats after learning that, instead of candy, this Halloween they would be getting healthy nutritious pumpkins — Wally.
3. The Halloween version of ‘Hungry Hungry Hippo’ — Toadman.

HM: JeanieSpokane

FPhil: Riverstone Is A Restaurant Graveyard

Family Phil: Next will be San Francisco Sourdough, and then Azteca and Bardenay. Red Robin always seems to be packed, though. Riverstone is the restaurant graveyard. Oh, I also won’t be surprised if Wagner’s Hofbrau on Kathleen closes down. The place looks empty every time I drive by.

Question: Do you agree with Phil that Riverstone is a tough venue for a restaurant to make it? Or: Which eatery will be the next to close in the greater Coeur d’Alene area?

Austin: Halloween In Albuquerque

John Austin: My earliest memory of Halloween was in 1960. JFK was about to win the Presidency, a fact relished by my Irish Catholic parents, and we were moving back West after four years at an Air Force Base in Miami. We were still reeling from having endured the Cat Five Hurricane Donna, and were looking forward to more peaceful days at our new Base in Idaho. As Halloween approached, my three older sibs and I were assured we’d be at our new home in time for the candy assault. More here.

TUBOB’s Halloween remembrances

Question: Do you have a Halloween memory to share?

Wild Card — 10/30/08

In the news today, the Christian Science Monitor is going virtual only here, 23% of Texas thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim here, Joe the Plumber is pondering is future here, and Exxon Mobile scores record profits (whoop-de-doo) here. But I’m more curious what you have to say as I play today’s Wild Card …

Finish This Sentence …

… ‘Twas the day before Halloween …

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/30/08

Dan Pelle/SR
Bright colors from the changing fall leaves reflect off the waters of the Cannon Hill Park pond as a mallard duck paddles by, in Spokane, Tuesday.

*High school drug search yields nada/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press
*Bonner County jobless rate on rise/Conor Christofferson, Bonner County Bee
*Freak accident launches arm-wrestling career/Eric Plummer, Bonner County Bee
*Idahoan wins $100,000 w/scratch ticket/Idaho Statesman
*Man dies after setting self on fire @ UW/Seattle PI
*Water damages electrical components in Idaho Capitol/AP

Breaking! Cougar Bay Group Wants Permit

In an effort to block a proposed expansion of dock construction and storage on Cougar Bay, two riparian land owners have filed “an extraordinary application” to protect osprey on the bay. Sue Flammia and Dianne and Ed Haglund have filed an application with the Idaho Department of Lands for a permit to: 1. Protect the Osprey habitat, 2. Preserve the pilings, and 3. Keep Cougar Bay waters quiet. In a cover letter, attorney Scott Reed said: “Log storage has been abandoned. If not maintained, the pilings will eventually crumble and the nesting sites will be gone.”

Cops Investigate Rathdrum Bomb Threat

Detectives are investigating a bomb threat that occurred Wednesday night near Rathdrum, Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department officials said today. It may have been a prank that went horribly wrong, but investigators want to make sure. Authorities are talking to a person suspected of making the calls Wednesday night/Jody Lawrence-Turner. More here.

Online Poll: Paying Attention To Polls?

How much attention are you paying to the presidential campaign polls?/KHQ

*I’m obsessed with the polls
*I’m interested, but not obsessively
*I try to avoid them
*I don’t care about the polls
*What polls?

Smith: I Wasn’t Radical Enough

Back in a newsroom today, I’d fight even harder against the entrenched interests that continue to insist that the big national and international stories of today belong on Page 1 tomorrow “as a matter of record.” And I’d fight harder to kill the stenographic meeting stories and the press release crap that makes up too much of what passes for local news in too many papers. As radical as I have been as an editor, I have not been radical enough. If our newspapers can’t be timely, they should at least be interesting/Steve Smith, Still A Newspaperman. More here.

Question: What stories would you emphasize, if you were editor of The Spokesman-Review?

HBO @ Noon — Pizza, Anyone?

Taryn Hecker: Todd (Tondee) would win more votes if he made the kickass Taco Pizza a regular menu item instead of a special. That’s my opinion. I want some taco pizza.

Question: Which pizza type (and/or local pizza parlor) is your favorite?

Woody: Roost To Reopen On Halloween

Dave, Dave, Dave; We made it … Rustlers Roost is opening Friday Oct. 31. … Always loved Halloween. 18 Days of moving, building, moving, moving, oh yea did I mention moving? Pike St. Tea will be on at 6am forever more. It is really differant having a new building … new stuff, insulation, plumbing that works. The crew is all jacked up and ready to go/Woody McEvers, Rustler’s Roost owner, CDA councilman.

DFO: Where’s OrangeTV? We need a review ASAP. Will the first one of you out there who tries the new Roost report back in tomorrow?

My 2 Cents: Where’s That Graveyard Fence?

It’s a bit unnerving to walk by Forest Cemetery
after dark of late b/c the chain-link fence is gone. Yeah, I know that chain-link isn’t a good barrier against ghosts and goblins that might want to get out. But it’s reassuring nonetheless. A pedestrian can’t accidentally step off the sidewalk onto a grave w/a chain-link fence in the way. But Cemetery Director Doug Eastwood assures Huckleberries Central that a new fence is on the way, a picket-like one that befits a cemetery better than a chain-link one. He’d hoped to have the fence up before Halloween. But that’s not going to happen. It’ll stretch between the basalt pillars now in place, with a 4-inch post every 8 feet. Meanwhile, you’ll simply have to whistle a happy tune to chase off willies as you past the graveyard. Or use the other side of Government Way.

Question: What gives you the willies?

Protesters Target Sarah Palin Effigy

Reed Saxon/AP
Protesters hold up a pair of sheets mounted on poles in an attempt to cover a controversial Halloween display, that shows a Sarah Palin effigy hanging by a noose and a John McCain effigy surrounded by fake flames coming out of a chimney, at a home in West Hollywood, Calif., Wednesday. Shortly after noon the group removed the sheets and left, saying their point had been made.

SR: Stay With Currie

Both Caires and MacDonald favor restoring the position. Currie, who once agreed, has changed his mind, calling the idea wasteful and ineffective and saying there’s a reason no other county in Idaho operates that way. By the time salary, benefits and associated overhead expenses are added up, it would cost the county more than $200,000 a year he estimates. And the administrator would still oversee only half of county government, because that person would have no authority over other elected county officials and their offices/SR Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Who will Independent Bob Macdonald pull more votes from? Rick Currie? Or Steve Caires?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 10/30/08

Colin Mulvany/SR
While their babysitter Trina Lucas shops for a Halloween costume, twins Elsie, in front and Nyla Hess, 2, keep a watchful eye out for ghosts and goblins haunting Value Villiage in Spokane Tuesday.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Prosecutors: Duncan’s crimes ‘unfathomly cruel’/Betsy Russell, SR
*Discovery of Post Falls hiker’s remains brings family closure/KXLY
*Post Falls schools join reverse 911/Brian Walker, CDA Press
*Idaho mulls higher hunting, fishing fees/Betsy Russell, SR
*County candidates report fund-raising figures/Tom Greene, CDA Press
*Lewiston guilty of hate crime/Brad Gary, Lewiston Tribune
*LCHS, Lewiston battle for title, home playoff/Greg Lee, SR

Wallace Teacher On Job After Gun Incident

Item: Wallace teacher back on job after gun arrest/Meghann M. Cuniff, SR

More Info: A second-grade teacher facing a criminal charge after Kellogg police say he waved a loaded gun at a man outside a bar returned to the classroom this week. Protests over the return of Ethan Owens, 29, to Silver Hills Elementary in Osburn, Idaho, lasted one day. But parents say concerns remain about the school district’s decision to let him return to work after two weeks on paid leave.

Question: What would you do in this situation, if you were a trustee or superintendent in the Wallace School District?

Huckleberries: McCain Wins NIC Student Vote

You may know that Demo Barack Obama edged Repub John McCain 47.8 percent to 45.6 percent in that statewide vote that involved 54 high schools and 4,704 online ballots cast last Thursday and Friday. But did you know that McCain turned the tables on Obama at North Idaho College? Sorta. In a mock vote of 527 students representing 24 states, McCain edged Obama by a single percentage point. McCain outpolled Obama among females, 49 percent to 45 percent, while Obama won the spread among males, 50 percent to 40 percent.

Wild Card — 10/29/08

The Fed cut the interest rate another half point here. Barack Obama’s tying up the airwaves tonight while he tries to lock up the election with a half-hour infomercial here. Sarah Palin’s preparing for life after John McCain here. And newby Huckster Jenny is wishin’/hopin/prayin’ for a miracle McCain win, on HBO’s comment thread. In other words, I’m headed home after re-playing the Wild Card. It’s time for HBO After Hours …

Chicago Tribune Tunes In On Dogwalk Musings

Michelle Obama said something on Larry King the other night that really resonated with me. They were discussing the “that one” comment and the “what don’t you know” question from the debate. She turned serious after a few quick quips and said, basically, Barack knows what he doesn’t know and surrounds himself with those who can educate him. In other words he doesn’t surround himself with “yes” men. That is important to me/Dogwalk Musings. More here.

Dogwalk Musings: I was invited to join a blog aggregator a couple of months ago that feeds blogs to the major media. Reuters , The Chicago Sun Times and Computer World have picked up ten or so of my posts since. This one (from the Chicago Tribune) today, in Obama’s home town, is special.

DFO: Put your hands together for Dogwalk Musings who has hit the big time again w/her blog.

HBO’s Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/29/08

Geoff Crimmins/Moscow-Pullman Daily News, AP
Washington State University junior Gunnar Neitzke participates in a march against hate on campus in Pullman on Tuesday. Story here.

David Horsey ‘toon

*Sali upset with Demo flier w/his Social Security number/KTVB
*Jury trials set in Dobson Pass murders/Shoshone News-Press
*Deer departed/Nicholas DeShais, Inlander
*‘Blizzard of attack ads’ in Idaho/Betsy Russell, SR
*Kempthorne will present clues on Jeopardy!/Idaho Statesman
*Fewer Idahoans hold 2 jobs/Idaho Statesman
*Ex-Boise teacher pleads guilty to vehicular manslaughter/KTVB
*Idaho college endowments fall 8-12 percent/KTVB
*Bonner County bookkeeper pleads guilty to forgery/Bonner County Bee

9 Of 11 Peruvian Shamans Pick … Obama

Martin Mejia/AP
A Peruvian shaman holds a photo of US Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.,during a ritual to send good vibes to their favorite candidate on La Herradura beach in Lima Wednesday. Nine of the 11 faith-healers from the Apus-Inka healers’ association said they foresee Obama winning the election.

Pumpkin Simulator

As a break from politics, Cis sends along a “pumpkin simulator” which allows you to carve as many pumpkins as you want w/o dealing with the messy innards as Granati did for the Local Blogs roundup today. Click here.

LaRocco: Risch Military Claims ‘Smell’

U.S. Senate candidate Larry LaRocco says he doesn’t buy opponent Jim’s Risch claim that he wanted to serve his country and tried to enlist in the military in 1968. He said Risch’s story is an affront to veterans, who deserve complete transparency about his record. LaRocco referred to Risch’s comments to the Meridian Chamber of Commerce yesterday, and to his statements to a Post Register reporter earlier this month. Follow these links to the Meridian story here and here. “His story doesn’t pass the smell test. It’s a story concocted by someone who knows nothing about the military and did what he could to avoid service,” LaRocco said. “There are a lot of questions Risch needs to answer”/LaRocco for U.S. Senate news release. More here.

Jeanie: Bugged By Daylight Saving Time

I go through this every year – the time change. Twice a year we go through this ordeal of having Daylight Savings Time and then NOT having Daylight Savings Time. Isn’t it a bit incongruous that “daylight savings” would END just as winter starts??? Shouldn’t we have more light in winter, not less? And the little sayings: “Spring forward, Fall back” just doesn’t work for me. I have this weird visual mindset – and I can never remember if it’s that phrase or my own self-acclimated phrase (because I am naturally weird) of “Spring back, fall forward” which is how I go through life. I spring. I trip. I skip. I fall. I start up again. And I never ever fall back – that’s kind of like quitting/JeanieSpokane. More here.

Question: Are you a fan of Daylight Saving Time?

Hecker: Shotgun Dreams

Courtesy: Taryn Hecker, Inlander
Taryn Hecker learns to shoot a shotgun as part of an Inlander assignment.

The frost has just barely melted off the grass and the gray-haired men sitting at the counter drinking coffee and eating donuts look a little surprised to see a crowd of women gathering at the Coeur d’Alene Skeet and Trap Club. It’s Ladies’ Weekend, and the four of us women were recipients of a mass e-mail invite that promised free shotgun lessons. I’m here not because I care much about knowing how to shoot. I just want to learn how to hold a shotgun. That way if I ever need to step out on my front porch with a shotgun — picture Renee Zellweger in Cold Mountain — I’ll at least look like I know how to use it/Taryn Hecker, Inlander. More here.

Question: Do you know how to handle shotgun?

HBO @ Noon: Family Members Named Joe

Amy Sancetta/AP
Joe Wurzelbacher, also known as ‘ Joe the Plumber’, signs autographs after appearing at a rally with Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at Bowling Green University in Bowling Green, Ohio, Wednesday.

Question: I have a late uncle named Joe and a nephew named Joe. One would be Joe the Truck Driver. The other would be Joe the Kid. How about you? Do you have any family members named Joe (accompanied by occupation)?

Bubblehead Endorses Minnick

For those keeping score at home, Joel “Bubblehead” Kennedy of The Stupid Shall Be Punished kicks off this YouTube video showing Idaho veterans in favor of Demo Walt Minnick.

Ex-Zag Morrison Sporting New ‘Do

Jeff Siner/Charlotte Observer, AP
Charlotte Bobcats Adam Morrison sports a new hairstyle during basketball practice Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C. Morrison’s unwieldy, shaggy black mop that had become some sort of anti-fashion statement from his college days at Gonzaga was replaced by short-cropped hair that ended halfway down his neck, even with the bottom of his ears. In a “before” AP file photo from 2006, Morrison is shown playing against Indiana.

Question: Does ex-Gonzaga star Adam Morrison look better with long hair or short hair?

Economy Hits Strip Clubs Hard

Item: Stateline Showgirls profits falling with clothes/KREM2

More Info: David McKibbin, owner of Stateline Showgirls on the border of Washington and Idaho said that business is down considerably off last year’s pace.

Question: Have you cut back on the dollars you spend at local strip clubs ;-)

HBO’s AM Headlines — 10/29/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Eric Weatherman of Kettle Falls, Wash., climbs on his tugboat on Lake Roosevelt last Thursday. He now weighs 300 lbs., down 130 lbs from his highest weight of 430. He had a “duodenal switch”, a type of bariatric surgery that prevents the body from absorbing nutrients from food. He can now climb ladders without running out of breath. John Stucke’s SRtory here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins
*North Idaho woman dies of flu/Alison Boggs, SR
*Diploma mill webmaster gets 4 years for fraud, porn/Bill Morlin, SR
*NIC basketball lands 2 7-footers/Rod Harwood, CDA Press
*Student puts swastikas into WSU newspaper/SR (scroll down)
*Boundary County couple to start ‘Paying It Forward’ Web site/R.J. Cohn,
*Boy Scout saves mother w/Heimlich Maneuver/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*No agreement yet between tribe, state re: highway/Dan Hammes, St. Maries Gazette-Record
*WSU sees red over campus violence/KXLY
*Dual-language students outscore English-only ones/AP

Online Poll: Worst Halloween Treat

What is the worst Halloween treat you can get?/Lewiston Tribune

*Toothbrushes or pencils
*Individually wrapped hard candies (peppermints, etc.)
*Necco wafers or sweet tarts
*Laffy taffy
*Popcorn balls
*Small Tootsie rolls
*Candy corn
*Fun-size candy bars
*Little boxes of raisins
*Campaign buttons

Demo Mailer Includes Sali SS Numbers

Item: Mailer includes Salis’ Social Security numbers: Democrats stand behind campaign flier/Betsy Russell, SR

More Info: The Idaho Democratic Party is defending a campaign flier it mailed throughout Idaho’s 1st Congressional District that clearly shows the Social Security numbers of Rep. Bill Sali and his wife. The flier faults Sali for past financial problems, including state and federal tax liens filed against him in 1988, and his continuing campaign debt. The flier shows parts of two tax liens; on one, both Social Security numbers are visible.

Question: Did Idaho Demos go too far by circulating a flyer revealing Congressman Bill Sali’s Social Security numbers?

Wild Card — 10/28/08

I posted the first of a series of items re: the local elections below — the Senate District 4 race among John Goedde, Ken Howard & Jeremy Boggess. It isn’t attracting a lot of interest so far. Mebbe we’re all too focused on the prez race. However, I’ll continue to post them. The commissioner races will probably be next. Meanwhile, you can tell me if there’s some other topics you want to discuss here by using this Wild Card …

Bree: Goedde Mailers Keep Hitting Mailbox

Bree: I have a pile of Goedde mailers on my counter that I started saving two weeks ago because I started to notice I was getting a lot of them. I have about ten now from just the two weeks alone and I recieved SIX in two days. 8 of the 10 are from the Idaho Prosperiety Fund (or something like that) and the other two are from Goedde’s local office. I think I’m going to save them all up and shove them in an envelope and mail them back to them. It’s rediculous. Are they trying to annoy me into voting for him?

Question: Do you look at the campaign literature that’s direct-mailed to you?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/28/08

Christopher Anderson/SR
Painted with fake blood, David Andriole, who plays the part of “Pencil Stache” in the film “Give ‘Em Hell Malone,” dashes out of the old Otis Hotel to his pink van during film shooting Tuesday. Story here.

*Parents protest reinstatement of Wallace teacher/Shoshone News-Press
*Porn star: ‘I got paid to have sex with girls’/KREM2
*Man threatened at Pullman ATM in possible hate crime/KHQ
*Authorities patrol Fernan after poaching reports/KHQ
*Wallace woman swerves to miss cat, hits house/Shoshone News-Press
*Idahoan mars campaign sign in own yard, faces fine/Idaho Statesman
*Attorney Payne withdraws from murder case after racial slur/Bonner County Bee
*2 bridge workers remain hospitalized/Idaho Statesman
*Ponderay meth dealer sentenced/Bonner County Bee
*Broken thermometer to keep 600 frosh home again/KTVB

2 CDA Women Arrested On Assault Charges

Two young Coeur d’Alene women were arrested early this morning and a male is also wanted aggravated assault in an incident that occurred at 1205 Emma Ave. Johanna M. Tuttle, 25, and Elizabeth A. Duval, 19, were arrested by Coeur d’Alene police who responded to the report of a possible fight involving gunshots. Officers located two victims of an aggravated assault. One 19-year-old female victim was bleeding from her head after being struck with a blunt object. A 21-year-old male, reportedly had a firearm pointed at him/CPD Blue news release.

Capt. Ben’s Felony Warrant Honor Roll

Leading Capt. Ben Wolfinger’s honor roll of felony warrants this week are (from left): Cara Elizabeth Williams, 31, of Athol, who’s wanted on a grand theft warrant (with bail set at $5000); Dechaun Yu Dyson, 23, of Post Falls, for failing to appear for aggravated battery and robbery ($30,000 bail); and James Douglas Kelly, 30, of Coeur d’Alene, for failing to appear for aggravated battery and pettit theft (no bond). Yo can read all the warrants here.

EOOlympia: Washington, Idaho Revenue Tumbles

Compared to the same quarter last year, it’s even bleaker. Washington’s July-Sept tax collections compared to the same period last year are down a startling 11.3 percent. This after quarter upon quarter of more-money-than-expected good news for budget writers in 2006 and 2007. Idaho’s not much better, coming in third worst on the list, down 9.3 percent from last year. (Tennessee’s second, if you’re keeping score)/Rich Roesler, Eye On Olympia. More here.

Local Blogs — 10/28/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
North Idaho entrepreneurs with a strong back and a pick-up truck can sell a cord of firewood for about $150, posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. Permits for cutting your own firewood are available through the Idaho Panhandle National Forest office in Coeur d’Alene.

*Gift Haiku/Tumblewords
*A bit disappointed w/”Phantom”/Silver Valley Girl
*Late afternoon in the forest primeval/Slight Detour
*Hello, winter/Synaptic Disunion
*Tina Turner puts on a show/Notes from the ‘Kan EWA
*The Uncle Jim, John McCain POW tapes dilemma/TUBOB
*What would St. Paul say about this election?/Wayward Episcopalian
*No hiding from God/Mrs. Mac Energetic

HBO Numbers (for Monday, Oct. 27): 10,329 page-views/5425 unique views

Fisher: Send Cinderella To Ball Sans Gown?

The shock with which highly paid, and smartly dressed, media, political and entertainment figures greeted the news about Palin’s new clothes is hard to stomach. Even if Palin is being presented as a middle-American hockey mom, someone who would be out of place in the Georgetown cocktail party circuit in the nation’s capital, she cannot be sent out on the campaign circuit looking much different from the people she will be campaigning with and against, or from the press corps that travels with her. No one expects even a hockey mom to look like Ma Kettle/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Are you concerned about the amount of money that the GOP spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe?

TUBOB: You’ll Shoot His Eye Out

So, anyhow, here’s the real story - when I was a youngster, pre-pubertal, probably 11 or 12, me and my brother and some other kids had a “BB gun war” in this big grassy dirt trailed field over by the long gone “Early Dawn Dairy” in the part of the Spokane Valley I growed up in. We teamed up with our little Daisy BB rifles and CO2 cartridge powered pistols (no pump action deadly Crosman pellet cannons allowed!) and shot at each other. It wasn’t all that complicated, all that tactical, all that hiding behind (stuff), mostly we just spread out and crouched and tried to blast our opponents. Now, if you’ve never been shot by a BB gun, well good for you, but they do sting like a SOB. Close up. They don’t have a lot of velocity or distance and they don’t shoot real straight. So you pop away and never hit anyone unless you get real close and in a big grassy field with no real cover, no trees, no rusting hulks of automobiles, no herds of reindeer, well it wasn’t too dangerous. Except/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Did you own a BB gun as a kid? Did you hit anything of note with it?

Palin Halloween Effigy Hangs In Hollywood

Ric Francis/AP
Neighbors examine a Halloween themed effigy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin decorates a house Monday in West Hollywood, Calif. It has generated several complaints because the mannequin, dressed in Palin’s trademark updo, glasses and a red business suit, is hanging by the neck from a noose. Story here.

Question: How would you react if you saw something like this in your neighborhood?

Sundodger: Why Not Palin For UW Coach?

Rumors are rampant here in Yakima that Sarah Palin has already accepted the job. Before you scoff, she’s (a) more qualified for the UW job than VP, (b) has no known associations with terrorists such as Rick Neuheisel, (c) would be able to see Oregon from the upper deck of Husky Stadium and (d) would give the game-day uniforms a fabulous and much needed make-over/Yakima Sundodger, Seattle Times Husky Football Blog commenter. Story here.

DFO: Yakima Sundodger is MamaJD’s uncle.

Question: Is Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin more qualified to take Tyrone Willingham’s job as U-Dub football coach than she is to be vice president, as Yakima Sundodger contends?

McCain: Stevens Should Resign In Disgrace

Item: McCain says Alaska Sen. Stevens should resign/New York Times

More Info: Senator Ted Stevens “has broken his trust with the people” and should step down, his fellow Republican Senator John McCain said on Tuesday, a day after Mr. Stevens was convicted of violating federal ethics laws for failing to report tens of thousands of dollars in gifts and services he had received from friends.

Question: Is there any U.S. senator or representative that you believe is above corruption or scandal?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 10/28/08

Charlie Litchfield/Idaho Press-Tribune, AP
Emergency personnel assess the scene where a prefabricated portion of the new Robinson road overpass collapsed, Monday along Interstate 84 in Nampa. Story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Remains of missing Post Falls man found in Montana/KREM2
*WSU students wearing red to support gays/AP
*Couple jailed a few exits short of wedded bliss/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR
*Future Idaho leaders could be on UI campus/Red Wright, UI Argonaut
*NIC experiments w/4-day class week/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press
*Judge dismisses lawsuit against KCSD deputy/Tom Greene, CDA Press
*Open house for I-90 project @ Post Falls set/Brian Walker, CDA Press
*Spokane River quality improving/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press

Online Poll: Where To Ski?

What will have the biggest impact on how much, and where, you ski this winter?/Idaho Statesman.

*Don’t ski

Gas Prices: How Low Can They Go?

Item: Gas prices spotted below $2: Oil prices lowest in year; miserly fuel consumption practiced over the summer becoming a habit/AP; Coeur d’Alene Press story.

More Info: Pump prices continued to tumble in the past week, falling more than 25 cents to a national average of $2.656 a gallon, new government figures show. In some places, gasoline is now selling for less than $2 a gallon.

DFO: I bought gas for $2.44.9 last night at Del Kerr’s Exxon on Appleway & Government Way. I drove by several stations offering gas for 3 to 5 cents more to do so. Just to brag this morning.

Question: What’s the cheapest price you’ve paid for gas in recent weeks? How low do you think the prices will go in North Idaho?

Wild Card/Monday — 10/27/08

We’re down to the last eight days before the Never Ending Election is over. I’ve been in Portland for three days enjoying my daughter’s company. So I haven’t been paying attention to the stock market. Or even the sudden upswing in the fortunes of the Seattle Seahawks or Idaho Vandals. The scanner has been quiet today. I’ll play this Wild Card — and see what you have to offer …

KHQ: Teacher Charged w/Assault Returns

Item: Teacher charged with assault back in class/KHQ. Full report.

More Info: A man accused of assault and reportedly carrying a concealed weapon while under the influence is back class. It may not seem like that big of a deal, until you realize he teaches second grade. Fifteen children were held out of Silver Hills Elementary Monday, their parents saying they didn’t feel comfortable sending their kids to class. The school superintendent says private time is private time and there is nothing he can do to punish a teacher arrested for assault.

Question: Should this teacher be allowed back into an elementary school classroom?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/27/08

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Garrett Jones, 2, of Pullman, Wash., reaches high to pull a long lever while exploring the old locomotive at Locomotive Park with his grandpa David Jones Monday in Lewiston.

*Duncan headed back to court for more sentencing/KXLY
*Several Spokane workers on collapsed Nampa bridge/KREM2
*Shoshone County candidates spend over $46,000 combined/Shoshone News-Press
*Probation, parole officers to monitor sex offenders on Halloween/Idaho Statesman
*Woodstove sparks Post Falls house fire/SR

County-Wife Facilities Plan Concerns Tondee

I didn’t know Kootenai County had a “county-wife” problem until a colleague pointed it out on Commish Todd Tondee’s Web site this afternoon. Sure enough, the headline was there along the lower left rail: “County-Wife (sic) Facilities Plan.” The text continues: “The count (sic) is at a crucial crossroad. Our jail is over-capacity and many departments are out of space. A plan to meet today’s, as well as future needs has been developed.” A colleague said she’s available to proofread candidates’ pages — for $30 per hour.

Nampa Bridge Collapse Sends 14 To Hospital

A bridge under construction at Robinson Road collapsed this afternoon while workers were pouring concrete, sending 14 of them to local hospitals, said Nampa Deputy Fire Chief Doug Strosnider. None of the patients are in critical condition, he said. “A lot of folks were on that bridge and rode it down,” he said. “God was looking out for Nampa today, that’s for sure.” No more is known at this point, Strosnider said/Idaho Statesman. More here.

ATF Disrupts Obama Assassination Plot

AP Photo
This undated photo obtained from a MySpace webpage shows Daniel Cowart, 20 of Bells, Tenn. holding a weapon. Federal agents have broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree, the ATF said today.

Federal agents have broken up a plot to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and shoot or decapitate 102 black people in a Tennessee murder spree, the ATF said Monday. In court records unsealed Monday, federal agents said they disrupted plans to rob a gun store and target a predominantly African-American high school by two neo-Nazi skinheads. Agents said the skinheads did not identify the school by name. Jim Cavanaugh, special agent in charge of the Nashville field office for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, said the two men planned to shoot 88 black people and decapitate another 14. The numbers 88 and 14 are symbolic in the white supremacist community/AP. More here.

NIC Alumni Honor Palin, Parson, Wood

North Idaho College alumna Sarah Palin was chosen to receive the Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award, its most prestigious award, for her local, state and national political achievements. “The NIC Alumni Association has the pleasure of seeing our alums go on to successful careers in government and private industry throughout the world,” said NIC Alumni Coordinator Sara Fladeland. “We’ve followed Gov. Palin’s career as Alaska governor and we were so proud to choose her as the recipient of this award, long before her selection as the vice presidential candidate. This is another achievement in a long list of accomplishments for Gov. Palin as well as NIC alums”/NIC alumni news release. More here.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/27/08

John Froschauer/AP File Photo
In this Oct. 18 file photo, Washington head coach Tyrone Willingham walks off the field after the 34-13 loss to Oregon State in an NCAA college football game in Seattle. Today, Willingham said he will step down at the end of the 2008 season. Story below.

*Willingham resigns UW post, will leave at end of season/Seattle PI
*Circulation drops at Washington’s largest papers/Seattle PI
*Southern Idaho schools to ditch letter grades/Twin Falls Times-News
*Shelter finds few takers for black dogs/KTVB
*ISU softball coach admits misspending, quits/KTVB
*Boise State now ranked No. 11/KTVB
*Broken thermometer closes school/KCBI
*2 caught in theft of military Humvee/AP
*Panty-thief victim tells story/KREM2
*LCSC prez not applying for UI job/AP

Orbusmax Special: 2 men beaten after mooning comic book store owner here.

NIC Students Back McCain, Faculty Obama

In a mock election involving individuals from 24 states, North Idaho College students gave U.S. Sen. John McCain a 1% win over U.S. Sen. Barack Obama. However, Obama won more states overall — as well as the mock electoral college vote of the students from the various states. When the 63 faculty votes were factored in (for a total of 590 votes in the mock election), Obama won the overall vote by 13 ballots or 2.1%.

SR: Minnick Best Choice In Congress Race

The 1st Congressional District of Idaho has had its share of iconoclastic characters: Helen Chenoweth-Hage, Butch Otter and Bill Sali. But Sali stands apart for his inability to gain respect and encouragement from a wide range of fellow Republicans. His uncooperative nature not only precludes him from reaching across the aisle, it cuts off avenues within his own caucus. From incompetently filing campaign finance reports, to taking credit for highway legislation he opposed, his erratic behavior does not engender confidence. His campaign to place his centrist Democratic opponent in the amen chorus with liberals like Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank isn’t credible. In fact, it’s laughable, but these are serious times/SR Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Agree? Disagree?

Obama, Risch Sali Win Idaho Mock Election

Item: Obama Nips McCain by 2% in high school mock vote/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise Secretary of State results here.

United States President
CON Chuck Baldwin 46 1.0%
LIB Bob Barr 73 1.6%
REP John McCain 2,135 45.6%
IND Ralph Nader 189 4.0%
DEM Barack Obama 2,240 105 47.8%

United States Representative
DEM Walt Minnick 1,337 47.2%
REP Bill Sali 1,497 160 52.8%

Question: how do you explain these mixed results in statewide balloting of Idaho high school students?

OTV Review: Porch Public House

Our host/waiter was brief, efficient and non-invasive, which I much prefer over to the insincere pomposity in effect at so many chain restaurants these days. Picture Jennifer Aniston in “Office Space,” waitressing at Chotchkie’s, forced by the mega-corporation to plaster on a fake smile and show her enthusiasm with endless “flare” on her vest. There’s none of that kind of phony baloney attitude at The Porch. Creative originality reigns with fresh food put together and presented by people who actually seem to have a passion for what they do. There’s no perceptible theme to the menu at the Porch other than “everything looks so darn good I can’t even decide!” It seems like the chefs bounce between the four related pubs; the menus are so similar and the astoundingly consistent quality of the fare is the same as well/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Who has the best waiters in the region?

Young Repub Club Launched @ NIC

Item: Young Republicans Club back at NIC:
Student resurrects group after several-year absence

More Info: Luisa Uribe noticed something as she walked across the campus of North Idaho College: Every day she saw a campaign table promoting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, but none for Republican candidate John McCain. So Uribe, a Republican, decided to start a Young Republicans Club – a group that hasn’t been present at the college for several years.

Question: Were you interested in politics when you were 18 to 25 years old?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/27/08

George Skene/Orlando Sentinel, AP
Asha Mandela lets down her hair after getting her dreadlocks measured to 8 feet 9 inches in Longwood, Fla., on Friday. Mandela stands 5‘5” and has been growing her hair for 20 years. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Angry at all the media attention she’s getting, Asha’s roommate wrestles her to the ground, shouting “There! I’ve got you in a ‘Full Nelson’, Mandela”/John Austin.
2. Asha recently considered a haircut; she was advised against it by her doctor, to put it simply, “the sudden release of tension on the neck would cause your head to snap forward like a rubber band” — Poolman.
3. Asha, we must do something about those split ends — Charlie.

HM: JeanieSpokane

Wal*Mart Delays Plans To Add 2 Stores

Item: Wal-Mart plans delayed: Retailer will still build two news stores, but later than expected/Brian Walker, CDA Press

More Info: Wal-Mart’s plans to add two super centers in Kootenai County are still churning, but construction is fading into 2009. Hayden officials said earlier this year that they believed the mega-retailer would start construction during the summer at the southwest corner of Honeysuckle and U.S. 95, but City Administrator Jay Townsend said it’ll now likely be spring.

Question: Does Kootenai County need another Wal*Mart supercenter?

Hucks: She Puts Best (Broken) Foot Forward

You’d better smile if you call ex-SR colleague Erica Curless “horse whisperer.” If you’re lucky, she’ll repeat the line she heard earlier this fall at the Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College in Colorado from founder Michael Stenson re: horse whispering: “There is no element of mystery or of special talkers and skills and abilities.” If you’re not lucky, she’ll say, as Stenson does: “That’s all crap.” Erica’s beginning a new career as a certified EMT. (Read: Equine Massage Therapist, for those of you keeping score at home.) “Massage isn’t just for human athletes,” Erica told

Wild Card/Sunday — 10/26/08

Three cheers for the UIdaho Vandals who won their first conference game in some time, 20-14 over New Mexico State. Which made this weekend even nicer than it already is. I hope you Vandal fans enjoyed the upset. Mebbe this’ll get the Vandals out of the Bottom 10. Where Washington State and UWashington hold court. I’ve been enjoying my time off. I’ll tell you about it if I can remember to do so Monday. Now, I’ll play the last of my three-day weekend Wild Cards. Enjoy yourselves. I’ll see you back here Monday …

TGIF Wild Card — 10/24/08

All I have for you today through Sunday are Wild Cards. I’m taking a three-day weekend to rest up before the big push next week to finish election campaigns and get us through Nov. 4. I started my “holiday” (as Marmitetoasty might say) with a little “Phantom of the Opera” action last night. It was as good as advertised. Now, I’m going to kick back and let Cindy With An H monitor this thread today. I’ll peek in, of course. I always do. Otherwise, I’ll post the Wild Card and let you launch the threads. I’ll see you back here Monday. Here’s your TGIF Wild Card …

Wild Card — 10/23/08

I’m knocking off early tonight to launch a three-day weekend early. Alas, Hucksters, I’m taking tomorrow off. I’ll post only Wild Cards for the next three days. However, I’m not going to leave you totally by yourselves. CindyH has graciously agreed to play hall monitor for me tomorrow. You can read Cindy’s latest Front Porch column for the various Voice editions here. I’ll peek in, of course. So behave yourselves. Now, for your Wild Card …

LLLH: How About Good News For A Change?

I don’t know about you, but I need to have some media input that is positive. Although I’ve stopped watching any news because I am tired of all the garbage on right now, and all the fear mongering that is going on with the media hype on a lot of issues, I still see the news headlines when I get online. I try to avoid them, as well, but sometimes they still catch my eye/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope. More here.

Question: Do you avoid the usual news sources b/c you’re tired of bad news? Do you have any good news to share that’ll lift spirits here?

Scanner Traffic — 10/23/08

4:44 p.m. Vehicle @ Chilco & Ramsey has dumped a whole truck load of garbage.
3:30 p.m. Several small fires reported along Crystal Springs Lane, west of Rathdrum, including one that’s near a residence. Update: Largest fire is now 20-by-20-feet but moving slowly.
3:21 p.m. Homeowner has contained a pitbull that had been roaming his Horsehaven Avenue/PF neighborhood.

Local Blogs — 10/23/08

“Driving in to work today,” posts Granati, “(I) stopped behind a lady and her little ankle biter dog. Thought this image was funny.”

I have never been a really good housekeeper. So let’s get that out of the way, first. I do a fair job. Martha Stewart, I am not … more like Maxine of the cartoons. But as I have gotten older, I have found out, that it is eye level housekeeping. And my eye level is at 5‘2” or maybe 5‘1 half”, as I think I am shrinking. This goes pass the top of the refrigerator. See if I don’t get up on the little ladder, to get a pan out of the cupboard above the refrigerator, then I don’t see the top. If you don’t see it … it must be clean … right?/Simple Mind. More here.

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday, Oct. 22): 10,887 page-views/5906 unique views.

*C-Span Scene/Tumblewords
*Great Alaskan famine of 1954 in literature/TUBOB
*This liberal is proud to be a real American/Wayward Episcopalian
*Opposite of going green/Rants, Raves & Random Thoughts
*Would I be remembered at UIdaho?/Silver Valley Girl
*Stuff/Slight Detour
*Hate, anger, misinformation/Synaptic Disunion
*Economic meltdown/Bay Views
*Pretty Palin/Dogwalk Musings

Question (from Simple Mind’s highlighted post above): Are you a good housekeeper?

Pigskin Picks: Greg & Mike Match Wits Again

Prep sports reporters Mike Vlahovich and Greg Lee take their picks for this weekend.

Vox Box Survives SR Cuts — For Now

New S-R editor Gary Graham is not going to hire a new managing editor until summer to fund the project and allow all the Vox monkeys to finish the program for credit, Americorps, etc. Huh? What is a managing editor? Where? Why? Who cares. What matters is that you can all enjoy Vox goodness, including the blog, until June/Erin Daniels, Vox Box. More here.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/23/08

Courtesy: Ron G. Leming, AP
In this photo released by Ron J. Leming, Ron G. Leming is shown posing for a photograph with the 500-pound grizzly bear he shot after the bear attacked his son Ron J. Leming, in Wyoming’s Washakie Wilderness. Ron J. Leming and his father, Ron G were archery hunting for elk up the South Fork of the Shoshone River in northwest Wyoming in mid-September, about 15 miles into the Washakie Wilderness from the trailhead. Story here.

David Horsey cartoon

*Derailment sends 37 tons of legumes into Clark Fork/Missoulian
*Montana political attacks came from Romania/Billings Gazette
*Prez race in Montana too close to call/Billings Gazette
*Nader makes campaign stop at UMontana/Missoulian
*Men involved in Stevens County murder, standoff related/SR
*True or false? Campaign ads from Sali & Minnick/KREM2

Orbusmax Special: Idahoan bags monster bull elk here.

Study: McCain Coverage Far More Negative

Fifty-seven percent of the print and broadcast stories about the Republican nominee were decidedly negative, the Project for Excellence in Journalism says in a report out today, while 14 percent were positive. The McCain campaign has repeatedly complained that the mainstream media are biased toward the senator from Illinois. Obama’s coverage was more balanced during the six-week period from Sept. 8 through last Thursday, with 36 percent of the stories clearly positive, 35 percent neutral or mixed and 29 percent negative/Howard Kurtz, Washington Post. More here.

Question: Surprised?

Newest Risch Campaign Ad

Question: Effective? Not effective?

Shelly Monahan: Coe Ordeal Finally Over

On behalf of all the rape victims and their families, I want to thank the jury in the Kevin Coe case and let them know the entire community realizes how difficult their decision was. Also, the time they spent with us after the trial concluded helped very much in the healing process. From the time I was raped, I promised God I would help others who were sexually assaulted in any way I could, to show them to be a survivor and not a victim. My husband and I have prayed about this for a long time. Our God tells us to be forgiving and compassionate. I will pray for Kevin Coe each day. I hope he seeks treatment and will someday no longer be a lost soul/Shelly Monahan, SR letter to the editor. More here.

DFO: I admire this woman’s courage and the fact she walks her faith talk in forgiving her attacker.

HBO’s AM Headlines — 10/23/08

Jake Barber/UI Argonaut
Ryan Beitz decends from a tree on the Administration Building lawn using a rope and harness on Monday.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*North Idaho liquor sales increase 6.5%/Alecia Warren, CDA Press
*Riverstone restaurants, retailers coming & going/Rick Thomas, CDA Press
*Pullman police looking for attack suspects/Lewiston Tribune
*Witness in porn star trial suggests several WSU break-ins/Lewiston Tribune
*Ex-student donates $1M to UI/Dara Barney, UI Argonaut
*Police release sketch of Hayden kidnap suspect/Meghann Cuniff, SR

Question: When did you last climb a tree?

Next Gen Red: Where’s Sali’s Ad?

Next Gen Red: Why isn’t Sali’s new ad featured anywhere on HBO?

DFO: I run the new ads that the campaign e-mails me, with the proper code. Sali’s staff is far less aggressive than Minnick’s in e-mailing such material. I haven’t received Sali’s latest. But I have run Sali YouTube’s earlier this fall.

Huckleberries: Ex-CHS Jock Now A Hottie

If you were wondering what happened to ex-Coeur d’Alene High football/baseball star Mark Scates, he’s a federal law enforcement officer living in Boise – and one of Cosmopolitan’s hottest Idaho bachelors. His sister, Brandi Meade, nominated the 30-year-old for the honor, stating: “Mark has a rep as a great boyfriend. He showers a girl with gifts and likes to cook.” A link provided at Huckleberries Online shows Mark stripped to the waist, hugging a tree, in an outdoors scene. The Women of Huckleberries Online confirm Mark’s as hot as Cosmopolitan advertises. Sez JeanieSpokane: “Oh boy. And he likes to cook. I’m having a hot flash.” If you’re wondering whether a guy and a girl can be just friends? Mark’s answer for Cosmopolitan was – “yes.” An

Stantis: Who’s The Real Socialist?

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Parting Shot — 10/22/08

Ahmed Alhussainey/AP
An Iraqi woman searches in the smoke for recyclable materials at a dump in Karbala, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south of Baghdad, Iraq,on Wednesday. About 50 families displaced from Baghdad, live on this dump and make a living by selling recyclable materials. For Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures, click here.

Home-Schooling Fits Boundary Co Bill

Steve and Jacque Tanner’s oldest daughter, now 29, earned her law degree and is currently working as Congressman Bill Sali’s legislative director. Bill and Paula Rice’s oldest daughter is taking dual enrollment classes at North Idaho College. She is 16 years old. The younger children in the Tanner and Rice families participate in a variety of academic classes such as algebra, calculus, writing, Latin, ancient literature and German. They are also involved in many extracurricular activities including debate, voice lessons, agriculture, business, gymnastics, piano lessons and painting. Yet none of these children have ever attended a public school/Kathryn Star Heart, More here.

Question: Are you a proponent of home schools?

Scanner Traffic — 10/22/08

6:06 p.m. Possible car burglary in progress in the apartments behind Lowe’s on Julia.
5:33 p.m. Fire along railroad tracks on old Highway 95 & Highway 12.
4:43 p.m. R/P reports that a 19YO male in an older red Honda threw a female to the ground in front of children in Priest River, left with her on Highway 41 — and now has stopped at Conoco station in Athol.

Hauser Man In Bush Honor Guard

Courtesy: Hauser Thoughts
Andrew Uptagrafft, 22, of Hauser Lake is pictured standing behind President Bush (far right in background) when Pope Benedict XVI last visited. Andrew spent his life at Hauser Lake until he joined the U.S. Coast Guard in May 2007. He is a member of the Honor Guard and for the last three months has been in the drill team, the elite of the Honor Guard. Sez Frum Helen Back/Hauser Thoughts, who provided the photo and info: “Andrew is the son of proud parents Pat and Carol Uptagrafft.”

Local Blogs — 10/22/08

Family Phil/A Family Runs Through It
Our garden didn’t provide much bounty this year, but it did manage to give us a few handfuls of green beans, a dozen onions, and one lopsided 50-pound pumpkin, which will be carved up for Halloween next week. And hopefully we can get a pumpkin pie or two out of it. More here.

HBO Numbers (for Tuesday, Oct. 21): 11,396 page-views/6041 unique views

*Math of chaos/Tumblewords
*A few final thoughts from out and about/Dogwalk Musings
*Angry voters/Simple Mind
*Recipe Box: Williamsburg Orange Cake/Gathering Around The Table
*A walkabout that didn’t end/JeanC’s Cat House
*Good news/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope

Question: What did you grow best in your garden this year?

Man Dies In Steam Room, Found Next Day

The body of a Fairfield man who died at the Coeur d’Alene Tribal Wellness Center Monday lay in the steam room for 8 or 9 hours until being found by a maintenance worker the following day. Thomas T. Dodge, 66, died from a heart attack in the evening Oct. 20, but his body was not found until the next day when a maintenance worker checked the steam room at about 5 a.m. An autopsy by Benewah County Coroner Ron Hodge showed the cause of death was a “massive cardiac episode”/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

Counties Balk On Lake CDA Plan, Tribe Role

After three false starts, the state of Idaho and the Coeur d’Alene Tribe reached agreement this summer over managing a century’s worth of mining pollution at the bottom of Lake Coeur d’Alene. The long-awaited plan is intended to keep the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from stepping in with a Superfund remedy for 83ƒ|million tons of lake mud tainted with heavy metals. Taking action to protect Lake Coeur d’Alene’s water quality will keep the metals capped at the lake bottom, the plan says. But the 160-page plan lacks support from a key constituency: boards of commissioners in Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties aren’t endorsing it/Becky Kramer, SR. More here.

Photo: Kathy Plonka/SR

Question: Are the concerns by three boards of commissioners in North Idaho re: Indian control legitimate? Or a sign of bias?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/22/08

Greg Kreller/Idaho Press-Tribune, AP
St. Ambrose Christian High School students Meghan Fulcher, left, and Raeanne Liimakka, right, add some finishing touches to the chalk drawing of Leonardo da Vinci’s ” Mona Lisa,” on the construction slab for the new 32,000 square foot building that will be the new location of Foundations Academy in Meridian Tuesday. Hundreds of students helped with the giant chalk drawings of famous paintings as part of the ground breaking ceremony for the new school.

US House District 1 debate (video)
US Senate debate 1 (video)

*M’s hire Brewers’ VP as GM/Seattle Times
*Pair lose hunting privileges for poaching trophy deer/Missoulian
*UIdaho frosh falls from fire escape/AP
*3 UMontana footballers plead innocent in assault/Missoulian
*Idaho foodbank demand up 25%/Idaho Statesman
*Idaho gets $1.6M as states win $60M Pfitzer settlement/Idaho Statesman
*Ex-UI law dean complains of Schroeder ‘smear’/Lewiston Tribune
*Rumors swirl around Holmgren, 49ers/AP
*Washington sets state voter registration record/KHQ

Orbusmax Special: Halloween hanging figure draws outcry here.

My 2 Cents: A Reluctant Yes For Jail Measures

I’m starting to believe that I have little choice but to vote yes for both jail expansion measures. I called grant writer Colleen Allison to explain what I read in the Coeur d’Alene Press this morning about the issue re: the consequences of splitting the votes on the two measures — one that calls for raising $145 in general obligation bonds to fund the jail expansion and the other for a half-cent sales tax to pay for the expansion. The alternatives are this: 1. Do nothing — and watch the county squander millions per year to ship prisoners to other areas. 2. OK the bond measure and not the increased sales tax — and pay on average $175

IVA: Vote ‘No’ On All Magistrate Retention

I’ve had many of you contact me asking for information on magistrates whose names are on the ballot. Unfortunately, there is virtually no way to get the kind of information that will actually help you cast an intelligent vote on magistrates. Since magistrates just face retention votes, meaning they have no election opponent, they have no incentive to return a voter guide questionnaire since they feel it can only hurt them and can’t help them. No one has the time to follow all their cases in an effort to discern their guiding judicial philosophy/Bryan Fischer, IVA. More here.

Question: Do you support sending a message to judges and magistrates by voting “no” on magistrate retention questions on the ballot?

Study: 2M Uninsured Kids Have Insured Parents

Item: Study: More than 2M uninsured children have parents who are insured/

More Info: There are more than 2 million American children who don’t have health insurance, yet at least one of their parents is covered by employer-provided insurance, Reuters reported. This is because their parents cannot afford the extra thousands of dollars it costs to insure the child, said researchers in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Question: Who provides the insurance in your family? Employer? Self-Insured? Uninsured?

St. Maries Woman Spots Elaborate Scam

Item: Elaborate scam includes check for ‘winner’/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record

More Info: When she got the check, Marilyn Bolser of St. Maries made a plan. The check for $5,340 came from the Publisher’s Clearing House, but was signed by someone at AA Dump Truck Services in Baytown, Texas. The circuitous wording of the accompanying letter, along with money from a truck company made Mrs. Bolser suspicious. “Scam,” she thought. “These guys are as phony as a $30 bill.”

Question: How can you tell when you’re being scammed?

IE: Bad News Vandals

It seems that in football
They can’t find the handles
Another bad season
For fans of the Vandals.

Idaho Escapee

Machiavelli: Obama & Saddle-Up Cafe

Machiavelli: I wore my Obama t-shirt out to breakfast last Saturday … in Athol! BTW, we ate at the Saddle-Up Cafe. Best breakfast in Kootenai County. Better than Michael D’s, better than Blue Plate in Hayden, better than the Owl, better than anywhere else I’ve been. And I really like breakfast.

Question: Which small-town restaurant in North Idaho has the best breakfast?


Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

They ran like the wind,
they passed straight and true;
they blew the poor Cougs
right out the Wazoo.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Parting Shot — 10/21/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Shahrokh Nikfar, foreground, pitches in with dozens of other volunteers to harvest grapes from David and Stephanie Trezzi’s small vineyard in Greenbluff last Wednesday. They hope the grapes will someday be a decent red wine. Thuy Nguyen’s Video Journal of the event here.

Question: Why do you go to Greenbluff in the fall? To pick apples? To drink cider? To enjoy the hay rides? Why?

Scanner Traffic — 10/21/08

5:35 p.m. Woman who is watching her neighbor’s place reports a “deceased elk.”
5:13 p.m. Accident at the airport. Dispatch: “It’s vehicle versus vehicle — not airplains.”
3:28 p.m. R/P claims that several traffic violations have occurred in the Hayden Meadows Elementary lot, as parents pick up children.

Nader Brings Independent Campaign To Boise

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader brought his independent presidential campaign to Boise today, holding a press conference and a rally at Boise State University where he sharply criticized both major-party candidates as beholden to corporate interests. He also touted his own proposal for a funding source for a bailout of the financial system: A tenth of a percent tax on all derivative transactions, which Nader said would raise $500 billion a year. “That would make ‘em pay for their own bailout,” Nader declared to an applauding capacity crowd of about 400, many of them BSU students/Betsy Russell, SR Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Has anyone out there ever voted for Nader? Will you do so again?

Michelle: Who’s Stealing Political Yard Signs?

Michelle: Have you heard other stories of people stealing political signs around here? Ours was almost stolen yesterday. A young man in a white car drove by the house slowly, turned around, then drove back by slowly. He must not have realized that my husband was watching out the window because he tried to steal our (John McCain) sign! My husband ran out and questioned what he was doing. He seemed nervous, but asked, “Where did you get this?” When my husband responded with the local political office, the young man said nervously, “Oh… I thought it blew away and I was picking it up.” This isn’t the first I’ve heard of this during this political season. My daughter knows of a group of young people driving around stealing (Obama-Biden) signs from all over town.

Question: Have you noticed an uptick in stolen political signs this year?

City Park Cop Shop Delivery Wednesday

Starting tomorrow, the Independence Point Parking lot will be closed off at 4:30 a.m. and Sherman Avenue between 1st Street and the 4 -Corners area will be closed from 7:30 a.m. until approximately 11:30 a.m. to deliver the new public safety building to City Park. Both northbound and southbound traffic will be detoured as the crane and semi-truck make the delivery. Workers ask that the viewing public please stay out of harms way as this self-contained 40,000-pound building is lifted and put into place. For more information, please contact the Street Maintenance Department at 769-2233/City Hall press release.

*County Dems to host commish wannabes here.

WSU Mob Thumps Preacher w/Bible, Condom

The affair changed from cruel … to tragic after a young man took a bible and forcefully threw it at Robert’s face, followed by another who, for unknown reasons, had been repeatedly insisting Robert was a either a homosexual and/or a virgin –- it seemed he couldn’t decide which was worse. The undecided slanderer then pelted Robert with a condom and ran away laughing as he looked to his friends for affirmation. A few of us in the crowd did our best to plead for respect and humanity as the man attempted to answer the crowd’s questions, though it was terrible to see many more do nothing/Jerold Orcutt, WSU Evergreen. More here.

Tom Forbes/Red County: Ah, but from whence do students learn this “immature behavior, vulgar language, insults and abuse?” Perhaps they learned it from top administrators who scuffle and curse each other when they disagree on an issue. More here.

Question: Do you condone or condemn the actions of the WSU students who confronted the “hell fire and brimstone” preacher?

Study: Parents’ Driving Example Influence Teens

State and local officials are examining the importance of parents’ examples and instruction during Teen Driver Safety Week. A new survey from the American Automobile Association reveals there are potentially dangerous gaps between what parents believe about teen driving habits, and what they actually teach them or let them do out on the road. The study says parents do not know everything when it comes to teen driving and safety/KTVB. More here.

Question: Considering your driving habits, are you a good influence or a bad influence on your teens when they get behind the wheel?

But the study and the people we spoke to suggest that parents are ultimately the driving force behind their children’s habits behind the wheel.

Watch Sali-Minnick Lewiston Debate

Idaho Public TV has archived the 1st Congressional District debate between Repub incumbent Bill Sali and Demo Walt Minnick. If you missed it, you can see it here.

Hat Tip: Fort Boise

Ex-Sandpoint High Worker Gets Day In Court

A former North Idaho high school employee who lost his job after complaining to district officials about drug use, sexual harassment and weapons at the school will get his day in federal court. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently reversed a dismissal by U.S. District Judge Edward Lodge of federal free speech charges brought against the Lake Pend Oreille School District and former principal Jim Soper by Robert B. Posey, who lost his job as a security specialist at Sandpoint High School in June 2004/Meghann Cuniff, SR. More here.

Obama Visits Gravely Ill Grandmother

Obama Presidential Campaign/AP
This photo provided by the presidential campaign of Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., shows Obama in 1979 during his high school graduation in Hawaii with his grandmother Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham. Sen. Obama is canceling nearly all his campaign events Thursday and Friday to fly to Hawaii to visit his suddenly gravely ill 85-year-old grandmother. Story here.

Question: Do you have an elderly loved one who is currently in bad health?

White Boomer Women Suicide Rate Up

Item: Suicide rates rise among Baby Boomers, particularly among middle-aged white women/Washington Post

More Info: The suicide rate in the United States is increasing for the first time in a decade, particularly among middle-aged white women, a new study finds. “This is a group we haven’t had as much focus on in terms of suicide, because the death rates were higher in elderly white males, and there has been a lot of attention to teenagers and young adults,” said lead researcher Susan P. Baker, a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. “This 40-to-64 age group has been neglected.”

Question: Why do you suppose suicide is increasingly among middle-aged white women?

Should City Put Signal By Charter School?

Item: Waiting for a signal: Resident involved in accident starts petition to have light installed at Kathleen, Howard/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press

More Info: It’s been two years since a car accident near the intersection of Kathleen Avenue and Howard Street killed a 14-year-old boy and severely injured his mother. But for Kevin Tivis, 38, it took his own crash to remind him how dangerous that intersection can be. This summer, Tivis’ truck was struck by another truck heading east on Kathleen after Tivis tried to turn left from Howard on to the avenue.

Question: Has the city acted irresponsibly by not putting a signal by CDA Charter School in the two years since 14YO Isaac Norris was kille?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/21/08

Craig O’Brien/US Parachute Association, AP
Parachutists Scott Smith, dressed as Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, left, and Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, dressed as Republican presidential candidate John McCain, jump from a plane over Perris Valley, Calif., on Friday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. (tie) TUBOB and JohnA.
2. Obama and McCain bail out of their planefull of Campaign promises before it crashes.
Obama smiles because he knows Mccain’s parachute was packed by Colin Powell — Dick Haugen.

3. Obama: We had to get out of that plane, John. Joe the Plumber was flying without a license — JeanieSpokane.

HM: Aliasjax, Cabbage Boy, Shannon and everyone else. Good job.

Hmoffsuite: Keep Your Stinkeen Helmet Laws

Hmoffsuite: Nice try poolman, but I don’t buy your sarcasim. An enoyable part of riding a motorcycle is the wind in your face and hair. Being part of nature. If you covet the safety issue, perhaps all those driving cars should wear helmets also. Would cut down auto head injuries to a large extent. Or maybe like the libs propose, wear a helmet while skiing. Would ruin the experience just like when riding a bike. Ever notice the conservative states like Idaho, Utah, Arizona don’t require them. Let the riders decide. Lib states, Wash, Ore., Calif. all require them. Coincidence? You decide.

Question: Should Idaho require motorcyclists to wear helmets? Or should we be more protective, like Washington and other states that require them?

Online Poll: 2nd Stimulus Package, Anyone?

Should Congress pass a second stimulous package to boost the economy?/Idaho Statesman

*Yes, spending will help
*Yes, I’ll save my share
*No, pay off national debt
*No, money won’t help

Wild Card/Monday — 10/20/08

I forgot to mention last week that Huckleberries Online topped the 2 million page-view plateau for the third year in a row. In 2006, HBO finished with about 2.25 million page-views. In 2007, HBO had about 2.4 million. This year, the cyber turnstiles should register above 2.5 million. That translates into $65,000 to $80,000 in ad revenue from this site. Mebbe they’ll keep me around as long as I more than pay for myself. With that happy thought, I’ll play today’s Wild Card …

HBO Poll: Phillies? Rays? Or Don’t Care?

Now that all the also-rans have been eliminated, the World Series will feature two teams from the East Coast: Philadelphia and Atlanta. No lovable Cubs. No Red Sox. And certainly no Mariners. Who lost 101 games.

Question: Do you care who wins the World Series? Do you plan to watch any games?

Exclusive! Duncan Jury Foreman Talks To SR

It took weeks after the verdict before he was ready to talk about it, and he debated long and hard before deciding to share his story. He opted to tell it to The Spokesman-Review, because we were the “least pushy” in asking, and because our newspaper serves North Idaho, including the Wolf Lodge Bay area where the crimes began when Duncan invaded the Groene family’s home with murder, kidnapping and torture on his mind. Robbins hopes the dark lessons he learned on the jury can help others keep their kids safe from predators like Duncan/Betsy Russell, SR. More here.

Taylor: Where Have All The Hummers Gone?

Kevin Taylor: On my way to work this morning I was next to a giant-ass, two-story, fully equipped Hummer. Shiny white. It hit me that I hadn’t seen one in months.

DFO: If there’s one vehicle I despise, it’s a Hummer. However, the richy-rich still can afford one. I haven’t seen many of them since the gas crisis started. Props to KT for bringing this to my attention.

Question: Anyone seen any Hummer’s out there?

Online Poll: Driving Habits?

Now that gasoline prices have fallen, do you expect to return to your old driving habits?/Helena Independent Record


Barker: Hank Jr. Sings Of Palin, Idaho — 10/20/08

Hank Williams Jr. sings a song at GOP campaign events, the “McCain-Palin Tradition,” that includes a verse about Idaho. The country music outlaw croons of Palin: “Like a mama bear in Idaho, She’ll protect your family’s condition, If you mess with her cubs, She’s gonna take off the gloves, It’s an American female tradition”/Rocky Barker. More here.

*Sarah Palin on SNL/Dennis Mansfield
*Sarah Palin’s glasses/IdaBlue
*Bill Sali lies about Idaho’s military heritage/Bubblehead
*Target ads and learning to live within means/Clayton Cramer
*I ate a Big Mac for dinner/F-Words
*Colin Powell & temperment of leadership/Debbie Holmes’s blog
*‘Obama bin Lyin’? Another study in ignorance/Left Side of the Moon
*Intolerance begets intolerance/Political Game
*Seattle Times endorses Rossi/Red County
*The campaign ad McCain should make/Scott Picken

Question: Are you still a fan of Hank Williams Jr., now that he’s singing for McCain-Palin?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/20/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Diver John Saffeels floats towards shore with his carved pumpkin Saturday, off of Sanders Beach on Lake Coeur d’Alene during the underwater pumpkin carving contest sponsored by a local dive shop. Video Journal story and film here.

Cartoonist David Horsey/PI on prez race here, here and here.

*Tri-City soldier threatened w/lawsuit over lawn/KREM2
*NW Montana ceremony commemorates massacre/Daily Inter Lake
*Digging dog finds old grenade, triggers evacuation/KTVB
*Bad economy hurts old-time soda fountain, too/Twin Falls Times-News
*New Western Idaho College accepts first 50 students/Idaho Press-Tribune
*Washington voter registration ends today/SR
*Constitution Party prez hopeful stopping in Spokane/SR

Orbusmax Special: Confusion abounds in Oregon’s vote-by-mail system here.

My 2 Cents: HBO Morphs Again

At Huckleberries Online Sunday, newby Hmoffsuite launched a thread within a thread of 115 posts (and counting) offering to be the Repub conservative here, if things could be kept civil. He was immediately welcomed to the fray by TUBOB, Sisyphus & other HBO regulars. All of which prompted me to think about the current State of the Huckleberries Blog. Remember — Huckleberries was launched in February 2004 as a conservative blog to promote George W. Bush’s re-election. I know, I know, the last four years have been a borderline disaster in Washington, with both the executive and legislative branches deserving a fair share of blame. Since then, the blog has morphed into a center to center-left sounding board with a center-right host.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/20/08

Paul Sakuma/AP Photo
Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable, right, argues with an official in the third quarter against the New York Jets during an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif., Sunday. Cable, the much-maligned former UIdaho coach, won his first NFL game as the Raiders defeated the Jets 16-13 in overtime. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. The name is Tom. Not Larry. Not that Cable guy or THE Cable Guy. Just Tom. Tom Cable. Remember it. I’ll be here the rest of the season. I hope/Cabbage Boy.
2. 1. With barely two minutes to go in OT, Cable was afraid he’d be like the two silk worms who’d been in a race (they ended up in a tie) but instead got a big kick out of the winning field goal — John Austin.
3. I won a game. Pinch me, I must be dreaming — Charlie.

HM: Wally

NYTimes: Only Craig Supports Alaska’s Stevens

The only senator who sat in the audience to lend support to Mr. Stevens was Larry E. Craig, the Idaho Republican who fell into a scandal over his behavior in an airport men’s room last year/New York Times. More here.

Hat Tip: Mark Solomon

TUBOB’s History Of Alaska IV: Moose Punching

The roadkill collection of Moose, and other antlered creatures of the gentle forest, for personal use is illegal in Alaska due, primarily, to an outraged public and legislative reaction to a rather disturbing hunting practice popular during the 1940’s and 50’s. This old hunting methodology involved the literal road hunting of Moose with cars and trucks in which the drivers/hunters would wait in their idling vehicles, in a doom-filled and deadly anticipation, at known moose crossings. When a Moose eventually crossed the road they would floor their accelerators and slam their cars into the Mooses, killing them with a violent application of blunt force trauma. Then the hunters would strap the Mooses onto the hoods and tops of their cars or toss them in the beds of their pickups and return home for the butchering and dining upon of said Mooses/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Have you ever been ‘moose punchin’?

Online Poll: Gregoire? Or Rossi?

Who do you think will win the race for Washington governor?/Lewiston Tribune

*Democrat Chris Gregoire
*Republican Dino Rossi
*I don’t care; I’m just sick of their negative attack ads.

Repub Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Item: Republican Powell endorses Obama/AP

More Info: Colin Powell, a Republican and retired general who was President Bush’s first secretary of state, broke with the party today and endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president, calling him a “transformational figure” while criticizing the tone of John McCain’s campaign. The former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman said either senator is qualified to be commander in chief. But after studying both, he concluded that Obama is better suited than McCain, the standard-bearer of Powell’s own party, to handle the nation’s economic problems and help improve its world standing.

Question: What impact will Colin Powell’s endorsement have on the presidential campaign?

Stantis: Whatta Ya Know, Joe?

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Are Media Biased For Obama?

Luis M. Alvarez/AP Photo
Angry John McCain supporters show their displeasure for members of the media at a rally in Woodbridge, Va., Saturday.

Question: Is the media biased for Barack Obama in its coverage of this year’s presidential race? (Hillary Clinton supporters are welcome to answer this question, too ;-)

BNSF Gives Site For New Fire Station

Item: BNSF gives site for new fire station/Pia Hallenberg Christensen, SR

More Info: BNSF Railway Co. donated about 4.5 acres to Northern Lakes Fire District for a new station in Rathdrum on Friday. The existing station was built almost 30 years ago, when the fire district was staffed by volunteers and no one spent the night at the station. The donated land, appraised at $665,000, is just north of the station on Highway 53.

Question: Are you still nervous that BNSF refuels trains and has a considerable amount of diesel stored over the Rathdrum Aquifer?

Dr. SFO Explains Why Obama Inspires Him

RE: Obama winning Idaho cowboy vote?

SFO: The moral of DFO’s post — which I think has been lost in the nasty banter of this thread — is that Obama has excited Stephanie (my wife), myself and many others enough to sincerely care about the outcome of an election for the first time. I do my best to be informed each election cycle, but am routinely disappointed by the offerings from both sides. A president with the ability to motivate and inspire can be powerful, but is unfortunately rare; I’d like to see what Obama could do if he is able to carry this momentum over into a presidency.

DFO: You’d think this North Idaho kid’s parents woulda raised him better ;-)

Statesman Endorses Barack Obama

Barack Obama soared to national prominence through the force of his remarkable oratory skills - the charisma and political rock-star appeal that attracted 14,169 people to Taco Bell Arena on a Saturday morning in February. Over the ensuing months, the Illinois Democrat has shown American voters something more subtle, but something more important. He has demonstrated the superior intellect and the calm command our nation needs now. The Statesman editorial board endorses Obama in the 2008 presidential election/Idaho Statesman Editorial Board. More here.

Kevin Richert explains endorsement

Question: Did you expect the Statesman to endorse Obama?

Louisiana Tech 46, Idaho 14

Daniel Porter ran for 145 yards and two touchdowns to help Louisiana Tech rout Idaho 46-14 on Saturday night. The Vandals (1-7) scored the game’s first touchdown in the first quarter when Nathan Enderie threw a 33-yard touchdown to Kama Bailey. But the Bulldogs (3-3) scored 30 unanswered points over the first and second quarter, sparked by a 7-yard touchdown run from Ross Jenkins. ESPN story and boxscore here.

Wild Card/Saturday — 10/18/08

Mebbe this will be the weekend that the Idaho Vandals finally break into the win column in conference play. WSU, on the other hand, will be lucky to hold USC under the customary 66 points that the Cougars give up. If ever there was a case for the mercy rule in college football, it’ll be the game between WSU and USC today. I plan to take in as many rays as I can b/c this might be one of the last weekends of good weather. Enjoy yourselves. And help yourselves to this Wild Card …

Online Poll: Hard Times For Favorite Shops

Are you worried your favorite restaurant or retail shop will close due to current financial troubles?/Idaho Statesman.

*It already has

Sali 1st District Campaign Debt Grows

The latest campaign finance reports show that 1st District Rep. Bill Sali’s campaign debt actually grew during the last quarter, rather than falling. Sali reported $136,575.93 in campaign debt at the close of the latest fundraising period, up from $135,673.73 in his previous quarterly report in July. He reported owing money to an array of consultants, employees and vendors. Overall, Sali reported raising $230,130 during the quarter, spending $273,587, and closing the period with $202,378 on hand. His Democratic challenger, Walt Minnick, also has a campaign debt, but it’s to himself/Betsy Russell, SR Handle Extra. More here.

OTV Review: Haunted Houses

The narrow crawl space was pitch-black and the air was dank with the fetid moisture of time. I was 9 years old and found myself on hands and knees slowly padding my way forward through the dusty darkness toward the unknown. The long tunnel finally led to a tiny, dirt-floored chamber in which absolutely no light existed. My friend Ricky and I, along with my mother, had waited in line for an hour in the rain to enter the abandoned, dilapidated old corpse of the Boat Drive-In Theater building in Coeur d’Alene, which had been converted into a haunted house/OrangeTV, Get Out! North Idaho. More here.

Question: Do you go all-out for Halloween by fixing up the yard, carving pumpkins, and taking the kids trick-or-treating? Or do you simply hand out candy? Or do you ignore the event?

Huckleberries: Obama Winning Idaho Cowboy Vote?

First, you should know that my daughter-in-law, Stephanie, and I have been trash-talking each other via e-mail re: the presidential race. She’s voting for Obama. I’m voting for Palin, er, I mean, McCain. A typical exchange will go something like this. Stephanie: “McCain’s going down.” Me: “At least McCain doesn’t have a weird name.” Stephanie: “McCain’s name is OLD.” Juvenile stuff. We text it at all hours of the day. Last Saturday, I mentioned the text-message war to my brother Ray, sister Charlotte, and their mates as we walked from the car to the football stadium at Cheney to watch Montana outplay Eastern Washington. I continued that my two children were probably going to join Stephanie in voting for Obama. Slowly, sister Charlotte’s husband, Roy, raised his hand and said: “So am I.” Consider this. Roy’s a bona fide cowboy.

Parting Shot — 10/17/08

Daniel Ochoa de Olza/AP
Andy Murray of Britain serves the ball to Gael Monfils from France, during his tennis match at the Madrid Masters, in Madrid Friday. Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures here.

Orman: UnAmerican To Buy Hallowed Costume

I said the other day that “it’s un-American to buy your Halloween costume”. It’s not creative and it’s easy. Yes, you can buy things to make your Halloween costume… but to me, buying a pre-made costume is un-American. That “un-American” comment prompted GMNW series ‘Costumes On A Dime’ where we take turns showing viewers how to make a costume for under ten bucks/Suze Orman, KXLY. More here.

Question: Do you buy or make your Halloween costume?

Johnson: People We Know

K. Ray Johnson/UI Argonaut

Question: Do you get Columbus Day off where you work?

SR: Pass Kootenai County Jail Bond

Kootenai County officials have an unenviable sales job in trying to get a supermajority of voters to approve two ballot measures to pay for jail expansion and the construction of related public safety buildings. The price tag went from $50 million in 2005 to $147 million. The economy is tanking. And this time, the passage of a local-option sales tax increase would not be offset by a reduction in property taxes. And yet, it must be done/Spokesman-Review Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Agree? Disagree?

Cosmopolitan: One Of Idaho’s Hottest Guys …

… happens to be Mark Scates, former Coeur d’Alene High footballer and son of former Coeur d’Alene Police Department chief Dave Scates. (JeanieSpokane, CindyH & Digger be forewarned before you click here.)

Hat Tip: Greg Lee

Local Blogs — 10/17/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“The nationally renowned Post Falls Lions Haunted House opens tonight at 4th Ave and Post Street,” Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “The dates for 2008 are tonight and tomorrow night from 6 p.m. to midnight and then Oct. 22 through Halloween night. Prepare to be scared.”

*Tale of the rat/Tumblewords
*Lock down/A Butterfly Moment
*Weekend whatnot/A Family Runs Through It
*Subcontractors/Simple Mind
*Review: ‘Without A Map (Meredith Hall)/Gathering Around The Table
*Mom’s day/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope
*Wedding crashers, et al/Slight Detour

HBO Numbers (for Thursday, Oct. 16): page-views 10,034; unique views, 5730.

EOB: Market Woes Delay GARVEE Sale

The Idaho Transportation Department has announced it’ll delay the sale of $116 million in GARVEE bonds for major transportation projects, which lawmakers authorized this year, until the nation’s financial markets stabilize. “It is the cautious and appropriate approach to take,” said ITD Director Pamela Lowe/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

De Leon: ‘Queen Bee’ Moms, Cliques

“Queen Bee Moms appear to have perfect lives,” she wrote. “They’re often very charming, and they really, really like being in charge. They’re often coaches, class parents, or heads of the PTA. The hallmark of a Queen Bee Mom isn’t that she’s in a leadership position (not all class parents are Queen Bees); it’s that she has to be in control.” I think I’ve had my share of experiences with Queen Bee Moms, but maybe I’ve also displayed some of the telltale signs – bossy behavior, afraid to ask for help, can’t admit when they feel overwhelmed/Virginia de Leon, Parents Council. More here.

Question: Do you know a “Queen Bee” mom? Have you ever encountered a mommy clique?

Mike & Greg Make Prep Football Picks

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Prep sports reporters Mike Vlahovich and Greg Lee make their picks for this weekend.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/17/08

Kyle Mills/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Jaxon Smith, 9, carries a large pumpkin back to the bus as third and fourth-graders from Asotin Elementary pick pumpkins Thursday, near Anatone, Wash. Story here.

*No federal charges for spilled soda/Idaho Statesman
*Hanford workers don’t like plan to send N-waste to Idaho/Idaho Statesman
*Lapwai school bond fails for 3rd time/Idaho Statesman
*Minnick’s campaign warchest double Sali’s/Lewiston Tribune
*MPC lays off employees at Nampa plant/KTVB
*Idaho reorganizes virtual prison program/Idaho Press-Tribune
*Tourism flattens in Montana/Billings Gazette
*‘Robinson Crusoe’ star from small Montana town/AP
*CDA tribe trying to save language/KXLY

Orbusmax Special: Alaska beluga whale added to endangered species act here.

Levi Stubbs, 72, Four Tops Singer, RIP

Ron Frehm/AP File Photo
This 1990 file photo shows the “Four Tops” in New York. Left to right: Renaldo “Obie” Benson, Levi Stubbs, Abdul “Duke” Fakir and Lawrence Payton. Four Tops lead singer Levi Stubbs, who possessed one of the most dynamic and emotive voices of all the Motown singers, died Friday at 72.

Repub Wood Backs … Demo Minnick

This election year has proven to be year of soul searching for Idaho republicans. I consider myself a moderate, but when pinned down by my good friend Duane Rasmussen I freely admit I do not always vote along party lines. I know that goes against his belief system but we manage to stay friends anyway. I think many republican’s like some aspects of Bill Sali’s leadership. He is a nice guy. However there are many others who do not share his views. I am one of the others. I will be supporting Walt Minnick even though I know I could be black listed from the local party. I think Walt will work across party lines on issues important to Idaho and that is what our great state needs right now/Christie Wood, North Idaho College trustee. More here.

Question: Are there any more R’s for Minnick or D’s for Sali out there?

LaRocco: My Veteran’s Status Matters

Of the five U.S. Senate candidates, only three — LaRocco, Republican Jim Risch and independent Pro-Life — were old enough to serve during the Vietnam era. Independent candidate Rex Rammell and Libertarian Kent Marmon were in high school or had just graduated when the war ended. Risch, who’s leading in the polls, was a student at the University of Idaho and University of Idaho Law School from 1963 through 1968. He received five student deferments during that time period, according to service records, but was deemed available for military service in May 1968. Risch, 65, said he attempted to enlist in the military the following month but failed a physical examination/Phil Davidson, Idaho Falls Post-Register. More here (scroll down).

Question: Does a candidate’s military service or lack of military service figure into your voting?

Lewiston Debate: When Sali Met Walt

Each candidate tried to characterize the other as being out-of-touch with Idaho values. Minnick, for example, faulted Sali for voting against a bill in June that would have funded rural school districts in places like Idaho County. “He voted against it because the money would have come from oil companies,” Minnick said. “He’s more loyal to his friends in Big Oil than he is to the people in Idaho County.” … Sali countered by suggesting that Minnick doesn’t identify himself as a Democrat in his ads because he prefers to hide his political colors/William Spence (pictured), Lewiston Tribune. More here.

DFO: Insiders tell me that this race could go either way — no matter what you’re hearing from the partisans for either candidate. Dunno if there’s still a Sarah Palin wave out there in bright-red Idaho to boost Sali’s chances.

Residents Oppose Cougar Bay Dock Storage

Kathy Plonka/SR
A single boat motors around Cougar Bay on Wednesday. Ever since Coeur d’Alene’s last waterfront sawmill closed, Cougar Bay neighbors have been wondering what would replace the log booms on the quiet inlet of Lake Coeur d’Alene. North Idaho Maritime’s plan for winter dock storage is controversial.

North Idaho Maritime and Murphy Marine Construction have applied for a state permit to use 10 acres of Cougar Bay’s surface waters for dock storage and repair. Some neighbors supported the dock storage proposal, but most opposed the repair business, which would include dismantling derelict docks. “This is a junkyard right in front of our property,” said Rick Powers, who lives in nearby Casco Bay/Becky Kramer, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Question: Do you support or oppose this project?

LCDC Pitches In For Midtown Perks, Fee

Item: LCDC pitches in for midtown: Group to fund full amount for project’s extra perks/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Lake City Development Corp. is going all in — mostly. The urban renewal agency agreed to fund the full amount for the extra perks behind the midtown beautification project set to revamp and revitalize the center section of town next spring. During its board meeting Wednesday night, the group agreed to pick up half of the $400,000 Local Improvement District fee as well.

Question: Is this a good use of revenue accrued by the Lake City Development Corp.?

Signe: Change You Can Believe In

Signe Wilkinson/Philadelphia Inquirer

Parting Shot — 10/16/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Shelly Monahan, right, hugs an unidentified juror Thursday at the Spokane County courthouse after a jury decided Kevin Coe should be civilly committed to prison after serving his 25-year sentence for rape. Monahan, a radio and television personality, believes she was a rape victim of Coe’s, though her case was never prosecuted. More trial shots among Andrew Zahler’s SR Today In Pictures.

Machiavelli: Messin’ w/Brand X Bloggers

Machiavelli: So I’ve been trolling the CdA Press blogs and really enjoying myself. Open CdA is a dead end, but the comments to Press letters and editorials are a hoot. Apparently they don’t have ANY rules over there Dave. I can be partisan, disputatious and vituperative without limit. And the place is just lousy with neocons. As General McCain would say, a target-rich environment. Of course, when you shoot one of them, the rest run TOWARD you. Silly conservatives.

Question: Any of the rest of you like to poke a stick in that hornet’s nest for fun?

Scanner Traffic — 10/16/08

5:14 p.m. R/P reports that a female driver in a small red car in front of her @ 95 & Honeysuckle is hitting a child w/a stick.
4:45 p.m. Heimlich maneuver prevents woman from choking to death at local nursing home.
4:27 p.m. Men in 3 different cars are trespassing on private property along West Diagonal Road to target practice in a pit.

McCain-Obama Ale-lection On Tap

Figures of Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Republican Sen. John McCain are shown on beer taps at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Company restaurant in Half Moon Bay, Calif., Tuesday. The Half Moon Bay Brewing Company is inviting drinkers of its beer to choose between an Obama and McCain ale in the “alection” of 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Question: Which politician running for the U.S. presidency this year, including those who failed to receive their party’s nomination, would you most like to sit down and have a beer with?

Local Blogs — 10/16/08

Of this photo, titled “Wires,” Granati/Orangefrog76 sez, “i really, really like this shot. something about it is just cool.”

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday, Oct. 15): 11,048 page-views/5512 unique views

*Hunting: Is it worth the price?/Simple Mind
*More Annie nostalgia/downtown memory lane/Slight Detour
*Jocularity/Synaptic Disunion
*Final Debate: Obama Man vs. Scary Grandpa/TUBOB
*Coming soon … in the mail near you/Mrs. Mac Energetic
*Predictions/Bay Views

Question: Is it just me, or are overhead power lines among the ugliest things that man has ever created?

Coe Will Appeal Commitment Verdict

Christopher Anderson/SR
Shelly Monaghan hugs the attornies that presented the case of the civil commitment of Kevin Coe after the jury verdict found him to be a violent offender and approved his incarceration this afternoon.

Kevin Coe will appeal today’s jury verdict that he is a sexually violent predator, his attorney says. “We’ll just file a notice of appeal and go from there,” Tim Trageser said. Coe himself had no comment as he was led back to jail by armed deputies. The biggest challenge in this case, as in all sexually violent predator cases, is having the jury hear evidence that wouldn’t normally be admitted in a trial, Trageser said/Rick Bonino & Karen Dorn Steele, SR. More here.

*Coe hold keys to his cell door/Coe Blog
Question: Is this a fair verdict?

What? Gallup ‘Likely Voters’ Spread 2 Points

Gallup’s ‘traditional’ likely voter model shows Obama with a two-point advantage over McCain on Thursday, 49% to 47%, this is within poll’s margin of error… Developing…

NYTimes: Obama 277-185 in electoral votes here

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/16/08

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Two of many fisherman work the Clearwater River on opening day of catch & keep steelhead season Wednesday near Lewiston.

*Archer saves son by downing grizzly w/1-in-a-million shot/Billings Gazette
*3rd-grader runs afoul of school drug policy/Daily Inter Lake
*Start-ups give Idaho an identity beyond potatoes/New York Times (Hat Tip: Sam)
*USFS completes 9.3M-acre Idaho wilderness study/Idaho Statesman
*‘Lion of Idaho’s‘ tombstone restored/Idaho Statesman
*Gonzaga teams favored to win WCC titles/KHQ
*Judge denies jailhouse wedding/Tri-City Herald

Orbusmax Special: Blocked punt kills Oregon fifth-grader here.

Ex-Zag Morrison Works Way Back From Injury

John Raoux/AP Photo
Orlando Magic guard J.J. Redick (7) drives around Charlotte Bobcats forward Adam Morrison (35) during the second half of a recent NBA preseason basketball game in Orlando, Fla. The Bobcats have picked up the option year on Morrison, a former Gonzaga standout who missed all of last season with a major knee injury. Story here.

Question: Morrison remains a question mark after a so-so rookie season and an injury that caused him to miss last season. How do you think he’ll do this year?

APhoto of the Day — Joe The Plumber

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., left, answers a question from plumber Joe Wurzelbacher in Holland, Ohio, Sunday. You write the cutline. Story here.

Top Cutlines

1. “Yes, Joe, higher taxes. In case you hadn’t noticed, the water in this blocked drainpipe of an economy is not trickling down” — GaryC.
2. Joe the plummer cracks up the Senator with his “lefty loosey, righty tighty” comment, to which Obama pipes up that because the GOP threw a monkey-wrench into the system the middle class is all washed up in America — John Austin.
3. “Well Joe, I’m betting you’re not the only shaved head white guy who’s not gonna vote for me” — Toadman.

HM: Pecky.

Evergreen: Gregoire Cougs It By Siding w/UW

The Cascade Mountain range is becoming an ideological barrier – rather than merely a physical one. Though it may still be traversable, the divide between the east and west sides of the state is becoming politically insurmountable. The latest barrier to be constructed was put in place by none other than our governor, Chris Gregoire. She proclaimed Friday, Oct. 17, to be “Purple and Gold Day” in the state of Washington, saying, “I urge all citizens to don purple and gold in honor of this world-class institution.” Gregoire, a UW graduate, has taken yet another misstep in her campaign by giving Eastern Washingtonians another reason not to like her. Apparently, she didn’t get the memo that this is Cougar Country. From Oroville and Omak in the north all the way to Walla Walla in the south, most easterners support WSU/Daily Evergreen. More here.

Question: Would you be upset if Gov. Butch Otter declared a Boise State day and asked all Idahoans to wear Bronco colors?

AM Headlines — 10/16/08

Don Sausser/Special for Huckleberries Online
Don Sausser sends along this scenic beauty with the note: “Ominous Fall skies reflect the coming Winter season.” Looks like we’ll have a good weekend first, however. See below.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*LCHS student Gilmore gets probation for gun violation/Patrick O’Brien, CDA Press
*Kootenai County breaking voter registration records/KXLY
*Jury deliberation continues in Coe trial/KREM2
*Huckleberries: Rustler’s moving to new Roost/DFO, SR Prairie Voice
*Pleasant autumn weekend weather ahead/KREM2
*Demoted WSU provost claims he was assaulted/KREM2
*Healthy attitude helps Post Falls senior set priorities/Greg Lee, SR Prairie Voice

Breaking! Controlled Burn Canceled

The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department has been advised by the DEQ that the air quality does not support the controlled burn today on Tubbs Hill. Therefore the burn has been cancelled and will not be re-scheduled until next spring.

Steve Smith Speaks Again

Oh, I feel tremendous sympathy for them. My parting with my publisher, Stacey Cowles, was quite amicable. I don’t agree that these cuts are necessary at this time, but I understand and respect his decision to the contrary. And frankly, one of the reasons that I resigned is that he needs an editor who can stand up in public and say to people, this paper is going to be okay - actually, better than okay – leaner, easier to read, etc. And I was not in a position to carry out the publisher’s marketing strategy/Ex-SR editor Steve Smith, in Q&A w/NPR On The Media. Full interview here.

Controlled Burn Of Tubbs Hill Today, Friday

The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department is planning a prescription burn of approximately 60 acres on Tubbs Hill possibly on Thursday and Friday of this week. The area targeted for the controlled burn is the South side of the hill from top to bottom within 75 feet of the water. The Fire Department will also attempt to wrap around the West and east side of the hill in a mosaic pattern with intense fire that will promote the burn/CPD Fire News Release here.

Debate 3 Wild Card — 10/15/08

I’m going to post a new Wild Card and head home to moderate the McCain-v-Obama Debate 3 online conversation here. First, however, you should know that ThomG and the Demos are hanging out at Cricket’s to watch the debate. Dunno Where Duane, Gary and the R’s are taking it in. Anyone? Also, ThomG & Duane will have an on-air discussion between 8:20 and 8:30 a.m. Thursday at KVNI-AM (1080). Afterward, the radio station is going to interview them for another 20 minutes — for airing over the weekend. I’ll see you back here at 6 o’clock …

Murder In The Backyard

SR File Photo/Brian Plonka

Indict and convict,
leave him no hope of pardon,
for last night Jack Frost
executed our garden.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Holly Pinpoints Student Election Law Problem

RE: Nick: Idaho trying to suppress vote in college towns

It’s silly this has gotten to be such a big deal. I did a little research during the summer to write an Argonaut election guide, so I’m already somewhat familiar with the state laws. As a student living in Moscow but with a “permanent residence” in Post Falls, I registered as a resident of Latah County. I could have kept my registration from Post Falls and voted absentee there, but I live and work in Moscow 12 months out of the year, so what happens here affects me more than what happens in Post Falls.

Scanner Traffic — 10/15/08

5:38 p.m. R/P reports finding a purse with its contents scattered in a ditch near the tree farm @ Ramsey & Brunner.
4:46 p.m. Nine cows and one bull (but no goat) loose on West Coyote Lane.
4:38 p.m. Customer tripped and set off the fire alarm at Les Schwab Tires on Commerce Drive.

EOO: Man Wants Obama Birth Certificate

A Fall City man is suing Washington State’s top elected official, Secretary of State Sam Reed, saying Reed should have required Barack Obama to show valid proof of citizenship before putting him on the ballot. Unless Obama can prove he’s a natural-born citizen of the United States, says Steven R. Marquis, Obama should be de-certified as a candidate here. The state’s proceeding ahead as planned, Reed spokesman David Ammons said. “The attorney general’s office will handle the matter,” Ammons said. “Obama is included on General Election ballots and Voters’ Pamphlets that have already been printed”/Rich Roesler, Eye On Olympia. More here.

Question: Wasn’t this issue settled once and for all recently?

CPD Blue Reports Missing Person

On Sept. 19, Phillip R, Cavinder, 57, of Coeur d’Alene, was reported missing by his apartment manager. His last know residence is 3105 N. 4th St. #31. The apartment manager told Coeur d’Alene police that Cavinder paid his rent on Aug. 4 by check. … When the September rent was due, the manager left a notice on his door. The note was still on the door when the manager returned for the rent. At that point he reported him missing. … The apartment manager said it looked like Cavinder just left it, there not appear to be anything out of the ordinary/CPD Blue. Full press release here.

Local Blogs — Family Phil Coaches Son’s Team

“I wasn’t eager to coach a soccer team of boisterous 4th and 5th grade boys, but no other parent stepped up, so I volunteered,” posts Family Phil/A Family Runs Through It. “Surprisingly, it turned out to be kind of fun. I especially liked seeing the goofy smile on my son’s face when he kept calling me “Coach.” Click here.

HBO Numbers (for Tuesday, Oct. 14): 10,522 page-views/5689 unique views.

*The fall of dark/Tumblewords
*An open letter to Ringo Starr/Atmospheric Ruminations
*Fruit & veggies: 5 a day (nuts & knockers)/Marmitetoasty
*Pear mincemeat: A keeper from the recipe box/Gathering Around The Table
*3BT: No court, Winedark Sea, pasta pleasure/Kellogg Bloggin’
*Beautiful night/Live, Love, Laugh, Hope
*Motorhead land/Nuts & Nonsense

Question: Have you coached a sports team that included one of your kids? Are you able to talk about it now?

Inlander @ 15 — A Long, Strange Journey

For me, 1993 really started in the summer of 1990. Sitting in my apartment in Columbia, Mo., I was finishing my master’s degree in journalism at the University of Missouri. For my final project, I decided to create a business plan to launch a weekly newspaper on my hometown of Spokane. I called it The Pacific Northwest Inlander. And over the next few years, as I worked in Seattle then Boston, that report — like all good college projects — sat on my bookshelf, gathering dust. But then something funny happened: It started to call out to me/Ted S. McGregor Jr., The Inlander. More here.

Question: How often do you read Ted McGregor’s Inlander?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/15/08

Kyle Mills/Lewiston Tribune
A roaming feline stalks its potential prey as a squirrel scrambles toward a tree in downtown Lewiston. The squirrel proved too quick to catch in this game of chase. Maybe next time.

*State closes arguments in South Hill Rapist case/SR
*Provost incident not reported to WSU police/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Sali changing claim in campaign ad/SR
*Jesuits respond to Lapwai woman’s abuse claims/Lewiston Tribune
*UI engineering dean steps down unexpectedly/Lewiston Tribune
*Woman gets 10 years in rape of her 9YO daughter/Idaho Statesman
*Serial escapist gets life in prison/Idaho Statesman
*Potlatch closes Lewiston seedling operation/Lewiston Tribune
*Evaluation play concerns Idaho educators/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Indian casinos cashing in despite economy/KREM2
*Montana GOP executive director resigns/Missoulian

New LaRocco “Great Ideas” Commercial

Question: What do you think of the ad?

IMHO — ‘Liberal LaRocco’ Helped Balance Budget

Surely it can’t be the Jim Risch who helped cut Idahoans’ property taxes but replaced the lost revenue with an extra penny of sales tax who is running an ad attacking Democrat Larry LaRocco for supporting one of the most fiscally responsible pieces of legislation in decades. Yet the voice claiming to be that of Risch who authorized this sorry assault on Risch’s opponent sounds a lot like his/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

*Building a career — out of a job/Dan Hammes, St. Maries Gazette-Record
*A few steps to better days/CDA Press
*Minnick, Sali disagree on climate change/Rocky Barker
*Boise Planned Parenthood ‘racism’ leads to law proposal/IVA
*The socialist brain of a liberal Democrat/Right Mind
*Fact-checking Bill Sali: Abortion causes cancer/123 Idaho
*Taking over the banks/Free In Idaho!
*Semanko goes for the record/Unequivocal Notion
*Rossi up by 20 in eastern Washington/Red County

TUBOB: Lost In The Rainforest

So I’m swiveling back every 10 yards or so feeling silly but also appreciating how this fear of being eaten has instantly turned a more or less routine hiking incursion into something else, into something electric, like switching from a black and white TV on antenna reception to a 52 inch flat screen plasma high def monitor sucking up digital cable pixels. Everything matters. Every sound, although there were none, every sense, my location, escape routes, the pepper spray in my right hand and the full metal water bottle in my left. I’m six three so I’m guessing I’m a bit skewed to the right of the bell curve of lethal cougar attack victims by height. Well, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Along with “does pepper spray even phase these tawny rockets of tooth, fang and clawed obliteration?” Or is it like seasoning?/TUBOB. More here.

Question: Have you had a close encounter w/a predator in the wild?

NickA: Idaho Trying To Suppress College Vote

RE: Idaho restrictive in allowing students to vote in college towns/SR
Nick Adams: Now, thanks to fear, kids who go to school at NIC or U of I or BSU, will be held to a higher standard than you or me. If you choose to vote in CdA, that’s where you should vote. Regardless of whether or not your parents live in Sandpoint, Worely, Kellogg, Lewiston, Cottonwood or Boise. Ben Ysursa is reacting to pressure put on him by his Republican party masters. They’re terrified of Obama. It’s ridiculus since almost nothing will change the fact that McCain will win Idaho. But they play hardball. One less vote for Obama is a win for the Idaho right wing. Now, they’re trying to scare college students. It’s shameful. What’s next? Literary tests? Poll taxes? Seniors in retirement homes forced to travel back to their birth places to vote? More here.

Question: Should college students be required to vote from their home towns? Or should they be allowed to vote where they attend college?

UI Beef Barn Gets Facelift

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Ron Guzman of Hansen Painting in Clarkston, Wash., primers a doorway Tuesday in one of three University of Idaho beef barns getting a facelift on campus in Moscow. Story here.

Coe Case Goes To Jury Today

Item: Coe trial coming to an end/Rick Bonino, SR

More Info: In order to have Coe committed to a mental facility - although he’s already served his 25-year prison sentence - the state must prove two things: 1. He suffers from a mental abormality or personality disorder. 2. That causes him serious difficulty controlling his sexually dangerous behavior and makes him more likely than not to engage in predatory acts of sexual violence.

Question: How will the jury rule?

McCain-v-Obama, Round 3

Item: Stakes high as Obama, McCain head for final debate/Christopher Wills, AP

More Info: Republican John McCain is looking to turnaround his fortunes in the final presidential debate with Democrat Barack Obama, a forum focused on pocketbook issues and domestic policy Wednesday night.

Question: What does John McCain have to do to score a knockout punch tonight?

Wild Card/Tuesday — 10/14/08

Put your hands together for Henry “Digger” Johnston, who test-drives a Huckleberries style today for his bi-weekly Moscow-Pullman Daily News column. You can read it here. I’m humbled by the little “shout out” that Digger gives me at the end of his column. ‘Tis nice to have a positive influence in someone’s life. (It is positive, right? Digger?) Now, for your evening Wild Card …

Gas 40 Cents Cheaper In CDA Than Spokane

Item: Coeur d’Alene gas $.40 cheaper than in Spokane/KXLY

More Info: Gas prices nationally fell by their biggest margin the weekend of October 11 and 12. Dropping 30 cents. And we are seeing some of that relief. The average price for a gallon of gas in Spokane is about $3.35 per gallon. That’s almost a dollar cheaper than it was just a few months ago. But if you live in Coeur d’Alene, there’s no doubt you’ve noticed gas prices dip below the $3 mark.

Question: Would you Spokane commmenters and blurkers drive to Kootenai County to fill up at these prices?

Scanner Traffic — 10/14/08

5:05 p.m. Woman driving a silver KIA almost drove under a dump truck and then off I-90, east of the Spokane Street interchange at Post Falls.
4:17 p.m. R/P reports possible sex offense involving neighbor child.
3:22 p.m. R/P reports a woman in a n/b car on Highway 95 is speeding through Cougar Gulch, with an unrestrained 2YO in the back seat.

Hawaii Unveils State Quarter

Ed Andrieski/AP Photo
Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle talks about the Hawaii Commemorative quarter that she helped strike during ceremonies at the U.S. Mint in Denver on Tuesday. Hawaii’s quarter is the 50th and final quarter minted in the U.S. Mint’s 50 State Quarters Program.

Question: Which state quarter do you like better — Hawaii’s or Idaho’s?

Local Blogs — 10/14/08

In high definition resolution, Granati presents “dilapidated caterpillar” today.

*Halloweenish Haiku/Tumblewords
*Lost in the rainforest/TUBOB
*I have resigned as SR editor, blog to be activated/Still A Newspaperman
*How musicals affect the spirit/Silver Valley Stories
*Reflections of Precious Annie/Slight Detour
*Beautiful fall colors in high country/The ‘Kan EWA
*A fall dream/Synaptic Disunion

HBO Numbers (for Monday, Oct. 13): 9435 page-views/5210 unique views

HBO In Briefs — Thieves Take Wheelchair Lift

Joan Olson, of Ramsey Road, found out how low thieves will go when someone stole the wheelchair lift attached to the back of her car Monday. Joan uses a wheelchair for mobility. But she used a walker instead of her wheelchair to join a friend for breakfast. She thought it was odd that she could see out her rear-view mirror better than usual. But she didn’t notice the lift missing until her friend asked her where it was. Seems thieves cut the wires that operated the wheelchair lift and then unbolted it sometime after she parked her car at her apartment complex Sunday evening. Joan’s back license plate was also missing. The gray wheelchair lift is valued at $2000. CPD Blue is investigating.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/14/08

Christopher Anderson/SR
Sammi Cook ( rear left ) and Malissa Spradlin work the north shore of the Spokane River during the recent 6th annual River Clean-up Saturday October 4, 2008. The two Unviersity High School students reported finding a lot of smaller trash like cans and plastic bottles.

*Wolves back on endangered list in northern Rockies/Billings Gazette
*Pair plead innocent in Silver Valley double murder/KXLY
*Preston councilman killed in gun accident/KTVB
*Lapwai woman files Jesuit priest abuse suit/Lewiston Tribune
*WSU rape trial begins for amateur porn actor/KTVB
*Eagle firefighters, some shirtless, pose for calendar/Idaho Statesman
*Another WSU student hurt in fall/AP
*Boise State woman picked No. 1, men No. 5 in WAC basketball poll/Idaho Statesman
*Child found in soaked diaper sleeping near feces pile/KTVB
*High school students ticketed after fire alarm protest/KTVB
*College of Idaho has 4 finalists to replace Hoover/KHQ

HBO’s 5 Questions w/Karin Ducote

I’m interviewing House District 5 write-in candidate Karin Ducote. Ducote plans to attend the Panhandle Coalition candidates’ forum from 8:30-10:30 a.m. Saturday at the Lake City Senior Center.

Question: Why did you decide at the 11th hour to file a long-shot candidacy to take on state Rep. Bob Nonini?
Karin Ducote: Yes, it’s a 35-day blitz campaign. I would ask the electorate to know how long do you need to decide to vote for me. The electorate can make a decision relatively fast re: who and how they want to be represented by. (More below)

Question: Can you see value in an individual filing as a write-in candidate, when such a candidacy is usually the longest of long shots to win?

Off The Cuff: Ugghh to Uggs

I hate this time of year. Not because I despise blends of precipitation, freezing temps and gale force winds. Not because I’m totally broke, underfed and stressed about school. It’s because you see women bringing out the hideous Ugg boot over the pants look. Ugg boots with straps, buttons, camo and leopard patterns, fluff balls and studs. Makes me wanna upchuck every year/Christina, UI Argonaut. More Off The Cuff here.

Question: Are Ugg boots the worst fashion statement of the Inland Northwest winter season?

US Buys Stakes In Nation’s Largest Banks

Item: U.S. to buy stakes in nation’s largest banks: Recipients include Citi, Bank of America, Goldman/Wall Street Journal

More Info: The U.S. government is expected to take stakes in nine of the nation’s top financial institutions as part of a new plan to restore confidence to the battered U.S. banking system, a far-reaching effort that puts the government’s guarantee behind the basic plumbing of financial markets.

Question: Any of you have enough expertise to say whether bank nationalization is a good thing or a bad thing?

Spokane Murder Has CDA Tie

A homicide victim met his alleged shooter at a Taco Time drive-through in Coeur d’Alene, according to court papers filed Monday. The call history on Anthony E. Dennis’ cell phone led detectives to three suspects after the 43-year-old was found shot to death in his 1999 Ford Expedition near Grant Street and Pacific Avenue in Spokane about 1 a.m. Wednesday/Meghann Cuniff, SR. More here.

Question: Does this story make you nervous re: who’s handing you the change at a fast-food drive-up window?

CDA Press: LCDC Should Deny School Request

It’s tough to keep walking past a big old pot of gold, no matter how worthy the cause. That’s the case with Coeur d’Alene School District’s request for the city’s urban renewal agency, Lake City Development Corp., to spend $3.5 million upgrading Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities. The school district, under the leadership of Superintendent Hazel Bauman, is being run efficiently and effectively, particularly given these difficult economic times. … While we don’t blame anyone for asking, we can suggest that the district’s request for LCDC funding should be denied/CDA Press Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Do you agree? Should Lake City Development Corp. deny a request from the school district for $3.5M to upgrade Sorensen Magnet School?

AM Headlines — 10/14/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“Low flying aircraft have a colorful warning of high voltage wires over Fernan Lake,” posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “The balls are strung from Fernan Hill on the north side of the lake to the south shore hilltop.” More here.

*CDA gas 40 cents cheaper than Spokane’s/KXLY
*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Lands Council voices concerns re: Blue Alder sale/Becky Kramer, SR
*LCHS students suffers head, pelvis injuries in party fall/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press
*Suspect caught near stolen truck/Brian Walker, CDA Press

Cats: The Other White Meat — TUBOB

RE: Homeless cats crowd shelter
The problem is that America refuses to accept cats as a decent source of protein and a meat that can be prepared and enjoyed in many ways. Complex in its protein structure and lean and healthy, cat meat could go a long ways towards improving basic diets of Americans and could help restock the larders at many food banks as America enters a time of economic uncertainty. I don’t know why cat meat couldn’t be pureed and canned for babies and toddlers to enjoy and grow strong on as well as become featured grilling meats for backyard summer barbecues “hey kids! dad is grilling cat-ka-bobs* tonight!”/TUBOB.

WND Poll: An Army Of Women

What do you think about Obama’s plan to register females for the draft?/WorldNetDaily

1. It’s a bold and courageous position for a candidate to take
2. It’s simple equality; men and women are equally capable of defending our country
3. It makes perfect sense; we all must contribute to the defense of our nation
4. It’s a good idea; female soldiers are often more disciplined and have better aim than men
5. It doesn’t matter because women are already serving in the front lines

Wild Card/Monday — 10/13/08

I notice this morning that Obama’s still ahead in the polls — 4% in Zogby’s here and 5% in Rasmussen here. But, more importantly for nervous nellies of either stripe, the Dow has shot northward 600 points so far today here. So goes the exciting times in which we live. Now, for a Wild Card to see what’s on your mind …

Parting Shot — 10/13/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
“The hills and mountains and valleys are alive with hunters, now that elk and deer season are in full swing and the weather’s turned cooler,” posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “The Idaho Fish and Game department has a great planning site for hunters at If you’re new to North Idaho it’s not likely you’ll find hunters who will share their tried and true best places to hunt. Even our neighbor answered only 1the St. Joe’ when asked where he’d bagged this 5-point elk. Now that narrows it down.” :)

Question: Are you planning to hunt this season? For what?

Distracted Driver Gets 9 Years In 22MO’s Death

Item: Girl’s family turns tragedy into purpose/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR

More Info: A distracted, suspended driver killed 22-month-old Gabby Autry before she could make her mark on the world. Michael Q. Beckley’s guilty plea and prison sentence Monday allowed the little girl’s parents to talk about the legacy they plan to leave in her name. Gabby’s Place – a large room where families can gather at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital as they cope with the tragedy of a dying child – will be “her mark, her memorial,” said the girl’s mother, Belle Autry.

Question: Should individuals who hurt or kill children be given tougher sentences than usual?

Huckleberries Hears …

… On Friday, according to a Berry Picker, Editor Mike Patrick announced to the Post Falls staff that as of Nov. 1 the Coeur d’Alene Press would no longer have an office in Post Falls. This, less than 48 hours before the Press published an editorial touting the strength of community newspapers at a time when most newspapers are in the doldrums. A Berry Picker reports: “There’s been no printed announcement of the decision to close Post Falls office and from all accounts it appears it was very abrupt. The staff has already notified various agencies they deal with to inform them of the closure.” Also, the Berry Picker said, one of the Post Falls reporters will go back to Press, one will work from home, and the office receptionist took a job with the school district, starting today. Seems the Press had been training her replacement who will now work two weeks and then be laid off when office closes.

KREM2: LCHS Student Hurt In Party Mishap

A 17-year-old Lake City High School student was seriously hurt after falling off a balcony during a party last week. According to a police report, Beau Lee and several classmates were drinking at a friend’s house last Wednesday night. Witnesses told officers Lee repeatedly tried to do handstands on the deck railing when he flipped over the side and fell nearly two stories/KREM2. More here.

Huckleberries hears that two LCSC football players were suspended as a result of this incident — one for the remainder of the year b/c it was his second team rule violation, the other for two weeks.

HBO In Briefs — Demo Candidates’ Forum

The Kootenai County Democratic Club is sponsoring a Legislative District 4 Candidates Forum on Friday. The forum will take place during the club’s regular noon meeting at the Iron Horse Restaurant, 407 E. Sherman Avenue, CDA. John Goedde, Ken Howard, Jeremy Boggess, Jim Hollingsworth, George Sayler, Marge Chadderdon and Tamara Lee Poelstra have been invited to attend.

*LCDC agenda for Wednesday meeting here.
*Latest issue of R.J. Cohn’s Boundary County Digest here.
*Prep soccer qualifying schedule for state tourney here.

Huckleberries Hears …

… That Shabby Chic in Midtown is going out of business. Owner Sandy Bechtold told one of our ad reps that she’s closing the doors to the popular 4th Street business as a result of current bad economic conditions. She’s been operating Shabby Chic for 13 years.

Wall Street Storms Back w/Record 938 Points

Wall Street stormed back Monday, sending the Dow Jones industrials soaring 938 points after plans to support the banking system reassured distraught investors/Seattle Times.

Question: If Wall Street keeps surging or returns to its former health, as a result of the bailout, which presidential ticket will be helped most?

Smith Elaborates On Reason For Quitting SR

“It is time to stop standing behind our salaries, our bonuses and our pensions and stand up and say what needs to be said”—that short-term thinking and cutbacks are “dooming our organizations to irrelevance and causing irreparable harm to our systems and society without consideration of the larger loss,” Smith said. For Smith, resignation punctuates this thought: “It is no longer my job or our job to save newspapers. Our job is to save journalism and the values that underlie newspaper journalism,” such as the free flow of information and aggressive coverage of government/Michele McLellan, Knight Digital Media Center. More here.

10 Years: Bonners Ferry Mudslide Recalled

Item: 10 years later, Bonners Ferry mud slide remembered/Gwen Albers, Hagadone News Network

More Info: The flickering lights at Mike Woodward’s home on Oct. 16, 1998, didn’t prepare him for what followed — word that one million yards of mud had slid, taking out U.S. Highway 95 north of Bonners Ferry and a portion of the Union Pacific rail-line. … Ten years later, there’s very little sign left to indicate the damage that was done and the chaos that followed. But folks around Bonners Ferry and those involved with the aftermath remember when the mud slide severed Boundary County’s main north-south corridor.

Question: Were you affected by the 1998 mud slide that severed Highway 95 north of Bonners Ferry?

Bonners Ferry Pumpkin Sets Idaho Record

Alan Berner/Seattle Times, AP
A scale is swept clean for an accurate measurement of this pumpkin from Bonners Ferry, Idaho which came in at 1,100-pounds and was declared a new Idaho state record by the announcer.

Idaho Blogs — 10/13/08

Courtesy: F-Words
“My mom got this note on her windshield a few days ago, and I must say I was shocked to learn she is so ignorant,” posts Sara Anderson/Moscow on F-Words. “She has a bumper sticker that says ‘Gas was $1.46 a gallon when Bush came into office,’ if you’re wondering what prompted the lecture.” More here.

*Idaho Senate debate — center and left/Randy Stapilus
*Tracking hate in eastern Idaho/Political Game
*What’s the point of contacting voters in Moscow?/F-Words
*Yes, Obama was born in the USA/From The Editors
*A black-helicopter-opposing militia in the works?/Bubblehead
*Why do GOP war-hero candidates wimp out?/Dennis Mansfield
*Hockey mom still booed/Left Side of the Moon

Statesman Endorses Minnick

Sali raises a fair point - Minnick supports drilling in Alaska’s National Petroleum Reserve, which the Wilderness Society has opposed. But Sali quickly overplays his point with roundhouse labeling of Minnick as a “radical” environmentalist. In so doing, Sali dismisses the Wilderness Society’s work on the consensus-based Boulder-White Clouds and Owyhees wilderness bills, measures sponsored by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, and Sen. Mike Crapo, R-Idaho. Sali wears his pugnatiousness as a badge. In truth, it is a millstone. Historians might say Sali is upholding tradition. The 1st Congressional District has long voted for renegade Republicans: Steve Symms, Helen Chenoweth-Hage, even, in his way, Butch Otter. But this country faces historic economic and foreign policy challenges. It’s time for a different kind of representative/Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Agree? Disagree?

Obama — Register Women For Draft, McCain — No

Item: Despite war, neither candidate wants to revive draft/Block News Alliance

More Info: Even as the U.S. confronts two long wars, neither Sen. John McCain nor Sen. Barack Obama believes the country should take the politically perilous step of reviving the military draft. But the two presidential candidates disagree on a key foundation of any future draft; Mr. Obama supports a requirement for both men and women to register with the Selective Service, while Mr. McCain doesn’t think women should have to register.

Question: Should women be required to register for Selective Service?

Lewiston Trib Poll: Halloween Costumes

What is the scariest Halloween costume you can imagine darkening your doorstep this year?/Lewiston Tribune

*Investment banker
*Repo man
*Barack Obama
*John McCain
*Larry Craig
*A UI cheerleader in a skimpy 2-piece outfit

Brand X Letter Writer Claims SR Shut CDA Office …

… Which isn’t true, but doesn’t mention CDA Press is closing Post Falls office.

If Ms. Tarnasky likes the Spokesman-Review so much, she is probably in an ever-declining population. The SR raised its Sunday paper price, cut the physical size of its paper, fired one quarter of its news staff and moved out of the relatively new building it occupied on Northwest Boulevard. It has stated publicly that it has to cut costs. It would appear that Ms. Tarnasky’s ideal newspaper is not doing well. Could it be that the readership is unhappy with that paper and showing that unhappiness by not buying it/Bob Hunt, Post Falls. More here.

DFO: CDA Press apologist Bob Hunt is right that the SR is going through hard times. But he isn’t correct that we’ve shut our office on Northwest Boulevard nor do we have plans to do so. Brand X editors know that. So I’d guess that the decision to allow the inaccurate info to appear in the letters section was intentional. I also notice that Brand X hasn’t mentioned that it is closing its Post Falls office, assigning one reporter to work from home and reassigning another to the Coeur d’Alene flagship. That isn’t a move a paper in good shape, no matter what Brand X’s Sunday editorial said about the strength of community newspapers.

Wild Card/Sunday — 10/12/08

I enjoyed watching Montana stop Eastern Washington 19-3 Saturday afternoon at Cheney, surrounded by 2 siblings, 2 in-laws, 2 nephews, and thousands of wild-eyed Grizzly fans who’d traveled from all over Montana to see the game. In fact, there were so many Montana fans that EWU players must have thought they were playing an away game, especially in the fourth quarter when their stands began clearing out. We paid $25 to sit in the eastern endzone. Which wasn’t all that bad b/c we were protected from the wind, cold and didn’t have the sun in our eyes like the other three stands or bleachers did. It’s enjoyable to see a college football game occasionally, especially when your team wins. Which doesn’t happen that often in Inland NW football. Now, for your Wild Card …

Ombudsman: Departing Editors Made Heroic Stand

Steve Smith and Carla Savalli are my latest heroes. They both resigned from the newspaper when the recent layoffs were announced. They did this for different reasons and without new employment. They acted on their own ethical principles. In both cases, this was not done lightly and it took guts. As a man who loves newspapers in general and The Spokesman-Review in particular, it pained Smith greatly to be forced into dismissing people who also love news. “This is the right thing to do,” Smith said afterward. “I have to have pride in my work and that will not be possible given the latest round of downsizing. I have no idea what I will do next”/Becky Tallent, SR. More here.

Question: What will be Steve Smith’s legacy at The Spokesman-Review?

Clark: So What Happened To $700B Bailout?

So now comes this new and improved cockamamie plan to save the economy. Treasury Secretary Henry J. Paulson Jr. has announced that the U.S. government would buy direct stakes in the nation’s troubled banks. The last time we did anything this drastic was back in the Great Depression days, when men wore fedoras and called women “doll baby.” This brings up some important questions. Does this mean every taxpayer will be getting a free checking account? Or, at the very least, a complimentary toaster? Excuse me for being confused. But I thought the $700ƒ|billion bailout was supposed to save the economy/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Do you think anyone in the Bush administration or Congress actually has a clue re: how to get us out of this financial mess?

Taryn Wins Athol Contest w/Re-Fired Hecker Chili

Unappreciated by the spokesman-Review, Taryn Hecker has found a new niche. She is the grand prize winner at the American Legion Post 149, Athol’s annual chili cook-off (w/her specialty Re-Fired Hecker Chili). Celebrating along with her is her daughter, Goo. Other winners were, hottest chili: Chuck Richmond, second best chili was won by last year’s winner, Debbie “Dump Truck” VanScyoc. Although some of the chili was extreme, the Timberlake fire Department wasn’t called out. The bartender managed to quell the flames with timely drinks/S&S Herb, Bay Views.

Question: Have you won a contest that requires cooking, baking, canning, etc.?

Wild Card/Saturday — 10/10/08

I started the first fire in the wood stove Thursday night to knock the chill off. And I lost the squash plants and other tender ones Wednesday night. At least, we don’t have to deal with early snow like my colleague Betsy Russell does down in Boise. As a result, I’m looking forward to watching the Montana Grizzlies play Eastern Washington today in Cheney. I’ll be pulling for the Griz. If you’re a sports fan and spent five years in western Montana like I did (1977-82), you can’t help but like that successful college football team. At least, UMontana had the good sense to stay in the Big Sky Conference unlike another team I know that hasn’t been the same since it moved up to Division 1-A. Enough said. Here’s your Wild Card …

‘Tis The Season For — Flu Shots

Jerome A. Pollos/CDA Press
Anne Way, a nurse from Panhandle Health District, gives a flu shot to Gene “Rawhide” Hyde during the flu clinic Friday at Lake City Senior Center in Coeur d’Alene.

Question: Are you going to get a flu shot this year?

Russell: It’s Snowing In Boise — On Oct. 10!

Big, fat flakes are falling thickly across the city and there’s nearly an inch of snow on the railing outside my window – and it’s only Oct. 10th! Nevertheless, it’s Boise’s first snow of the season, and it’s a pretty good one. Oddly, North Idaho is basking under sunny skies/Betsy Russell, SR Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: When do you think North Idaho will get its first snow of the season?

Rosdahl: Morgion’s Sandwiches Opens On 4th

Item: Morgio’s Sandwiches opens on Fourth Street/Nils Rosdahl, SR

More Info: Featuring high-end deli sandwiches and daily specials, Morgio’s Sandwiches opened last week at 206 N. Fourth St., Coeur d’Alene. The redecorated site formerly housed Scott-Ja-Mama’s BBQ and is across the street from the federal courthouse. Owner Paul Grier’s sandwiches are constructed with in-house-cooked meats, fresh-daily baked breads and high-quality cheeses. A daily lunch special includes the sandwich of the day, soup, pickle and chips for $8.99. Simple breakfasts are available starting at 7 a.m.

Question: Who makes the best deli sandwich in the region?

Huckleberries: Nastiness Uglifies Beautiful Day

My wife and I were biking leisurely along the CdA waterfront recently when she said: “It’s amazing on a day like this that there’s so much ugliness in the world around us.” Her words became prophetic way too soon for us. We checked out the new section of Centennial Trail between North Idaho College and Riverstone – and then headed home. As usual, we rode side by side until we heard cars coming up behind us. Then, I pedaled in front to get us both out of the way of traffic. That practice saved me from serious injury or worse. At Harrison Avenue, we opted to bike north toward home on Seventh Street rather than Ninth Street. As we approached the 1400 block, we heard an engine roaring and a vehicle speeding behind us. I pulled in front of my wife, moments before a gray van zoomed by, swerving toward me as if intentionally, missing me by a foot or so. The driver had to pull back to miss the parked car ahead. Mebbe that saved my life. Moments later, a little brown car chased the offending motorist into an apartment complex. As we passed, two women were screaming at each other. One was dropping the B-word and many other expletives on the other. Utter nastiness. Sorta takes the thrill from a beautiful day/DFO, SR Handle Extra. More here.

Question: One did you last have a close call as a result of someone else’s reckless driving?

TGIF Wild Card — 10/10/08

Yeah, I know our financial markets are going to hell in a handbasket. But I didn’t want to focus on that today here. You can find plenty to make you nervous at almost any other Web site today. I’d like to make this a haven today where we can have some fun, interact, and mebbe help one another take our minds off the collective mess. Okay. If you have a thread you’re dying to start or a day brightener to share, you can use the Wild Card to do so …

Alaska Panel: Palin Abused Authority

A legislative committee investigating Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found she unlawfully abused her authority in firing the state’s public safety commissioner. The investigative report concludes that a family grudge wasn’t the sole reason for firing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan but says it likely was a contributing factor/AP. More here.

Report findings here

Question: Reaction?

Another Rising Journalist Bids SR Farewell

We spend more waking and bonding hours with our coworkers in this weird environment of nasty negative things. Bizarre murders, car crashes, house fires, building fires, Taser incidents … writing and posting news on deadline, relying on each other to not just be accurate and fair but to call out each other’s mistakes, of which I made many, and they forgave me. Storytelling is then a collaborative activity, a collective consciousness, bringing formless data to a higher plane, like prayer. Ask around in a newsroom about how people feel about their job, and most of them will tell you it’s a religious calling - The way anybody would choose to be a priest or a nun, somebody chooses to be a storyteller/Thuy Nguyen, Mastering Multimedia. More here.

Scanner Traffic — 10/10/08

5:08 p.m. 2-vehicle, head-on crash on Highway 95 in front of the Westmond Store in Bonner County.
4:53 p.m. R/P reports 2 boys on bikes have stolen 5 rolls of toilet paper from the bathrooms by the 3rd Street boat launch and are headed north toward the fire station. 1st Cop: “Do you have fingerprint powder for the bathroom?” 2nd Cop: “Affirmative. I took it from your car.”

UI Argonaut: Tales From Safety Conscious Mom

Rachel Dugger & Hunter Snively/UI Argonaut

Question: Do you think a child ever pays attention when you warn him or her to be careful?

UI Student: Safer To Be Gay Today

Students on campus today may be met by speakers sharing some of their most personal stories about coming out of the closet. Sophomore Kory Larabee, who is openly gay, said Coming Out Week is meant to let people know “that this is a safe time to come out and to be openly gay.” “People are starting to realize that there are a lot of us here,” Rebecca Rod, program adviser for the Women’s Center, said. “ … students have been suffering in silence in their dorm rooms with these issues and when they see someone out there for them and creating programming, it starts to make them feel like … it’s not so bad”/Andrew Priest, UI Argonaut. More here.

Question: Do you agree with UI soph Kory Larabee that it’s safer for a person to be openly gay today?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/10/08

Ed Adrieski/AP File Photo
Three suspects in the beating death of gay University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard wait to be arraigned in this, Oct. 9, 1998, file photo, from Laramie, Wyo. From left are Russell Henderson, 21, Aaron McKinney, 22, and Chastity Pasley, 20. In the 10 years since Shepard’s death, more than 30 states have passed laws addressing bias-related crimes against gays, but gay-rights advocates point to a series of frustrations including the failure of federal hate-crime legislation. Billings Gazette story here.

*Ed Board rejects UI research dorm/Lewiston Tribune
*Twin Falls sheriff uses on-duty lawmen to film campaign ads/Twin Falls Times-News
*Custer officer’s trunk to be auctioned/Billings Gazette
*5 kids at Idaho day-care contract E. Coli virus/KTVB
*3 UMontana footballers face assault charge/Missoulian
*Boise could set record if snow falls today, Saturday/Idaho Statesman
*Otter to host benefit “Blue Jeans Ball” at ranch/Idaho Statesman
*Spokane Tribe upset by Rossi casino ads/AP
*Montana agency OKs killing of wolf pack/Billings Gazette

*Orbusmax Special: Washingtonian tries to make history w/100 mph homemade car here.

Can You Play Basketball Better Than This Girl?

Anchorage Daily News/AP
Sarah Heath, right, plays basketball for Wasilla High School at the 1982 Alaska state high school basketball championships in Wasilla, Alaska. Sarah Heath is the maiden name of Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. A tough defender and sturdy point guard, Palin helped lead the girls’ basketball team at Wasilla High School to a state championship in 1982.

Question: Well, can you?

Rustler’s Roost To Close Sunday, Reopen

SR File Photo
Today, DFO chats with Rustler’s Roost owner Woody McEvers re: his move to a new location. In the file photo above, Woody pours coffee for some of his last customers at his old Sherman Avenue location.

Question: I hear you’re closing the current Rustler’s Roost @ Hayden & 95 Sunday?
Woody McEvers (online live): Yes, we’re closing the current one Sunday and we’re starting to move on Columbus Day, Monday. The new one is located just north of it, about 100 feet.

Press: Accentuate The Positive

Today we’d like to share three bits of headache medicine in hopes they will ease your discomfort a bit. One came from local financial adviser Brad Dugdale recently when he suggested that we should all just turn off our TVs. Dugdale was not advocating a head-in-the-sand approach to what’s happening around us. Instead, he was giving us a little perspective: This problem is bigger than any individual’s ability to solve, so rather than worry yourself sick, focus instead on whatever positive outcomes you can create. He didn’t say it, but we will: Those positive outcomes start and end with you making yourself as valuable and as productive as you can be, not just at work but at home, too/CDA Press Editorial Board. More here.

Question: What are you doing to look on the sunny side as the powers that be try to fix our economic mess?

TUBOB: Childhood Trauma Blogging 9.0

So, this one frozen morning me and Byron, who at that time was like my best friend as all of my salesmannish pleadings created a wonderous young ladly bonding between the two of us, were walking to Jefferson Elementary on Military Hill in Pullman and we came upon a frozen dead field mouse. Stiff as a popsicle. Me, being the terrible little rascal I was at the time, pocketed the Mickeysicle for which to play a joke upon my teacher, a lovely woman whose name escapes me at this time but one who was quite enamored of my preternaturally precocious free versed and imagic poetry about autumn leaves and dead trees, certainly a woman who did not deserve what I was soon to do on this fateful day/TUBOB. More here.

Question (from TUBOB): So, what kind of horrid things did you do in grade school? Can you top mine? If so, please, I implore you, get help, it’s never too late.

Mike & Greg’s Pigskin Picks

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Prep sports reporters Mike Vlahovich and Greg Lee take their picks for this weekend’s games.

Digger: What, Me Worry?

When you’re on the lower level of the economy this does not effect anything. Spazz and I haven’t felt the crunch, except in the fact he can’t find a job. This is a market correction - its been necessary for a long time and will take a long time to get out of - but we will pull through. I hope this wakes Americans up and we throw all the “good ol boys” out of congress/Digger.

Gary Ingram: Need New Friends

Well, I’ve worked 10 years beyond a 65 year retirement age in order conserve my retirement investments about half of which are in the stock market. Last month I switched from earned income to withdrawals from investments. Need I say more to make the point. I am seriously considering backing off on criticism of LCDC so I can somehow make new friends and figure out how to get into their bucket of cash. Obviously, I been hanging around with the wrong people over the years. The ones I should have been pals with have already figured it out/Gary Ingram.

Wild Card/Thursday — 10/9/08

I heard on the evening news last night that one third of America considers itself “very stressed.” I don’t know if that number describes you. I hope not. However, if it does, mebbe we can do something here at Huckleberries Online to provide some comic relief. My goal is always to provide interesting material out front for blurkers and fodder for clever commenters. I hope you find something here today that makes your day. And mebbe you have something that can start things rolling with this Wild Card …

Quotable Quote — JeanieSpokane

How is (the stock plunge) affecting me? I will no longer be able to retire at 62 (in only three years). {tears up} My only other solution is to sell my body on the streets. What is a 59-year-old lady going for these days, anyway?/JeanieSpokane.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/9/08

Jesse Tinsley/SR
Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire, left, and Republican challenger Dino Rossi, right, listen as a producer reiterates the rules for their debate in Spokane Thursday. Story here.

*Ex-UI QB Nussmeier to square off w/alma mater/Lewiston Tribune
*Clark Fork reeling after student death/KXLY
*Spokane man busted for buying bear gallbladders/KREM2
*Boise fireman to pay up to $90,000 restitution after bar fight/Idaho Statesman
*BSU withdraws request for AD’s contract extension/Idaho Statesman
*Ysursa drops student warning from voter site/Idaho Statesman
*Thieves burglarize Sandpoint tattoo shop/Bonner County Bee
*Silver Valley gearing up for ski season/Shoshone News-Press

New Sali Ad Focuses On ‘Walt’s Dance’

Bill Sali’s new TV ad called, “Walt’s Dance.” began airing in the Boise and Spokane markets today.

Sali Makes CDA Announcement

ThomG/Special to Huckleberries Online
ThomG Blackberries a photo from today’s announcement by Congressman Bill Sali at CDA City Hall. Not sure what Sali’s saying. But it might have something to do with that press conference in Boise Wednesday in which he tried to link Demo opponent Walt Minnick to radical enviromentalism. Huckleberries hears that Minnick spokesman John Foster flew up from Boise to attend the press conference. Stay tuned.

Update: Snake Not Suffering Anxiety … Whew!

Kathy Plonka/SR
Matt Harrington/CDA with “Hercules,” the 8-foot boa constrictor at his home on Tuesday. He was asked by Kootenai County animal control to keep the snake after someone found it curled up in a back yard in Post Falls. He sold the snake on Craigslist and is now charged with grand theft.

“The snake is a Red Tail Boa - that’s different from a python, because red tails have live births and pythons lay eggs,” SReporter Pia Hellenberg Christensen tell Huckleberries, adding: “I kid you not.” And: “Also, the snake specialist at Spokane Reptile Rescue I just talked to assured me the snake is not suffering any anxiety by being moved around. It appears socialized, she said, because it slithers around among people. She explained that if it was scared, it would be coiled up.”

Related: TUBOB Jr. is a snake handler, too.

Newswoman Savalli Sez Goodbye To SR

When Carla Savalli was 10, growing up in a family subscribing to both Spokane newspapers, she started her own. The first page was news, and gossip about her neighbors. The second page was art from coloring books. The third was a recipe page - This newspaper’s first edition featured her mother’s zucchini bread. Savalli sold this newspaper in her neighborhood for 75 cents a copy. This week she leaves The Spokesman-Review after 16 years. Her most recent positions were assistant managing editor, senior editor for innovation, and senior editor for local news/Thuy Nguyen, SR. More here.

Question: Which former local journalist, who may have retired or moved on to another job, remains your favorite?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/9/08

Christopher Anderson/SR
Kathy Coe, sister of “South Hill Rapist” Kevin Coe, enters Superior Court Thursday during his civil commitment trial in Spokane. Kathy Coe said Kevin Coe was a ‘great big brother’ *here. You can follow the SR’s Coe Trial Blog here

*Judge labels Montana GOP’s voter challenge as ‘political chicanery’/Billings Gazette
*2 Nampa homes flooded after stolen car hits hydrant/Idaho Press-Tribune
*Man admits murder, putting Twin Falls teen in barrel/Twin Falls Times-News
*Fewer bears wandering into Boise/AP
*WSU soccer coach 2 wins from Cougar milestone/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Montana’s minimum wage to increase 35 cents/Billings Gazette
*Study: Bullet fragments spread lead in venison/AP

Orbusmax Special: Columbian could file for bankruptcy here.

Snake Handler Faces Theft Charge

Kathy Plonka/SR File Photo
Hercules, the 8-foot python that was found in a Post Falls yard in September, is still looking for a home after the snake’s caretaker sold it on eBay. Caretaker Matt Harrington (shown above with Hercules Sept. 23), meanwhile, has been charged with grand theft for selling the snake without authorization of the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department (the animal’s legal custodian). According to a KCSD report, the python’s caretaker sold the snake to Chris Altringer, 23, for $250 to cover the reptile’s veterinarian bill. An animal control officer contacted KCSD when Altringer resisted efforts to return the snake to county custody. The snake is valued at $1100.

More Bad Football Ahead

Right Mind/Via Jennifer McFarland

Dunno if this is legit or if it’s a photoshop. But it’s sure accurate.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/9/08

Gerald Herbert/AP
Supporters listen to Republican vice presidential running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, legs visible, during a rally with Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., not visible, in Bethlehem, Pa., Wednesday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutline:

1. What you see is Palin closer to the audience with McCain as backup, notice the wider stance — JeanieSpokane.
2. “Dude, would you stop singing that ZZ Top song. This campaign is about character and leadership, not her legs and how she uses them” — Family Phil.
3. Dude, I have no idea what policies she’s implemented in Alaska or her vision for America, but I’ll definitely vote for her if she’ll wink at me — Sisyphus.

HM: Poolman

McCain Launches Obama-Ayers Attack Ad

With less than four weeks until Election Day, John McCain has launched his most aggressive ad yet against Barack Obama, labeling him a dangerous candidate because of his association with former domestic terrorist William Ayers. Story here. .

Related: The problems with the Ayers attack/Chris Cillizza, Washington Post; The Obama-Ayers connection/Dick Morris, The Hill

Question: Will this have an effect on the polls that are now continuing to trend toward Barack Obama?

Prairie Voice: No Time To Joke Around

If you followed the popular “Scanner Traffic” feature at Huckleberries Online last week, you’d be the first one in your ‘hood to know that a fiftysomething man had local pols edgy. It all started around 11:15 a.m. Thursday when the distraught man entered a local Bank of America to withdraw some money. He told the clerk he wanted the money to buy a gun to “shoot a politician.” Why? The congressional bailout of the nation’s financial institutions had driven him over the edge. In days gone by, of course, a situation like this might have been dismissed out of hand. Not today. “The way things are now,” Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Kim Edmundson told Huckleberries, “we have to take these things seriously.” Duane Rasmussen, the vice chairman of the Kootenai County Repubs, certainly did/DFO, Prairie Voice Huckleberries. More here.

Prairie Voice locations

Other Prairie Voice stories:
*Holy mackerel, that’s a big fish/Herb Huseland
*Shop has guns, knives, know-how/Jacob Livingston
*Lakeland High sweeper has Hawks cleaning up/Greg Lee
*Post Falls wants to add acreage to city’s land-use plan/SR

Risch Caught Between LaRocco, Hard Place

Steve Hanks/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Idaho candidates for U.S. Senate, Democrat Larry LaRocco, Independent Rex Rammmell and Republican Jim Risch, debate the issues Wednesday in the Lewiston Community Center. Lewiston Tribune story here. And: AP story here Red State Rebels carried a live-blog of the debate here.

Question: Is Lt. Gov. Risch’s Rose Garden strategy working?

4 Spokane Area People Slain In 3 Weeks

Item: Spate of killings strange but coincidental, police say: Three suspects arrested in four recent homicides/Jody Lawrence-Turner, SR

More Info: A shooting victim whose body was found in an SUV. A 29-year-old man stabbed in the throat. An elderly man shot twice in the head, killed during an apparent burglary. A woman strangled, allegedly over $20. Four Spokane-area people have been slain in less than three weeks.

Question: Do you consider the Spokane area to be a safe place?

Ramirez: Cushioned Landing

Michael Ramirez/Investor’s Business Daily

Hump Day PM Wild Card — 10/8/08

I’m posting a new Wild Card tonight since we used up quite a bit of space arguing about Sarah Palin on the original one today. I enjoyed meeting KeithinCDA the afternoon at the office. And I’m glad to see Stickman risk getting caught in the political cross-fire at HBO to say hello. At election time, this is no place for the faint-hearted. But I’m determined to get us through the election to Nov. 5 in one piece. Now, for your evening Hump Day Wild Card …

$64,000 Question From Great Debate 2

The presidential candidates tried to field the question posed by moderator Tom Brokaw near the end of their debate Tuesday. And Pecky Cox/As The Lake Churns sent it to me to pose at Huckleberries Online. So here you go:

Question: What don’t you know and how will you learn it?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/8/08

Brian Plonka/SR
Al Whitney, 71, laughs while donating platelets Tuesday at the Inland Blood Center in Spokane. Whitney is on a mission to donate platelets in all 50 states. John Stucke’s SR story here.

*Thieves, vandals target Obama signs/Bonner County Bee
*Obama raises more funds than McCain in Idaho/Idaho Statesman
*UI researcher back on the job/SR
*Coe exhibited sexual deviancy in prison/KREM2
*High-speed Bonner County chase ends in felony arrests/Bonner County Bee
*Idaho’s Mexican consulate to open this year/Idaho Statesman
*89YO woman thwarts burglar/KTVB
*Shell agrees to curb cig sales to Idaho kids/KCBI

Question: When is the last time that you’ve given blood?

MamaJD: Ayers’ Tie Relevant, Personal

Speaking with Dad (an undercover FBI agent from Chicago) yesterday, I asked him what words he would use to describe Dohrn at that time. He used words such as “articulate, hateful, violent, methodical and committed.” According to his view, any characterization that dismisses or downplays the threat level or significance of The Weathermen would simply be incorrect. Although my father is not an Obama-supporter, his description of The Weathermen and other radical left groups of that time, have never changed over the years. He has always remained consistant in his characterization of Dohrn, Ayers and The Weathermen: They were terrorists determined and hellbent to create mayhem, encouraging anarchy and murder for political purposes/MamaJD. More here.

Candidates Mug w/Babes

Craig Litten/AP
Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., top right, has his picture taken with some of the crowd after campaigning at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Fla., Wednesday. BTW, Biden was introduced as “Sen. John McCain” at a Tampa event here.

Gerald Herbert/AP
Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., kisses a baby during a rally in Bethlehem, Pa., Wednesday.

Local Blogs — 10/8/08

Family Phil/A Family Runs Through It
“If you ever find yourself in Wallace,” posts Family Phil, A Family Runs Through It, “make sure you take some time to walk the Pulaski Trail. Above, Phil provides a photo of the Placer Creek waterfall, along the trail. More here.

*Trojan Horse Tale/Tumblewords
*Serpentine, Serpentine/TUBOB
*Sleepy/A Butterfly Moment
*Where is Palin’s passion?/Nuts & Nonsense
*Topless in North Idaho/OnLocation North Idaho
*Locking up the bigot vote/Arch Druid
*A debate or sound bites?/Dogwalk Musings
*We interrupt this political mess …/Simple Mind
*4 on the floor/Notes On A Napkin
*Dr. Bernanke keeps trying, but …/Slight Detour

HBO Numbers (for Tuesday, Sept. 7): 11,858 page-views/5996 unique views

Finally, Risch To Join LaRocco, Rammell

The three major candidates vying for Idaho’s open U.S. Senate seat are getting ready to meet on the debate stage. Democrat Larry LaRocco, Republican Jim Risch and Independent Rex Rammell will square off for the first time Wednesday night in Lewiston/AP. More here.

Question: Which opponent will fire the first shot re: Risch’s absence in previous debates — LaRocco or Rammell?

Inlander: ‘Dead Men Walking’ Drown Sorrows

But even with scaled-down ambitions, it’s not clear how the paper will manage to absorb such deep cuts, Kershner says. On the chopping block: veteran music writer Isamu Jordan, restaurant critic Tom Bowers, photographer Rajah Bose, development writer Parker Howell, food editor Lorie Hutson and radio host Rebecca Mack. While the list of laid-off employees won’t be finalized for another week — it could change if others voluntarily resign — it’s clear that a large pool of talent is headed for the door. As for the morale of those who remain, “It’s as low as it can get,” Kershner says.

UIdaho Dead Last In College Football Defense

The Idaho Vandals rank dead last nationally in total defense, 119th out of 119 Football Bowl Subdivision teams at 504 yards per game. Idaho (1-5 overall, 0-2 WAC) also ranks 118th in scoring defense (47.3 points per game), 116th in passing defense (286.1 yards per game) and 111th in rushing defense (217.8 yards per game)/Idaho Statesman. More here.

DFO: And (gulp) Fresno State is next.

Hump Day Wild Card — 10/8/08

The election isn’t over quite yet. A new Zogby poll shows Obama leading McCain by 47% to 45%. Zogby credits the McCain resurgence to the strong performance by Sarah Palin at the vice presidential debate last week. The poll was taken before the second presidential debate last night. At MSNBC, viewers overwhelmingly said Obama won the debate. At the Drudge Report, readers said McCain won, but not as overwhelmingly. Me? I thought it was a borderline snoozer — and McCain should allow Palin to sub in for him in the final debate with Obama. Now, for your Wild Card …

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/8/08

Peng Tong/Xinhua, AP
Women show the paintings on their bellies during a colored body drawing and beauty contest of pregnant women held in Haikou, China, earlier today. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. The Chinese Olympic Committee introduces the proud mothers of the 2012 women’s gymnastics team — Family Phil.
2. ThomG’s photoshop.
3. There once were some gals from Haikuo
Who got pregnant and away their men flew
They slapped some paint on their tummies
and said hey come back here you dummies
now stand still and say “I do” — Kevin Taylor.

HM: Everyone else. (It’s simply becoming harder and harder to judge this b/c the calibre has gone way up.)

Daily News: UI Researcher Worth Keeping

Somewhere, somehow, somebody finally realized that Katarzyna Dziewanowska is worth keeping around. The longtime University of Idaho researcher was facing deportation to Poland after being denied residency earlier this year. We may never know exactly what led immigration officials to alter their stance on Dziewanowska’s case, and the reasons behind their decision really don’t matter at this point. The most important thing is that she’ll be allowed to return to work and continue researching ways to counter potential terrorist attacks that use the bubonic plague, as she’d done for 14 years before the immigration flap surfaced/Doug Bauer, Moscow-Pullman Daily News. More here.

Online Poll: Winter Heating Costs

Are you worried about being able to pay your winter heating bills?/Idaho Statesman


Super Bauman To Ask LCDC For $3.5M

Item: Bauman to ask LCDC for $3.5M: Funding would help remodel Sorensen School/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press

More Info: Bauman reported to trustees at Monday’s board meeting that she will ask the Lake City Development Corp., the city’s urban renewal agency, to consider funding a $3.5 million remodel of Sorensen Magnet School of the Arts and Humanities.

Question: Is this a good use of urban renewal money?

Stantis: Saved By The Bailout?

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Parting Shot — 10/7/08

Christopher Anderson/SR
Gary Graham was named editor of The Spokesman-Review at a newsroom meeting this afternoon. Earlier story from Huckleberries here.

Washington Agencies Start 4-Day Work Week

Item: Washington agencies start 4-day workweek/AP

More Info: The state Department of Community Trade and Economic Development is closing the Olympia headquarters on Fridays as part of the shift to a four-day workweek. The shift affects about 300 workers at the agency that is the largest to be affected by Gov. Chris Gregoire’s test of the shorter week to save energy.

Question: If you could, would you prefer to work a 4-day work week of 10 hours per day?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/7/08

Greg Kreller/Idaho Press-Tribune, AP
A group of about 20 people hold signs as the March Against Family Violence makes its way up 12th Avenue towards the Canyon County Courthouse in Caldwell, Idaho on today. The march was part of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

*Gun-wielding robber holds up Priest River pharmacy/Bonner County Bee
*Otter plan would track how far you drive, charge tax/KTVB
*Mullan store owner wins lottery again/Idaho Statesman
*BSU coach agrees to two-year extension/Idaho Statesman
*Spokane woman killed over $20/SR
*Coe connected to more crimes/SR
*Notorious criminal Hall back in Spokane slammer/SR
*Man dies after drive-by shooting in Moses Lake/KHQ
*Idaho drafts standards for teacher evaluations/KTVB
*9th Circuit explains Sandpoint Bypass decision/Bonner County Bee
*Shoshone County merges polling places/Shoshone News-Press

SR Publisher Picks Graham As New Editor

Managing Editor Gary Graham was named as the new editor of The Spokesman-Review a few minutes ago. He will replace Steve Smith. Who resigned last week after announcing the layoffs of 21 newsroom employees and 4 to 6 managers who have yet to be named. In making the announcement, Publisher Stacey Cowles said he remains committed to the paper’s growing online presence and the Voices product. Also, he said, the Idaho office will remain open but the Spokane Valley office might not. In a short statement, Editor Graham said that he viewed his new role as a “job of a lifetime.” Graham has worked at three other papers, including one in which he supervised a Pulitzer Prize-winning effort. He also serves as an adviser for the University of Idaho student newspaper, The Argonaut. Full press release.

Kendramama: Save Me From Political Fanatics

These days when the breath of rabid political commentators from both sides, reeking unabashedly of excremental fanaticism, begins to waft through the air, I take shallow, anti-gag reflex calming breaths, then attempt to make a low-key escape- preferably without being forced to give an opinion on the race. In other words, I use my short stature to my advantage and sneak out quickly, staying under the average bugged out yet beady eye level/Kendramama. More here.

Question: Obviously, you can’t avoid political fanaticism at Huckleberries Online. But how do you do it elsewhere (if you’re inclined to do so)?

Daniels: Vox Box Putting Out Last Issue?

The staff of 90 is pretty disappointed (at my layoff notice). This has been such an awesome outlet for the voice of Spokane’s teens for going on three years. It’s also a big disappointment for the 70’ish kids who are doing this either for some sort of scholastic credit, senior projects, or the AmeriCorps. We are hopeful, however. I have asked those who have to make some really hard decisions about the company to wait and lay me off at the end of the school year. That way, students here can keep their credit, finish the year of experience, etc./Erin Daniel, Vox Box adviser. More here.

Dow Dips Another 500 Points

The misery worsened on Wall Street Tuesday, with stocks piling on the losses late in the session and bringing the two-day decline in the Dow Jones industrials to more than 875 points amid escalating worries about credit markets and financial sector. The Dow lost more than 500 points and all the major indexes slid more than 5 percent/Yahoo! Financial. More here.

Meridian Baby 1st To Be Named After Palin

Tyler and Crystal Hurst welcomed a new baby girl on Sunday, October 05, 2008. Palin Brinli Hurst was named after Republican Vice Presidential hopeful Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. Baby Palin was the first known baby to be named after the Alaskan Governor. She arrived with her family at her bedside donning Palin T-Shirts showing support for the baby and for Sarah Palin. The newborn infant weighed 7 LBS and 6oz and was 21” Tall/Daily Paul. More here.

Question: Politics aside, do you think “Palin” is a good name for a baby?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/7/08

Dan Pelle/SR
WSU men’s basketball players are hitting the hot tubs as part of new aquatics program to show benefits of water training. Kasee Hildenbrand is the research coordinator for the $1 million National Aquatics and Sports Medicine Institute. Story here.

*Agency to offer vaccines to kids exposed to 100 rabies/Missoulian
*FBI file details Knievel’s dark side/AP
*South Hill Rapist can be photographed on witness stand/AP
*Meridian seeks donated tree for holidays/Idaho Statesman
*Washington sets registration record/AP
*Court settles dispute between Lewiston-Clarkston eye doctors/Lewiston Tribune
*Wyoming man ‘critical’ after Tasering/Billings Gazette
*Montana Demos file to block GOP voter challenges/Helena Independent-Record
*Montana pays for livestock losses due to wolves/Daily Inter Lake

Orbusmax Special: No jail for Washington blogger who said he’d shoot up mall here.

K-Ray Johnson: Not Good Enough

K. Ray Johnson/UI Argonaut

CJR: Ex-SR Senior Editor Explains Resignation

I didn’t resign to send a message. I resigned because it was the right time given the volatility of the industry and of the cuts in this newsroom. It’s a devastating cut and I didn’t feel like I had as much heart as I used to to keep going. Let me also say that I absolutely respect the right of our publisher [W. Stacey Cowles] to make the business decisions he has to make for the betterment of this paper. We journalists don’t want to think about the business while we’re in the newsroom, and, there was a time when we didn’t have to. Now we do and that’s just the reality/ex-SR senior editor Carla Savalli, Columbia Journalism Review. More here.

Question: Carla goes on to say that there’s a tension in today’s newsrooms between print and online technology. The SR is a pioneer in online newspapering. Has it helped or hurt the SR?

Holly Bowen: Sarah Palin’s Debate Showdown

Holly Bowen/UI Argonaut
Holly Bowen, of Post Falls, is the opinion page editor of the UI Argonaut Editorial Page. You can see the rest of today’s editorial page online offerings in today’s edition here.

Seattle PI: Let It Be … Obama

If the country ever needed new direction under a fresh, steady, calm president, this is the time. Sen. Barack Obama is the country’s hope, the kind of promising, intelligent leader who comes along perhaps once in a generation. Obama is the best candidate for president. He has the vision, patience and fortitude to put America on a track to recovery after an eight-year run of financial irresponsibility, aggressive adventurism abroad and mismanagement, secrecy and dissembling on numerous fronts/Seattle PI Editorial Board. More here.

DFO: Ok, all better?

AM Headlines — 10/7/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho
The prices at EXXON stations in Coeur d’Alene were down again this morning … to $3.09 a gallon. Then I noticed the Zip Stop on 7th and Sherman was selling regular unleaded for a staggering $3.66. At the end of the day the Albertson’s on Ironwood was $3.06! Same day, same town, and a difference of .60 a gallon. It looks like by the end of this week we’ll be seeing prices solidly under the $3 mark in North Idaho!/Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*Prosecution plans to call Coe today/Rick Bonino, SR
*U-High student arrested, school resumes/Nina Culver, SR
*Lakes Middle School classroom remodel OK’d/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press
*Robbery forces Sandpoint school lockdown/Conor Christofferson, Bonner County Bee
*Raider Nation soon to see Cable Vision/Levi Johnstone, UI Argonaut
*UI parking oversells permits/Cyrilla Watson, UI Argonaut
*‘Idaho Women In Film’ to benefit Women’s Center/Tyler Wilson, CDA Press
*Ethanol adds to winterizing woes/Brian Satren, CDA Press

Question: Do you expect gas prices to shoot back up after the election?

Online Poll: Limiting Teens Need For Speed

Ford Motor Co.’s new “MyKey” technology will allow parents to limit teen drivers to a top speed of 80 miles per hour. Do you think this is a good idea?/Idaho Statesman

*No opinion

Bonus Question: What’s the fastest speed you’ve driven in a vehicle?

Dog Fight Leads To ‘Hood Cat Fight

Item: Doggie disagreement allegedly leads to violence/CDA Press

More Info: A neighbors’ squabble over doggie do allegedly led to one woman being slapped by another woman hard enough that her teeth fell out. On Oct. 2, Kootenai County sheriff’s deputies responded to a dog-at-large call on Lakeview Heights Road. A 66-year-old woman, who made a similar call in September, showed the deputy “several urine marks as well as feces she said came from” a neighbor’s cocker spaniels, according to a deputy’s report.

Question: Do you have problems with your neighbor’s dogs or cats?

Ramirez: As America Goes …

Michael Ramirez/Investor’s Business Daily

Parting Shot — 10/6/08

Matt Cilley/AP
Walt Minnick, shown fly fishing in More’s Creek near Boise in July, is casting himself as a conservative against first-term Rep. Bill Sali, R-Idaho, in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District covering western and northern Idaho. Minnick, raised on a wheat farm in Walla Walla, Wash., ran wood-products company Trus Joist International for 16 years and co-founded SummerWinds Garden Centers with 11 locations in Arizona, California and Nevada.

Question: Has Walt Minnick done enough to separate himself from the more liberal policies of the national Democratic Party and portray himself as a reasonable conservative alternative to Congressman Bill Sali?

Boise To Crack Down On Dog Poop Litter

The city of Boise says the message just isn’t getting across. Too many dog owners continue breaking leash and littering laws. Now city leaders are taking the tough approach - making owners pay up if they’re caught. “Any of the dogs that are off the leash - if see people that aren’t picking up their poop (we’ll give them a ticket),” said Tammara Yourdan, animal care and control officer with the Idaho Humane Society. “It’s a huge problem”/KBCI. More here.

Question: Are you bugged when owners don’t clean up the poop after their pets in public areas?

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/6/08

Thirty-seven young women from all over the state were OnLocation in Coeur d’Alene this past week for the Idaho Junior Miss Program. They displayed some extraordinary performing arts skills from piano to cello to ballet to classical vocals. These high school seniors are solidly among the best and the brightest in all of Idaho. This pretty-in-pink Blackfoot High School student, Paige Casperson, came away with the overall scholastic achievement award … no small feat in a sea of achievers/Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho.

*15YO arrested for U-High threats/SR
*Teen suspected in in Spokane murder/SR
*Best friend’s testimony contradicts Coes’ deposition/SR
*Panhandle Forests gets new deputy supervisor/Idaho Statesman
*Some UI employees fear hurdles in president search/AP
*Seattle drops to 32 in list of best sports cities/Seattle PI
*WSU holds quarterback tryouts/KREM2
*WSU campus abuzz with provost rumors/AP
*Spokane firefighter facing yet another sex charge/KXLY

Capt. Ben’s Felony Warrant Roundup 10/6-10

In Capt. Ben Wolfinger’s felony warrant honor roll this week, the featured future defendants are (from left): Stephen Andrew Edgeman, 20, Coeur d’Alene, who’s wanted for failure to appear on grand theft and forgery counts (no bond); Gregory James Herbert, 30, Hayden, probation violation for possession of a controlled substance ($50,000 bond); and Paul Michael Nemec, 21, Coeur d’Alene, for probation violation for delivery of a controlled substance (no bond). For the rest of the felony warrant roundup, click here.

Anon Brand X Moderator Has Hands Full

RE: Mary Souza column in CDA Press
Moderator: Our online community is a reflection of all of us. Ridiculing and humiliating groups of people or individuals is not constructive. Postive participation creates the environment we want to encourage which includes your feedback. The comment was not deleted.”

Anon To Moderator: So only happy, fun-time “suitable for the youngest child” comments are allowed anymore? This explains the general downturn in the newspaper business. No wonder papers are laying off thousands and going belly up regularly. Censorship rears its ugly head once again. ”

Moderator: “Adjectives of a negative nature are not appreciated. Please keep it civil.”

DFO: Looks like one of the new volunteer moderators has his/her hands full trying to handle edgy, real-time dialogue at the CDA Press onlilne. Welcome to my world, bub.

Local Blogs — 10/6/08

Idaho Escapee/Atmospheric Ruminations
Looks like Idaho Escapee has been photoshopping again. Here, you see his impression of the Sarahcuda.

*Watering the empty places/North Idaho Skinny
*Priest Lake inspires Allen James Teague/As The Lake Churns
*High standards/A Family Runs Through It
*McCain, Palin deserve each other, but do we deserve them?/Dogwalk Musings
*Congress deserves blame for this mess/Simple Mind
*Movie theme songs that stick/Gathering Around The Table, Kellogg Bloggin’ response
*Fribble, it’s fall/JeanC’s Cat House
*My son, the explorer/Nuts& Nonsense

HBO Numbers (for week of Sept. 28 - Oct. 4): 63,305 page-views/36,512 unique views

Parents Slam Tri-City School Discipline

The five-step program emphasizes students’ responsibility for their own behavior. If they disrupt class, they’re making a “choice” to move to Step 1 of the program. That means they sit facing away from the class for a few minutes. If they continue acting out, they go on to Step 2 and stand facing away from the class. Step 3 means focusing on the school’s rule that, “No one has the right to interfere with anyone’s learning, safety or well-being.” Steps 4 and 5 involve a parent conference or leaving school for the rest of the day or longer/Tri-City Herald. More here.

Question: Do the discipline steps outlined above seem as over-the-top to you as they do to some parents in the district who liken them to Nazi tactics?

HBO @ Noon: Growing Hair Back After Chemo

Sara Anderson/F-Words: I’ve resisted the temptation to bleg, because I know exactly how much traffic I get here, but hey, I need advice. My hair is currently two and a half inches long everywhere, and it’s wavy if not curly. I have no idea what to do with it, but I’d like to someday have regular longish girl hair again (though it will be different, with the new texture). For now, I just smooth it down when it’s wet, and treat the scar like a 1/4 inch-wide part.

Question: Anyone ever heard advice on growing your hair back after chemo or whatever?

Obama’s A Terrorist, McCain’s A Crook

Palin kicked it up a notch yesterday with this nonsense: “Our opponent is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists who target their own country.” To put it in a vernacular Palin might understand, that dog won’t hunt. (One presumes dogs are involved in moose hunting, although my expertise is limited.) It just comes across as a pathetic, desperate charge. … Ironically, Obama’s planned countercharges involving the twenty-year-old Keating Five scandal are more likely to have an impact because they go against McCain’s cultivated anti-corruption “maverick” image and most people have forgotten about that scandal/Outside The Beltway. More here.

Question: In the last few days, the McCain campaign has been trying to tie Barack Obama to terrorist William Ayers, while Obama & Co. are now reminding the public about McCain’s ties to the old Keating scandal. Will other side benefit by the mud slinging?

‘Risky’ Palin Makes Newsweek Cover

In the Oct. issue of Newsweek (on newsstands today): “She’s One of the Folks (And that’s the problem).” Editor Jon Meacham writes an essay about how Sarah Palin’s populist view of high office is risky for the country. Plus: the problems the next president will inherit; Biden opens up about the campaign; the fall of America Inc.; an interview with Irani Foreign Minister Mottaki; the Women & Leadership series and keeping kids healthy in cold-weather months.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 10/6/08

Christof Stache/AP Photo
Waitresses dance and celebrate the end of the beer festival Oktoberfest 2008 in Munich, southern Germany, on Sunday evening. Thousands of peoples visited the world largest beer festival Oktoberfest in Munich during the last two weeks. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. The UofI cheersquad reveals their “new” uniforms — Cabbage Boy.
2. A photo of “things to come” at Blogfest 20909 when Cindy H, MamaJD, Taryn, JeanieSpokane and Digger (in drag) get together — Digger.
3. Nancy Pelosi & friends celebrate the passage of the bail out bill!!! — Dennis.

HM: Aliasjax

Souza: It’s Alive! New Prairie Trail Rocks

They pulled out the old railroad tracks, laid down some asphalt and suddenly the area came to life. The new Prairie Trail is full of activity. Old folks walking, young couples pushing strollers, bicycles of all sizes, shapes and configurations, in-line skaters, and of course, the runners — all enjoying the moment. The impressive thing, in my neighborly opinion, is the terrific variety of people using the trail/Mary Souza, CDA Press. More info.

DFO: Now, I don’t want any of you ruining this for Mary by pointing out that the city and LCDC were instrumental in making the Prairie Trail happen. She wrote a positive column this week.

Question: Have you ridden or walked on the new Prairie Trail yet?

Poll: 59% Want To Throw The Bums Out

Poll: 3 in 5 voters: Boot every congressman: 59 percent say they’d kick out all members of House, Senate/WorldNetDaily

More Info: If given the choice, a new poll reveals, 59 percent of Americans would sweep Capitol Hill clean of the current batch of senators and representatives to elect an entirely new Congress. Only 17 percent of voters polled said they would be willing to keep the current legislature.

Question: How many U.S. senators and representatives will lose elections this year?

Countdown: Local Election Races, Anyone?

Countdown: There’s exactly 30 days until the election and I can’t believe how little action there’s been on Countdown: the county races and local legislative races. I can’t remember a time when there were two commissioner races that had both Rs and Ds on the ticket yet we’ve heard very little from any of them. Does anyone know if there will be debates or forums for the candidates that will be rebroadcast on cable access? I think we’ve all been so engrossed in the presidential race for over a year that we’re overlooking the local match ups.

Question: Which local race are you most interested in?

Wild Card/Sunday — 10/5/08

The main thread @ Huckleberries Online had a number of very good comments Saturday. You’ll find a sampling of them below to entertain you while I’m kicked back, continuing my recuperation from another bruising but fulfilling week at HBO Central. Of course, I always encourage you to start your own threads by posting a daily Wild Card …

Horsey: Sarah Palin’s Wink Factor

Don Emmert/AP, Pool
Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, stands at the lectern during her vice presidential debate Thursday in St. Louis, Mo.

Yes, for some people, Palin’s constant smile, her winks, her head bobs, her dropped “G’s” at the end of words — thinkin’, doin’, fightin’ — her shout out to elementary school kids back home in Alaska and her spurning of formality may show a disturbing lack of seriousness at a time of national peril. But those winks and that smile, combined with those high heels, tight skirts, nice legs and long hair, have clearly got Rich Lowry and a few million other American males thinking things they’ve never thought about a political candidate before. And it’s not just conservatives/cartoonist David Horsey, Seattle PI. More here.

Question: Will GOP VP wannabe Sarah Palin’s looks win or lose her more votes?

DOTC: Now Rathdrum Needs A Panda Express

Dan of the County: With a McDonalds and the new Taco Bell and now Les Schwab, we Rathdrum areas folks now have an almost self-contained existence. All we need to be completely at peace is to get the hardware store back on line (after the roof caved in last winter in the big snow), then add a major bookstore, a multiplex movie theater, and it would be really sweet if we had our own Panda Express.

DFO: Point of Order — The new Panda Express is now open @ 4th & Best.

Question (from Dan of the County): Outside of the required churches and bars that seem to be a foundation for every town, which 3 or 4 businesses would you think are critical for a happy and fulfilled existence?

Indy: SR Should Refocus On Local, Regional News

Indy: I hope the paper could refocus itself on local and regional news. I’d wager that the weekly supplements, handle extra, south side, etc. are probably doing pretty well from a advertising standpoint. When I was a practicing journalist, I resisited the notion that this neighborhood style of reporting was what the reader wants. Now that I have about seven years of separation from the papers, I can see the value of the localized and regional news. I read it and look forward to it. I want to know that there is a Mugsy & Millie book debut happening at the library. I don’t want to read two days of coverage about the jury selection for the Kevin Coe civil commitment trial.

Question: Any other suggestions re: what the SR needs to do to emerge from its turbulence over the last year and remain a decent regional newspaper?

Poolman: Junior Makes Weekend Dad Cry Uncle

Poolman: … this was my first daddy weekend with the boy while mommy gets some much needed fun and relaxation with old friends. Still have one more day to go, but feel like I’m coasting now. My arms and back are sore, my eyes are weary, my nerves are on pins and needles. The boy won an overwhelming victory in our war of wills. He proved again, as he has since the day he was born, he is the boss. I had big goals for the weekend. First steps, get all the way through “Green Eggs and Ham”, maybe even do some chores around the house. I managed to keep the kitchen clean and caught two innings of a baseball game on TV. This weekend my reality has focused in, as if under a microscope, life is great, and mommy is king of the world when she gets home.

Question: How lost would you be without your mate’s help in raising your children?

Wild Card/Saturday — 10/4/08

I’m sitting here early Saturday morning posting my usual early Saturday morning posts and listening to the latest Trailer Park Girls CD: “Cosmis Fleck of Rust.” I can’t believe I’ve been listening to buddy Doug Clark sing for more than 30 years. His latest features a coupla familiar tunes, “Gypsy Curse” and “I don’t believe.” Also, there’s a coupla songs about guys he and I have worked with through the years that doesn’t hold them up in a good light, “The Boss Song” and “The Loser.” Mebbe I should see if the paper would pop for a bunch of the CDs, so I can give them out as prizes here. (Editor’s Note: Yeah, right.) Oh well, I’ll listen to a few more tunes, post this Wild Card — and hit the sack …

Online Poll: How Are You Going To Vote

How do you intend to vote?/Idaho Statesman

*At poll
*Won’t vote

Millette: Throw The Bums Out

Joseph Millette: Our so-called representative just stabbed every American citizen in the back. Everyone should request a voting record listing to be posted in their local newspapers. And they should take them to the polls and vote against everyone who voted yes on this atrocity against the America . This should exemplify the corruption we are dealing with through out the house and the senate. Basically, what happened here Is our representatives turned their backs on their constituents and did what they wanted to do regardless of the majority of the peoples wishes.Its time for Americans to rise up against a corrupt government and clean house in both houses and demand an FBI investigation of Congress and anyone else who had their hands into creating this mess. More here.

Question: Are you in the mood to “throw the bums out” as a result of the congressional bailout vote?

HBO’s Oscar & Felix?

DFO and I have an interesting relationship here — I make him laugh because I’m one of the funniest writers he’s ever read, particularly for an amateur hack — and he lets me eat wingnuts but, and here’s the rub, I sometimes growl and snap at folks he’d rather I not and then it gets a bit tense but most of the time the symbiotic relatwhateverionship works. I’ve had a bit more of a free leash lately to go full on and I have to say it’s been great and I probably won’t use the freedom responsibly because, dammit, I’m a maverick. I can’t be fenced in/TUBOB.

Question: What do you see as your role here at Huckleberries Online?

Huckleberries: Almost Like Being In The Room

You missed some great theater if you failed to attend the latest in a series of community forums about the proposed education corridor. Huckleberries Online didn’t – thanks to local Demo chief Thom George, who provided the blog with real-time, blow-by-blow commentary from the Midtown meeting, including 30 minutes of intense interaction with the usual suspects who have fought urban renewal for the last two years. Take it away, Thom: 1:20 p.m. – “The meeting has been cordial, for the most part. As I said earlier, (NIC trustee wannabe Richard) Phenneger is a bit in your face, Mary (Souza) has been polite. (Ed corridor opponent Dan) Gookin is speaking for the first time, and he’s reading from an NIC board resolution. Mary is commenting now. She rolled her eyes and is now grimacing. 1:23 – “Gookin is on a roll. He’s attacking the appraisal and now the wastewater treatment plant. Mary, Phenneger and Dan are tag-teaming now.” 1:30 – “Gookin is getting theatrical, almost hysterical, about chlorine being stored at the wastewater treatment plant. Gary Ingram is interrupting Mike Kennedy, Gookin is complaining about

Parting Shot — 10/3/08

Michel Euler/AP
A model wears a short dress with a portrait of Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill, a creation by French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac during his spring-summer 2009 ready-to-wear collection presented in Paris on Friday.

OTPalouse: UI Sports Run By Clueless People

I happen to be of the school of thought that there is an awful lot of streamlining the academic side can do before coming after athletic money, but that the AD is so badly mismanaged that they should not receive a dime until they show they’ll make good decisions with what they have. That makes me sound like a cranky libertarian, but how many more bad deals does the AD have to eat (Pfeifer, Perry, Divilbiss) and how many vision-less projects will it support (Kibbie) before somebody realizes it’s being run by people who lack a clue/On The Palouse. More here.

Headlines @ Closin’ Time — 10/3/08

Barry Kough/Lewiston Tribune, AP
Nathan Alford, left, standing with his father A.L. “Butch” Alford Jr., Tuesday in Lewiston, will continue the family business replacing his father and becoming only the fourth editor and publisher of the Lewiston Tribune.

Horsey: Sarah Palin after debate

*34 dogs seized from Deer Park area home/SR
*SR wants to photograph Coe in court/SR
*West Nile virus contributed to Idahoan’s death/Idaho Statesman
*Suit seeks fire code adoption for Bonner County/Bonner County Bee
*Jury convicts ex-Idaho teacher of sex crimes/AP
*UI volleyballers stun Nevada/Moscow-Pullman Daily News
*Golden State signs ex-Zag Dickau/KHQ
*Sandpoint seeks compromise on water fees/Bonner County Bee

Bayview Fire Chief Grew Up w/Sarah Palin

One of the key acts Krill witnessed during his tenure as fire chief was Palin’s rooting out of several state legislators who had allegedly taken bribes the year before from several oil companies. This occurred the year after Palin was elected Governor. These bribes were allegedly for the purpose of the then-enacted sweetheart law regarding taxation or royalties on oil and natural gas production. One such legislator was from Jack Krill’s own district in Wasilla. State Representative Vic Kohring is currently serving time in prison for these acts. Krill indicated this is an ongoing investigation, possibly involving more legislators. Most, if not all of these perpetrators, were also Republicans/Herb Huseland, The River Journal. More here.

*Kristi Harrison’s faux interview w/Sarah Palin
*Current Issue of The River Journal

Hat Tip — to Bayview Herb, for nice little skewp

Masters of the Universe

AP Photo

The market goes up,
and also goes down —
last year a genius
and this year a clown.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Mike & Greg Show: Prep Football Picks

Get the Flash Player to see this video.

Prep sports reporters Mike Vlahovich and Greg Lee take their picks for this weekend.

IVA: House Bailout OK ‘Disastrous’

As you are aware by now, the House of Representatives passed the gargantuan $700 billion plus bailout bill today. Idaho’s Rep. Bill Sali voted against this taxpayer-funded bailout for the second time this week, and for the second time this week, Rep. Mike Simpson voted for it. Sali, correctly in my view, tagged this bill a “colossal mistake” which will saddle our grandchildren with a $700 billion price tag, all to buy toxic mortgages that smart private money will not touch with the proverbial ten-foot pole. This bill is so bad for taxpayers that even Sali’s Democrat challenger, Walt Minnick, echoed Sali’s principled opposition to this bill and came out against it today, again for the second time this week/Bryan Fischer, IVA. More here.

*McCain’s rural health care plan: Walk it off, bumpkins/F-Words
*Thoughts of an undecided voter/Scott Picken
*One on One w/Tim Eyman/Red County
*Speaking of caricatures/Fort Boise
*A Palin debate thoughts/Unequivocal Notion
*Note to Democrats/Free In Idaho
*Routine follow-up polls on VP debate/MountainGoat Report

HBO @ Noon: Unwanted Magazines

… My mother labors under the delusion that I have time to read magazines. … Each week she gives me her Readers Digests, Woman’s Days and Good Housekeepings. I finally told her, “Please no more Womans Day.” I mean how many times can you read about Valentines Day floral arrangements? Anyway, despite putting most of them in the recycling bin, unread, I keep the ones that look interesting and they are stacking up. I found a March 2007 RD I saved because I wanted to read about the “Latest Medical Breakthroughs” They’re probably obsolete now. … I’m surrounded by stacks of glossy paper. It’s like a bad medical waiting room around here/CindyH.

Question: Does anyone have a solution?

House Backs Bailout 263-171

Yes — Mike Simpson (R-Idaho), Barbara Cubin (R-Wyoming)
No — Bill Sali (R-Idaho), Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-Washington), Doc Hastings (R-Washington), Dennis Rehberg (R-Montana)

The House of Representatives gave final approval on Friday to the $700 billion bailout for the financial system, reversing course to authorize what may be the most expensive government intervention in history. The crucial vote was 263-171, passing by a comfortable bipartisan margin. Most Democrats voted in favor (172 yeas to 63 nays), while a slighter majority of Republicans voted against (91 yeas to 108 nays). Every member of the House voted/New York Times. More here.

Related: Wells Fargo snags Wachovia from CitiGroup

DFO: I’m waiting to post a list of how the Inland NW reps voted.

Pigs Fly Moment: Gookin Lauds LCDC’s Davis

At Dan&Mary’s, Dan Gookin applauds Denny Davis, the new chairman of the Lake City Development Corp., for encouraging public input at a special call meeting Wednesday. Click here. And: LCDC minutes from meeting here.

Hat Tip: MamaJD

AM Headlines — 10/3/08

Jake Barber/UI Argonaut
Signs warn pedestrians of the dangers of crossing the Moscow-Pullman Highway. Assistant Professor of Psychology and Communication Studies Benjamin K. Barton says that the problem should be looked at from a psychological standpoint. Story by Lianna Shepherd.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*NPR’s Williams speaks at sold-out Humanities Council event/Maureen Dolan, CDA Press
*Wolves kill CDA area bear-hunting dog/Tom Greene, CDA Press
*North Idaho football teams to begin IEL play/Mark Nelke, CDA Press
*Another SR editor submits resignation/SR
*UI prepares for ‘Dads’ Weekend’/Marcus Kellis, UI Argonaut
*Mivoden expansion another step closer/Alecia Warren, CDA Press

Argonaut: Why Are UI Sports Spared Cuts?

To cut academic or research programs when this country needs smart people devising smart solutions to our problems is always going to be unpleasant. If the cuts go on long enough, they will reduce the overall quality and reputation of a UI education and will potentially deny academic and research opportunities to students, faculty members and by extension, the community. Athletics bring money and tourism to UI and Moscow, but are they worth investing in over brainpower? How many UI athletes will make it to the professional leagues or to the Olympics? A few, but they will definitely be fewer than the number of UI graduates who will go on to write books, help cure diseases or run innovative, economy-building businesses/Holly Bowen, UI Argonaut Editorial Board. More here. And: Alexiss Turner story.

Question: Should UIdaho sports be spared altogether when academic programs are going under the budget knife?

Harwood Fights Road Transfer To Tribe

Item: Harwood protests Highway 95 plan: ITD intends to turn four-mile stretch over to tribe next summer/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press

More Info: It’s either rip it out or re-pave it and give it away. Either way, a four-mile stretch of the old U.S. 95 will no longer be needed when construction on the new highway near Worley finishes up next summer. Which is why the Idaho Transportation Department has an agreement to give the obsolete road from Worley to north of the casino over to the Coeur d’Alene Tribe when the new highway is complete.

Question: Does Rep. Harwood have a legitimate issue here? Or is this more of the usual Indian bashing that he’s known for?

Anderson: New Monopoly Twist

Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle

VP Debate Wild Card — 10/2/08

I’ll be following the blog as the VP debate plays out tonight. I don’t intend to live-blog the debate, as is the habit of some, but it’d be fun to swap ideas with you as it goes along. So meet me back here at 6 o’clock sharp. You can print off some Palin Bingo Cards like the one above to prepare for the debate (thanks to MamaJD) here. Meanwhile, I’m playing a new Wild Card just for the Palin-v-Biden throw down. If you need to post a new thread, please use the one below …

WSU Reports ‘Mini Gonorrhea’ Outbreak

An alert in Whitman County has been issued following a mini-outbreak of Gonorrhea that the health department believes I effecting Washington State University students. Five college-aged Pullman residents have been diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease in the past few weeks. In the entire county there have been 14 cases reported, which is double the normal amount of cases the county has annually. So far no link has been made among the cases/KXLY. More here.

Question: Ah, have you ever … ah … never mind.

Scanner Traffic — 10/2/08

11:20 a.m. Local Bank of America reports that a man said he wanted to withdraw money so he could buy a gun and shoot a politician. He’s upset about the country’s financial bailout proposal.

4:29 p.m. R/P wants to speak to an officer about a chihuahua @ Hauser Lake boat launch.
4:10 p.m. Red minivan impeding traffic n/b on Highway 41 by going 10 mph under the speed limit. About 6 or 7 cars are trailing.
3:51 p.m. 31YO man, @ Canal & Mill, is complaining of severe food poisoning.

KCSD Investigates ‘Shoot A Politician’ Threat

A general threat against politicians made this morning by a disgruntled Bank of America customer (see “Scanner Traffic”) is being investigated by the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department. KCSD spokeswoman Kim Edmundson told Huckleberries that deputies are looking for a man in his mid- to late 50s who told a teller he wanted to withdraw some money in order to buy a gun and “shoot a politician.”

MamaJD Ready To Play Palin Debate Bingo

I have been waiting for this debate since the day McCain announced Sarah Palin as his pick. I’ve pulled out my Beer Can Chicken recipe and will be strategically placing some Pabst Blue Ribbon into a whole chicken for the BBQ. I’m baking some flaky canned biscuits as a side item. For dessert, I’m offering Moose Track or Caribou Caramel ice cream. I’ve got my Palin Chick t-shirt. I’ve chosen the perfect shade of HockeyMom Lipstick. And I have even printed off my Palin Bingo cards. Yep! Palin Bingo cards! You too can print them off here for your debate night/MamaJD. 4 different Palin Bingo Cards here, here, here, and here.

Question: Are you going to watch the VP debate tonight alone? Or with your family? Or treat it like a Super Bowl event — and invite friends over?

OrangeTV Poll: Favorite Local Boozeries

In his Chow List post this week, OrangeTV gives a rundown on “Six Local Boozes.” They are listed below. Which is your favorite? (Be sure to vote in OTV’s Get Out! North Idaho poll, too.)

*Coeur d’Alene Brewery Beer
*Pend d’Oreille Winery Wine
*Bardenay Vodka, Rum & Gin
*Laughing Dog Brewery Beer
*Coeur d’Alene Cellars Wine
*41 Degrees North Vodka

Great Debate?

Upper Deck, AP

Item: How to debate a girl, and win: Joe Biden can beat Sarah Palin by pretending she’s a man. And that he’s not Joe Biden/Dahlia Lithwick, Slate

Item: How to debate a girl and lose: Some unsolicted advice for Sarah Palin/Rachael Larimore, XX Factor

Question: Most believe that U.S. Sen. Joe Biden has a decisive edge tonight when he debates Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. What missteps would he have to make to blow it?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/2/08

Dan Cepeda/Star-Tribune, AP
A tranquilized mountain lion lies in a transportation wagon at Casper’s Wyoming Game and Fish Department office after being captured in the backyard of a home near downtown Casper, Wy. on Monday.

*WSU reports ‘mini-gonorrhea’ outbreak/KXLY
*Ex-funeral home director cheats death, gets new liver/Twin Falls Times-News
*UI cheerleaders to unveil more modest uniforms/AP
*Another top SR newsroom manager quits/Huckleberries Online
*Computer analysis indicates Coe raped 13/SR
*Owyhee wilderness gets chance to pass Congress this year/Idaho Statesman
*Micron execs to get pay cut/AP
*Hard times? Try eating possum stew/KREM2
*WSU prez says cuts won’t affect academic mission/Lewiston Tribune
*Spokane in Top 100 towns for youth/SR

Orbusmax Special: Did MADD shun crippled DUI victim at fair? here.

Minnick Widens Poll Lead Slightly?

Cemo Walt Minnick’s camp is touting the latest poll, which shows him leading incumbent Congressman Bill Sali 44% to 38% here.

APhoto of the Day — 10/2/08

Business Wire/AP
Men on a Mission Calendar cover featuring 12 bare-chested Mormon Missionaries. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines:

1. Breaking News. SR’s columnist and blogger DFO is now front page of a bit different publication. Call why they last. Oliveira has considered inviting Toadman and Tubob for Mr. February and Mr. November respectively — Pecky.
2. Tired of getting doors slammed in his face, Paul abandoned the traditional suit and tie garb for more appealing apparel.
It worked. Paul doubled his converts in one day. He said his favorite scripture verse is Genesis 2:25 — CindyH.

3. Cindy of course did not read the fine print before inviting the local missionaries over — Cabbage Boy.

HM: JeanieSpokane

Nelke: Elementary My Dear, Mrs. Watson

Hugh Watson was driving down the road the other day when his wife, Anna Sue, turned to him. “Now, what was the best place you enjoyed, of all the places we lived and coached?” she asked him. “Coeur d’Alene,” he replied. “And we both agreed on it,” he said. Hugh and Anna Sue returned to North Idaho on Wednesday, lured by the chance to renew old acquaintances and while he’s here, eat some barbecue and raise a few bucks for the program he once coached. The former NIC men’s basketball coach will speak at “Dinner with the NIC men’s basketball team” on Friday at Centennial Distributing in Hayden/Mark Nelke, CDA Press. More here.

Question: For those of you who have moved around, is Coeur d’Alene/North Idaho the best place you’ve ever lived?

AM Headlines — 10/2/08

Kathy Plonka/SR
Folks enjoyed the unusually beautiful weather at Coeur d’Alene’s City Park on the last day of September 2008.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR
*NW senators evenly split on bailout/KHQ
*SR to cut staff, editor resigns/Jim Camden, SR
*Huckleberries: Oh, the indignity of it all/DFO, SR Prairie Voice
*Avista surcharges, rate increases effective today/CDA Press
*Timber payments added to bailout/AP
*Shattered glass nearly severs man’s eye/KREM2
*Women’s Center holds memorial for domestic violence victims/Tom Hasslinger, CDA Press
*Grant allows Post Falls school to provide fruit at recess/Brian Walker, CDA Press

Sheriff Makes $145M Jail Expansion Pitch

Item: Officials present jail bond proposal: County commissioners say taxpayers will not be put in a pinch by plan/Tom Greene, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Even with the national economic meltdown, Kootenai County Commissioner Todd Tondee believes conservative sales tax projections will keep taxpayers from getting burned on the countywide capital improvement proposal. Sheriff’s personnel and Commissioners Tondee and Rich Piazza gave the first of eight presentations Wednesday on the $145 million bond proposal that will appear as two propositions on the ballot in November.

Question: Is there any way that this is going to pass?

WND Poll: VP Debate Moderator Ifill

Question: How will the controversy over Gwen Ifill’s pro-Obama book affect the vice-presidential debate?/WorldNetDaily

1. It won’t affect it at all — Ifill is the consummate professional
2. It will be a non-issue in the debate — Ifill’s book has been discussed for months
3. The extra spotlight on the book will benefit Pain by forcing Ifill to be even more even-handed
4. It will give the McCain camp cover if Palin’s perceived as not having performed well
5. It doesn’t matter — if Palin and Biden want to be vice president, they need to be able to stand up to any reporter, secret motivation or not

Smith Announces Big SR Layoffs, Resignation

Editor Steve Smith of the Spokesman-Review announced a “deep and devastating” staff cut at a newsroom meeting this afternoon. Twenty-one newsroom employees and four to six managers will lose their jobs in two or three weeks as part of a companywide reduction in force. He also told the newsroom whose names were on the list. The paper is offering buyouts for individuals whose names aren’t on the list. Also, Smith announced that he has resigned his job, effective Friday. Smith told the newsroom meeting that he made his decision to quit “easily and comfortably and with enormous peace.” Smith described the reduction in force “deep and devastating.” The newsroom will have approximately 85 to 88 employees when the layoffs are complete. The Spokesman-Review issued this statement re: the layoffs here.

Hump Day Wild Card — 10/1/08

After the news this afternoon about the biggest newsroom layoff in an almost decade of newsroom layoffs, I’m simply going to post this Wild Card and go home …

VP Moderator To Release Book Touting Obama

Item: PBS’ Ifill dismisses questions of partisanship: Moderator plans to release a book on inaugaration day touting Obama/AP

More Info: Ifill said Wednesday that she hasn’t even written her chapter on Obama for the book “The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama,” which is to be published by Doubleday on Jan. 20, 2009, the day a new president is inaugurated.

John McCain: “Does this help that she has written a book that is favorable to Sen. Obama? Probably not.” More here.

Question: Does VP debate moderator Gwen Ifill have a significant conflict of interest?

Scanner Traffic — 10/1/08

5:58 p.m. R/P in a CDA apartment complex reports that the sprinkler system has gone off, and water is running over her back porch.
3:37 p.m. Smoldering fire, possibly started by arsonist, @ Maplewood & Cedar/Post Falls needs to be wet down further.
3:09 p.m. R/P reports that a 4YO child has been left unattended for some time in Ford Bronco @ Hayden post office.

Craig To Vote Yes On Bailout, Crapo Undecided

Idaho’s senators are preparing for tonight’s vote on a $700 billion bailout plan for Wall Street. We learned this morning that one is for the new version of the bill, and one is still undecided. Senator Mike Crapo says he still hasn’t decided how to cast his vote/KTVB. More here.

Ex-UI Cable Guy Lives Large In Oakland

Paul Sakuma/AP Photo
Oakland Raiders interim head coach Tom Cable smiles during football practice at Raiders headquarters in Alameda, Calif., today. Cable is filling in after the Raiders fired head coach Lane Kiffin on Tuesday. (Steve Crump’s column in Twin Falls Times-News re: ex-Idaho coaches in NFL here.)

JeanC: Unfinished Gardening Business

I do need to sit down and plan my garden for next year, not to mention get my spaces cleaned up before the weather gets too icky.
I have found a sorta local source for worms for my compost bin, there is a place in Camas WA that sells them and since we are looking at heading out that away in a couple months for a wedding, I’ll see about stopping and getting some. Then I can get my worm bin up and running, finally. In the meantime it has just been a plain composter that I really need to get emptied at it is too full and stopped composting for the most part/JeanC’s Cat House. More here.

Question: What did you like best about your garden this year? What do you plan to change for next year?

Local Blogs — 10/1/08

“Cat-faced spiders are beneficial to the backyard,” posts Granati/Orangefrog76. “I try not to kill them if possible … I grab the bug catcher off of the table and capture it, to magnify it and see it up close.” More here.

*3WW Haiku/Tumblewords
*In Staples we don’t trust/Atmospheric Ruminations
*Stockdale: The candidate & his character/Dogwalk Musings
*One wild political ride/Arch Druid
*Retaliation/Bay Views
*Got to know when to (fold ‘em)/Simple Mind
*Arab Emirates wants to know about virtual sidewalks/Kootenai MPO
*Anyone fancy coming for a lunchtime drink?/Marmitetoasty
*100% rule/Notes on a Napkin
*Standing on the Radley porch was enough/Gathering Around the Table
*Fortune cookies/JeanC

HBO Numbers (for September 2008): 274,184 page-views/156,968 unique views

Opinion: Protect Wolves, But Manage Them

We have said before that conservation groups really aren’t carrying the burden of protecting wolves. Sure, it may be full-time work for them, but it is the livestock owners who actually incur the costs and the headaches of having wolves on the landscape. They should at the very least have the ability to defend their animals when they are imminently threatened by wolves, rather than being forced to rely on reactive government control actions at the expense of taxpayers/Daily Inter Lake. More here.

Question: Do you support the recent judge’s ruling that stops de-listing of wolves?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 10/1/08

Kyle Mills/Lewiston Tribune, AP
A mixed scene of reflections surround Rick Perrigo, an installer from Clarkston Glass, as he puts the finishing touches on one of the 24 new windows going into the old Montgomery Ward building on Main Street Wednesday in Lewiston.

*UMontana history prof not allowed to have class sponsored by burrito shop/Missoulian
*Pageant officials back Miss Tri-Cities despite affair w/married man/Tri-City Herald
*Montana girl burned in botched fire stunt/Helena Independent-Record
*3 UMontana players charged with felonies in assault/Missoulian
*4 wolves killed after second attack on livestock/Daily Inter Lake
*Idaho F&G open 1st fall chinook season in 30 years/Idaho Statesman
*Traveling photog sentenced for abusing Idaho girls/KTVB
*Washington minimum wage going up to $8.55/SR
*Bank could soon own Tamarack Resort/KTVB
*Out-of-state inmates back in Idaho/KTVB
*Kohl’s opens 1st Montana store/Billings Gazette
*Boise launches anti-graffiti hotline/AP

Orbusmax Special: 50 high school students suspended for video of punching match here.