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If you’re a dweeb, does size matter?

Tue., Aug. 18, 2009

Slice-meister Paul Turner is taking some time off this month, but don’t despair: In his absence, we’re rerunning some of the tastier tidbits from this date in Slice history. Today’s sampling:

FROM 2005:

Warm-up question (for residents of Spokane proper): One of my fans in North Idaho recently wrote to share his opinion that I am a “big city dweeb.”

The “dweeb” part can be debated. But “big city”?

So that made me wonder. Leaving aside the whole dweeb question and recognizing that everything is relative, how many residents of Spokane actually think of themselves as “big city” people?

FROM 2001:

We’ve been asked: The Slice has no plans to repeat last summer’s “Mow a reader’s lawn” offer.

FROM 2000:

Familiar theme: Our computer archives go back only so far. But since Feb. 2, 1995, marmots have been mentioned in The Slice 35 times.

FROM 1998:

Promote Inland Northwest diversity: Try to tolerate people whose views differ from yours about what constitutes ideal summertime recreation.

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