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Hints From Heloise

Sat., April 19, 1997

Dear Heloise: Whenever I snag or run a pair of pantyhose, I cut the tag from the inside seam. One look tells me if I should wear the pantyhose with slacks or a skirt. Marjorie Meszaros, Ravenna, Ohio

Dear Heloise: I was constantly getting on to my daughter for leaving the shaving cream can on the tub, which would leave a bad rust ring.

One day with cleanser in hand, I picked up the shaving-cream can. To my surprise, no ring! Flipping the can over, I found out why: My daughter lined the bottom of the can with duct tape.

Hats off to our teen-agers! They not only can use their brains, but they don’t like being yelled at any more than we like yelling! -Wanda Price, Granville, Ohio xxxx

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