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Mon., March 11, 1996, midnight

A writer with a large interest in cats says they were used by builders of Grand Coulee Dam to pull strings through pipes so the workers could then draw cables through them.

Q. Not counting Hawaii, which is state is most nearly surrounded by water?

A. New Jersey.

Brandy Brandon, that manipulator of sassy syllables, defines “boomeringue” as “a popular Australian dessert.” You remember Brandy? It was he who defined “barcarole” as a “dog biscuit” and “bargain” as the “net profit of a saloon.”

Q. If a man gets tattooed, he’s most likely to have it done on his forearm, I’ve read. What about a woman?

A. On the upper thigh.

No soap is unscented.

Researchers say they’re still not sure why curly-haired men tend to get bald, if ever, at an earlier age than straight-haired men.

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