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Browne’s Addition’s Redeemed Coffee Co. owners lead with faith

By Nina Culver For The Spokesman-Review

Redeemed Coffee Co. has opened a new location on the edge of downtown Spokane in addition to its existing café inside the Fairchild Air Force Base hospital.

Owned by Jordan and Julia Sampson, the Christian company serves up an ever-changing lineup of monthly specials in addition to traditional coffee drinks.

The business started small, with a mobile coffee cart the couple would take to events when Jordan Sampson, who is an active-duty Air Force member, was in town. But before that, the idea started as a musing from Jordan Sampson that a mobile business would be ideal since the family moves around for his military service.

Julia Sampson said she received a message from God that pushed them to move forward with the business.

“I was woken up out of a dead sleep,” she said. “God told me the name of the business. We just kind of ran with it and never looked back.”

After starting with local events in 2022, base leadership contacted the couple about using the vacant café space at the on-base hospital. That has been up and running since.

“We still do events when we have time,” she said.

The couple opened their second location at 1618 W. Second Ave., located right where Sunset Boulevard splits from Second Avenue, earlier this month.

“We weren’t looking,” Sampson said. “We had been open to the idea and had looked at other places. This one just popped up on my husband’s phone.”

The location seemed fitting because of the “18” in the address. Julia was born on June 18, her husband was born on July 18 and their wedding anniversary is on Aug. 18. Because of the downtown location, transients have been an issue and, as a result, the front door of the coffee shop is kept locked. Customers ring a doorbell to be ushered inside.

Sampson said that feature has turned out to be a bonus to the women with young children who have gravitated to the coffee shop, partly because of the toys kept in the small seating area. It provides a safe place for their children to play together while the adults sip their drinks and chat.

“Since we’ve opened, that’s been our target audience, moms with toddlers,” she said. “I think moms appreciate that. Their kiddos can’t just go to the front door and get out.”

Sampson didn’t plan to create an oasis for young mothers. She knew her own 2-year-old son would be spending a lot of time at the coffee shop with her, so she wanted to provide toys for him to play with to keep him occupied. The toys are cleaned regularly and are switched out in a rotation, so there is always something new to play with. Sampson has begun hosting Mommy and Me gatherings at the coffee shop, with the dates posted on the shop’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The Christian background of the company is evident in the Bible verses on the walls and on the menu, as well as the Christian music piped over the sound system. Sampson said she believes that is what sets her coffee shops apart from the others in town.

The shops get their coffee from Four Seasons Coffee, a local company.

“We learned everything from them,” she said. “They’ve been a huge part of our business.”

The shop on Second Avenue, which has a drive-thru, is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. It is occasionally open for special events on Sundays, such as Mother’s Day. In addition to drinks, the menu includes breakfast sandwiches, bagels, cinnamon rolls and other pastries.

Sampson said the most popular drink on the menu is the Always & Forever latte, which includes salted caramel, white chocolate and a caramel drizzle. The monthly specials also keep people coming back to try the new drinks that Sampson creates as she experiments with flavors.

“That’s really what gets ordered the most,” she said.

The specials for April included a Lavender Fields Matcha, an iced blueberry matcha with lavender cold foam; Risen Cold Brew, a brown sugar cinnamon, maple and vanilla cold brew with blueberry cold foam; and Salty Breeze Chai, a salted caramel cookie butter dirty Chai.

Sampson has high hopes for a new drink, which launched Saturday, the RCC Cold Brew Float, an adult version of a root beer float. She said she thinks the ice cream drink will be popular during hot summer weather.

“It fizzes just like a root beer float,” she said. “We’re excited about that.”