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Annie’s Mailbox: Husband’s crush needed nip in bud

Thu., March 31, 2011

Dear Annie: My husband and I live in an upscale neighborhood. He has met most of the neighbors by walking our dog. Last year, a neighbor moved out and rented his home to a couple with two little children and two dogs. As my husband walked our dog, the woman came out with hers, and the dogs played while my husband and “Jennifer” got acquainted. He is 71, and she is 46.

I am recovering from breast cancer and at that time was so weak from chemo and radiation that I could barely walk to the bathroom. But I did notice that my husband was now walking our dog 20 times a day. I suspected it was to see Jennifer, but I’m not the jealous type and said nothing.

When I was ready to build up my stamina, I told my husband I wanted to walk with him. I led him in a direction that did not go past Jennifer’s house, but he steered me the other way. She came running out and said, “Thank you for the email. It made my day.” They talked as if I weren’t there, and it was apparent that my husband had a huge crush on her.

I told my husband this was too much and that the emailing had to stop. His initial reaction was to open a new, private email account. I finally gave him a piece of my mind, and he promised not to walk by Jennifer’s house again. Apparently, he kept his word, because she asked where he’s been. I told her she was to have no further contact and threatened to speak to her husband about it.

We have heard no more from her. I think I nipped something in the bud, but my husband tells me I’m crazy. Should I have handled it differently? – Kentucky

Dear Kentucky: Jennifer was flirting with your husband, who was flattered and infatuated. It may not have gone any further, but your aggravation levels would have shot through the roof. We think you handled it just fine.

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