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Hints From Heloise

Sun., March 8, 1998

Dear Heloise: It seemed that every time I used a new mop or broom the painted handles slid on my clean white walls and marked them up with whatever color the handles were.

Now, as soon as I bring one into my house I take masking tape and wrap it around the top of the handle for about 2 inches down. When I place the handle up against the wall or cabinet and it slides down, there are no marks. - Sha’ Bendele, San Angelo, Texas

Dear Heloise: Leaning colored broom and mop handles have a way of scarring walls. STOP! Don’t throw out that rubber glove with a hole or cut in it. Cut off the fingers and make rubber socks for those handles. (Just think five sizes.)

Get an extra bonus with the rest of the glove by making large rubber bands for any number of uses. - JoJo Salerno, Houston


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