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THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 2019

WEDNESDAY, JAN. 16, 2019

Dawn Sidell: We can choose to prevent isolation and abuse of children with disabilities

On December 18th, The Spokesman-Review reported on a young woman severely affected by autism and enrolled in Shadle High School’s ABLE (Autism Behavior Learning Environment) program, and her father’s efforts to obtain accountability for injuries resulting from, he alleged, poor behavioral management, inappropriate isolation, and general practices of abuse and neglect. (“Dad alleges autistic daughter mistreated at Shadle Park.”) Video of a related incident was posted on YouTube, showing police escorting another student in that program into an ambulance because of behaviors deemed unmanageable by school staff. The video has since been pulled off the internet, but its images stay with me, and call me to ask how things might have turned out better for these children. I know from my own son’s experience that we can choose to do better.

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What's important to Dems?

Those who want to protect America from socialism's decaying effects, or the disharmony of multiculturalism, understand that the flow of foreigners entering the United States must be gradual. Physical barriers are a necessary and integral part of a comprehensive system for stanching illegal immigration.

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Where's the fair media?

I moved to Spokane in 1974 from California, subscribed to the Spokesman-Review, and after all these years I will let my subscription run out. The only thing I enjoy anymore is Mallard Fillmore and the crosswords. This has turned into the most biased newspaper. Like many people today there is never anything good to say about our president.

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TUESDAY, JAN. 15, 2019

Annemarie Frohnoefer: New jail won’t solve societal problems

Five years ago Spokane County invested “hundreds of hours of public and agency testimony, research and hearings” toward the creation of “A Blueprint for Reform.” At more than 250 pages, the document is available for review on the county’s website. “The Blueprint” is often cited whenever criminal justice reform re-enters the community spotlight. Such was the case earlier this month when Chad Sokol reported on Spokane County’s need for a new jail ( “French: It’s time to build new jail,” Jan. 3). In the article, county Commissioner Al French proposed building a new jail. He mentioned, “this can has been kicked down the road for too many years,” before adding that he needs to know an exact number of beds. The implication is that once the number is known then building can begin.

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Don't just talk - act

There are quite a few people living contradictory lives. Some want to eliminate the use of fossil fuels while clinging to their modern conveniences. Others claim to know Christ, yet resort to such juvenile behavior as harassing members of the LGBT community.

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Pack it in, pack it out

Many are complaining about the lack of services at national parks during the government shutdown. Photos of piled-up garbage are easy to come by. Where did this garbage come from? The animals in the parks? No, people visiting the parks bring it in and leave it there. Why don't they just take the garbage that they brought with them home?

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MONDAY, JAN. 14, 2019

This is a deal?

I understand President Trump is seriously considering declaring a national emergency if Democrats don't give him the wall he wants. I can understand a lot of reasons for declaring a national emergency, but having a president declare one because he isn't getting his way isn't adequate.

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