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Winter Storm

On Thursday, Dec. 18, 2008, much of the Inland Northwest awoke to a heavy coating of snow. Which kept falling. And falling. Spokane ended up with 23.3 inches over 34 hours ending at 4 p.m. Thursday. Coeur d’Alene had 25 inches by Thursday morning. Dozens of roofs collapsed. Stores sold out of roof rakes and snow shovels. Schools and offices closed down for multiple days. Additional snowfall would make December the snowiest on record with 61.5 inches. By the end of the winter, 93.6 inches had fallen at the airport, besting 1949-50 as the snowiest winter on the books. With the 92.6 inches that fell in the winter of 2007-08, Spokane also set a snow record for back-to-back years.

FEMA pays Spokane agencies millions for snowstorms

Local governments, schools and nonprofit agencies in Spokane County have been reimbursed $5.7 million for their costs in responding to record snows that began in mid-December 2008 and continued through early January 2009.

Snow triggers harsh memories of 2008 records

One year ago today, the storm began. The Inland Northwest was pummeled with record-breaking snows that disrupted routines for nearly two weeks. Gene Yoakum said he remembers the storm well. He lives on Spokane’s North Side and uses a wheelchair to get around. Last year, he was trapped at home for three days and after that, his mobility was limited because people failed to shovel their driveways and sidewalks.

Now there’s snow hurry

Last winter’s record snowfall made a serious impression on the Inland Northwest, according to hardware store managers. The General Store on Division Street in Spokane already sold out of roof rakes once this fall, though they’re back in stock now.

Repairs waiting on insurer

Even as the weather warms and summer beckons, Rich Clemson remains mired in last winter’s problems. His ire is directed at the Hartford Financial Services Group, one of the country’s largest property insurers. He says it has failed to pay up 4 1/2 months after the roof on his large commercial building, the former Spears furniture store at 1321 N. Mullan Road, collapsed under the weight of December’s epic snowfall.

Disaster declaration sought for December snow

Gov. Chris Gregoire wants Spokane County and 32 others to be declared disaster areas so that residents and business owners can get assistance to repair damage from December snow and storms.

Governor seeks storm help for businesses

Gov. Chris Gregoire is asking the federal government to declare a statewide “economic injury disaster” for Washington’s businesses due to the heavy snow storms in December.

Winter storms present challenges, learning experiences

Caller ID indicated my long-time Montana buddy, Dick, was on the line. He was obviously a man on a mission. His first words were: “Are you hurting? We heard you guys got walloped by a heck of a snowstorm last night!” I responded: “Naw, the lay down wasn’t much more than a skift!”

Load codes get new look after roof collapses

As the Inland Northwest dug out from record snow, Steve Noll was more focused on what was on the ground, hampering travel and business, than what was above. That changed Jan. 2, when part of his warehouse on Pittsburg Street collapsed under the weight of snow.


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