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Hints From Heloise

Thu., Nov. 7, 1996

Dear Heloise: After becoming frustrated with my underarm deodorant soiling my dark pullover, I decided to try something. I rolled up the bottom of my pullover three or four rolls before pulling it on. Once I had it on, I rolled it down and, voila, no more unsightly stains on the outside of my pullover. Worked wonderfully! - Mrs. Robert Brast Sr., Wharton, Texas

This used to happen to me too. So now I use the roll-up trick and make sure to let the deodorant dry well before putting my clothes on. - Heloise

Dear Heloise: I needed a quickie flowerpot for a small ivy plant I was transplanting. I didn’t have time to shop for one, but I did have a 2-liter-size bottle. I cut the support part of the bottom of the bottle off and removed the bottle itself. The result was a small green planter with drain holes. - Jackie Vaughan, Spring, Texas

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