February 6, 1996 in Features

Heavy With Kid, Melaine Is Still Smmmmmmokin’

Compiled By Staff Writer Dan Web

Love that Melanie Griffith. Steady squeeze Antonio Banderas sure does. But some readers of USA Today do not.

Griffith, in Miami with Banderas for the Miami Film Festival, was spotted at a Miami Beach restaurant smoking a cigarette. No problem there, except that the woman is very pregnant.

And when a photograph of her, cancer stick firmly in hand, was printed in the national newspaper, some celebrity followers gagged. One fan, alerted to the photo by the television show “Extra,” called Griffith “gross.”

As for her, she is complaining about the media. But, no, not USA Today. She’s griping that the National Enquirer followed her into her doctor’s office - which is why she was so forthcoming so early about her being with child.

Loose talk

Ex-Raider Howie Long on his burgeoning movie career (in the New York Daily News): “My blueprint for success is Arnold. Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilder who couldn’t even speak English and he built himself into a superstar.”

And Bonzo sends him many happy returns

Ronald Reagan turns 85 today.

Now the sleaze rag chooses to get preachy and moralistic?

Speaking of the National Enquirer (see lead item), the supermarket rag has been the object of criticism by O.J. Simpson no less. Seems the Enquirer has refused advertising, if you can believe it, for Simpson’s $29.95 explain-it-away home video. Senior editor Brian Williams cites “the serious nature of the events,” for the action. “There are two dead bodies,” he says.

And he wasn’t tempted back then to sit on his glasses

Greg Kinnear, supporting star of the recent “Sabrina,” sees his new image of leading man as ironic. “I was always the dork in high school who was the last one to get the dance with the girl,” he said in a recent interview. “I was certainly not the suave, debonair guy in the movie.”

If it’s a girl, they’ll no doubt name it Yo Adrian

When actress Amy Brenneman, formerly of “NYPD Blue,” starred with Sylvester Stallone in his forthcoming movie “Daylight,” she was subjected to some proud daddy-to-be talk. “I had to hear a lot about how strong his sperm is,” Brenneman said. Stallone’s girlfriend, Jennifer Flavin, is pregnant.

Hey, Mom Trump, how ‘bout buyin’ the girl a stretch limo?

Here’s the deal that Ivana Trump has with her 14-year-old daughter, Ivanka Trump, who just starred in her first major modeling gig in Elle magazine. “If she doesn’t smoke, drink or, God forbid, take drugs,” Mama Trump says, “I will give her a car for her 18th birthday. (I hope) she’ll want a Jeep, not a Ferrari.”

Her books obviously sell well in Transylvania

Writer Fran Lebowitz has an attitude toward deadlines that is legendary. “I write so slowly,” she said in the recent lecture, “I could write with my own blood and not hurt myself.”

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