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  • Priority Spokane sample letter

    Priority Spokane, a community-wide effort working for the betterment of Spokane, is requesting proposals for the best way to study the middle school experience for students, inside and outside the classroom. The deadline is Dec. 31. This sample letter was sent to Washington universities requesting proposals.

  • 4_day_week_estimated_savings

    Estimated cost savings from a four-day school week.

  • 4_day_week_survey

    Survey of school improvement from a four-day school week.

  • Idaho public schools budget

    The final budget numbers for Idaho’s public schools next year as approved by the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee.

  • Court of Appeals ruling: Special education

    The state Court of Appeals on March 10 upheld a lower court’s decision denying a request by a consortium of Washington school districts to declare the system of funding special education unconstitutional.