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FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2016

Failure of party system

A recent column by Robert Samuelson sums up with, "There are centrist proposals to deal with our problems that would probably help and seem to enjoy majority support. But they are doomed by opposition from the political extremes. The center sags and paralysis prevails."

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My mom has earned vote

You may notice that my last name is the same as your best choice for county commissioner in District 1, McLaughlin. Nancy McLaughlin is my mom, and I urge all voters to retain her as County Commissioner.

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Verner has experience DNR needs

I am writing to endorse Mary Verner for Commissioner of Public Lands. As a lifelong Conservative, this is no small step for me. However, Verner is the most experienced candidate with a proven record of developing relationships that are critical to agency coordination during natural disasters.

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Gun owners await facts

Regarding Jackie McCowen-Rose's letter ("Silence on open carry," July 20) asking why are concealed/open carry people quiet about the Minnesota incident: The large majority of gun owners, concealed/open carry folks are responsible regarding allowing all the facts to come out before engaging in an inappropriate diatribe.

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Learn about Johnson-Weld

Thank you for printing the Chicago Tribune editorial about the Johnson-Weld Libertarian candidates. With both the Democrat and Republican parties candidates being unacceptable this year, it is good to know and hear about alternate candidates.

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Representing guns, not people

Did you hear the joke about the speaker of the House who claims the sit-in by the Democrats trying to force a vote on keeping people on the terrorist watch list from accessing assault weapons was keeping the House from conducting normal business?

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Trump lack character

Is there no one who will stand up and say that Donald Trump does not have the character to occupy the White House? As a foreign national, I make no comment about his policy positions, such as they are. But I can judge him on purely human terms. Does he have generosity of spirit? Is he a fine human being?

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Bad plan, Forest Service

Recently, the Forest Service drafted a new plan that would drastically alter the management of the Colville National Forest. The plan doesn't provide any new tools or ideas to address the current restoration needs of our forest, would severely limit the amount of timber available for commercial harvesting, and continues the failed policies of ignoring forest restoration after catastrophic fire.

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CMR endorsment 'insane'

I cannot believe you are again endorsing Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Many, many times over the years you have expressed dissatisfaction with her (and rightfully so) and that she is more concerned about voting with her party than for her constituency. You state "What Congress should accomplish is stymied by political dysfunction" and that "The incumbent is in House leadership."

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Krulitz: History was made

Former Shoshone County Commissioner Sherry Krulitz, of Pinehurst, puts the nomination of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate into perspective: "I'm the proud mother of two daughters. And whether ...



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