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The Slice Do You Need A Reason For ‘Fair Lady’?

Sat., Feb. 25, 1995, midnight

Sure, Audrey and Rex are great. But Stanley Holloway’s “I’m Getting Married in the Morning” might be the best reason to watch “My Fair Lady” tonight on Disney.

Underwire bras and metal detectors: “Last summer, my girlfriend and I were in the Sea-Tac airport when we were both buzzed. They had to check us both with the hand-held detector. As we were leaving they told us why we had set off the alarms. Most embarrassing!” - Jennifer E. Dickey, Pullman

Jury duty: “About 35 years ago when I was called for my 30-day stint here in Spokane, it was near the end of our month’s time when a young man was being questioned for his fourth trial call. He had already served on three short juries in which the people had been sequestered all three times. The attorney asked him, `Are you married?’ “`Yes,’ he replied.

“`How long?’

“`One month.’

“`Have you any children?’

“`Well, no. You people have not given me much of a chance.’

“The people just roared. The judge swiveled his chair around to face the wall behind him and we could see his shoulders shaking in laughter.” - William H. Falk, Chattaroy

The “sheaves” hymn: “Until my early 40s, I thought the rejoicers were `bringing in the sheep,’ wrote Sandpoint’s Marianne Love. “Maybe it’s because we raised animals on our farm instead of grain. I felt pretty stupid until I learned that another friend thought it was `the sheets’.”

Slice answers: Spokane’s sex symbols? We shortened the list by disqualifying media types. (For the record, Debra Wilde and the KDRK morning guys got lots of votes.) Among the real people nominated were Lisa Brown, Jack Gaffney, Karl Youngren, Don Morin, Scott Reckord and Heidi Vollmer. (They’ve never heard of you either.)

Today’s Slice question: What small Inland Northwest town is home to smokers who are the most militant?


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