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Education news from the Spokane and Coeur d’Alene area.

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  • Gov. Gregoire about K-12 education

    Gov. Chris Gregoire talks about what she was going to tell the teacher’s union May 14, and she recognizes teachers aren’t happy with her.

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  • Washington Supreme Court charter schools decision

    The Washington Supreme Court’s Sept. 4, 2015 decision that determined a voter-approved charter school law is unconstitutional.

  • No Child Left Behind waiver letter

    Parents of students at Cooper Elementary were among thousands in the region receiving letters telling them that their children are eligible to switch schools. Under-performing schools had until this year been able to receive the waiver against meeting all standards of the federal No Child Left Behind Act. When the Washington Legislature refused to tie a portion of teacher pay to student achievement, Washington lost the waiver.

  • Readers’ cursive writing samples

    The Spokesman-Review asked readers to submit samples of their penmanship, and received more than 400 responses.

  • Readers’ cursive writing samples 2

    The Spokesman-Review asked readers to send us samples of their penmanship and received more than 400 responses.

  • Readers’ cursive writing samples 3

    The Spokesman-Review asked readers to send us samples of their penmanship and received more than 400 responses.

  • Superintendent profile

    The superintendent profile is a summary of the meetings recruiters had with more than 330 Spokane community leaders, residents and school district employees.

  • Superintendent characteristics

    The list of desired characteristics identified by recruiters helping in the search for the next Spokane Public Schools superintendent.

  • Garry weapon letter

    The letter sent to students’ homes after a student brought a gun to Garry Middle School.

  • School-based health care presentation

    A series of slides from a presentation on Spokane School-Based Health Center implementation.

  • 2010 state testing spreadsheet

    Broken down by Spokane-area districts and schools; statewide school districts; and statewide schools.

  • New teacher/principal evaluation system

    The final Senate bill report details specifics on evaluations for classroom teachers, principals and other staff.

  • High School Proficiency Exam results overview

    State officials say 90 percent of Washington’s 12th graders passed the statewide reading and writing tests before graduating. This document includes an overall look at the test results.

  • High School Proficiency Exam breakdown by class

    The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction details progress on state-required performance standards by class.

  • 2010 Spokane Scholars honorees

    A list of the 2010 Spokane Scholars honorees in English, social studies, mathematics, science, foreign languages and fine arts.

  • 2010 Spokane Scholars grant recipients

    Biographical information about the 24 recipients of Spokane Scholars grants for 2010.

  • List of low-achieving schools

    A list of 47 Washington schools eligible for federal improvement dollars released Friday, March 12, 2010.

  • Education spending report

    A chapter from the Washington Policy Center Policy Guide covering education spending.

  • School grants spreadsheet

    A breakdown of grants received by Spokane Public Schools for three school years, 2007 to 2010. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to flip between school years. Hover over “donor/granting agency” cells for more information.

  • Recess study

    The results of a survey prompted by the Washington Legislature about elementary school recess was released Dec. 9, 2009. Among the findings: about 30 percent of schools have reduced the play time primarily due to a lack of staffing; recess is considered important; most schools have inadequate facilities for inclement weather; and only one school district, Tacoma, had a policy about recess.

  • Priority Spokane request for proposals

    Priority Spokane, a community-wide effort working for the betterment of Spokane, is requesting proposals for the best way to study the middle school experience for students, inside and outside the classroom. The deadline is Dec. 31. This request for proposals describes Priority Spokane, its goals, the evolution of research topic, a timeline and contact information.

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