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TUESDAY, DEC. 30, 2008

 (The Spokesman-Review)

Vacation Wild Card No. 12 -- 12/31/08 161 

Mrs. O and I'll be ushering out the old year with my siblings, their spouses, and my mother at Frito Ray's place tonight. Mebbe a movie first. 'Tis nice to have family around for holidays and special occasions like birthdays and graduations. I raised two…

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 (Picasa 3.0 / The Spokesman-Review)

Vacation Wild Card No. 11 -- 12/30/08 49 

Our visit with the kids ended Monday morning, when Junior and his lovely wife braved commuter traffic and two Spokane Airport closures to return to Denver only a coupla hours late. Amy Dearest returned to Portland and decent weather the night before. All of them…

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MONDAY, DEC. 29, 2008

ThomG: Dared Into Polar Bear Plunge 41 

This past spring I helped arrange a “GOP Women for Minnick” event, in Coeur d'Alene. MamaJD was one of the attendees. I wandered up to MamaJD while she was engaged in conversation with Congressman-elect Minnick and for some reason the conversation on this warm spring…

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Dogwalk: No Pay For First Ladies 

There seem to be more and more talk regarding the role of first lady. Whether there should be a job description and whether or not she should receive a salary. The latest was a column in the Spokesman Review by Lauren Stiller Rikleen . Ms.…

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Richert: Forgettable '08 Words 

My friends and colleagues on the National Conference of Editorial Writers e-mail listserv have been spending the past few days kicking around phrases that deserve to be booted from the lexicon. I'll save you the trouble of rummaging the archives. I¹m sure some of these…

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Bubblehead: Fuhgeddabout 'Valkyrie' 19 

Normally, I'd go see a movie like "Valkyrie"; I like WWII movies, and I like murder conspiracy movies. In this particular case, however, I'm not planning on seeing it for one reason, and one reason only -- it stars Tom Cruise. In the previews, he…

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TUBOB: Clint, Button & Me 

The one I really want to see, and will this week between ski trips if REI ever gets the bindings mounted on my kiddo's new twin tip K2s, is Gran Torino. Maybe Clint's swan song, definitely a culmination of the whole Clint Eastwood solitary morally…

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KT: If Tom Cruise Assassinated Hitler:  

If Tom Cruise had assassinated Hitler: Churchill, Roosevelt and a freed Germany turn on Stalin and beat the Soviet Union into plowshares and crappy sedans. THUS: Ronald Reagan lives out his life doing voiceovers in commercials and is not in a position to electrify a…

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SUNDAY, DEC. 28, 2008

An ice crystal is framed by the snow covered roof of a home at Hauser Lake, Idaho on Thursday, December 18, 2008. KATHY PLONKA the Spokesman-Review (Kathy Plonka / The Spokesman-Review)

Wild Card -- 12/28/08 61 

At Simple Mind, Cis has the right idea -- look forward to spring rather than focus on all the problems caused by the snow. The thought hit me yesterday that spring training begins in a little over 6 weeks. Also, Gonzaga and Washington State begin…

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Online Poll: When Will Recession End? 15 

Many experts think the recession will last until the fourth quarter of 2009. What do you think?/CDA Press.*When spring 2009 arrives, so will a better economy.*I think we'll have to sweat it out until summer.*I agree with the experts; next fall or winter.*Not 'til 2010;…

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D.J. Nall: Sentence Diagrams? Bah 55 

I hate the term “diagramming sentences.” I hated diagramming sentences. I forgot all about it since it's been so many years since I was required to do it. Now the memory is back and I need a valium or a bottle of whiskey/D.J. Nall.Question: Can…

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Tubob: Up On The Roof 11 

I just got down off my complex cantilevered-peaked angled roof plane surfaces with my youngest, the six foot five TOWWSG son. It was a nighmarish job of breaking huge slabs of snow to send ripping over the edge plunging into huge detonating hits on the…

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Stickman: HBO Family Has Passion 

t's the passion of course, why else do we visit here each day. The passion of Bob, and Cindy, and Digger, and Truly, and ThomG of course, and Gary, and Mama, god I would hate to forget her, such an passionate person is she, and…

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I'm An Addict, My Name Is Herb 17 

I'm an addict. Not to drugs or alcohol, but to writing. Like all addictions, it started innocently. I just started opining on my blog. Soon, I had delusions that I could make a difference. Be a communicator. While I still maintain my blog, I mostly…

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OTV Random Review Of 20089 

Many businesses emerged anew this year and just as many went the way of the K-Mart Cafeteria and ceased to exist. Some of the more memorable new local haunts this year included Baja Bargarita, 315 Martinis & Tapas Bar, Fleur de Sel Bistro, Morgio’s Sandwich…

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SATURDAY, DEC. 27, 2008

 (The Spokesman-Review)

Wild Card -- 12/27/08 27 

Dan Dolezal clears the snow from the roof of his business, Camera Corral, in Coeur d'Alene earlier this week. (AP Photo/KATHY PLONKA, The Spokesman-Review)I posted some of your comments of the last few days out front today. My son and daughter-in-law from Denver drove to…

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JimmyMAC: Passion Drives HBO 19 

JimmyMAC: This has been a heated year at times on this blog considering all of the elections but I want to know that I have grown more fond of each and every one of you as a result. There is one thing that rings true…

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OTV: Still Missing James Brown 

OrangeTV: I feel a twinge of blue in remembrance of Soul Brother Number One James Brown whose energizer bunny finally quit exactly two years ago today.Time to put on his timeless, funky Christmas CD and eat cookies and fudge and dance around. Santa Claus, go…

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FRIDAY, DEC. 26, 2008

CindyH: Grinch Swiped Snow Shovels 

CindyH: Here's the first Bah Humbug of the day: When I realized we were going to be enduring another Snowmapalooza, I went out and bought extra snow shovels. One for each kid. No more fighting about who got the “best” shovel. This morning we woke…

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TT: More Christmas Music, More 

Transplanted Texan: I am so grateful that 98.1 FM is still playing Christmas music, not stopping right at midnight as in past years… we've still got 11 days of Christmas left, folks!Question: When should radio stations quit playing Christmas music?

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Tubob: Driving A Honda & Loving It 29 

Tubob (To Keith): Undoubtedly you are one of those lovelorn admirers of craptacular American-made automobiles, and let me add, enjoy them while they are still actually, you know, manufacturing. I'm guessing you would rather have a Camaro than a Ferrari. And that's cool, I guess.…

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Brent: The House Is Too Quiet 

Brent Andrews: Yesterday I had my wife and two children and a potential daughter-in-law laughing and exchanging presents and eating wonderful food and having a grand time in my home, and today they've all left for Memphis leaving me to an empty house and coffee…

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