u 2012 Washington Primary

Will Baker

A candidate for U.S. Senator, State of Washington in the 2012 Washington Primary

Party: Reform

City: Tacoma, WA

On this race: Wants to impeach Barack Obama because Iran got technology from a downed drone. Has run previously for state auditor, governor and U.S. Senate, among others.


Last updated: Aug. 10, 8 p.m. Election results

Maria Cantwell (D) 698,686 55.45%
Michael Baumgartner (R) 382,599 30.36%
Art Coday (R) 69,570 5.52%
Timmy (Doc) Wilson (D) 29,149 2.31%
Chuck Jackson (R) 24,004 1.91%
Glen R. Stockwell (R) 23,944 1.90%
Mike The Mover (R) 18,109 1.44%
Will Baker (R) 13,978 1.11%
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