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More money is bet on any one of TV’s Monday Night Football games than shifts in the same day’s U.S. stock markets. Such is the estimate of those who purport to know.

Nobody is born with a liking for the taste of salt.

Should you choose to be grammatically correct when you voice your approval after a great solo, you cry “bravo” for a male performer and “brava” for a female performer. And if I’m close enough to hear you make this fine distinction, I’ll find a more distant seat.

Most of the people who list their marriages as “very happy” in the psychological surveys use the same words to describe the marriages of their parents.

Q. Why is New York City referred to as “Gotham”?

A. An allusion to Gotham, England. Legend suggests outsiders thought the Gotham folk dimwitted. But insiders said the clever Gotham locals merely pretended to be fools to discourage costly royal visits.

Extensive research suggests nobody knows why the cheetah is the only big cat that so seldom, if ever, gets lured into a trap.

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