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THURSDAY, AUG. 25, 2016

WEDNESDAY, AUG. 24, 2016

Canadians like their system

Based on her interview with one insurance broker, Sue Lani Madsen concluded in The Spokesman-Review on Aug. 13 that Canada's health care system is a "tangled mess," too. The only research she quoted to support this view was a working paper published nine years ago.

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Deportation process is un-American 

Although some people believe that immigrants who commit any crime deserve deportation – regardless of their status or how long they’ve lived here – anyone who values American ideals of due process and justice should be disturbed by the way people are treated.

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Editorial: Calm prevails in police search 

Fortunately, a compromise was forged between the mayor and two councilmembers, Lori Kinnear and Breean Beggs, who asked for more time to bring in candidates. The mayor agreed to that and to putting Meidl through the same vetting process.

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S-R wrong on endorsement

Your recent editorial pans Idaho's Republican legislature for refusing to expand Medicaid to 78,000 uninsured residents for less than the cost of Idaho's current indigent care system. Yet you fail to note that if your favored candidate in the 5th Congressional District race had her way, there would be no chance to enroll the 78,000.

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TUESDAY, AUG. 23, 2016

Election becomes personal

My first national election was Truman vs. Dewey. Since then, I have not missed a national, state or local election. This year I have a more personal feeling about the results of this election than any of the past ones. The results of this election can affect my children, grandchildren and yes, even my great-grandchildren.

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Media favor Clinton

I am thoroughly disgusted with how the media (you) continue to favor Clinton over Trump. Each cartoon in the Aug. 15 edition attacks Trump. Where's the reciprocal cartoons toward Clinton?

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MONDAY, AUG. 22, 2016

Allegations not factual

Recently this paper explained guidelines for accepting letters for publication. One of them was that the content had to be factual. In the Aug. 14 Opinion section, two letters stated that Donald Trump asked the Russians to hack Hillary Clinton's emails, thereby committing treason. It is a well publicized fact that the emails had already been hacked when Trump made his off the cuff remark. You publish these false allegations and the gullible then run with it spreading it to all who will listen.

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Kudos for column

Thanks for publishing the wonderful and instructive column by Robert Samuelson on globalization and its impact on manufacturing in the U,S, - particularly steel. It's a great illustration of why we should never look to politicians for clear assessments or analysis of anything more complex than pandering or fund-raising.

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Parting Shot — 8.24.16

Gymnast Simone Biles waives to fans as she is welcomed home with a small parade along Rayford Road earlier today in Spring, Texas, after winning four gold medals and a ...



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