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The Slice The Joys Of Parenting Are So Rewarding Sometimes

Some people have it worse.

At this very moment, somewhere in the Inland Northwest, a parent is watching a little kid pitch a fit because he or she has been told not to bring a certain toy to the table.

It’s not just allergy season: In the week to come, you’re going to see some people with misty eyes. They are longtime readers of the comic strip, For Better or For Worse.

A reader called to remind us: Not all gun racks are used to carry guns.

Still more celebrity encounters: In 1946, after an airplane accident in Pullman, Sylvia Simonson had an extended stay at a Southern California hospital. And one day Ava Gardner came into her room, sat on the bed and smoked a cigarette. “I’ve never seen anyone that beautiful in my life,” said Simonson.

Katherine Thomas once sat on Charlie Chaplin’s lap when she was a little girl.

And a few years ago, on a flight from Montreal to Chicago, Wayne Kester was seated next to three-time Indy 500 winner Bobby Unser. “He became a little upset when a flight attendant stopped, leaned over him and asked ME if I was Bobby Unser,” recalled Kester.

Picture this: Othello, Moses Lake, Nespelem, Tonasket and Almira are featured in the May/June issue of Metropolitan Home. Well, OK, not really “featured.” They appear on a map used as background for a furniture photo illustration.

You need a weekend: When you answer calls at home with your robotic workplace greeting.

Today’s Slice question: In the Spokane area, you’ll really impress people if you: a.) Own a big boat. b.) Think before you speak. c.) Start fights during softball games. d.) Drive a rig that looks like a bigwheels toy truck. e.) Hit milestone birthdays without making a big production of it. f.) Demonstrate patience when newcomers think they are the first to point out that locals just say “the lake.” g.) Consume a staggering quantity of lentils while chanting “It ain’t the ballet.” h.) Take an interest in your neighbor’s children.