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Parting Shot: 1/31/08

Brian Plonka/Spokesman-Review

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire talks to the media at the Spokane Intermodal Center today about the State of Emergency declared because of the recent heavy snowfall throughout the state and Spokane. Colleague Becky Nappi/A Matter Of Opinion discusses what press conferences are like.

Obama Cuts Hillary’s Lead From 20% To 4% …

McCain opens 15% lead on Romney/Gallup Poll

More Info: The latest Democratic numbers show Hillary Clinton with a 43% to 39% advantage over Barack Obama among Democratic voters nationwide. That four-point lead is the narrowest since early January, and it is a continuation of gains by Obama.

Question: Wouldn’t it be refreshing for this country if it’s McCain versus Obama?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/31/08

Republican presidential hopeful, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney goes through a security screening on the tarmac of the the airport in St. Petersburg, Fla., Wednesday, prior to boarding his charter plane. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Top Cutlines

1. The TSA officer was later chastised and threatened with a memo of reprimand for scanning a presidential candidate with the wand set to detect bullsh** on “low” — Bob.

2. Give the TSA guy a break. He was just checking for a pulse in Romney’s campaign. After all, Jerry Seinfeld’s stolen puffy shirt was spotted on Romney after he lost his shirt in Florida — Dick Haugen.

3. “Hey, take it easy - say, you look familiar. My cousin, you say - from Great-Grandpa’s ninth wife? Ah, well, you see, we don’t talk about that” — JohnA.

HM: LynnS

CDA Mayor Bloem Declares Emergency

City of Coeur d’Alene press release: In response to unforgiving winter storms, snow build-up, and exhausted crews and resources, Mayor Sandi Bloem declared that a local disaster and emergency exists within the City of Coeur d’Alene, and that such an emergency may require state assistance to supplement local efforts to provide for public safety and the protection of property, as well as lessen the impact of the disaster.

ThomG: Silver Lake Mall Scene

ThomG Photo

Note: ThomG has several photos of snow piling up around town posted on the main “comments” thread (click on “more recent comments” in the right rail under “comments” and scroll down).

Question: Best Sitcom Ever?

LynnS: Dick Van Dyke. Now that’s a star. One of the funniest people of the 20th century.

John Austin: I agree, Lynn. The Dick Van Dyke Show might have been the best comedy ever.

DFO: LynnS and John Austin have great taste in sitcoms. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore headed an incredible ensemble. Ditto for Ricky, Lucy, Fred and Ethel. And Hawkeye and Trapper John. But I go with Jerry and Elaine, George and Kramer for the best sitcom ever.

Question: How about you? Which sitcom do you consider the best ever?

Priest Lake Columnist: A Need To Push

I have never longed more for a smooth surface to travel on in my life. It’s strange, everyone has sore stomach muscles from driving around here. Even the females are complaining of jolted ovaries and uterus, if they have them. It is a strange thing, very strange. People are tired, literally. Walking in it compounds the drained feeling later. Cars approaching from the side streets to any main road have to stop of course, and it is at that point that they can’t get going again. Here’s the kicker though, it is a wonderful sign of a caring compassionate humanity when one is spotted. Lots of people stopping and helping others push out. I’ve lent myself two or three times. You really can’t help it/Randy Cox, As The Lake Churns. More here.

Question: Do you agree with Randy Cox that Snow Storm ‘08 is bringing out a need in us to help others?

A Star Too Late For Suzanne Pleshette

Actor Dick Van Dyke looks at a portrait of the late Suzanne Pleshette who was honored with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. Pleshette passed away on Jan. 19, just a few days before her star unveiling.(AP Photo/Nick Ut)

CPD Blue Prioritizes Responses, Issues SOS

Police and Fire and Street Departments are experiencing an increase in calls for service at this time. We must prioritize our calls for service and respond to emergencies first. In case of a power outage the Fire Department is encouraging citizens to use flashlights instead of candles. It is especially important for residents to shovel around fire hydrants and keep them clear from obstruction. Officers and Firefighters are not able to respond to complaints of snow on sidewalks. We encourage our Block Watch Captains in areas with established Neighborhood Watch groups to mobilize neighbors and assist each other in snow removal/Sgt. Christie Wood, Coeur d’Alene Police Department. More here.

KevinR: Hey, HBO, Who Ya Callin’ ‘Sissy’?

As we await word from the National Weather Service of a parallel snow advisory, what could be more fun than an intrastate snowball fight? D.F. Oliveria, the blogmaster extraordinaire of snow-pummeled North Idaho, regularly links to our editorials and my blog posts at the Spokane Spokesman-Review’s Huckleberries Online blog, and I always appreciate it. He posted a link to our Thursday editorial on the Treasure Valley’s dubious snow day — all well and good, except for the headline: “Sissy Boise Closes Schools Despite Lack Of Snow.” Now that’s just cold/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/31/08

Liz Kishimoto/Spokesman-Review

Crews work at removing cars from a collapsed canopy at the Sullivan Court South Apartments in Spokane Valley, Wash. Thursday, January 31, 2008. The mixture of rain and snow in the morning weighed down the snow.

Spotlight: Check out the SR’s new, improved blog to track political news: Jim Camden’s Spin Control 2.0

1. Flying in to Spokane this afternoon, Gov. Chris Gregoire plans to declare a state of emergency across a wide swath of the storm-battered state here/SR.

2. The state attorney general’s office says it is working to determine how many errors are in a report it released last week about the number of child sexual abuse prosecutions in Idaho last year here/AP.

3. A hacker illegally entered a D.A. Davidson database that contained private information and Social Security numbers of tens of thousands of clients, a company spokeswoman said Wednesday here/Missoulian.

4. Blogosphere: Kings of Ice/TUBOB; 24/7 news nonsense/Morialekafa; Blogging from inside/Randy Stapilus; Atlanta Gold goes underground/Idaho Conservation League; and Snow job/Dogwalk Musings.

5. IMHO: Blame ATV activists for problems, not vehicles/Rich Landers, SR; Idaho D’s goals same as Rod Beck’s/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune; Woveling in a winter wonderland/Doug Clark, SR; and Two good teams will be disappointed/Greg Lee, SR.

6. News Roundup: Clarkston mother left notes in murder-suicide/Lewiston Tribune; Ron Paul to hold Spokane rally today/KXLY; WSU, Gonzaga basketball still on/SR; and Family grieves pregnant woman’s death/KTVB.

Orbusmax Special: Hailey mayor, other leaders to sue city over marijuana here.

AM Headlines — 1/31/08

Kathy Plonka/Spokesman-Review

Jim Marlin, owner of Specialty Dirt Works in Post Falls, offered on The Spokesman-Review’s Huckleberries Online blog on Tuesday to plow driveways for disabled veterans and senior citizens for free if they live in Coeur d’Alene or Post Falls. Story by Alison Boggs/SR.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR

*Documentation now required to cross borders/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press — Another reason not to go to the Great White North, eh.

*Here’s the scoop on Obama’s Saturday visit to Boise/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise/SR — I thought only Republicans have coronations in Idaho.

*Easing the overcrowding: Proposed boundary changes in PF District mean some will have to switch schools/Amy Cannata, Prairie Voice/SR — You guys should check out the Prairie Voice today (available free on newstands at Hastings and a bunch of other businesses). Ten pages. Stories galore. And my Huckleberries print column is on the cover. It’s all good.

*Idaho lakes being cleared of milfoil: 300 acres of Hayden Lake treated/Betsy Russell, Eye on Boise/SR — Not a sexy issue. But an important one for water-loving North Idaho.

*Bonner County declares snow emergency/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Daily Bee — Don’t be surprised if Kootenai County plays follow the leader today.

Question: Do you know of any other Good Samaritans out there, like Jim Marlin?

A Slight Interruption In Play Time

Kids continue to sled on the slopes near Pickle Butte Landfill in Nampa, Idaho Wednesday as the Saint Alphonsus Life Flight helicopter transports a victim of a sledding accident. Area schools were canceled after 5 to 7 inches of snow from Tuesday’s snowstorm fell in the Treasure Valley. (AP Photo/Idaho Press-Tribune, Greg Kreller)

LCHS’ Hout Breaks BSU’s North Idaho Drought

Linebacker Byron Hout on Wednesday plans to do something no North Idaho football star has done in more than a decade. Sign a letter of intent to play for the Boise State Broncos. Hout, named the Idaho Statesman’s 5A All-Idaho Player of the Year as a junior in 2006 and the Gatorade Player of the Year for Idaho as a senior in 2007, terrorized offensive linemen, quarterbacks and ball carriers the past three seasons at Lake City High in Coeur d’Alene. The Colorado transplant - he moved to Idaho six years ago - chose the Broncos in part because he had become a fan of the up-and-coming program. Washington and Idaho also offered him scholarships, he said/Chad Cripe, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: How Do You Plan To Spend Today?

Item:Another day, another big snow/Thomas Clouse, SR; and: Commissioners could declare state of emergency if conditions get any worse/Sean Garmire, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: The snow was tapering off at 5 a.m. and actually turned to rain for a time. But colder air should turn that back to snow, and the region could pick up another inch in addition to the 6 to 7 inches of snow it received after midnight, said meteorologist Matt Fugazzi, of the National Weather Service.

Question: How do you plan to spend the day?

Snow Day Haiku

four-thirty phone call
a fresh start for a new day
can’t go back to sleep

a day with shovels
son back-flips off of the roof
pure twelve –year- old joy

snow piles grow larger
There’s nowhere to put it all
tunnels are coming next

the snow keeps coming
storms still lined up to Japan
the source of haiku

temp is thirty-two
it just might turn to rain soon
better start shoveling


Truly: Why Does My Vote Matter Any More?

I had a call last night from an Obama person and please forgive me but I let loose. I went off on how my vote doesn’t matter and why are you putting in all of this time when Idaho’s peeps have alreay probably decided? She was sad at my comments and I know I was harsh but can someone please explain to this old brain why my vote even matters any more for the Pres. of the US or any other crap - especially after the last Gore vs. Bush crap? That upset and all of the weeks that followed torqued me sooo bad I said I quit and now people are calling me to get in the game again. Why?


Eye Opener: How Important Is Obama’s Visit To Idaho?

Caroline Kennedy is embraced by Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., after speaking at Magness Arena Wednesday in Denver. (AP Photo/Laramie Boomerang, Andy Carpenean)

Item: Sen. Barack Obama coming to Taco Bell Arena: The Democratic presidential candidate, one of the few in either party to have visited Idaho, will stump for caucus votes/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman.

Question: How important to you is Barack Obama’s visit to Idaho Saturday?

Parting Shot — 1/30/08

A horse stays out of the weather in a barn near Roseburg, Ore., on Tuesday. The area has been hit with a series of snow and rain storms over the last few days. (AP Photo/News-Review,Robin Loznak)

Jambalaya Perfect For Super Bowl Sunday

If I were having a Super Bowl Party, I would not slave in the kitchen getting prepared. Football calls for food that isn’t fussy. It has to be something that can be scooped with a chip, ladled into a bowl or covered in cheese. If my heart and my hips could take it, I might try the recipe below from last week’s food section. Otherwise, I’m thinking about digging out a recipe for the jambalaya that is served by the School of Business at the University of Montana home games in Missoula. I’ll post it here when I find it/Lori Hutson, Fresh Sheet. More here.

Question: What would you serve at a Super Bowl party?

HBO’s Best of the Local Blogs — 1/30/08

“A herd of wild elk winters on the Rathdrum Prairie every year and can often be seen in the fields off of Idaho Road or further east off of Burlington Road,” writes Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho. “The band intended to breakfast on bales of hay Monday morning but were frightened off by the farmer’s dogs.”

*Sparky’s Notes reveals what happens when a caffeine addict misses that first cup of joe in the morning and then is running too late for work to grab a Carmel Macchiato here.

*Snow Days are like being handed an extra Saturday out of the blue, squeals Notes On A Napkin here. (Warning: Please forgive Katrina for calling snow “white stuff.”)

*Although the snow storms are getting old, Live, Love, Laugh, Hope sez they’re bringing out the good in people here.

*Hauser Thoughts discovers Kraig Duncan of Duncan Marine is a pretty nice guy after she slides into the back of his rig today here.

HBO Numbers (for Tuesday, Jan. 29): 9945 page-views and 5775 unique views.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mac Energetic exercises “manly woman” skills here; Un-Muted Mumblings celebrates a daughter’s baptism here; Otis G Experience finds a “Lifeline” here; Not So Fast links to a list of 20 things you don’t know about sci-fi here; MamaJD discovers purse dogs don’t do well in the snow here; JeanC offers numerous photos of the snowed-in Palouse on her site here; Far Corner recalls lessons from a Catholic girls’ boarding school here; and Bay Views writes to snowbirds in Arizona here.

Rape Suspect Got Into 2007 Hayden Days Flap

Hayden Days ended in arrest for a Hayden city official after he dressed down a merchant for selling charms while wearing a military uniform. Public Works Director Kevin Clement was arrested for battery following the altercation with the vendor on Sunday. Witnesses gave conflicting accounts of what happened. Some said Clement poked his finger in Jeff Ball’s face during an argument over Ball wearing his Young Marines uniform while selling merchandise at his Charm Depot booth, while others said Clement did no such thing/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press. Story from June 25, 2007 here.

Hat Tip: Phil

Icy Rescue

Central Kitsap Fire and Rescue personnel Rick O’ Rourke,center, and Marcus Oliver rescue two young girls stuck on an island after walking on the ice at frigid Lake Symington, near, Bremerton, Wash., on Tuesday. (AP Photo/ Kitsap Sun,Larry Steagall)

Question: Roof Shoveling

Tony Summers shovels snow off of his neighbor’s roof in Rathdrum, Idaho on Monday. Power was out to an estimated 4,000 people in Eastern Washington and northern Idaho, but electricity was restored to most on Monday, Avista Utilities said. (AP Photo/Coeur d’Alene Press, Jason Hunt)

Question: When is it time to shovel the snow off your roof?

Harwood Opposes Tribe Gas Tax Deal

Since I have been in office we have spent about $150 million on Hwy 95 from Mica Creek to Worley. All Idaho citizens are going to benefit from this highway as it is much safer to drive, but who is going to benefit the most? There are two businesses on that stretch of highway, a seed company at Setters and the casino, which I am sure the casino is going to benefit the most. Yet the tribal council chose not to help the taxpayers of Idaho pay for that highway. The tribe has chosen to keep the gas tax/Rep. Dick Harwood, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here.

Question: Is Rep. Harwood right or wrong?

Yeah, It’s Still Slippery Out There

This plow got a bit too close to the edge of the lake this morning around 9 o’clock this morning on Cliff House Road (Hauser Lake in background). Tina McCoy/Hauser Lake was on hand to snap a photo.

HBO @ Noon: Too Much Weather Coverage?

So er, day 4 of snow coverage comes along and the result is what assistant city editor Dan Hansen calls a “snorgy” in the news section: An unusual amount of weather coverage (Coverage! Weather! Journalists! or as Steve Smith described it, “We tell people what we know when we snow it”). Was it too much? “Don’t take the high road and pretend you don’t care [about weather] because you’re a journalist,” senior editor Carla Savalli said when one reporter called the snow coverage overdone/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing. More here.

Question: Is there such a thing as too much news coverage during a continuous snowfall like the one we’re having?

NYTimes Focuses On Ex-Sandpointer For Obama

“Jones is from Idaho. He made clear he’d voted for Bush at least once. But he’s now had it with ‘my-way-or-the-highway politics’ and the same old faces. ‘I’m 25 and for my entire life a Bush or a Clinton has been in the executive office, either as vice-president or president’ he said. ‘The United States is not about dynasties.’ He’s drawn to Obama’s environmental proposals, his honesty, and what he called ‘the fact he symbolizes for me that we are at a point where we do not have to think about skin color.’ Other Idaho Republican friends were also leaning toward Obama, Jones said”/Roger Cohen, New York Times. More here.

Marianne Love: Bryant Jones that you’ll read about in the column is the son of the late Jeff Jones, former CDA and Sandpoint city attorney, and Judge Debra Heise. Slight Detour post about Bryant Jones

AM Headlines — 1/30/08

Heavy snow fall over the weekend turned the Pend Oreille River in Oldtown, Idaho into a winter postcard Monday. (Spokesman-Review/Jesse Tinsley)

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR

*Power outages linger for nearly 2,000 area residents/Jody Lawrence-Turner And Thomas Clouse, SR — At times like these, I’m glad I have a wood stove to go with backup heat. A wood stove, a candle, and thou — what better way to hunker down when the lights go out?

*Extra snow? Fairgrounds tubing hill needs 150 truckloads/Becky Kramer, SR — Ah, I think there’s a surplus this year. Of course, they’re going to have to come and get it.

*Storms send LPOSD skyward to shovel roofs: District doesn’t want repeat of 1995-‘96 when SHS roof collapsed/Marlisa Keyes, Bonner County Daily Bee — Nice to see school districts can learn lessons, too.

*Pita Pit Inc. climbs national rankings: Entrepreneur Magazine lists company as No. 195/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press — It’s only 10:20. But I’m already thinking of lunch, thanks to this article.

*Post Falls I-90 projects move along: Beck interchange, Greensferry project key to area’s mobility/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press — This’ll give Post Falls as many freeway interchanges as Coeur d’Alene, right? Post Falls continues to grow up.

*Election Day liquor sales bill passes 11-7/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise — If the mission of the state liquor system is to promote temperance and sobriety, as Rep. Raul Labrador contends, someone’s missed the boat. That ship sailed in the 20th century.

Election ‘08: Edwards To Quit Prez Race …

Plans to make announcement at event in New Orleans/Associated Press

DFO: As unsettling as the prospect is, I must agree with TUBOB. Whoever wins the Demo nomination will roll over the Republican nominee.

Digger: Please, Please, No Registration

re: “News Conversation: Blog Rules, Registration” thread from 3:35 p.m. Tuesday

I know that many of us HBO regulars felt neglected until DFO went to blogging full time. A blog is a beast that needs to be fed and cared for regularly, much like a pet. Perhaps you should limit staff run blogs to those staff members that can take care of them and, if need be, provide a comment filter on those blogs that don’t have the loving attention that DFO provides to this forum. But please don’t limit our forum here by requiring registration. I don’t think it will hamper the discourse here as I’m sure many of us would register as long as real names didn’t have to be used. The bigger issue seems to be always having to register or login to do anything on the net anymore. That is the bigger issue for me - big brother looking over my shoulder. More here.


007: Boise Feels NI’s Pain w/An Inch Or So Of Snow

BOISE MORNING WEATHER UPDATE: There is probably an inch and a half of snow outside this morning (another half inch fell last night after I shoveled my driveway), and Boise schools have CLOSED for the first time in 13 years. Closures are everywhere in the Treasure Valley. It feels like the Mall on Christmas, except on a larger scale. If you’re into breaking glass windows and stealing TV’s, this would be an ideal time! I’m actually afraid to listen to much TV today, as I fear the weather updates might pop up every 10 minutes! Damn global warming! Where’s Al Gore?!?

James Bond

Update: Roof Collapse, Child Trapped

Update: 10-year-old escapes serious injury in shed collapse

Scanner Traffic: Emergency crews are en route to a report of a roof collapse on Highway 53 & Meyer Road. Apparently, a 10-year-old is trapped under snow in a trailer in a trailer court. Rescuers are able to talk to the youngster. So they’ve stopped digging and are waiting for ER crews.

Parting Shot — 1/29/08

Coeur d’Alene resident Marlee Gould was covered with snow as he waited at the bus stop on 4th Ave in Coeur d’Alene for a ride to see his mother in Post Falls today. (AP Photo/The Spokesman-Review, Kathy Plonka)

Movies & More: ‘There Will Be Blood’ — Or Not

I just received an e-mail from Tyler Wilson wondering why I haven’t written anything about “There Will Be Blood.” You know, the Paul Thomas Anderson film that is up for, what, a gazillion Oscars? Good question. I did see the film on Sunday. And I have given a lot of thought to it. I guess the reason why I haven’t yet written anything, even though I did take the time to laugh at “Rambo,” is that I’m torn. I love P.T. Anderson as a director, Daniel Day-Lewis as an actor and was amazed by much of what the duo put up on the screen. But the truth is I wasn’t completely satisfied/Dan Webster, Movies & More. More here.

Question: How would you rate the 2008 awards favorite, “There Will Be Blood”?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/29/08

Raider stares at the statue of Mark Twain in Trinity Park in Fort Worth, Texas on Monday. Stock Show participants park their trailers at the park during load in at the show barns at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. Raider’s owners tethered him to the Mark Twain bench. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Amy Peterson)

Top Cutlines

1. From Raider’s stare one can declare/At show he can’t beat beat./But, Mark his eyes they can’t disguise,/That never the Twain shall meet — John Austin.

2. Cow to Twain - Moooo, What ya reading? Twain to Cow - 101 Beef Recipes … Cow to Twain - Oink Oink, nice book/Marmitetoasty.

3. “I heard you know how to milk a story for all it’s worth”/Phil.

HM: Bob & LynnS

ISP: Stay Home

ISP is requesting emergency and essential travel only on the Roadways in North Idaho. In some areas there are blizzard like conditions and low visibility. Again please stay off the roadways unless it is essential to travel. Also we are advising all semi’s chain up when travelling on all roads in North Idaho.

Ron Paul Coming To Spokane Thursday

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is expected in Spokane Thursday evening for a speech at the downtown Double Tree Hotel. Local organizers of the Paul campaign said the candidate, who arguably has the most visible support in Spokane if that can be judged by yard signs, will be come here after a stop in Seattle/Jim Kershner, Spin Control 2.0. More here

Sandpoint @ LCHS Heads Postponement List

Sportslink provides a list of high school sports events scheduled for tonight that have been canceled here.

Only Minor Problems @ Spokane Airport

Spokane Airport personnel try to push a service car off an icy patch while airline workers de-ice the wings of plane that had just arrived on Tuesday. The snow caused minor problems early in the day with most flights getting off the ground. (AP Photo/The Spokesman-Review,Jesse Tinsley)

Stuck In North Idaho

Item: Semi gets stuck in Downtown Spokane’s snowy streets/KREM2

More Info: A semi-truck got stuck this morning at Browne and Sprague in downtown Spokane. The driver basically got high-centered on the snow as it piled up along the median on Browne. The truck ended up blocking traffic for about an hour.

Question: Have you gotten your car stuck this week? And/or have you helped someone who got stuck?

Vox Box: Arizona Rejects Abstinence Funds

This article in the Arizona Republic describes how the state will no longer be accepting federal government money for abstinence-only sex education. This makes Arizona the 16th state to reject funds. It has been reported that teen pregnancy and STDs are on the rise, and critics blame sex ed programs in schools that don’t teach contraception.

QUESTION: Does contraception need to be taught in schools? Where did you learn about it?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/29/08

Bryan Kim is escorted out of court this morning after being found guilty of aggravated first-degree murder for the slaying of his parents. See News Roundup. (Spokesman-Review/Dan Pelle)

1. Idaho Department of Fish and Game employees have been instructed to halt communications with environmentalist Jon Marvel, who is accused of harassing staffers and assaulting a top state official here/Twin Falls Times-News.

2. Presidential candidate Barack Obama is coming to Boise on Saturday, said Rep. Nicole LeFavour, D-Boise. The Democratic Party is still working out details of the visit but he will make an appearance Saturday night here/Idaho Statesman. Randy Stapilus: Obama In Idaho.

3. Idaho’s prison population is getting more violent as gangs extend their reach throughout the prison system here/Betsy Russell, SR.

4. Blogosphere: Overcoming culture of defeat/News Diary; Invisible Clinton campaign/Kevin Richert; Come on, baby, light my fire/Dogwalk Musings; Shades of Daily Kos/Adam’s Blog; and This Idahoan (Hearts) Hillary/Political Game.

5. IMHO: Is Bill Bavasi a genius or a dunce?/Ted Miller, Seattle PI; The Preogative of a losing candidate/David Horsey, Seattle PI; Not for sale/Carissa Wright, UI Argonaut; For a good time, eat more crackers/Heidi Gaiser, Daily Inter Lake; and People We Know/K. Ray Johnson, UI Argonaut.

6. News Roundup: Wounded baby’s condition improves/Lewiston Tribune; Otter recovering from hip surgery/Idaho Statesman; Kempthorne chosen to skip Bush speech/KTVB; Teen convicted of killing parents/SR; and Environmental groups sue over wolf plan/Missoulian.

Orbusmax Special: Craig may not face ethics committee, after all here.

Daily Briefing: Conniving Parents, Lazy Kids?

Staffers heard on the police scanner this morning about kids obstructing snow plows to prevent plows from creating berms at the driveways of their homes. Police responded to this incident. Folks wondered if the parents are involved (whether the parents are telling their kids to be human shields), or whether this was a case of kids not wanting to shovel snow. No kid can conceive of this on his or her own, other editors argued, but “I don’t know, there are some pretty lazy kids out there,” said photo director Larry Reisnouer/Thuy Nguyen, Daily Briefing. More here.

DFO: I forgot to thank my neighbor for digging out my plowed-in driveway before I got home last night.

Question: Who gets to shovel out blocked driveways at your home?

AM Headlines — 1/29/08

Plows in Spirit Lake built berms high enough to obscure the stop signs in downtown Spirit Lake Monday, Jan. 28, 2008 after snow dumped across the region over the weekend. (Spokesman-Review/Jesse Tinsley). KREM2 story

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR

*Idaho Guard plans new Sandpoint armory/Betsy Russell, SR — They should name it after Brandon Adam, the Sandpoint High grad who lost his legs in Iraq.

*More snow yet to fall today: 2-4 inches today, 3-6 inches Wednesday night/Thomas Clouse, SR — It’s an inconvenience. But it’s also pur-ty.

*Snow brings down pair of businesses: Roofs collapse in Priest River, Rathdrum/Taryn Hecker, SR — No one got killed. No one got hurt. The husband of one business owner said it best.

*Zags rout Pilots, take sole possession of WCC lead: No let down after Memphis/Jim Meehan, SR — You’d think Portland would sue after getting mugged at The Kennel.

*Regional transportation hub in works: Facility near state line to serve growth on Post Falls’ west side/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press — Here’s the cool bottom line from PFURD exec Luke Malek: “The state line area is going to be a transportation hub, and people would be able to take public transportation from Plummer to north Spokane.”


Florida Today: Momentum, 57 Delegates @ Stake

Item: Too close to call as voting begins in Florida: Romney-McCain struggle for dominance may be decided in Sunshine State/MSNBC

More Info: “After days of hectic campaigning all over Florida, the Republican presidential contenders could do little but wait for the returns to come in as voters cast their ballots in Tuesday’s primary. Up for grabs: 57 delegates, more than in any previous Republican contest so far this year. Mitt Romney is trying to scuttle the momentum that Sen. John McCain had been gaining in this state after his victory in the Jan. 19 South Carolina primary.

Question: Who’ll be the next to drop out of the presidential sweepstakes?

Doug Clark: Snow Dominates Annual State of the Column

Take, for example, the storm that unleashed a record foot or so of snow onto the region. Granted, this was a pretty grand dumping. But the TV snow reporters have been piddling on themselves like high-strung poodles. They give the impression that we have entered a new Ice Age. One station kept using the word “pounds” (or was it “pounding?”) to describe the snowstorm. I got so excited I went out on my porch to listen to the explosions. Damn. All I heard was the natural soft sounds of snow falling – IN WINTER! I was asleep when the following melodrama unfolded: My lovely wife, Sherry, told me she was watching TV Monday morning when one of the crews foolishly got its news van stuck. If I got a Spokesman-Review car stuck in the snow, I wouldn’t want anyone to know for fear of getting royally razzed. But these nincompoops apparently reported on their marooned vehicle as if it were a major storm development. What were these clods doing outside, anyway?/Doug Clark, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Question: What is the silliest thing you’ve heard or read about Snowtastrophe ‘08?

OrangeTV Breaks Down State of the Union

The tie was the surprise hit of the night. What a very presidential shade of blue! What a crispy white collar! Somehow, it works, looking especially patriotic when he’s standing next to Ol’ Crazy Eyes in her awful red hooker dress. Speaking of Laura, how has she managed to keep her hair looking exactly the same for soooo many years? Is that a wig? Fess up. C’mon girl, you can afford the best stylist Gay Washington has to offer! You can take the frump out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of the frump, I guess. What gives with Nancy P’s bruise purple power-lapels? U.g.l.y.(And what gives with the non-stop eye blinking thing? Blinkety-blink-blink - i can’t stop watching her do it!). Condi wins, looking smashing as usual in a nice ivory waist coat with some attractive black stitching and humongous buttons. Oh, and her standard Ferragamo shoes of course. They’re good for all that standing up and sitting down. I still miss the days of the hair flip, bring it back! And Condi, what gives with the sourpuss tonight? Another tiff with your live-in girlfriend?

JohnA: President Dirk Kempthorne? Yikes!

The scariest part of the (State of the Union) evening for me was when it was revealed that the chosen member of the Administration to miss the event was the Secretary of the Interior. That’s right. Had anything tragic happened tonight to destroy all the others present, we would now have Dirk Kempthorne as President of these United States/John Austin.

WND Poll: Bush’s State of the Union Speech

President Bush delivers his State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, Monday on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Item: Bush challenges Congress on economy: President pressures lawmakers on new taxes, earmarks, stimulus/MSNBC; Full text of president’s address: ‘Our nation will prosper, our liberty will be secure’/WorldNetDaily

Question: What do you think of President Bush’s speech?

1. Inspiring, he hit a home run
2. It was a good, solid speech. I’d give it a passing grade
3. Just typical
4. Confirms my belief that history will look more favorably on Bush than most do now
5. His can-do spirit shows he’s going to get the job done in his last year
6. Even though I voted for Bush, I can’t stomach hearing him anymore
7. No one really cares anymore what he has to say in his final year
8. With all the corruption in this guy’s term, I can’t believe he’s still giving State of the Union speeches
9. Other

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here

Parting Shot — 1/28/08

A large crow lands on a snowy fence along Del Rio Road north of Roseburg, Ore., today. About 4.5 inches of snow fell on Roseburg on Sunday with more forecast for Monday. (AP Photo/The News-Review, Robin Loznak)

Question: Do You Have A College Regret?

Originally posted at A Matter Of Opinion

In my Sunday column, I said most boomers have one of two regrets about their college years. Those who partied too much wish they’d studied more. Those who studied too much wish they’d partied more. Boomer U will make wishes come true. My idea is to let boomers do one semester do-overs. Pay full tuition, live in upscale dorms, party more if you didn’t in college and study more if you failed to get enough of that.

Question: What are your college regrets?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/28/08

Matt Semke tries to encourage his duck, Count Quackula, towards the finish line, Saturday at the 2008 Quackoff duck races in Avoca, Neb. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Dave Weaver)

Top Cutlines

1. Tired of being on the receiving end, Matt tries to prove Montana ducks can get just as nervous as the sheep do/KeithinCDA.

2. In a performance art piece by the HBO players, Matt Semke plays regular commenter and harsh critic and all around mean bully Bob as he pursues CDA Press columnist Tyler Wilson, portrayed by first time duck actor Count Quackula. Reviews of this performance noted it was massively awesome.

3. After a night housed with other contestants (a.k.a. in a box of quackers) Matt’s duck appropriately does his version of ‘Putting on the Ritz’ — John Austin.

HM: MamaJD

KREM2: Child Falls From Chair Lift

A 6-year-old girl fell more than 20 feet from a chair lift at 49 Degrees North near Chewelah. Paramedics tell KREM 2 News she’ll be okay.

Priest River Roof Collapse

Sharon and Allan Moeller, right, talk with a structural engineer about possibly reentering their building to recover personal belongings and damaged vehicles Monday in Priest River about their building, where the roof collapsed onto several vehicles stored there Sunday night. The 1920 building was originally a car dealership and vehicles were stored inside the old shop area. (Spokesman-Review/Jesse Tinsley)

Nils, Tom Make Viewtiful Table For Library

“Hey,” writes Nils Rosdahl, NIC instructor and SR columnist, “all you (HBOers) stop by the new CdA Library and check out the table that Tom Husby and I made. I made the top from old wooden printer’s type and illustrations and Tom made the rest. It’s by the copy machine on the main floor.”

Would It Matter If Obama Really Was Muslim?

Barack Obama is not a Muslim. We know this because he has told us so. We know it because there is no credible evidence to suggest otherwise. We know it despite a campaign of lies and whispers from various bloggers, pundits and head cases. Barack Obama is not a Muslim. But what if he was?/Leonard Pitts Jr., Miami Herald.

Question: Would it matter to you if Barack Obama really was a Muslim?

Breaking! Avalanches Trigger Ketchum Evacuations

Portions of the Ketchum area are under a mandatory evacuation order at this hour - after avalanches hit several structures in the area. More here

SR Talks To CDA Residents re: Snow Storm ‘08

Elisha and Ben Toews took their daughters Christani, 8, and Sadie, 7 months, to McEuen Field to go sledding. For them, the snow is a treat. “We love it because we live downtown. We can walk anywhere,” Elisha Toews said. “But if we lived out in the country I imagine we wouldn’t be enjoying it as much.” Christani wasn’t part of the hoards of kids banking on a day off from school - she’s home schooled. But she did commend the snow for its soft, fuzzy feel. “Also, I like how it tastes,” she said.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/28/08

Sunrise highlights a record dump of 13.7 inches of snowfall across the region as Spokane Washington digs out from the storm this morning and prepares for more snow this week. (Spokesman-Review/Christopher Anderson)

1. Kalispell is listed as one of eight “Terrific Low-Tax Towns” in the January/February edition of Where to Retire magazine, but according to some local retirees, it would be more appropriate to herald the town for its terrific people here/Daily Inter Lake.

2. Gordon B. Hinckley, the 15th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died Sunday of complications arising from old age, church spokesman Mike Otterson said. He was 97 here/AP. Idahoans react to Hinckley’s death here/Idaho Statesman.

3. Online Poll: 75% of 880 respondents to an Idaho Statesman poll say they won’t watch President Bush’s State of the State speech tonight.

4. Blogosphere: Obama taking Idaho/Randy Stapilus; Of wolves and extremism/Kevin Richert; and Clinton Versus Camelot/Dogwalk Musings; and Quaggas and Zebras and Hydrilla, oh my!/Idaho Conservation League.

5. IMHO: Pole dancing for dummies/Doug Clark, SR; Another call to the far side of the planet — toll free/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune; and Breaking weather threshold for news/Daily Briefing; and Otter’s drug czar undismayed by budget battle/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman.

6. News Roundup: Wounded Clarkston children remain hospitalized/Lewiston Tribune; Air traffic normal at Spokane after Sunday slideoff/SR; 15YO Boisean charged with felony rape/KTVB; Amtrak Pioneer returning to Idaho/KTVB; and Idaho Republicans pushing for closed primary.

Indy: My First Snow Day Since High School

Indy: My boss called last night and said don’t bother coming into work today. I haven’t had a snow day since high school. I’ll have to make the best of it. A good walk with the pups and then I think I’ll help the kids expand their snow fort. The neighbors must have spent half the night trying to out-build us…they don’t know who they are messing with…

Question: Anyone else get a snow day today?

Online Poll: Will You Watch State of the Union?

President Bush is giving his State of the Union speech to Congress tonight. Are you planning to watch on TV?/Idaho Statesman.


Snow Storm ‘08: How Has It Affect You?

Are you having fun yet? If you, like me, are waiting for the snow plows to come plow out your residential street really soon now, you might need to be very patient, even if you live on a hilly street. After reading all the various news reports this morning, and still stinging from the inability of the City of Spokane’s inability to quickly plow out the vestiges of our first winter storm, I can state emphatically that if the current weather forecasts are accurate, nearly all of which call for additional snow throughout the week, we could be in for a miserable time of it on a scope not seen in Spokane in many years/David Laird, News Is A Conversation. More here

Question: How has Snow Storm ‘08 affected you?

SAG Ensemble Award: “No Country For Old Men”

(L-R) Garret Dillahunt, Tess Harper, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Woody Harrelson, and Javier Bardem hold their awards for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture for their work in “No Country for Old Men” at the 14th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Question: “No Country For Old Men” is about a psychopath who kills almost everyone who crosses him in pursuit of $2 million in drug money. (Rolling Stone review here.) Is this the kind of movie you enjoy?

GordonC: Bush Speech Pushes Zags To KAYU-28

Will wait for highlights. Because of the speech, The Zags will be on Fox 28 instead of KHQ. Sorry to those of you still putting up with the cable-flap. No Super Bowl either. Can you say Dish or Direct TV?

Gordon Crow

Mormons Mourn Loss Of Church Leader Hinckley

Mormon faithful use their cell phones to illuminate a hymn book during a vigil following the death of Gordon B. Hinckley, president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Sunday in Salt Lake City. He was 97. (AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

Gordon Hinckley, 97, LDS President, RIP

President Gordon B. Hinckley, leader of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 12 years, died at his apartment in downtown Salt Lake City at 7 p.m. Sunday night from cause’s related to his age, according to the church’s Web site.
Members of his family were at his bedside, according to A successor is not expected to be formally chosen by the Church’s Quorum of the Twelve Apostles until after Hinckley’s funeral within the next few days. Hinckley, 97, was the 15th president in the 177-year history of the church and served as its president since March 1995.

Kennedy To Endorse Obama

In this Jan. 23, 2007, file photo, Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., left, and Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass. watch President Bush’s State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington. Kennedy will endorse Obama for president, party officials confirmed on Sunday. Carolyn Kennedy also has endorsed Obama. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak, File)

Question: Why are so many D’s picking a relative newcomer over a party stalwart like Hillary Clinton?

Question: Shoveling Roofs

I have a question that I haven’t had to consider for some time. When do you know if it’s time to start shoveling the snow off roofs? We’ve had a good accumulation over the least 26 hours here in Coeur d’Alene. Is it time to get up on the roofs? Or should we wait for a melting trend? Anyone?

St. Vinny’s Eyes Big Changes For Old Courthouse

Item: Big plans for federal building: Proposal calls for St. Vincent de Paul to train homeless people in shops/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: St. Vincent de Paul in Coeur d’Alene would like to transform the ground floor of the downtown federal building into a hip art gallery, antique boutique and coffee shop. The gallery’s art will have been created by homeless people and the coffee shop and antique boutique will serve as a training ground for the homeless people so they can land jobs, said Lynn Peterson, executive director of St. Vincent de Paul in Coeur d’Alene.

Question: What do you think of St. Vinny’s plans for the old federal building?

Police: Clarkston Mother Shot Kids, Herself

A Clarkston mother shot three of her children, then turned the gun on herself, Asotin County Sheriff Ken Bancroft said Saturday. Elizabeth Duman, 31, and her 18-month-old son Abraham were found dead and two more of her eight children suffered gunshot wounds inside their hillside home Thursday. More here.

Obama 55%, Hillary 27%, Edwards 18%

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Barack Obama routed Hillary Rodham Clinton in the racially-charged South Carolina primary Saturday night, regaining campaign momentum in the prelude to a Feb. 5 coast-to-coast competition for more than 1,600 Democratic National Convention delegates. Former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina was running third, a sharp setback in the state where he was born and scored a primary victory in his first presidential campaign four years ago. The Associated Press made its call based on surveys of voters as they left the polls/AP. More here.

Question: Why is Hillary Clinton having such a rough time with Barack Obama?

Hawaii 58, Idaho 53

ESPN scoreboard here; Greg Lee’s Sportslink game story here.

I-90 Clogged w/Accidents

Interstate 90 is partially blocked in several locations between Spokane and Liberty Lake because of numerous auto accidents, according to the Washington State Patrol. Police, firefighters and paramedics are responding but there’s no reports of serious injuries so far. Traffic is congested in several places. Forecasters say the Inland Northwest can expect snow throughout the weekend, with accumulations of 4 to 6 inches expected in the Spokane area by Sunday. Heavier snowfall is expected across the Palouse.

Memphis 81, Gonzaga 73

Gonzaga guard Matt Bouldin (15) dives for a loose ball against Memphis forward Chris Douglas-Roberts in the first half of a college basketball game this morning in Memphis, Tenn. (AP Photo/Lance Murphey)

ESPN game scoreboard here; Jim Meehan’s Sportslink comment at half time here

APhoto of the Day — 1/26/08

Veterinarian Dr. Andy Stadler, center, performs a sonogram on Moja, a 25 year-old African Elephant, who is carrying a 16 month old baby at the Pittsburgh Zoo in Pittsburgh Thursday. Moja is one of two elephants at the Pittsburgh Zoo expected to deliver in late May after a 24 month gestation. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Gonzaga Vs. No. 1 Memphis @ 9 AM Today

Item: Memphis-Gonzaga matchup provides break in league play, lots of drama/Dan Wolken, Memphis Commercial Appeal

More Info: Simply put, the first two games in the four-year series between these teams have been instant classics. And despite oddsmakers pegging No. 1-ranked Memphis a 121/2 -point favorite to make it 3-for-3 against Gonzaga, history suggests that today’s 11 a.m. (9 a,m. PST) clash at FedExForum will provide another year’s worth of theatrics.

Question: Will Memphis clean Gonzaga’s clocks, as the oddsmakers seem to think?

Chances Dim For Gay Workplace Protection Bill

Item: Idaho anti-discrimination bill faces high hurdle/Betsy Russell, SR.

More Info: Even if all the other senators on the committee who voted to introduce the bill continued to support it, the opposition from Jorgenson, Geddes and McKenzie would leave the bill one vote short of a majority in the nine-member committee. Sens. Denton Darrington, R-Declo, and Bart Davis, R-Idaho Falls, voted against introducing the bill.

Question: On a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being “critically important”), how important is this bill to you?

PFHS Girls Stop CHS, LCHS Back-to-Back

Look who has the momentum now. It wasn’t improbable, but the Post Falls High girls basketball team pulled off victories in back-to-back nights that some may have thought implausible. Some, that is, except the Trojans. After knocking off second-ranked and Inland Empire League champ Coeur d’Alene 47-44 on Thursday, Post Falls held off defending 5A state champ Lake City, 55-51, Friday at The Arena. With the sweep, the Trojans (17-3 overall, 9-3) vaulted past Lake City (13-5, 8-3) to secure the second seed in the Region I tournament that begins Feb. 1 at Elmer Jordan Court. The two teams turn around and face off in a regional opener in the first game at 5:30. In the second game, Coeur d’Alene (18-2, 11-1) will take on No. 4 Lewiston (10-10, 7-5) at 7/Greg Lee, Sportslink/SR. More here.

Parting Shot — 1/25/08

A quartet of sparrows bask in the sun on a chilly and single-digit cold morning in North Idaho. (OnLocation North Idaho/Kerri Thoreson)

Man Seeking Shoe Shine Causes Boise Scare

About 400 passengers at the Boise Airport about noon Friday had to go through screening a second time after a California man seeking a shoe shine entered the secure area through the exit corridor, Transportation Safety Administration officials said/Idaho Statesman. More here.

DFO: Hey, I’ve know of a Christmas card from England that once shut down the Coeur d’Alene bureau of The Spokesman-Review. ;-)

Hat Tip: Orbusmax

APhoto of the Day — 1/25/08

Wearing traditional dresses for a symbolic wedding six-years-old Dominik, right, as groom and Tadea, left, as bride kiss as they celebrate the story of “Bird’s Marriage” in a kindergarten in Panschwitz, eastern Germany, Friday, Jan. 25, 2008 The children of the Sorbs, a national German minority located near the German-Polish border, thank birds, that, according to a legend, give the children sweets in return for being fed during winter. You write the cutline. (Associated Press/Matthias Rietschel)

Top Cutlines

1. In an effort to gain democratic support for his covenant marriage legislation, Idaho Rep. Steven Thayn demostrates how his family-friendly pricipals can be incorporated with Head Start — Indy.

2. Coming Soon, to a theater near you: Bill and Hillary: The Story Begins — ThomG.

3. Tadea makes sure she has a good camera angle as she takes an early first step in her bid to beat Elizabeth Taylor — LynnS.

HM: Digger

Mark On Calendar: Ethics Draft Discussion

I hope you HBOers have noted that Editor Steve Smith and other SR editors have asked for a review of our draft ethics code. News Is A Conversation is asked for feedback here. Also, Steve has scheduled a meeting in the SR’s CDA office to discussion the ethics draft:

Monday, Feb. 4, 11:30 a.m., North Idaho Bureau meeting room, 608 Northwest Blvd., Coeur d’Alene.

It’s a big deal. I’ll be there. I’d like to see you guys there, too.

In The News: Questions Remain

The body of Heath Ledger is removed from the Frank E. Campbell funeral home in New York, Friday. Ledger, 28, died at his Manhattan apartment on Tuesday. (AP Photol/Rick Maiman)

In The News: Monte Carlo Fire

Smoke and flames rise after a fire broke out at the Monte Carlo hotel-casino in Las Vegas today. The fire, which was reported around 11 a.m., Friday halted gambling at the casino as it spread from the center of the building across the roof. No major injuries were reported, said Clark County spokesman Eric Pappa. (AP Photo/Robin Tait)

Kucinich: Before, After Prez Campaign

Thom George Illustration

Man, those Presidential campaigns really age people.

Meridian Schools Sue For URD $$$

Item: Meridian schools sue Eagle over revenues from urban renewal: The district says it doesn’t want to lose out on growth; Eagle mayor says the area may actually help the schools/Colleen LaMay, Idaho Statesman

More Info: The state’s largest school district is suing Eagle over what it considers an ill-conceived effort to rebuild blighted chunks of Eagle at the expense of Meridian School District families. Meridian school officials fear that if you live in the School District, Eagle and its urban renewal agency eventually could make your property tax rates go up to pay for new schools.

Solution: State legislators, including Rep. Mike Moyle, R-Star, plan to introduce a bill soon to guarantee that educational facilities get their share of increases in the tax rolls in urban renewal districts.

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/25/08

Cows graze in a field near the snow covered Lizard Butte just outside Marsing, Idaho, today. A Thursday evening snow storm dropped about two inches of snow throughout the Treasure Valley. (AP Photo/Idaho Press-Tribune, Greg Kreller)

1. The Boise Airport has been evacuated due to a security breach, according to officials. Several witnesses tells NewsChannel 7 that the entire area behind the security checkpoint has been evacuated here/KTVB.

2. The FBI has cracked a Spokane-based ring that it says paid bribes to a state contractor and used foreign-language interpreters to help Bosnian immigrants cheat on tests to obtain commercial driver licenses fraudulently from the state of Washington here/Spokesman-Review.

3. Online Poll: 51% of 788 respondents to an Idaho Statesman poll says the writers’ strike hasn’t changed their viewing habits at all.

4. News Roundup: Brothers arrested after spinning doughnuts in Kuna/KTVB; Ex-UM footballer denies role in burglary/Missoulian; Coldwater Creek expands into Coeur d’Alene/Spokane Journal of Business; Company turns horse rigs into plush traveling homes/Missoulian; and Idaho has 6th highest teen suicide rate in nation/2news.TV.

5. Blogosphere: Idaho government bloggers?/Fort Boise; Idaho D’s can speeches for Church banquet/Red State Rebels; Sneezing toward Seattle/TUBOB; How Democrats would spend … and cut taxes/Kevin Richert; and The show must go on/Out On The Town;

6. IMHO: Spokane police chief real deal/Doug Clark, Spokesman-Review; Fatal flaw/Kevin Taylor, Inlander; A presidential poll at Sundance/David Horsey, Seattle PI; Nightclub scene provides strange social experience/Dominick Bonny, WSU Evergreen; Don’t bring the noise/Ryli Hennessey, UI Argonaut;

Orbusmax Special: Covallis, Ore., named most secure city in country here.

And Another One Bites The Dust

Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, looks at his wife, Elizabeth, after kissing his wife and announcing his withdrawal from the Democratic presidential primary race at the International Laborers’ Union Local 310 hall today in Cleveland.

Online Poll: Writers’ Strike

How has the writers’ strike changed your television-watching habits?/Idaho Statesman.

*A lot
*Not a bit
*Don’t watch TV

Parent Questions Lesson In Racism

Item: School lesson in racism irks Twin Falls parent/Associated Press

More Info: The parent of a fifth-grader at Summit Elementary in south-central Idaho says a Martin Luther King Jr. Day lesson went too far. Mike Stokes says he’s considering taking his daughter out of the school district after the experience left her in tears. School officials on Monday divided about 200 fifth-graders by giving them the colors yellow or green and instructing them not to talk to students with a different color. Stokes says the students are too young for the lesson.

Question: Did the school lesson go too far for children in the fifth grade?

Noah: Merit Pay — Deal Or No Deal?

Noah Kroese/Huckleberries Online

BrentA: Don’t Want Swear Words In Headlines

re: Crude language in newspapers

No fake swear words (freakin), and no real swear words (a-hole), in a headline, period. I might use either word in a quote, if necessary, but I wouldn’t then go and pull it out drawing further attention to it. A man would have to say something awfully newsworthy or interesting for me to quite him swearing. Because I’d rather just quote someone else. A daily newspaper should seek to print good clean language, suitable for all audiences, and not seek to form a bond with the younger generation by resorting to filth. They’ll come around when they get older. And when they do, they’re going to want to read a clean newspaper/Brent Andrews.

Ramirez: The Good Die Young

Michael Ramirez/Investor’s Business Daily

January in CDA

There is an icy sidewalk
beside an icy hill
and half the folks who walk there
will take an icy spill.

The Bard of Sherman Avenue

Attorney: CHS Teen Intended Suicide, Not Massacre

A “Columbine” shooting was never Brian Edward Gilmore’s intent when he pulled into Lake City High School’s parking lot Wednesday with a loaded shotgun and three stolen, high-powered rifles in his car, his attorney alleged today. Instead, the depressed teenager, a former Lake City student, intended to park his Pontiac in the school parking lot, walk across the street to his church, take sleeping pills and then shoot himself before he passed out, the attorney said. “This is absolutely not a Columbine incident,” defense attorney Clark Peterson said. “This is a troubled kid with some medical issues.” Judge Robert Burton set Gilmore’s bond at $500,300/Erica F. Curless, Spokesman-Review. More here (includes link to police report.

Parting Shot — 1/24/08

Canada geese take flight through the foggy air near the Manitowoc Public Utilities’ warm water discharge on Lake Michigan in Manitowoc, Wis., Thursday. Temperatures along the Lakeshore area topped out in the single digits Thursday, but are expected to rise into the low 30s by the end of the weekend. (AP Photo/Herald Times Reporter, Eric Young).

SteveS: Crude Language In The Newspaper

I received a thoughtful e-mail this morning from a reader upset with the headline on today’s Doug Clark column. The headline read: “Spokane police chief the Real Freakin’ Deal.” We receive similar complaints quite often about crude language. Last week, we had a really lively internal argument about the use of the a-hole term in a 7 breakout quote/Steve Smith, News Is A Conversation. More here.

Question: So, what do you think?

HBO’s Best of the Local Blogs — 1/24/08

You can see what our Witch With A Gun does with her Gimp program to change this photo here.

*OrangeTV reviews Rathdrum’s Daddy Banana Bread in his Wednesday Local Music Radar feature here.

*Bay Views discovers that SR CDA receptionist Renee Nichols has a hidden talent that he never expected here.

*Silver Valley Girl presents the Worst Winter Road Award for 2008 to (drum roll, please) — Sherman Avenue here.

*A Butterfly Moment gets her Def Leppard/REO Speedwagon and Styx concert tickets in the mail here and updates us on baby news here.

*As The Lake Churns has a cool video re: skipping rocks on frozen Priest Lake here.

HBO Numbers (for Wednesday, Jan. 23): 8968 page-views and 5023 unique views.

Meanwhile, A Family Runs Through It finds himself in the 4th grade again here; Dogwalk Musings is impressed with the Prairie Pig competition here; From A Simple Mind recalls colder days here; JeanC’s having fun with Gimp here; Perspectives sez Izaak’s house-breaking is complete here; Rants, Raves, Random Thoughts shares a real-life conversation here; Slight Detour reviews newspaper letters about the Trestle Creek development here; Mrs. Mac Energetic announces that hubby’s about to retire here; and Un-Muted Mumblings is experiencing a sad state of affairs here.

Boise Roundup: Family Ideas Crash, Burn

In perhaps the biggest flop of Idaho’s legislative session so far, the 14 recommendations from the House Family Task Force – from encouraging more pre-marital counseling to drafting a “covenant marriage” law to make divorce more difficult – all were removed before the panel presented its final report to lawmakers, under pressure from House majority leaders. Instead, the task force presented the Legislature with only general statements about the importance of encouraging strong families — Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise/SR. More here.

Eye On Boise Roundup: Ah, the domes of America; Tamarack to pay big Clean Water Act penalty; Midwives rally for licensing law; Idaho’s transportation shortfall; and “Makes milfoil look like dinner salad.”

IdaBlue: $52M Kibbie Dome Upgrade Goofy

Item: U of I has an ‘ambitious, bold’ plan to upgrade the Kibbie Dome/Nick Jezierny, Statesman

More Info: The second phase, for which the $35 million is needed, involves lowering the football field 10 to 12 feet to allow for the addition of 3,600 seats. That will push the Dome’s capacity to 20,000.

IdaBlue: Given attendence at games in the dome, you gotta wonder what’s the point of adding seats. How do they justify the cost of reducing the percentage of seats filled in a season? I figure it’s about $9,722 per seat. What are they thinking?

Question: Do you agree with IdaBlue that the proposed Kibbie Dome expansion is a goofy idea, given the fact that the Vandals can’t fill the current facility? Or is it necessary?

Boise Weekly: Libertarians Are Loony!

Libertarians are loony! Were you listening? Did you hear what I said? I said “Libertarians Are Loony!” And to make certain you understand exactly whom I’m talking about, I did not say “Librarians are loony!” Or “Libertines are loony!” Or “Librettists!” No, sir, I speak specifically of that odd and small subspecies of American politics that is getting more attention than it rightfully deserves because of the eccentric presidential candidacy of Ron Paul/Bill Cope, Boise Weekly. More here.

Question: What do you think of Libertarians?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/24/08

A bald eagle suffering from lead poisoning opens its beak to bite as Washington State University veterinarian Nickol Finch checks the progress on the eagle’s I.V. infusion Wednesday at Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in Pullman. Story here. (Tyler Tjomsland/SR).

1. Nampa mayor announces the news NAMPA — The list for best places for young people to live is out and two Idaho cities have made it. The two cities are Boise and Nampa here/KTVB.

2. Artist Tamera Bremer has her woven self-portrait back. It’s a bit stinky but the image is as curvy and naked as the day it was stolen here/KTVB.

3. Sports: A future Zag had a extremely scary moment Tuesday night. Grant Gibbs, a highly-touted guard from Iowa who is coming to Gonzaga next year, was fouled while going up for a dunk here/KREM2.

4. News Roundup: Dozens gather to recall WSU students killed near CdA/WSU Evergreen; Terrorism task force raids Spokane trucker schools/KXLY; Bill would limit group homes for sex offenders/KTVB; States offered more latitude to kill wolves/Statesman; and Troy Mine found at fault in death/Missoulian.

5. Blogosphere: President McCain/Adam’s Blog; Daily SR Briefing/Thuy Nguyen; Tales of a fourth-grade something/A Family Runs Through It; Canyon County Dem chair thanks Rep. Bowers/MountainGoat Report; and Big Dog, MSM and lies/Morialekafa.

6. IMHO: UW ought to shoulder stadium renovations/Rikki King, WSU Evergreen; Neighbor sees you, Big Brother sees them/Tom Henderson, Lewiston Tribune; Lawmakers cool to guv’s private prison plan/Dan Popkey, Statesman; Anti-discrimination bill deserves hearing/Idaho Statesman; and UI’s bold plan to upgrade Kibbie Dome/Nick Jezierny, Statesman.

Orbusmax Special: Eyak language dies with chief here.

Prairie Voice Hucks: Human Rights? No, Beer

Not everything went according to script at the 23rd annual Human Rights Celebration at North Idaho College last week. Three international exchange students from St. Maries High caused a few chuckles among the assembled 1,250 fifth-graders when their speeches veered unexpectedly from human rights. Ondrej Slansky of the Czech Republic introduced the rabbit trail during a discussion of the difference between freedoms in his country and the United States. “I’m really proud of my country,” he said, “The Czech Republic has good beer.” Catching himself, he went on to say that he appreciates the freedom of religion here, noting that his country has one dominant faith, Catholic, while St. Maries alone has more than a dozen different churches. Later, Christian Mest of Germany wouldn’t let Ondrej’s boast go unchallenged. “I don’t agree with Ondrej,” Christian said. “We have better beer.” Then, he added: “Maybe talking about beer isn’t the best thing here.” Especially if it’s the thing the young audience remembers/D.F. Oliveria, Spokesman-Review. Prairie Voice Huckleberries here.

DFO: If you don’t receive the Prairie Voice in your SR in the morning, look for it at Hastings or a number of other businesses along Appleway. Or in the Post Falls/Rathdrum areas.

Online Poll: How Many Tattoos?

A 2006 survey by the Pew Research Center says 36 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds and 40 percent of 26-to-40-year-olds have at least one tattoo. How many tattoos do you have?/Idaho Statesman.

*4 or more

DFO: None

SR Letter: Clark’s Hagadone Attack Ignorant

re: Doug Clark’s Jan. 20 column: “Ain’t got no helipad? Sing the blues” (includes link to MP3 parody “The Duane B. Hagadone Blues.”)

Doug Clark’s whiny assault on Duane Hagadone reveals his ignorance of private property rights (“Ain’t got no helipad? Sing the blues,” Jan. 20). Doug thumbs his nose at Duane with his silly blues song, which makes me wonder what he really knows about business. Doug, do you realize how many taxes, jobs and economic benefits wealthy business owners provide Americans? Did you ever once equate wealth with hard work? Did you once consider yourself lucky to have a job at a Hagadone newspaper? How many jobs have you created lately?

Digger Prepares For HBO Blogfest ‘08

In honor of BlogFest 2008 (Digger has) designed (an) unofficial “Fan Shirt” for folks wanting to show your HBO pride at Blogfest this year. Complete with a “Hello My Name Is” space on the front for you to write your name, it also has the address for our favorite blog across the back shoulders. See Link. More details below.

Tenacity: Troubled Boy’s Mom Deserves Thanks

re: Troubled teen w/weapons caught at LCHS

I definitely think the first person to be thanked should be the mother of this young man. Had she not voiced her concerns to the right persons no one would have been alerted. As a mother I know this womans decision was a gut-wrenching one to make. I’m praying for her and admire her courage. Thank you police department for following up, but an even bigger thanks goes to the mother who placed the community and others before her own heart/Tenacity.

Silver Valley Crash Closes I-90 For 6 Hours

ISP News Release: Julie K. Bussell, 33, of Pinehurst, drove westbound on the eastbound off ramp of I90 at mp 40 interchange. As she entered the eastbound lanes, she was traveling in a westbound direction. Bussell struck a semi tractor/trailer head-on, resulting in injuries to herself and both occupants of the semi as well as causing a fire that totally destroyed the 2000 Volvo tractor.Other details below.

Duncan Told Shasta He’d Killed Other Children

Item: Duncan told Shasta he killed other children/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise, SR

More Info: Young Shasta Groene told authorities that killer Joseph Duncan, during the weeks he held her captive at a remote Montana campsite, described killing at least three other children – a tip that prompted authorities to investigate Duncan as a possible serial killer.

DFO: I can’t imagine how young Shasta Groene is as normal as she is today after the treatment she and her family received at the hands of the monster we know as Joseph Duncan. It’s easy to focus intense hatred on Duncan and forget to celebrate the fact that one escaped his clutches. As a result, we have a survivor to remember in our prayers and wish well continually instead of a monster that would have been the sole focus of our attention as so many murderers are.

Parting Shot — 1/23/08

Colleague Ken Paulman writes: I saw this thing on I-90 in the Valley on Saturday. I’ve read somewhere that Toby Keith has one of these. If someone can explain how this is anything other than a pointless affectation, I’d love to hear it…

LCHS Officer Spotted Gilmore, Alerted CPD Blue

CPD Blue News Release: At approximately 10:30 a.m., Coeur d’Alene Police Officer Damon Jones was patrolling the area around Lake City High School when he was notified by School Resource Officer Brandon McCormick that McCormick spotted Brian Gilmore driving onto the LCHS campus while monitoring his security cameras. Officer Jones immediately pulled in behind Gilmore’s vehicle. Gilmore got out of his car and started walking toward the school when Officer Jones ordered him to the ground. Several other City officers responded as well as Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputies.

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/23/08

Photographers Jose Souza, left, and Daniel Ramos, center, show ABC cameraman Stephen Coleman their photos of Britney Spears arriving at a downtown Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday. Spears came to the courthouse today and was expected to plead for renewed rights to visit her two little boys, but she left the building before reaching the courtroom. (AP Photo/Nick Ut)

Top Cutlines

1. “So whaddya got? I got nothing. Sheesh! I had the thing pointed right up her dress! And nothing! When’s she coming back to court again? They need to have better accomodations next time. I tell ya, there’s no respect for the press anymore” — Brent Andrews.

2. Okay, you want a turkey, plain with no fixins from Subway, and you want a tofu wrap from the deli at Trade Joes and I’ll take a Big Mac Supersize meal with a diet coke, anything else? — KeithinCDA.

3. American “stalkarazzi” news hounds. Shoot on sight — LP.

Ah’m Your Huckleberry

HBO blurker David Taylor/CdA was surprised by the editorial in this week’s Idaho Mountain Express (Sun Valley) weekly — you know, the one that rips the Rev & Tax committee for rejecting a tax on Internet sales. Quoth the editorialist: “Once again, Iddaho’s legislative handmaidens of Internet catalog giants have sent the disheartening message to Gem State retailers they really don’t care about problems of uneven and legalized unfair competition.” But that’s not what concerned David Taylor. Seems the editorial went on to say: “Lawmakers from upstate Kootenai County were tickled pink with the bill being ash-canned. And why not? one of America’s giants in Internet retail sales, Coldwater Creek, is headquartered there.” It is?

Eye On Boise Roundup: ACLU Director Resigns

Jack Van Valkenburgh, founding director of the Idaho ACLU, has announced that he’ll be resigning from the organization effective May 1. “I love the ACLU, but I’m not getting any younger,” Van Valkenburgh said. “After 18 years directing it in Idaho, I think it’s time to pursue some other interests.” Van Valkenburgh established the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho office in 1990. Click below to read the full announcement/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

More Eye On Boise: Grocery tax coming, personal property tax not; private prison plan viewed with suspicion; Only exemption repeal killed; Will anti-discrimination bill get hearing? and Idaho, Washington reach water management accord.

WSJ: Clintons Taking Obama To School

Item: Obama’s Clinton education: Bill, Hillary still doing “what you gotta do” to get elected/Wall Street Journal

More Info: The Illinois Senator is still a young man, but not so young as to have missed the 1990s. He nonetheless seems to be awakening slowly to what everyone else already knows about the Clintons, which is that they will say and do whatever they “gotta” say or do to win. Listen closely to Mr. Obama, and you can almost hear the echoes of Bob Dole at the end of the 1996 campaign asking, “Where’s the outrage?”

Question: Do you believe in doing “what you gotta do” to get elected?

From SR Files: Tom Cronin

Ex-CPD Police Chief Tom Cronin announced his candidacy for Commissioner Rick Currie’s commissioner seat Tuesday. Cronin left CdA under less than ideal circumstances. Following is a story from Aug. 30, 2003:

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Tom Cronin’s job is in jeopardy after the discovery that some city police officers worked without state certification required to make arrests. The Coeur d’Alene City Council called an emergency closed-door session at 10:35 a.m. Friday in Mayor Sandi Bloem’s office to discuss a personnel issue, which neither the council members nor the mayor would discuss. However, two sources close to the investigation who requested anonymity said Cronin initially quit over a dispute with council members about the proper punishment for the officer who oversaw the certification records, but changed his mind and attempted to withdraw his resignation. One person interviewed said Cronin has been suspended with pay and that Capt. Wendy Carpenter is acting chief/Erica Curless, SR. Full story here.

Related: columnist Doug Clark reminds us of Cronin’s infamous drinking parties for CPD Blue officers in this Oct. 3 2002 column.

DFO: I don’t mean to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm about Cronin’s candidacy, but he definitely has some questions to answer about past performance before the GOP spring primary.

Update: Police Arrest Armed Teen @ LCHS

Sgt. Christie Wood just called to say CPD Blue will conduct a press conference about this in 25 minutes.

Lake City High School was briefly locked down this morning, while Coeur d’Alene Police arrested an armed 18-year-old in the parking lot. Police apprehended Bryan Gilmore without incident about 11 a.m. today. They found a shotgun in full view on the passenger seat of the black Pontiac Grand Prix that Gilmore steered into the parking lot. Gilmore was wearing a camouflaged top when he was arrested. Gilmore is a student at Coeur d’Alene High School, which had been placed on alert. Officers were waiting at both schools, anticipating Gilmore might show up. Gilmore previously attended Lake City High/Spokesman-Review. More here.

HBO @ Noon: Horse On Menu?

Kristen DeGroat, 25, of Akron, Mich., shown Tuesday, bought a Saginaw News classified ad to sell her horse, Foxy, a 3-year-old mare. DeGroat wants to make one thing clear: Her horse is not on the menu. Because of a goof at the newspaper, a classified ad for her horse ran under the header “Good Things to Eat” instead of the one for horses and stables.

Question: Have you ever eaten horse? If so, what did it taste like? If not, what was the strangest meat that you’ve eaten?


Skip Hissong, campaign manager for state Rep. Frank Henderson, R-Post Falls, sez the eightysomething solon absolutely is not considering a run for Commissioner Todd Tondee’s seat this spring. An insider at Tom Cronin’s announcement for county commissioner Tuesday told a Berry Picker that Henderson was considering a return to the courthouse because he was tired of the travel between here and Boise. Hissong said Henderson is still enjoying his stint as a District 5 representative.

AM Hucks — 1/23/08

Kevin Gonzalez, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, stands in front of a new highway sign in Hayden. Gonzalez was a leader in the effort to rename the local airport after World War ll hero Pappy Boyington; he recently produced a documentary on the lengthy process that will be shown at film festivals around the country. Story by AP’s Nicholas K. Geranios here. (AP Photo/Ingrid Barrentine)

*Tom Cronin announces commissioner candidacy: Former Cd’A police chief will seek spot currently held by Rick Currie/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press — I wonder if all those folks who are excited about Cronin, including Sheriff Rocky Watson, remember that he left the local police department under a cloud?

*Hayden to consider 1,800-home development again/Erica F. Curless — Ready or not, here it comes.

*Home sales suffer in 2007: Real estate agents still have reason to be optimistic/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press — I’m glad that I wasn’t one of those who overpaid for a house a coupla years ago. Sooner or later, the prices will start going up again.

*Shasta described Dylan’s murder/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review: I agree with the bumper sticker you see sometimes around town: “Kill Duncan.”

*Bonner County P&Z endorses Trestle Creek resort on Lake Pend Oreille/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Daily Bee — What? You thought Kootenai County was the only North Idaho area that has been discovered.

Question: How much will Commissioner Rick Currie’s re-election bid be affected by his opposition to renaming the Coeur d’Alene airport field after Pappy Boyington?

SR: Idaho Should Add Gay Protections To Law

Item: Our View: Time to add sexual orientation to Idaho’s anti-discrimination law/Spokesman-Review Editorial Board

More Info: It probably won’t happen in Idaho this year, but it will happen. The old arguments have lost their appeal, especially among young people and those who know gay and lesbian people. They aren’t persuaded by comments such as this from state Sen. Denton Darrington. R-Declo: “It just seems to me like it’s another effort to impose state sanction or certification of a lifestyle that I think is not particularly beneficial to families.”

Question: Do you think the 2008 Idaho Legislature will pass this bill. If not, when do you think Idaho lawmakers will pass this bill?

HBOer Thoreson Bounces Back After Heart Scare

Some of you may have heard I had a close call right after the Post Falls chamber banquet last Thursday evening. Pain in both arms, profuse sweating and tightness in my chest prompted me to ask Bert to take me to the ER at KMC instead of home. Good thing since I was in the early stages of a heart attack. I could and will sing the praises of the medical professionals we have right here. A full-blown attack was averted and I have added a second pair of arterial stents to the ones I had placed two years ago/Kerri Thoreson, Coeur d’Alene Press/OnLocation North Idaho. More here.

Taking County Of The Homeless

Jay Wells is living in the bushes behind a shopping mall in Spokane Valley. He talks with Carmen Jacoby who is part of the Spokane Homeless Coalition annual head count of local homeless. She also passed out clean socks and gloves to anyone who needed more warm clothing against the recent cold spell. Story by Alison Boggs/SR here. (SR Photo/Christopher Anderson)

Question: Have you or any member of your family ever been homeless?

T-Paine, Old Vet: Douglas’ Endorsement Of McHugh

re: Douglas says he will not seek re-election: Endorses Assistant U.S. Attorney Barry McHugh/Erica F. Curless, Spokesman-Review

Thomas Paine: According to the story in this morning’s paper Mr. Douglas has come out in support of Mr. McHugh to replace him: Does this help or hurt Mr. McHugh’s chances? Personally, if I was Mr. McHugh the LAST person I would want endorsing me is Mr. Douglas.

Old Vet: Bill apparently waited to announce his retirement until someone competent stepped forward. McHugh sounds qualified. Some folks focus on the negatives rather than the positives. Bill has accomplished many positives in 20 years according to his website referenced in the media statement. According to the news release, Bill was ready to run again if no one like McHugh stepped forward like McHugh. Just because Bill and McHugh are friends, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t endorse him if qualified.

Stantis: 35 Years Later

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Parting Shot — 1/22/08

Seattle Seahawk’s head coach Mike Holmgren, answers questions from the media gathered at the teams facility in Kirkland, Wash., today. Holmgren announced he is staying for the final year of his contract. Story here. (AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey)

Question: Are you glad to see Holmgren return to the Seattle Seahawks?

NI Skinny: A Diamond Ring That Lost Its Shine

The engagement ring and diamond wrap have lifetime warranties. I found the paperwork today when I was divvying up household belongings and packing away picture albums and my wedding dress. The irony: You can get a lifetime warranty on a wedding ring. Marriages? No such thing. I have a ring sitting in my jewelry box unworn. A ring with a lifetime warranty is no good if the marriage wears out first/Taryn Hecker, The Skinny On North Idaho. More here.

Question: Which memento is hardest to throw away upon divorce?

APhoto of the Day — 1/22/08

In this photo released by Whistler Blackcomb, an instructor leads her pack of young skiers on the slopes of Whistler Mountain in British Columbia as they learn the basics. You write the cutline. (AP Photo/Robin O’Neill)

Top Cutlines

1. Al Gore VIII leads a group of young scientists down Miami Beach on a 2174 tour inspired by his book, “Inconvenient Truth II: This Time, Mother Earth Means It” — LynnS.

2. ‘Hey you lot, pay attention… look, over there, there’s Dozzy and Bashful, so thats all Seven of ya rounded up’ - (mumbled under breath ‘dam dwarfs’) — Marmitetoasty.

3. Coeur d’Alene residents try to make their way across sidewalks in front of property owned by LCDC — Eagle Eye.

Huckleberries Hears, Part 2 …

… that Tom Cronin had a laundry list of supporters at his candidacy announcement for Commish Rick Currie’s position, including Sheriff Rocky Watson, City Finance Officer Troy Thymesen (his brother-in-law who will serve as campaign treasurer), Coeur d’Alene Indian Tribe reps, Dave McDowell, Jim Elder, Tony Berns, Coeur d’Alene city and police officials, and local vets. The veterans, who are still ticked at Currie’s refusal to support renaming the Coeur d’Alene Air Terminal field after WWII hero Pappy Boyington, already have endorsed Cronin.

Heath Ledger, 28, Actor, RIP

This undated photo supplied by Focus Features shows Heath Ledger, left, and Jake Gyllenhaal in Ang Lees “Brokeback Mountain.” Ledger was found dead today at a downtown Manhattan residence, police said. He was 28. Story here. (AP Photo/Focus Features, Kimberly French)

Vox Box: Sex & The Teen-Age Girl

More on Juno… This is a great column in the New York Times.

(Caitlin Flanagan/NYT)
The movie “Juno” is a fairy tale about a pregnant teenager who decides to have her baby, place it for adoption and then get on with her life. For the most part, the tone of the movie is comedic and jolly, but there is a moment when Juno tells her father about her condition, and he shakes his head in disappointment and says, “I thought you were the kind of girl who knew when to say when.”

Female viewers flinch when he says it, because his words lay bare the bitterly unfair truth of sexuality: female desire can bring with it a form of punishment no man can begin to imagine, and so it is one appetite women and girls must always regard with caution. Because Juno let her guard down and had a single sexual experience with a sweet, well-intentioned boy, she alone is left with this ordeal of sorrow and public shame.

QUESTION: Do you feel that girls unfairly bear most of the consequences of sex?

Thompson Drops Out Of Prez Race

Item: Thompson drops out of GOP presidential race: Former senator finished far behind in 1st contests/Associated Press

More Info: Thompson’s fate was sealed last Saturday in the South Carolina primary, when he finished third in a state that he had said he needed to win.

Question: Who’ll be the next to bow out?

Sad But True: Too Many Cops In PF Already

A friend of mine recently visiting from Boise was just aghast and amazed about the ominous and oppressive Police presence in Post Falls. Most striking, he said that Seltice Way was just crawling with Police, no matter what time of the day he drove through. He said it was liking running a gauntlet. Nobody who visits Post Falls from another area mentions a shortage of Police Officers. Universally, they are just astonished by the place being overran by cops. And having 10 (count ‘em, TEN!) officers at this shooting: Question …. how does that supposedly justify even MORE police?

Sad But True

Shasta Describes Brother Dylan’s Murder

The night she was rescued from killer Joseph Duncan, young Shasta Groene gave such a vivid description of Duncan’s killing of her brother, Dylan, that authorities were left with no doubt that 9-year-old Dylan was dead. “She had reported that Mr. Duncan had killed D.G. (Dylan Groene) by shooting him two times,” defense attorney Thomas Monaghan told a federal court in Boise this morning. “And the first shot was described by her as an accident”/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Cronin To Announce For Commish @ Noon

“Once again my name is Tom Cronin and I am running for County Commissioner and I look forward to the next couple of months and conducting a dialogue and listening to as many of the County residents as possible” — former CdA police chief Tom Cronin, from press statement released to media this morning. Full statement here.

Debut: Doug Clark Sings ‘Duane B. Hagadone Blues’

Originally posted at 1:27 a.m. Sunday

Download “The Duane B. Hagadone Blues here

Poor Duane Hagadone. Aside from his power, hotels, newspapers, mansions, luxury cars, boats, businesses, restaurants, political connections, condos, artwork and untold millions… the tycoon can’t catch a break. In a disgraceful display of independent thought, the Idaho Department of Lands said NO to the North Idaho tycoon’s nature-improving Lake Coeur d’Alene plan. What’s the big deal? All Hagadone wants to do is put a dock about, oh, the size of Worley, plus a floating helicopter landing pad in the waters outside his Casco Bay manse. But a lands official ruled that the project wouldn’t be all that beneficial to, well, anyone not named Hagadone. There’s only one thing for a fellow to do when faced with the bitter disappointment of not getting a helipad. Sing the blues/Doug Clark, Spokesman-Review. More here

Question: So what do you think of “The Duane B. Hagadone Blues”?

CSI Laps NIC In Trustee Tenure

Item: Elected longevity: CSI board tenure averages about 22 years/Andrea Gates, Twin Falls Times-News

More Info: The average time served on the College of Southern Idaho board is longer than some of the school’s students have been alive - about 22 years. … North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene has more turnover on its board. The longest serving current trustee on the board is in his second six-year term, which began in 1998, a spokeswoman said.

Question: While some in higher education say occasional new blood is vital to a board, others credit long tenures, like those at the CSI board, for building strong decision makers. Which way do you think is best?

Trib: And You Thought Commie Scare Was Passe?

Over the years, Canyon County voters have elected some of the most extreme members of the Idaho Legislature. But no one can blame those voters for freshman Rep. Curtis Bowers, R-Caldwell. He was put in the House of Representatives by Gov. Butch Otter. Bowers, a former restaurant owner, has already gravitated to the right wing of his caucus, joining with five other legislators to ask the attorney general’s office to investigate the Moscow City Council for making health insurance available to the domestic partners of city employees. But he recently drew attention on his own with a newspaper column saying such moves follow the agenda of the Communist Party USA/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Related: Bowers has an enemies’ list, and it may include you/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman

In The News: Academy Awards

Actress Kathy Bates, left, and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences President Sid Ganis announce the nominees for best actor as they reveal the nominations for the 80th annual Academy Awards in Beverly Hills, Calif., this morning. Story here. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

Question: Which movie was the best picture that you saw last year?

Digger: My Being Gay Is Not A Choice

re: Should Idaho extend anti-bias protection to gays?

I can safely say that any person who says that being gay is a choice is competley and utterly mistaken. It is not a choice. It is who I am - and I’ve always been this way. When I look back on it I don’t know why I didn’t figure it out sooner. What you choose to do is accept it and come out. Not to choose to “be” this way. Lets get that squared away right now. Secondly, there is no reason why a person should be fired because they’re gay. It happened to me, although I can’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. I was a model employee, rave reviews, until I came out to my bosses. Then, something happened that suddenly they couldn’t afford to pay me anymore and I got laid off. The only quirky thing about the whole situation was I was far more valuable to the orginization than my co-worker who, just happened to attend the same church as the owners. Sad really. They were “Real Life” folks/Digger.

Heller: Frost Bite Areas

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

MLKJr Wild Card — 1/21/08

I’m off today. But I’ve posted a few things for you below to keep you busy. I might add a few things as the day goes on. I don’t know how many bloggers, blurkers and commenters here get the day off in observance of Martin Luther King’s life and contribution to civil rights in our country. I believe it should be a national holiday for everyone. Not just public employees. Or Spokesman-Review employees. What do you think? You can answer that question or start a new thread with this Wild Card …

Another Motorist Killed On Highway 95

ISP Report: Benjamin Weller, 39, of Pullman, Wash., was NB on Highway 95 at State Highway 66 and Austin Raleigh, 73, of Lewiston was SB when Austin lost control of his vehicle and crossed into the NB lane striking the guardrail and was then struck by Weller. Austin was killed. Weller and two children, ages 11 and 9, were injured. ISP report below

Question: Should CdA, Spokane Name Street After MLKJr?

Item: MLK missing from the map: Unlike 800 other cities, Spokane and CdA haven’t honored King/Kevin Graman, Spokesman-Review

More Info: There are many reasons not to name a city street after Martin Luther King Jr. and just one to do so: to honor the memory of the civil rights leader. Despite the hurdles, nearly 800 U.S. communities have chosen to name streets for King. Neither Spokane nor Coeur d’Alene is among them.

Question: Should Coeur d’Alene and Spokane name a city street after Martin Luther King Jr., like so many other cities have?

WorldNetDaily Poll: Age & Presidency

Item: Chuck Norris: McCain just too old to be prez: Action star thinks single term could make John age into 80s/WorldNetDaily

Question: Should age be a factor in a presidential race?

1. No, age should not be a factor at all
2. No, being a positive leader who protects America is what really matters
3.No, following the Constitution is much more important than age
4. If I’m really stuck between candidates, age might be the deciding factor
5. Yes, age should be one of the many aspects taken into consideration
6. Yes, I don’t want someone too young and inexperienced
7. Yes, I don’t want an ancient geezer running the country
8. Other

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here.

WSU Ends Oregon Basketball Domination

Washington State guard Taylor Rochestie celebrates after an Oregon player drew a foul with 8.9 seconds left in the second half of a college basketball game against Oregon Sunday in Pullman, Wash. Washington State won 69-60. Oregon had won 13 strait and 21 of the last 22 games between the two teams. (AP Photo/Dean Hare)

Question: Have you ever knock in a winning run, scored a winning touchdown or goal, or in any other sport won a contest for your team?

Souza Returns w/Online Newsletter

Item: Mary Souza returns with newsletter/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: One of the community’s most controversial writers is back in action, but this time Mary Souza is distributing The City’s Pulse in a free weekly newsletter instead of writing a column for The Press. “It’s simply something that I see as a community service and I’m going to continue because I’ve already taken the leap, the risk,” she said. Souza already has about 200 subscribers for the e-mail newsletter, which she plans to link to a Web page containing a blog, graphic elements and links to documents. The Web site is still under construction. The first newsletter was published Jan. 17. In it, Souza criticizes the Lake City Development Corporation’s plan to expand its boundaries to include Sorensen and Winton elementaries, and plans for the education corridor, among other issues.

Question: What do you think of Mary Souza’s return to opinion writing?

APhoto of the Weekend — 1/19-20/08

Itsuo Inouye/AP Photo

Guests enjoy a chocolate mixed spa at the Hakone Yunessun spa resort facilities in Hakone, west of Tokyo earlier today. You write the cutline.

London Times: Oprah Paying Price For Obama Support

Item: Female fans turn on ‘traitor’ Oprah: Barrage of negative messages in response to talk show host’s support of Obama/London Sunday Times

More Info: America’s favourite television presenter is paying a painful price for her intervention in the US presidential campaign last month. Oprah Winfrey has been dubbed a “traitor” by some of her female fans for supporting Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton.

Question: Has Oprah’s support of Barack Obama prompted you to take a longer look at the candidate and maybe even support him?

Clinton, Romney Win Nevada

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. greets cocktail waitresses during a campaign stop at the Mandalay Bay Hotel on caucus day in Las Vegas, today. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Nevada caucuses Saturday, powering past Barack Obama in a hard-fought race marred by last-minute charges of dirty politics. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney easily won the Republican contest. The victory marked a second-straight campaign triumph for the former first lady, who gained an upset victory over Obama in last week’s New Hampshire primary. Early returns showed the former first lady gaining roughly half the vote in a three-way Democratic race, with Obama at about 45 percent and former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards placing a distant third. Romney said Republicans had cast their votes for change — and that he was the man to provide it.

Romney Wins Nevada GOP Caucuses …

… McCain, Huckabee duel in South Carolina/Seattle Times

More Info: Nevada offered more delegates but far less appeal to the Republican candidates than South Carolina, a primary that has gone to the party’s eventual nominee every four years since 1980. That made it a magnet for former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson, who staked his candidacy on a strong showing, as well as for Romney, McCain, the Arizona senator; and Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas.

Cell Phone Saves Ex-Reserve Deputy’s Life In Shootout

A former reserve deputy was shot in the chest during a gunfight with Post Falls police today but escaped serious injury because his cell phone stopped the bullet, authorities said. Christopher J. Kimsey, 33, (pictured) initially thought he was mortally wounded, police said, but suffered only superficial shrapnel wounds during the 8 a.m. shootout in the parking lot of Real Life Ministries near State Highway 41 and Poleline Road in Post Falls. The bullet lodged in the battery of his Nokia, which was in his shirt pocket, said Post Falls Police Capt. Scott Haug. “It seems like this was his lucky day,” Haug said/Tom Clouse & Erica F. Curless. More here

Haman: Whatever Happened To Presumed Innocence? — Tubbs

re: Did Marano cut a break for another judge?

Has anyone stopped to question how all this information made it to the front page of the paper? The lines being crossed are all over the place including yapping police officers who want to get even. You Joan are the same kind of over reactionist that followed George into the middle east to find the WMD and if you all think the media ever gives you all the facts you are all idiots. … Dear lawyers in the crowd, what ever happened to innocent until proven quilty?/Tubbs

Sightem: A Working Man In Mr. H’s Megadesertmess

Spending a few days in the Cochella Valley, home of Mr. H’s megadesertmess. While sitting in my car awaiting my Rx from a brand new, barely-open local Walgreens, I watched with wonderment a real working man. He was a young, lean, Hispanic man applying finishing touches to the landscape border in front of my car. Can’t recall when I have seen such a hard-working, energetic person; his head never came up for more than an instant while looking for another tool. I suspect he did more work in the 20 minutes I watched him than a team of 6 “working” on the Hayden Government Way project this fall did in a day’s shift. Don’t know if he was legit or “illegal”, and frankly don’t care. If most illegals work this hard, it is no wonder that business owners and contractors want more of them … not less/LastDemoInIdaho.

Arpie: Getting 3rd Degree For $80 Canadian?

So hears a new one, at least for me. I’m heading norht this weekend. As usual I stop in at my bank to get a little Canadian spending Cash. What was different is that I had to give my address, phone# and SS# then come back in a ten minutes while they filed this info with the government to pick up $80 Canadian. The clerk explained that it was Patriot Act provisions. So Uncle Sam now knows I picked up some Canadian money. My first thought was I must not be getting enough of the stuff. Has anyone else run into this? How paranoid should I be? What should I make of this?/Arpie.

WorldNetDaily Poll: Gun Control

Item: Bush legal brief threat to Second Amendment: Gun owners warn White House opinion paves way for ‘reasonable’ firearm ban/WorldNetDaily

Question: What are your thoughts on gun control?

1. Guns have no place in a civilized society
2. Civilians have no need for firearms – guns should be only in the hands of trained government personnel
3. The criteria for civilian ownership of guns should be very strict
4. This is no longer the Wild West – restrictions on private gun ownership are perfectly reasonable
5. Reasonable restrictions are necessary, otherwise your neighbor could arm himself with a nuke or biological weapon
6. The laws as they currently exist strike a reasonable balance between freedom and regulation
7. Most of the gun laws on the books today should be repealed
8. I’m all for it – when I have my gun, I’m in control
9. What part of ‘shall not be infringed’ don’t the gun grabbers understand?
10. The Founders were right – bearing arms is an inalienable right

For the WorldNetDaily news report, click here

TGIF Wild Card — 1/18/08

I forgot to mention today that my Stickman stick has gone to Stick Heaven, fallen in the line of duty. I was walking Thursday evening when a coupla big mutts charged from across the street. I threw a scare into them by slamming the stick hard onto the pavement. The sound stopped them in their tracks. Me, too? I knew something was wrong when I heard the hollowness. I found a fatal crack upon investigation — and finished breaking the stick in half. I’ll give it the proper send off tonight by using it to build a fire. Then, I’ll make sure I head to Stickman’s for a new one. Meanwhile, I’m off until Tuesday. But I’ll post a few things to give you something to do, including this Wild Card …

Breaking! 1 Dead In Hayden Car Crash

One person died in a two-car crash in Hayden this afternoon. Idaho State Police are still at the scene of the collision, located at North Ramsey Road and West Miles Avenue, southeast of the Coeur d’Alene Airport. Police learned of the crash shortly before 3 p.m.

HBO’s Best of the Local Blogs — 1/18/08

Live, Love, Laugh, Hope photo

En route to an outdoors trip to snap photos, Live, Love, Laugh, Hope saw police cars outside his church, Real Life, and worried that something bad had happened here.

*A Family Runs Through It counts his stay-at-home-dad blessings after a devil-wears-Prada friend suggests changing places here.

*The worst thing about a fire, sez Sparky Notes, are the memories it destroys here.

*Dogwalk Musings wonders why the city of Coeur d’Alene didn’t anticipate the need and cost of a traffic light to serve the Kroc Center here.

*Rants, Raves and Random Thoughts regrets wearing that clown outfit in the 4th grade, now that he knows that clowns frightens many people here.

HBO Numbers (for Thursday, Jan. 17): 8326 page-views and 4670 unique views.

Meanwhile, OrangeTV introduces us to Sandpoint troubadour Josh Hedlund here; Mrs. Mac Energetic sez the moose are getting too close for comfort here; A Butterfly Moment catches a shrimp in the hallway here; Arch Druid wasn’t impressed with Dubya’s Middle East frat-boy tour here; S&S Herb writes his second reflection on the housing industry here; Frum Helen Back worries about her forgetfulness here; Napkin Notes awards bloggers who make her day here; Slight Detour trades blogging for enunciating here; and Un-Muted Mumblings predicts Huckabee will crash and burn here.

Eye On Boise: These Halls Have History

Here’s another reminder that the building where the Legislature is holding its session this year had a long prior history as a county courthouse. Peter Morrill, general manager of Idaho Public Television, came before JFAC in its new digs this morning, and said, “This room actually holds some special memory for me. Thirteen years ago, my wife and I adopted our daughter here in this room. … I hope the adoption of my budget this year goes as well as the adoption of my daughter 13 years ago”/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review.

More Eye On Boise: Role of Ed Board debated; and Bills, bills, bills.

PFPD Blue Sets Press Conference re: Shooting

The Post Falls Police Department will be holding a press conference at 4:30 p.m. on the officer involved shooting that took place earlier this morning. The press conference will be held at the Post Falls Police Department (1717 Polston Ave)

PF URA Lowers Infrastructure Reimbursement

The Commissioners of the Post Falls Urban Renewal Agency have voted to change the way that the Agency works with developers in the future, by lowering the amount of reimbursement that they offer to cover expenses associated with the development of new public infrastructure. More here

Godometer: Huckabee, Obama Theocratic God-o-Meter ranks religious tendencies of prez wannabes, from secularist to theocrat, here.

Question: Surprised by your candidate’s ranking?

Obama Misstep: Missus O Mispronounces Nevada

Item: Obama’s wife flubs Nevada, recovers/Townhall

More Info: Gambling and prostitution are nothing here _ Michelle Obama committed the real local sin by mispronouncing the name of the state. She was introducing her husband, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, by saying how happy she was to be in Nuh-VAH-duh. The crowd at the University of Nevada Reno immediately burst into heckles. Locals don’t like it when visitors pronounced the state by using a soft a, like in “baccarat.” The correct pronunciation in these parts is Nuh-VAD-uh, with a hard a, like in “craps” or “blackjack.”

Question: Would you care if a candidate or his/her significant other mispronounced the name of your state?

HBO @ Noon — 1/18/08

Brent Andrews/Chronic Discontent posed a question in the comments section that’s near and dear to my heart: What’s in your book stack? I’m like Brent. I read several books at once, unless one grabs me and I can’t put it down. At the moment, I’m reading Garrison Keillor’s “Book of Guys” and “Staying Alive,” a poetry compilation. I’ll be moving on to “Snow Falling on Cedars” when I put “Book of Guys” down.

Question: What’s in your book stack?

Hooters Shooter Suspect Nabbed In Real Life Lot

KREM2 video here

An Idaho man was arrested this morning following a shootout with Post Falls Police officers in a church parking lot. The officers said the suspect aimed a gun at them and they fired. It’s not yet clear who fired first. The suspect, Christopher Kemsey, is also believed to be the man who earlier led Washington and Idaho law enforcement on a morning-long search that started with shots fired at 3:10 a.m. in the parking lot of Hooters in Spokane Valley/Thomas Clouse, SR. More here

State Librarian: Libraries More Relevant The Ever

State Librarian Ann Joslin says, “Idaho’s libraries are more relevant than ever.” Starting out her budget presentation to lawmakers, Joslin noted that the most likely age group to use libraries is 18-to-30-year-olds, and young families are the most frequent users. “Instead of the Internet making libraries less relevant, Internet use seems to create an information hunger that libraries and librarians help satisfy,” she said/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise.

More Eye On Boise: Doing double duty; and Minnick racks up campaign cash.

Question: How often — and for what reason — do you use the library?

Online Poll: How Do You Rent Movies

On Tuesday, Apple announced that iTunes will rent out movies that can be watched on the iPod, the computer or home theater. How do you rent movies?/Idaho Statesman.

*Video store
*By mail

Question: Also, how often do you rent movies?

NYTimes Features Kellogg In Travel Story

With the cleanup nearly done, the Greenwells saw potential for the mountain town to grow into a resort community built around the Silver Mountain ski area. In 2003, they paid $42,000 for a 100-year-old miner’s cabin a few blocks from the base of the gondola that carries skiers and snowboarders from the town to Silver Mountain’s slopes. “Our thought was, ‘Can we get something very affordable, enjoy it and see some appreciation,’ ” Mr. Greenwell said. “And it’s worked out pretty well”/Matthew Preusch, New York Times. More here

Question: When is the last time you’ve visited the Silver Valley?

Bobby Fischer, 64, Former Chess Champ

John McConnico/AP File Photo

A March 25, 2005, file photo showing Bobby Fischer answering a question at a press conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. Fischer, the reclusive chess genius who became a Cold War hero by dethroning the Soviet world champion in 1972 and later renounced his American citizenship, has died at the age of 64 in a Reykjavik hospital.

Question: Do you remember Bobby Fischer?

Jorel: Hagadone Has Enough Of Lake

re: Lands Department denies Hagadone dock request

Jorel: One only has to understand the arrogance of John Barlow to know he would say 95% of the decision was based on “technicalities”. Earth to Barlow. … A technicality is Duanes neighbors NOT signing the application(or is it?). Kudos to Bacon and Wilson for seeing and understanding what is clearly a misguided attempt to by Hagadone to commandere more of CDA Lakes waterfront. His footprint on this lake is to large already.A true victory for the common citizen.

DFO: Actually, if you read the findings, the hearing examiner mentioned and spelled out the technicalities, but he was adamant that the request for the helipad and dock were out of line — a major intrusion on the public trust.

WSU Wins 69-46, UI Falls 69-61

Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review

Derrick Low of WSU tries to get around Josh Tarver of Oregon State during the first half of the Washington State game against Oregon State Jan. 17, 2008 at Friel Court in Pullman. Vince Grippi’s Sportslink report here.

Sportslink’s WSU/OSU postgame video here

WSU 69, OSU 46 game report and boxscore

Nevada 69, Idaho 61 game report and boxscore

Parting Shot — 1/17/08

George Cochaniec Jr./Rocky Mountain News, AP

A mule deer buck got tangled up in bailing twine after finding some hay near a ranch in the Gunnison Basin east of Gunnison, Colo. on Wednesday. Recent below zero temperatures and above average snow has forced the Colorado Division of Wildlife to launch its biggest feeding operation in the last 24 years.

Frosty Windshield Could Land Driver In Prison

It’s a mistake a number of people can undoubtedly relate to - jumping in your vehicle without scraping the frost off the windshield first - but it’s a mistake that may send one local man to prison. A new search warrant reveals that a driver - who’s name is not being released since he has not been officially charged with a crime - could be charged with vehicular homicide for running over a man that he couldn’t see through a frosty windshield/ More here

Question: Anyone thinking as I am: There but for the grace of God go I?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/17/08

Aijaz Rahi/AP Photo

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama yawns during a function, organized to felicitate India’s former defense minister George Fernandes, unseen, in Bangalore, India, Thursday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Dalai Lama, a senior member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, shows his excitement during Sunday’s Golden Globe telecast. The spiritual leader’s late night show “Hangin’ with the Lama,” has been on hiatus since the WGA strike — SSands.

2. In a rarely seen digitally remastered outtake from the set of “The King and I,” Yul Brynner can’t keep a straight face trying to muster one more poorly accented “et cetera, et cetera, et cetera” — LynnS.

3. The Dalai Lama reacts to a stand-up comic’s joke: “What did the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor? Make me one with everything” — Average Joe.

HM: MikeS & LP

EOB: Solons Torpedo Boat Safety Bill

Idaho’s state Department of Parks and Recreation came in with legislation today to improve boating safety in the state, but ran into a hornet’s nest of questions and objections from lawmakers after they saw that the bill wouldn’t let anyone under 14 operate a boat or personal watercraft unless directly supervised by an adult; would have required everyone in the future, including adults, to have passed a boater safety course and carry certification with them to operate on Idaho waters; and would have made it illegal to violate Coast Guard navigation rules that lawmakers on the committee had never seen and that weren’t listed in the bill/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here

Question: Should boaters be required to pass a safety course before being allowed to operate a boat on Idaho waters?

Alleged Cross Country Stalker Arrested Again

Item: New York man’s alleged obsession with Spokane teen lands him in jail/Meghann M. Cuniff, Spokesman-Review

More Info: A 20-year-old New York man suspected of stalking a 15-year-old Spokane girl was arrested again today after police determined he had been trying to contact the girl at her high school. Joshua R. Stetar was taken into custody about 1:30 p.m. today during a traffic stop near the intersection of Trent Avenue and Hamilton Street, Spokane police Cpl. Jon Strickland said.

Question: What should be done with Joshua Stetar?

HBO Blogfest ‘08 Is A Go

Who: All HBOers
What: Blogfest ‘08
When: 2-4 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16
Where: Capone’s (4th Street/CdA)
Why: Celebrate 4th anniversary of Huckleberries Online
How Much: Pizza and pop are free.

Burglar(s) Robs 3 Steaks, Slicer From Iron Horse

A burglar robbed three steak roasts and a slicer from the Iron Horse restaurant earlier this week. On Wednesday morning, Tom Robb and morning cook Julia Harris arrived at the Sherman Avenue restaurant to find that the meat slicer was missing along with the roasts. Daniel Johnson, another cook, told investigating officers that he found the kitchen door open when he checked it at 9 p.m. Tuesday. The door opens onto the alleyway behind the Iron Horse. Since the brand-name slicer weighs 50 pounds, CPD Blue speculates that more than one thief was involved.

EOB Roundup: Idaho Makes ‘Shameful 7’

The Humane Society of the United States has named Idaho as one of its “Shameful Seven” states for lacking felony animal cruelty laws. “Forty-three states, plus Washington D.C., the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, recognize the gravity of these crimes and have felony animal cruelty laws on the books,” the group said in a news release/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here

More Eye On Boise: Teacher pay hearings to run all week; Emergency: College has changed its name; Rev&Tax balks at reviewing exemptions; and Otter not backing math initiative.

DanH: Sen. Keough Wants It Both Ways

Two years ago she said it was such a grand bargain everyone had to be included. In fact, Sen. Shawn Keough (pictured) was so enamored with the North Idaho Water Adjudication she sponsored the legislation and worked hard to get it passed in the state senate. And she must have done a decent job. Only five of her senate colleagues voted against the plan. Today, since actually studying the proposal, Sen. Keough is not so keen on the idea. In fact, she is pushing legislation to stop the adjudication. In other words, despite her enthusiasm just two years ago, she thinks it’s a bad deal. But only for some people. Sen. Keough only wants to exclude the people in her district from the process/Dan Hammes, St. Maries Gazette-Record. More here

Question: Others have questioned why Shawn Keough would seek an exclusion for her district from legislation she supported. Do you?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/17/08

Daniel Poleschook Jr & Ginger Gumm/Special to SR

About three hours after breaking through the ice on Loon Lake on Monday, this young bull moose climbs out and off to safety after rescuers cut a pathway in the ice and herded it toward shore. Rich Landers/SR writes about it here.

Spotlight: Climate talk cancellation splits small Montana town here.

1. A 3-year-old male black bear has undergone facial reconstruction surgery to close a gunshot wound, and could be released back into the wild later this year here/Twin Falls Times-News.

2. Pullman police say a WSU student was arrested twice the same night for smoking marijuana here/KREM2.

3. Sports: JamesOn Curry, a rookie with the Chicago Bulls who has been assigned to the Bulls’ NBA Development League team Iowa Energy, was arrested in Downtown Boise early Thursday here/Statesman.

4. News Roundup: WSU crash victims shared love for snowboarding/WSU Evergreen; EWashington county fears wolf cost/SR; Former addict calls anti-meth ads a hindrance/KTVB; Otter stands by aide who helped plunge ed board into debt/Statesman; 3 mountain lion kittens shot and killed/KTVB; and Search for avalanche victims called off/Missoulian.

5. Blogosphere: Gettin’ greedy/IdaBlue; Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing/Dogwalk Musings; Brazilian Go Juice/TUBOB; More Curtis Bowers fallout/Unequivocal Notion; and F&G chief seeks public trust on wolves/Rocky Barker.

6. IMHO: More scrutiny in Idaho Statehouse/Sharon Fisher, New West Boise; This time, lives more important that our privacy/Tom Henderson, Lewiston Tribune; Time to shake up conventional wisdom/Twin Falls Times-News; College prices soar/Spokesman-Review; and Personal threats unwelcome at forums/Missoulian.

Orbusmax Special: Sen. Craig lands cover of Mad magazine here.

Teacher Who Swatted Girls Wants Job Back

Item: Plummer-Worley teacher who spanked girls wants his job back/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record

More Info: A teacher who was fired for swatting four middle school girls on the rear is suing the Plummer-Worley School District. Bruce Lust says he was wrongfully fired and wants to be reinstated. … According to court documents, Lust was scrutinized by school officials after he swatted the girls’ backsides as a demonstration of unacceptable behavior.

Question: Would you give the teacher his job back?

AM Hucks — 1/17/08

Kathy Plonka/SR Photo

Genna Dodge, 16, before classes at NIC on Tuesday. Genna has been home schooled and is now taking college level classes at NIC. She talks about her golf passion with Greg Lee/SR here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review

*Hayden hunter who killed man near Tensed released from prison/Ralph Bartholdt, St. Maries Gazette-Record — A sad lesson learned.

*Former Huetter mayor remains on City Council: New mayor, council members surprised by action/Amy Cannata, Post Falls Voice/SR — Youth may be energetic, but their elders are craftier.

*Spirit Lake kicking off centennial year/Mary Jane Honegger, Post Falls Voice/SR — One hundred years of infighting and Spirit Lake’s still ticking? The Energizer bunny has nothing on this hearty town.

*Task force tackles Internet crimes: Local agencies to receive training, resources to fight child pornographers/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press — Get ‘em, tigers.

*JFAC to Luna: merit-pay cuts not enough; and: ‘This could break the state/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise — Here’s an idea: Why don’t they just scrap the idea of merit pay altogether?

Quotable Quote: “You’ll Find Out Who I Am”

“In fact, I’m your attorney. You’ll find out who I am” — Mike Haman, a contracted city attorney to CPD Blues during his arrest on domestic battery charges — (“Groups question judge’s propriety”/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press)

DFO: Ah, Mike, if they don’t know who you are during the arrest, it’s probably best not to hint that you think you’re a big shot.

Huckabee: I’ll Send All Illegals Home

Item: Huckabee vows to send all illegals home: GOP candidate signs pledge to enforce immigration laws/Washington Times

More Info: The pledge, offered by immigration control advocacy group Numbers USA, commits Mr. Huckabee to oppose a new path to citizenship for current illegal aliens and to cut the number of illegal aliens already in the country through attrition by law enforcement — something Mr. Huckabee said he will achieve through his nine-point immigration plan.

Question: Would you support such an extreme approach to illegal immigration?

North Idaho Bird Dog

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho

“There are 60 to 80 sparrows and chickadees, along with about three dozen quail, who are guests at my backyard birdfeeders each winter,” Kerri Thoreson, OnLocation North Idaho. “The other day I took a couple of day old biscuits out to the feeder and never gave it another thought. Evidently our resident bird dog, Phoebe, thought the biscuits were too good for the feathered crowd. She jumped up on a deck bench then climbed a mound of snow to reach one of the feeders to retrieve the prize. After a couple of tumbles into the snow she gave up the quest and the birds soon made short work of their treat.”

Nipp Re-Elected LCDC Chairman

Item: Nipp will continue as LCDC chairman: Requests mentoring, training program for future members, leaders/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Longtime Lake City Development Corp. board member Charlie Nipp has again been elected to chair the urban renewal agency’s board of directors, but in accepting the position he asked fellow board members to begin mentoring and training a new chairman.

Question: Do you think Charlie Nipp has done a good job as chairman of the Lake City Development Corp?

Signe: Steroid Abuse, Government Style

Signe Wilkinson/Washington Post Group

Parting Shot — 1/16/08

Garrett Cheen/Daily Inter Lake, AP

Marty Olson, left, and Maynerd Denna ride up Canyon Creek, near, Whitefish Mountain resort, in Whitefish, Mont. today to show the search and rescue team where they said they saw two skiers get buried by an avalanche Sunday.

Butterfly Moment (Hearts) HBOers

But, my favorite part of HBO is the people. I only know a few in real life, but I sometimes feel like I know many of them. Katrina, my real life friend, was my inspiration to blog in the first place. Bob makes me laugh with his creative and sarcastic comments. Phil makes me want to homeschool every time I read about his adventures with his son. I am reminded of God’s amazing grace when Kendra shares her stories. OrangeTV never lets me down with his restaurant advice. DFO has encouraged me to blog more by sharing my blog with the HBO world. The Stickman has helped me to see the beauty in a stick and where it comes from. And no one has ever made me want to pick up and go to England just to meet someone new like Marmitetoasty/A Butterfly Moment. More here.

DFO: From all of us from the HBO menagerie, thanx Butterfly. (Make that Fanks for Marmitetoasty.)

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/16/08

Anupam Nath/AP Photo

A man looks on as buffalo take part in a traditional buffalo fight in Ahatguri, about 90 kilometers (56 miles) east of Gauhati, India, earlier today. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. A determined Duane Hagadone battles the Idaho State Land board over uber-docking rights — S&S Herb.

2. An HBO commenter watches as the Press and SR battle it out — Cis.

3. In the 2000 presidential election, the two candidates Gored each other in the Bush — LynnS.

HM: Bob & KeithinCDA

EOB: IEA Merit Pay Plan Gets Quick Panel Nod

The Senate Education Committee voted unanimously to introduce the “WeTeach” teacher merit pay bill, without any discussion at all – and without even having the bill’s sponsors say anything about it. With the vote already over, Chairman John Goedde, R-Coeur d’Alene, told Idaho Education Association lobbyist Jim Shackelford, who was in the audience, “Thank you Mr. Shackelford. … I’m sorry we missed the PowerPoint.” Responded Shackelford with a smile, “It’s your loss. … We just won’t do it”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise.

Question: Do you support merit pay for teachers?

Lauper: Sherman Avenue Fire Not Arson

A lighted candle, electrical problems or a malfunctioning air freshener are among the possible causes for a Sunday night fire that razed several storefronts in downtown Coeur d’Alene, according to fire investigators. “Nothing led us to believe it was a suspicious cause,” said Glenn Lauper, Coeur d’Alene’s deputy fire chief. The blaze started in a 10-by-10-foot storage area at the Gamer’s Haven, according to fire investigators. Numerous items at the scene could have been responsible for the fire, which razed the game store, connected apartments and an adjacent tavern in the 1200 block of Sherman Avenue, Lauper said/Becky Kramer, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Craig Responds To Sue’s Call For Resignation

Dear Sue,

You were frank in expressing your views, and I appreciated it. In fact, I reviewed every letter and contact from Idahoans — both letters like yours urging me to resign and letters of support from throughout the State. As you know, I have decided to serve out my term and complete the initiatives for Idaho that are currently underway in the U.S. Senate. When I returned to Washington, D.C. in September, it became clear that I could still work effectively for the State; many of my Senate colleagues have even urged me to remain in office. Resigning would have cost Idaho the seniority and committee assignments that serve key State priorities.

Press Conference Set re: Sunday Fire

The Coeur d’Alene Fire Department has scheduled a press conference at 3 o’clock this afternoon at the Foster Avenue station re: the cause of the 1200 E. Sherman Ave. fire on Sunday. Stay tuned.

DFO: Becky Kramer is working on the story.

Have Suitcase, Bumper Stickers, Will Travel

Alex Brandon/AP Photo

Republican presidential hopeful former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee stands on a case covered by campaign bumper stickers after a campaign rally in Lexington, S.C. Tuesday.

New West: Craig’s Enemy’s Enemy Strategy?

Craig hasn’t said whether or not he welcomes help from the civil-liberties group. Will Sen. Craig form an unlikely public partnership with the ACLU in his fight to be allowed to plead “not guilty” to sex sting charges? Or will he allow the ACLU to proceed without remark, under the my-enemy’s-enemy plan? Craig is likely to make the unholy alliance without comment. He’s clearly demonstrated his horror at the idea that people think he’s gay and that he solicited sex in a public bathroom, and his inability to accept his guilty plea and its consequences. To be seen as the recipient of largess from a group traditionally loathed by his peer group is probably not as “unholy” to him as the apparently unthinkable notion of his conviction remaining on his permanent record/Jill Kuraitis, New West Boise. More here.

HBO @ Noon: Taxes

It is that time of the year. Gathering all your paper work for taxes. I have a folder on my desk that is just for tax information. And as the year goes by I put what I will need in there/Cis, From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: When do you do your taxes?

My 2 Cents: Larry Craig Saga

Wouldn’t it be something if an uber-conservative like Larry Craig is remembered as the unabashedly straight guy who legitimized bathroom same-sex solicitation between consenting adults? Now that the American Civil Liberties Union has arrived on the scene on his behalf that’s a possibility. The ACLU and Craig, of course, would have little use for each other in any other setting. But these are desperate times for Idaho’s senior U.S. senator. He’ll take any help from anyone from anywhere he can get it. So what if he’s a hypocrite in accepting the ACLU’s help? He’s been called worse over the last six months. The ACLU, on the other hand, now has another poster child to use as an example of how it will defend anyone any time, regardless of whether that’s true of not. Along this line, it got a bit of mileage from defending neo-Nazis right to parade back when. As far as the rest of us go, we’ll have to be more cautious when using public restrooms, if this appeal succeeds and gives a green light to U.S. senators who want to hang out in them.

Online Poll: Cloned Animals

On Tuesday, U.S. Food and Drug Administration ruled that meat and milk from cloned cattle, pigs and other animals are safe for human consumption. Would you eat food from cloned animals?/Idaho Statesman.


Trib Columnist: I Support Wilford Brimley

Yet never let it be said I wimped out of a tough question. Whom do I support for president of these United States? Wilford Brimley. Despite my disparaging remarks about Reagan, I think it’s time to put another amiable old actor in the White House. Brimley is that gruff old bear of an actor from “Cocoon” who reminds us to eat our oatmeal and watch our diabetes. He has a deep grandfatherly voice and a no-nonsense air about him that we need these days. What does he stand for? Who gives a rip?/Tom Henderson, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Forget political qualifications. Which actor would you like to see become U.S. president?

Eagle Eye: Don’t Need No Steekeen Garage

There are only a handful of days in the summer when the city lot has been full. Even then a parking spot can be found within a short distance. Parkside comes with a large parking structure for its building. The library has lots of parking. What is going to happen within the downtown core that is going to create such a large parking need? If LCDC wants to create parking lots out of the land they own, fine. But to spend millions for a parking structure, I cant see it. Ask the city of Spokane how the finances of their garage worked.

Eagle Eye

DFO: State of the CdA Bureau

I counted heads tonight re: our situation today compared where would stood in the CDA office in November. Basically, we’re down 2 reporters, a photographer and an editor. We now have 4 reporters instead of six and one photographer instead of 2. You’ll feel that impact a little. But it’s no where near as bleak as things initially looked. Also, there’s more emphasis on regionalization of stories and the two weeklies, Post Falls Voice and Handle Extra. All in all, it’s not quite a wash. We’re also not going to bog down on beat coverage. But the SR will still be poised to do the big stories. And, as of Tuesday, we’ll have our swell investigative team of Erica Curless and Taryn Hecker back together. So wrongdoers in high places shouldn’t exhale just yet.


Romney Captures Michigan …

Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

Republican Presidential hopeful, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s wife Ann gives two thumbs-up to supporters at his primary election night rally tonight in Southfield, Mich.

Romney 39%, McCain 30%, Huckabee 15%

Parting Shot — 1/15/08

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal, AP

Former president Bill Clinton talks with members of the Carson City Fire Department while stumping for his wife Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday.

Question: Does Bill Clinton help or hurt his wife’s presidential election chances?

IdaBlue: Idaho D’s Are Moderate, Need New Brand

Idaho Dems simply are not of the hard left persuasion. Certainly no Dem that runs for office is left of moderate. In most cases, Idaho Dem values are in line with what people in Idaho want. Gun ownership, fine. Death penalty, fine. Fiscal responsibility, check. Middle-class tax relief, check. Granted, Dem values vary from what the hard right want, but not so much from moderate Rs. My point is that Idahoans just aren’t paying attention to who they’re voting for. They just assume R=good, D=bad. Idaho Dems need some re-branding campaign to get people to take a look, and until such time virtually noting they do will influence Idaho voters/IdaBlue. More here.

Question: IdaBlue makes a good point that most Idaho Independents really are straight-ticket Republicans who don’t want to admit it. Do you agree?

APhoto Of The Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/15/08

Andy Manis/AP Photo

Seattle Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren is covered with snow on the sidelines during the second half of an NFL divisional playoff football game against the Green Bay Packers Saturday in Green Bay, Wis. The Packers won 42-20. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Being a strong role model for his players and the youth of today, Mike Holmgren shows that even with cocaine all around you, you don’t have to give in to peer pressure and it is possible to “Just Say No” — KeithinCDA.

2. Alexander is washed up, I can’t handle this team anymore, but I just saved $35 by switching to Gieco — In The Know.

3. Asked if he was going gray or that was snow on his mustache, he replied, “No it’s not” — Cabbage Boy.

HM: Phil and John Austin

Breaking! Fire Consumes Twin Lakes House

Several North Idaho fire departments battled a house fire north of Rathdrum Tuesday afternoon. Flames were seen shooting out of a large home at the Twin Lakes Village Golf Course just north of Rathdrum shortly before 2 p.m. Smoke was surrounding all sides of the building as a second, then a third alarm were called in to bring as much assistance to the fire site as possible and give crews the best chance at knocking down the flames/KXLY. More here.

Taryn’s Returning To CDA Office

Moments ago, the downtown newsroom announced that Taryn Hecker is returning to the CDA office as a general assignment reporter, effective Tuesday. She and Becky Kramer are swapping spots. Becky becomes the regional natural resource reporter. Quoth editor Carla Savalli: “This is a good move that takes advantage of Taryn and Becky’s strengths and should help us stay ahead of the news on two key fronts: North Idaho and natural resources.” For those keeping score at home, the Coeur d’Alene office now consists of two general assignment reporters (Taryn and Erica Curless), a natural resource reporter (Becky Kramer), a Post Falls Voice/Handle Extra reporter (Amy Cannata), two sports writers (Jim Meehan and Greg Lee), a photographer (Kathy Plonka), and one old-fart blogger (DFO).

‘Gray Daze’

Chris Peterson/Glacier Geographics

“Despite my incessant whining,” writes Chris Peterson/Glacier Geographics, Hungry Horse News, “I was still able to make this shot on one of Glacier’s grayest days.” Story here.

Looking Back: 10 Years Since Monica Bombshell

Item: Oral history: The Monica Lewinsky scandal ten years on/Times Online

More Info: On the evening of Saturday January 17, 1998, the internet gossip merchant Matt Drudge posted a story that opened the most sensational scandal season in the history of the American presidency. He reported that Newsweek magazine had killed a story about President Clinton’s sexual relationship with a former intern. The next day he had her name: Monica Lewinsky.

Question: How did Monica Lewinsky affect President Clinton’s legacy?

HBO @ Noon: Older Workers

Item: Labor experts advise tapping older workers: Retirement boom may spur new strategies/Wall Street Journal

More Info: An expected wave of baby-boomer retirements has some managers fretting about worker shortages. But experts say many companies overlook a big supply of potential employees – older workers who can be wooed to continue working.

Question: When do you want to retire?

‘Dancing With Stars” Winner Coming To NIC

DanceWise Dance Studio announces its Winter Dance Concert on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 7 p.m. in the Schuler Auditorium on the North Idaho College Campus. In addition to a thematic program performed by dancers from 3 to 18 years of age, studio Director Sharee Wise is pleased to announce a special appearance by her sister, Julianne Hough, two-time winner of the popular ABC-TV program “Dancing with the Stars.” Wise says “Julianne will be involved in a special dancer workshop before the concert; she will of course appear during the concert, and later, participate in a VIP reception after the concert.” The concert is open to the public and general admission tickets are available for $15. Full press release here.

Question: Do you watch “Dancing with the Stars”?

AM Headlines — 1/15/08

Jerome A. Pollos/Coeur d’Alene Press

Coeur d’Alene Fire Inspector Brian Halvorson walks through the rubble Monday left inside of Gamer’s Haven in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. A fire Sunday night destroyed three business and left a number of people homeless. See stories below.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review

*Idaho reviews Election Day liquor ban/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review — Good, it’s getting harder to vote for some of these guys while you’re sober.

*Fire investigation to resume today: At least three businesses destroyed on East Sherman Avenue; three men left homeless/Spokesman-Review; and: Picking up pieces: Still no cause found for Sunday blaze/Sean Garmire, Coeur d’Alene Press — It’ll be a long time cleaning up this mess.

*Handle On Business: Pilgrim’s expanding its space/Nils Rosdahl, Spokesman-Review — Shameless plug: Nils’ bits o’ business is another feature of Saturday’s Handle Extra.

*Coldwater Creek will post fourth-quarter loss/Becky Kramer, Spokesman-Review — Dunno if this is the harbinger of a North Idaho recession. But it certainly is a recession for those who got their pink slips.

*Idaho wants more time to comply with REAL ID law: State files deadline extension request/David Goins, CDA Press correspondent — Get ‘er done.

*Beating results in felony charge/Keith Kinnaird, Bonner County Daily Bee — File this guy under the category, “Some People Never Learn.”

Factoid: One In 4 Idaho Solons Are UI Alums

Then, (University of Idaho President Tim White) noted that among current Idaho legislators, nearly one in four attended the University of Idaho. Their numbers, White said, include the speaker of the House, the Senate majority leader, assistant majority leader and majority and minority Senate caucus chairs, plus seven of 24 current legislative committee chairs/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Where did you attend college?

Kuraitis: Michigan Cross-Over Could Affect Idaho

Democrats who cross party lines to vote for Mitt Romney in today’s Michigan presidential primary could swing opinion toward closing primaries in Idaho. Last week, Democratic blogger Markos of Daily Kos urged Michigan Democrats to vote for Romney, writing “…(P)oor Mitt Romney, who’s suffered back-to-back losses in the last week, desperately needs to win Michigan in order to keep his campaign afloat. Bottom line, if Romney loses Michigan, he’s out. If he wins, he stays in. “And we want Romney in, because the more Republican candidates we have fighting it out, trashing each other with negative ads and spending tons of money, the better it is for us. We want Mitt to stay in the race, and to do that, we need him to win in Michigan”/Jill Kuraitis, New West Boise. More here.

Question: Have you ever crossed over to vote in the other major party’s primary?

Online Poll: How Often Do You Go To Theater?

How often do you go to the movie theater?/Lewiston Tribune.

*More than once a week
*Once a week
*Once or twice a month
*Four or five times a year

GOP Wannabes In Tight Michigan Race

Item: Michigan voters cast ballots in tight GOP primary race/Associated Press

More Info: John McCain was trying to repeat history while Mitt Romney was seeking a favorite-son boost as Michigan voters cast ballots today in a very tight GOP presidential primary. The Democratic side of the primary has generated less interest because Hillary Rodham Clinton is the only top tier candidate on the ballot and no delegates are at stake.

Question: McCain, Romney or Huckabee?

Wild Card/Monday — 1/14/08

A lot of tragedy and hardship last week — the two accidents that claimed five lives and the huge Sherman Avenue fire that displaced businesses and three renters. Eagle Eye asked in the comments section (reposted out front below) if there were any relief efforts under way to help the renters who lost their homes and earthly goods as a result of the fire. If you know if any, please post that information under this thread. Or you can use this Wild Card to start the week off with your own threads …

Wanna Discover Your Inner Nerd?

… Take this test provided by JeanC’s Cathouse and Shooting Gallery here

Idaho Lawmakers Target Dog-shooters

Someone who cruelly shoots and wounds his neighbor’s dog should be prosecuted, state lawmakers declared Monday, as they introduced legislation to make a two-word change in Idaho’s state laws/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review. More here.

Question: Agree? Disagree?

HBO’s Best of the Local Blogs — 1/14/08

I have no local blog photos today, but I do have a good column by Ralph Bartholdt/The Skinny On North Idaho about ice fishing. So, I’m going with this swell AP photo. Here, John White, of Dubuque, Iowa, chips away at blocks of Ice while carving an ice sculpture during ” Ice Fest” at the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, in Dubuque, Iowa, Saturday.

*The more Dogwalk Musings listens to the wannabes tear one another up the less she likes them here.

*From A Simple Mind likes cats, but gives credit to dogs for being able to smell out danger on their best friends here.

*Frum Helen Back sez she’s giving up the “feminazi crap” b/c it’s too much work — and may even let her hubby think he’s boss here.

*Here In Idaho finishes her “To-Do 2008” list, which includes trying to sell articles to every mag but Playboy here.

*For the second consecutive year, Silver Valley Girl has participated in a “Daniel Fast.” Check it out here.

HBO Numbers (for week of Jan. 6-12): 51204 page-views and 29445 unique views; last year at this time, 32045 page-views and 18656 unique views.

Meanwhile, Soul Doubt speaks of faxes, taxes and waxes here; A Butterfly Moment offers show-and-tell here; Phil provides weekend whatnot here; Arch Druid tells us what she heard here; Notes On A Napkin suggests tips to help friendship in marriage along here; Spokane’s 99.9 River needs a new Saturday DJ, according to RR&RT, here; Slight Detour goes snowshoeing here; and Mrs. Mac Energetic is losing her creative juices here.

Sumner: Strange Politicking In Huetter

re: Young turks win Huetter council seats

Huetter Mayor Brad Keene, left, and Huetter City Council members Luke Gibler and Jeni Brown

I know the press had interest in the politics concerning the little town of Huetter. There is a new strange development that I thought you would be interested in. (On Wednesday) the new city council members and Mayor where sworn into office. Here is where things got strange. The old council opened the meeting and then closed it to allow the new members of the government of Huetter to be sworn in, and take their seats. When the old council closed, members of the council that had been replaced left, except for (former mayor) Jackie Meeks who just slid over one seat. Thinking it a little strange. To find out later that Jackie Meeks is now (on the) city council after getting voted out of office. The attorney for the city explained to a concerned citizen that the Mayor, (Jackie Meeks) had called an special meeting on December 30th, and that Jackie stepped down as Mayor, and then had a council member appoint her to the council.

Lang Sumner
The Grail

P.S., The new Mayor has called for a special meeting, to occur January 23rd for an all city meeting to discuss the direction the citizens of Huetter want their city to go forward in.

Fishermen Fall Thru Lake Pend Oreille Ice

Earlier today, three men were ice fishing on Lake Pend Oreille in front of the Condo Del Sol complex in Sandpoint. The ice apparently was too thin and gave way, plunging two of the men into the frigid water. Fortunately, the water was only waist deep and the men managed to get out of the water without being seriously hurt. Emergency medical personnel assessed the men at the scene but no treatment was administered. The Bonner County Sheriff’s Office encourages people to refrain from vnturing onto ice on local lakes. More sustained colder weather is needed before the ice is frozen solid enough for such activities as ice fishing to be performed safely.

KXLY: Deer Park Woman Inherits Castle

Item: Deer Park woman inherits castle/

More Info: The castle - just outside of Prague - has been in the Nadherney family since 1806. It was temporarily taken away from them when the Russians invaded the Czech Republic, however Jamie says her father reclaimed the castle and spent 17 years renovating the massive home.

Question: What is the most impressive thing you’ve inherited?

Eye On Boise: New Pol Masqueraded As Commie

New Idaho state Rep. Curtis Bowers, R-Caldwell, who was appointed to replace former Rep. Bob Ring, wrote a guest editorial for his local paper, the Idaho Press-Tribune, that’s being much talked about in the temporary Statehouse these days. In it, Bowers reveals that in 1992, he “grew a goatee, got a revolutionary T-shirt and put on some ratty jeans” to attend a Communist Party USA meeting in Berkeley, Calif., where he said he was trying to blend in and scope out their true agenda. Bowers wrote that the group planned to “take America down,” and that among the ways it would do so were to “promote the feminist movement,” environmentalism and the “homosexual movement.” And now, he wrote, he sees those very tactics playing out today/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. Full post plus link to Bowers article here.

More Eye On Boise: PNWER, INL team up on energy; Bill makes dogfighting a felony; and One big-news Friday.

Question: Anything from 2008 Legislature caught your interest yet?

Zelda: Not My Frappuccino 4-Packs, Too!

Zelda: And now for something completely different…I will admit to a teensy Starbuck’s habit, namely those little bottles of Frappuccino sold in 4-packs at the grocery store. I went to my local F. Meyer’s on Sat. and in one short week, the price had gone from $5.99 ($4.99 on sale) to $8.39! I know food prices are going up, but a 40% increase in this product is a concentration of all the bad food-price news — the cost of milk, the cost of sugar and Starbuck’s mistaken notion that a coffee habit is inflation proof. Wrong.

DFO: I got socked with grocery store sticker shock when my wife asked me to pick up a gallon of milk — $3.99, at CDA’s Albertson’s. As a former dairy boy, I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Question: Which recent price escalation for something other than gasoline has hit you hardest?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest Online — 1/14/08

Jennifer DeMonte/Daily Inter Lake, AP

A snowmobile streams past an avalanche warning sign posted at the trail head of Canyon Creek, Mont. An avalanche on the back side of Whitefish Mountain Resort killed two backcountry skiers Sunday and searchers combed the slide area for other possible victims here and here.

1. The attorney for a part-time porn model called Spokane County’s case “laughable” as his client pleaded not guilty today to charges involving a sex encounter that ended the career of Washington representative Richard Curtis here/Thomas Clouse, SR.

2. MySpace has reached an agreement with more than 45 states to change to help prevent sexual predators and others from misusing it here/Seattle Times.

3. Online Poll: 75% of 1005 respondents to an Idaho Statesman poll called Repub attempts to close Idaho primaries a “bad idea.” Only 14% thought it was a good idea.

4. News Roundup: Fred Russell to file appeal/KXLY; Analyst expects Statesman revenue to fall/KTVB; Risch to testify on Idaho’s roadless lands/Idaho Statesman; WSU mourns loss of 3 students/KXLY; and Idaho animal neglect cases jump/KTVB.

5. Blogosphere: Chairlifts of doom/TUBOB; Idaho closed-primary bill DOA/Randy Stapilus; Real”istic” ID/Dogwalk Musings; Welcome, Markos/IdahoRocks; and Grass growers, enviros cut field-burning deal/Rocky Barker.

6. IMHO: Be nice if Gonzaga wasn’t in league of own/John Blanchette, SR; A primary question: Should Idaho’s be closed?/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune; Otter takes business-like approach to higher ed/Idaho Statesman; Spokesman-Review looks forward after bad 2007/Steve Smith, SR; and Without Reilly, only SI swimsuits are left/Greg Pender, WSU Evergreen.

Orbusmax Special: Oregon family finishes trip with body of grandma in RV here.

Paulos: Sims’ Anti-LCDC Pamphlet Could Shed Light

Item: Pamphlet sheds light on LCDC operations/Bob Paulos, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: Kathy Sims, a former Idaho state senator from this district, is distributing a booklet about the state’s Urban Renewal Act, citing instances in which she says Lake City Development Corporation has abused the intent of the law.

DFO: I’d planned to ignore most anti-LCDC rantings this year — until they became unavoidable for comment. But old Bob Paulos seems to have picked up Mary Souza’s mantle as the point man for Press attacks. And this column offers a rare new bit of info in this ongoing controversy: Kathy Sims, part of the brain trust behind the 11th-hour attack ad against Coeur d’Alene City Council incumbents, is on the attack again, by trying to coax legislators into the anti-urban renewal camp. I’m not surprised that she’d go after Repubs who may be more sympathetic than the residents of CDA.

Tribune: Rep. Harwood Still Clueless re: Tribes

Leave it to state Rep. Dick Harwood, whose legislative district includes the Coeur d’Alene Reservation, to criticize the deals Gov. Butch Otter reached with the Coeur d’Alenes and other Idaho tribes over tribal fuel tax revenues. The agreements, which Otter and tribal leaders negotiated prior to a legislative deadline, will end a multiyear dispute during which many legislators sought to impose the state’s tax on tribal filling stations. Under their terms, tribes , including the Nez Perce, will collect taxes equal to the state’s on each gallon of fuel sold at their stations. They will then use the money on transportation needs, either on or off their reservations. … “I don’t see where we did any negotiation, I really don’t,” Harwood tells the Spokesman-Review. “They just spend the money any place they want to. … They can purchase land, acquire land on any road. … It just seemed pretty open to me”/Jim Fisher, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Could Harwood be elected in any other district in North Idaho but District 2 and St. Maries?

Accident Victims Remembered

re: WSU mourns loss of 3 students/KREM2

Ben Lockard was the gregarious, outgoing guy that never would have settled for an office job — he had to be outdoors. Tyler Pearson was adventurous and smart, often keeping his buddies in check when they were about to do something a little too crazy. “If you ever needed anything, they would both be quick to show up and help you out,” said Brad Swartswalter. Lockard, Pearson, Swartswalter and Jon Lakey have been inseparable since they were kids. They grew up within a few blocks of each other and camped, hunted and snowboarded together. Swartswalter, who attends Central Washington University, and Lakey, a student at Whitworth University in Spokane, were supposed to meet Lockard and Pearson, who both attended Washington State University in Pullman, Saturday at Schweitzer Mountain near Sandpoint/Tri-City Herald. More here and here.

*Tyler Pearson’s MySpace page here
*Ben Lockard’s MySpace page here
*Ann Barney’s MySpace page here

Eagle Eye: Is Anyone Helping Burned-Out Renters?

A fire is a devastating thing to deal with. For the tenants, the business owners, and the building owners. I have dealt with two majors ones. I can still recall the awful smell of walking thru the ruins. I hope some of them had some insurance. I see that the tenants did not have any. It is sad that they lost their belongings. I am glad everyone is safe. DFO if you could, please find out if the local Red Cross is helping the tenants. I would like to be in touch with someone to help these folks out.

Eagle Eye

Digger: ISP Trooper Needs PR Training

Digger: DFO - you need to put that asinine quote by Cpl. Greear of the ISP out on the front page tomorrow (re: Highway 95 accident that killed three WSU students) and let us put some heat on the ISP public relations department to explain his quote. “When it looks wet its probably ice. See that white stuff on the side of the road? We call that a clue.” ~ ISP Trooper Cpl. Charles Greear.

DFO: Digger, I wouldn’t be so hard of Cpl Greear. After all, he and other ISPers like him are the ones who have to handle the instant carnage caused by traffic accidents. I’m sure the horrible Friday night accident wasn’t easy to stomach. Mebbe he was so fresh from the shock of handling this wreck that he couldn’t switch gears and be more sensitive.

Signe: Trying To Match Hillary’s Waterworks

Signe Wilkinson/Washington Post

Breaking! Crews Battle Large Sherman Avenue Fire

Jesse Tinsley’s slide show of fire

Jesse Tinsley/SR photos

Firefighters are on the scene of a fire in downtown Coeur d’Alene that has already burned one business and is threatening others. The fire appears to have started at the Gamer’s Haven, 1200 E. Sherman Avenue, about 5 p.m. Sherman is closed between 11th and 12th Streets as firefighters work to extinguish the blaze. The Gamer’s Haven is connected on the block to four other business, including the 12-10 tavern, a barbershop and the China Gate restaurant. The restaurant and barbershop were both closed Sunday. The Gamer’s Haven had apparently closed a few minutes before patrons at the tavern next door noticed smoke, witnesses said. More here

Hump Day Wild Card — 2/13/08

As an individual who enjoys tidbits columns, I can’t resist reading “Off The Cuff” by UI Argonaut staffers. Example (from T.J. Tranchell): “So Boise St. just set a new Idaho higher education enrollment record. More doesn’t mean better but it does mean more money for them and less for us. This is just one more reason I wear my anti-Broncos pin with pride.” More Off The Cuff here. Now, we’ll move on to the daily Wild Card …

Wild Card/Sunday — 1/13/08

You HBOers gave me a good going over Saturday. Bob wondered if I’d sold out to the CDA Press b/c I’ve been kinder and gentler toward Duane Hagadone’s newspaper of late. Another wondered why I allow Bob to use Press movie critic Tyler Wilson as a chew toy. Two others commented that sports links and stories don’t belong here. Second guessed. Battered. Maligned. Yet unbowed. Your Huckleberry Hound listened to the beat of his own drum. And that’s why you keep coming back for more, right? Now, for your Sunday Wild Card …

Bob: Racists Ruin CDA Press “Gang” Thread

Bob: (A recent CDA comments thread under a story about local gangs) was a truly nauseating thread of comments from ignorant racists who begin by overstating the prevalence, activity and presence of criminal street gangs then stating how much they miss the goosestepping socially alienated loserboys of the Aryan Nation who, according to these windowlickers, kept the minority gangs out of Coeur D’Alene serving some sort of useful gatekeeper function for these haters. What’s funny is those neo-nazis, on their best days, couldn’t have stopped a bunch of 7th grader wannabe Crips straight outta Compton, as they were gutless little nazi posers and had no street smarts whatsoever. Notice they were carving out their weenie homeland in quiet North Idaho and not in downtown Detroit? Gee. Wonder why. They knew the best they could hope for, and were actually successful at, was scaring positive, legal, family focused diverse folks from even visiting North Idaho, let alone moving there. Which, for those weaklings, was what they truly hoped and wished for. To scare little kids.

DFO: I found the thread in question involving the racist comments on the Coeur d’Alene Press site under a story that was posted around Christmas here. The blatant posts were made mid- to late last week. I suspect that Press managers don’t know about them. However, if these posts were permitted by someone paid to oversee the appropriateness of comments, someone’s definitely asleep at the switch. They wouldn’t be allowed here.

Question: Should newspapers and newspaper blogs post comments advocating racism in a nod to this country’s free-speech rights?

Sparky: No One Knows What Goes On Behind Closed Doors

I have found that you should never assume that you know about a relationship is like behind closed doors. Several years ago, I met a couple who appeared to be enthralled with each other. Last year, I ran into the wife and found out not only was this not the case at home but her loving husband was in jail for beating the crap out of her. She admitted that in social decisions he was a doll, even reaching for her hand and waiting on her. But at home, he would beat her with a belt or make her kneel for hours for not bringing him a hot cup of coffee. I will admit that I look for the telling signs of caring between these notable couples but now….well you never know/Sparky

Idaho Bomb Patrol Recalls Year In Iraq

Item: ‘If you don’t do your job, other people are going to die.’ Idahoans do a year of roadside bomb patrol/Heath Druzin, Idaho Statesman

More Info: “I remember, just clear as day, just sitting there and thinking, ‘God, take care of my family - I mean, I know I’m dead - and just take care of my family, let them know I love ‘em,’ ” he said. “And (my fellow soldier) gave his little prayer, too, and we just said, ‘Let’s go.’ ”

More Info: Can you think of a better definition for a hero than these brave troops?

Gonzaga 91, Loyola Marymont 68 …

… ESPN game story, box score here; Sportslink stories by Jim Meehan and Vince Grippi here and here.

Wild Card/Satuday — 1/12/08

I plan to watch the WSU/UCLA game at 11 on Fox Sports, which I can see on Time-Warner cable, and mebbe listen to part of the Seattle/Green Bay game at 1:30, which I can’t see on Time Warner. TW’s inability to work out an agreement to bring the KAYU-28 broadcast to North Idaho will cost me a last sports event today. I plan to call Verizon Monday to see about its direct-TV satellite offer. I hate to drop local-access TV. But TW has had more than a year to fix this situation. I’m paying too much for cable to miss today’s game and the Super Bowl (if I can’t find a party to go to). I wonder if the city can do something to force Time Warner to meet its obligation to North Idaho viewers? Either way, it has finally lost this cuss-tomer. Now for your Wild Card …

ISP Update: 3rd Person Dies In H95 Accident …

… Tyler Pearson died at Kootenai Medical Center this morning, January 12th, at 0657 hours.

KREM2 coverage, photos, MySpace pages

ISP Report: At approximately 7:18 PM, Tyler Pearson (21 yoa) of Kennewick, WA was driving northbound on U.S. 95 near milepost 427 (approximately 3 miles south of Coeur d’Alene) when he lost control of his 1999 Isuzu Rodeo on the icy roadway. His Isuzu slid into the southbound travel lanes and into the path of a 2004 Chevrolet Suburban, driven by Lea Barnes (35 yoa) of Lakewood, WA. The Suburban struck the Isuzu in the right side, killing the Isuzu?s right front passenger Benjamin Lockard (20 yoa) of Kennewick, WA and killing the Isuzu?s right rear seat passenger Ann Barney (19 yoa) of Steamboat Springs, CO. The left rear seat passenger (Brooke Smith, 19 yoa from Kennewick, WA) and Pearson were transported to Kootenai Medical Center where they were listed in critical condition. Barnes was transported to Kootenai Medical Center where she was listed in serious condition. The proximal cause for the collision was speed too fast for conditions, however there is some question about possible alcohol involvement. The crash is still under investigation. Names of dead, injured, in extended entry section.

APhoto of the Day — 1/12/08

Jay Barrett/AP Photo

Eagles await transfer to a warm U.S. Fish and Wildlife warehouse after being rescued from the cold on Friday in Kodiak, Alaska. They were among 50 eagles which dove into the back of an uncovered dump truck full of fish guts and became too wet to fly away. You write the cutline.

Breaking! Accident Blocks Highway 95

The Idaho State Police are on the scene of a crash blocking the SB lane on US95@ mile post 427. This is about a mile and a half south of Coeur d’Alene near Cougar Gulch/ISP news release.

Update: Two people were killed and three others taken to the hospital following a fatal crash on Highway 95 shortly after 7 p.m. Friday. Police say an Isuzu SUV carrying four people was traveling north bound on 95, lost control, slid in the southbound lane and was struck by another SUV/ More here.

Daily Kos Calls For Michigan Dem Crossover Vote

Item: DailyKos to Dems: Vote Romney! ‘Progressive’ site urges crossover ballots in Michigan to meddle in GOP race/WorldNetDaily

DFO: This connects with Idaho in two areas: Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas will be speaking at an Idaho Dem event later this winter and the fear of such sabotage is what’s driving ldaho Republicans to try to close state primaries.

Question: What do you think of a recognized leader in a political movement calling for party faithful to unite to mess with the other party’s nomination process?

Reda: Jesus Wasn’t Very Religious

True Christianity isn’t about being religious, but it is about relationships, with Jesus and with each other. Jesus wasn’t religious, those who killed him were religious. If you look at the Bible, there is a definite difference in the pharisees and Jesus. Just because someone writes an article and says they are Christian, or just because someone runs for an office and says they are a Christian, doesn’t make them one. Examine how they truly live and love those around them and see if they live as Jesus truly lived/Reda

Cherie Howell: I’ve Gotten Used To Empty Nest

My son left 18 months ago for Olympia and while it was very, very hard, i actually love it now. I haven’t seen him since August, however, will fly over there soon to visit. We talk almost every day on the phone and we share a love for on-line computer games so we “see” each other online. As he becomes more busy with his “girl”, I can see the day when the phone calls will fade….The more he moves, the more places I have to visit!/Cherie Howell

Question: How do you stay in touch with your grown-up kids?

Deal Would Allow Field Burning To Restart

Item: Deal lets field burning restart: Idaho must limit practice, make locations public/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise

More Info: “This is a significant accomplishment that will meet farmers’ needs and protect public health and the environment,” said Toni Hardesty, DEQ director.

Question: Who’s side in this divisive issue are you on: growers or environmentalists?

Parting Shot — 1/11/08

Ricardo Lopez/Miami Herald, AP

A demonstrator dressed in an orange jumpsuit kneels on the ground in front of a group of protesters carrying art signs that spell “No Torture” outside the Pentagon’s U.S. Southern Command in Doral, Fla., Friday. The protest was part of the International Day to Shut Down Guantanamo demonstrations held across the United States and around the world.

Eye On Boise covers Idaho’s Guantanamo protest

Question: Do protests have an impact today?

A Few Of Butterfly Moment’s Favorite Things …

Left over from the Christmas break.

Winter break from school, *stringing popcorn and cranberries, a morning’s hibernating, night lights, poinsettias as housewarming gifts, a buffet spread, breathing deeply, reading “Goodnight Moon,” pajamas all day, joy to the world, warming up by the fire, nurturing a child’s imagination, travelogues, an elaborate coat of arms, peanut butter on apple slices, playing footsie, generosity, standing by someone you love, proposing a toast, a mean game of solitaire, donating to charity, and creature comforts/A Butterfly Moment.

Question: What would you add to the list?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/11/08

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

US President George W. Bush, right, kisses the Emir of Kuwait Sheik Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, left, during his arrival at Kuwait International Airport today in Kuwait City, Kuwait. You write the cutline.

Top Content

1. The meeting was abruptly cancelled and a translator’s tongue was cut off as a result of the misunderstanding. Apparently, the Sheik was advised prior to Bush’s arrival that the President had renewed his fondness for everything French — MikeS.

2. Nope this ain’t Monica Lewinsky. Does she go to court to divorce him because of the company he keeps? Or do the GOP finally seek to impeach because GW is seen with someone other than his wife? — Joan Harman.

3. (tie) Lip to Lip – The latest diplomatic, yet repulsive, oil recovery effort: swapping spit for oil — LP; and: “Emir! You’re wearing my favorite cologne. Eau du Oil! You know how I love that fragrance” — Average Joe.

HM: Indy

GordonC: Not Looking Forward To Empty Nest

Gordon Crow: You should consider a self-help pamphlet on ways to deal with the last child leaving the home. My baby boy is only a high school freshman, but I already catch myself ruing the day he leaves to be on his own.

DFO: Gordie; you’d better have plenty of hankies ready for the day you drop Andrew off at college for the first time. I brace myself each time I put one of them on a plane back to Portland or Denver. I’m aware every time they come home for a few days or even longer that they’ll be going back so soon. Time stops for no one. However, we talk to all of them, including my darling daughter-in-law, Stephanie, every week on the phone. That helps.

Question: How did you deal with your last kid leaving home?

Vox Box: The “Juno” Craze

A colleague went and saw “Juno” this past weekend and found himself to be one of only about two adults in a teen-packed theatre. He said he thought, “Great” and figured everyone would be noisy and texting the whole time, but said all were completely enthralled with the film. He wonders if “Juno” will be the next “Napoleon Dynamite.”

More “Juno”: Dan Webster features “Juno” in his latest Movies & More blog post here.

QUESTION: Have you seen the movie yet? Do you plan to? What is it about the film, do you think, that teens love?

Originally posted by Erin/Vox Box

Turf War Jeopardizes Idaho, Washington IDs

Item: Idaho, Washington driver’s license soon could be invalid for air travel: 17 states stuck in middle of fed-state turf war/AP

More Info: Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said Friday that if states want their licenses to remain valid for air travel after May 2008, those states must seek a waiver indicating they want more time to comply with the REAL ID Act’s new rules.

DFO: Nancy Malone/Getting There will explain this better in her Monday SR column.

Question: What do you think of this turf war flap?

HBO @ Noon: Christians Not Voting For Christians

Enter Mike Huckabee. When I heard that a former Baptist pastor was running for president on the Republican ticket, I shrugged it off. The extreme religious don’t have a shot at these sorts of things, I reasoned. He’d just be another anti-abortion, pro-marriage amendment middle class white guy, no different from any other super religious candidate. Then he went and won Iowa. Reading over Huckabee’s Web site ( almost had me sold on the guy. As a former governor of Arkansas, he does seem to have good experience — and we know that Arkansas governors make good presidents — and he has proved himself a serious candidate.
But politics aside, I can’t, as a Christian, bring myself to vote for another Christian for president of the United States/Savannah Cummings, UI Argonaut. More here.

Question: Are you more/less likely to vote for a prez wannabe with religious convictions?

Survey Sez: Go, Larry, Go — Eye On Boise

The annual BSU Public Policy Survey was released this morning, and this year’s edition included a new question: “In your opinion, should Senator Larry Craig remain in office to complete his term?” The results: 57 percent said no, 37 percent yes, and 6 percent weren’t sure. Here’s the kicker: The results were just as clear among respondents to the statewide survey who identified themselves as Republicans. Among the Republican respondents, 42 percent said GOP Sen. Craig should stay in office, and 58 percent said he should not/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise.

Also, from Eye On Boise, Sen. Shawn Keough gets it going.

HBO’s AM Headlines — 1/11/08

Kathy Plonka/SR

Post Falls High School Junior wrestler Cole Amende stands with his dad and wrestling coach, Dennis, in the weight room at the high school in Post Falls earlier this week. Greg Lee’s SR story here.

*Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review

*Bonner, Boundary may be removed from water rights process: Sen. Shawn Keough introduces bill, Eskridge, Anderson are co-sponsors/Dave Goins, Coeur d’Alene Press correspondent — Spencer tells me that Shawn was getting an ear-full from her constituents about this. Sounds like she heard them.

*3 crashes slow Idaho commute: Truck jack-knifes on I-90 near Kellogg/Spokesman-Review — Be careful out there. Still.

*Regional recession seen as unlikely: U.S. economy won’t be as lucky/Bert Caldwell, Spokesman-Review — Think regionally. Not nationally.

*Charges ready in arson, vandalism cases: Post Falls teens tied to about 85 police reports/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press — Here’s a time when juvenile criminals should be named — so neighbors will know who they are, if nothing else.

*PF council approves board, commission members/Amy Cannata, Spokesman-Review — The pays no good. The hours are worse. And you set yourself up for criticism. What’s not to like about public service?

CDA Parks Plan Calls For $57M Over 20 Years

Item: CDA parks plan calls for $57M in improvements/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press

Question: How would you rate the amount of land and money your town dedicates to parks? 1. Too much, 2. Too little, 3. About right, 4. City parks are a luxury, or 5. You can never have enough parkland.

Kendramama: Arm-Twisted Into Having Fun

“I was arm-twisted into sculpting a snowman in our front yard by my hubby (who has NO artistic inclinations whatsoever himself, so has to pull these guilt trips disguised as flattery to get me to do this sort of stuff),” writes Kendramama. “This time the reason was how awed our son would be by watching mommy do it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I said … but it was actually pretty fun once I got going on it.”

Question: When was the last time you built a snowman?

Sparky: I (Heart) Winter

I love winters. … You can have movie days, soup every day, where sweaters that flatter most body types, have an excuse for not walking the 2 to 5 miles a day, the potential of snow days, sledding, skiing, snow ball fights, and seeing your children with pink cheeks and noses.


Heller: Old Favre Takes Center Stage

Joe Heller/Hellertoons

No. 4 WSU 73, USC 58

Francis Specker/AP Photo

Washington State’s Taylor Rochestie, left, drives on Southern California’s O.J. Mayor during the second half of a men’s college basketball game in Los Angeles on Thursday. No. 4 WSU won 73-58 to improved their season record to 14-0 going into a road showdown with No. 5 UCLA Saturday morning. ESPN story, box score here, Sportslink story here.

Top Thread: Gas @ $3.50 Per Gallon?

A spokesman for AAA Idaho says gasoline prices could hit $3.50 a gallon in the near future. How will you respond when it happens?/Idaho Statesman.

*Grin and bear it
*Buy a hybrid
*Take fewer trips
*Ride the bus
*Bike or walk
*Boycott gas

Reporters Crammed Into Temp Statehouse

Lawmakers keep poking their heads into the 10-by-10 room for reporters at the temporary Statehouse. Then the lawmakers giggle. “Wow, you weren’t kidding,” Senate Minority Leader Clint Stennet, D-Ketchum, said two nights ago as I worked on a story about a family task force. He dropped by to see if the room was as small as I’d told him. The room can fit seven grumbling reporters. Spokane and Lewiston - that’s it for northern Idaho - and Boise, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls and The Associated Press grind out stories daily in there. Others from radio and weeklies and blog sites wander through sporadically/Dean Ferguson, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Eye On Boise: Lawmakers endorse Otter’s revenue forecast; No eviction for human rights agency; and Minnick: Reports won’t fix roads.

Question: What were the worst working conditions that you’ve experienced?

CPD Blue Tazers Domestic Violence Suspect

Kootenai County Sheriffs Dept news release: At approximately 2:00 p.m. today, the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department responded to a reported domestic dispute in the City of Hayden at a residence near the Coeur d’Alene Airport. Prior to arrival, deputies were informed that the suspect had left the residence after pointing a gun at his wife, pulling the trigger, but the gun not firing.

Sir Edmund Hillary, 88, Climber, RIP

Wayne Drought/AP

New Zealand’s Sir Edmund Hillary makes a speech during the 50th Anniversary of Scott Base celebration, at Scott Base, Antarctica, in this Jan. 20, 2007, file photo. Hillary, the unassuming beekeeper who conquered Mount Everest to win renown as one of the 20th century’s greatest adventurers, has died, New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark announced today. He was 88. Story here.

Columnist: D-Hag Nixes Helipad For Teleport …

and other outrageous 2008 predictions/Doug Clark, SR.

North Idaho tycoon Duane Hagadone asks state officials for permission to build a “teleport” outside his Casco Bay home on Lake Coeur d’Alene. “I know last year we wanted to build a helicopter pad,” says Hagadone during a public hearing. “But our research shows that beaming my molecules instantaneously to and from the lake place and Coeur d’Alene would enhance my reputation as a Big Swinging Deal by 300 percent”

Question: Do you have an outrageous prediction for 2008?

Inside Huckleberries — 1/10/08

*In its latest issue, Boise Weekly predicts a yearbook-in-preview for the 2008 class of the Idaho Legislature. The “class bully,” for example, is likely to be the Budget. While the “most popular” kid will be Transportation. Of special note? HBO’s Noah Kroese draws the caricatures for the article. Go, Noah.

*For those keeping score at home, you can find all my latest print Huckleberries columns in “About DFO” in the profile box at the top of the right rail. Simply click on the highlighted “Huckleberries.”

*Adam’s Blog has a fairly thorough list of Idaho blogs, liberal and conservative, as well as media blogs, including Huckleberries and Eye On Boise. You can check it out here.

Bay Views: Moose On The Loose

John Ely Photo
Teen Michelle Davidson, a guest in the home of John and Melinda Ely, pets Bayview’s wandering moose through her resident window.

Entertainment in Bayview this time of year tends to be a little simpler than Summer venues. Currently, We are entertaining a Bull Moose that has taken up residency in Town. Originally, from a distance, most thought it to be a cow. Close-ups reveal the stubs of shed antlers. Seen periodically from a mile or so West on Perimeter, to the downtown residential area, he seems quite tame. According to Chip Corsi of Idaho Fish & Game, this is not true/Sweet & Sour Herb/Bay Views. More here.

DFO: Ah, do I really need to say, “Don’t try this at home”?

Popkey: Idaho D’s Use Growth Issues To Bug R’s

In this first week of the Idaho Legislature, Democrats have managed something not seen since Cecil Andrus retired as governor 13 years ago: They’ve gotten under the Republican majority’s skin. They’ve done it by seizing on voter anxiety about growth. House Minority Leader Wendy Jaquet and Senate Minority Clint Stennett called Republicans “obstructionists,” tweaked them for a “do-nothing” 2007 session and accused them of aiding the bogeymen of the hour, real estate speculators and “out-of-state developers seeking to make a quick buck off Idaho’s way of life.” It’s not notable that Democrats - in the minority in the Legislature since 1961 - are voicing arch rhetoric. We’ve heard this stuff before. What’s interesting is that members of the GOP aren’t blithely swatting away the critique of a perennial minority, but responding with their own hot words/Dan Popkey, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Question: Are Idaho R’s vulnerable in 2008?

HBO @ Noon: Which Star’s For You?

Male respondents (to Redbox’s Best of 2007 movie survey) selected “Good Luck Chuck” star Jessica Alba as the movie star they would most like to date and marry (25.4 and 21 percent, respectively). Female respondents, however, apparently seek different traits. While women chose Orlando Bloom, star of “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” as the movie star they’d most like to date (16.5 percent), they’d prefer to walk down the aisle with “American Gangster” star Denzel Washington (14.6 percent).

Question: Which movie star would you most like to date? Marry?

Hat Tip: Dan Webster/Movies & More

KeithE: 10 Reasons Why I Hate Winter

Love it until the snow flies, or Dec. 15, whichever comes first. Then I hate it with a capital H. Why?

1. Nasty driving conditions
2. Shoveling snow
3. Lingering darkness
4. Huge heating bills
5. Dangerously slick parking lots/sidewalks
6. Giant middle-of-the-street snow berms downtown
7. Dirty cars
8. Power outages
9. Cabin fever
10. People who tell me to “Deal With It”

HBO’s Morning Headlines — 1/10/08

Jason Hunt/Coeur d’Alene Press, AP

Lake City High School students Dominic Vitagliano, left, Tommy Anderson, and Christian Hanna, sled during a day off of school during a a snow day Wednesday in Coeur d’Alene. Stories here and here.

Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, SR

*Basketball teams get into spirit of season/Greg Lee, Spokesman-Review — Are you ready for some high school basketball? Fight for the Fish is up next. Also, read Greg’s feature about Coeur d’Alene High basketballer Ali Johnson here.

*Comprehensive Plan ready to view: Planning Commission scheduled to hold public hearing in late March/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press — It won’t be a New York Times bestseller. But the comp plan’ll probably have more impact on your life than a good book.

*Illegal machines getting crushed: Gambling devices seized in 2006 raid at Post Falls Eagles Club/Amy Cannata, SR — Looks like the machines’ luck finally has run out.

*Rathdrum city clerk retiring: Judy Hollenbeck has been working for the city for 16 years/Mary Jane Honegger, SR — The definition of a public servant.

*Athletics give big boost to racial equality: uman Rights Education Institute’s Student Summit takes place Jan. 21/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press — I grew up idolizing Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and other ethnic players for the S.F. Giants. Indeed, sports has helped this country deal with racial barriers.

Paul Turner: It’s Winter, Deal With It

People in Spokane now feel the need to apologize if they happen to enjoy aspects of winter. “I think the Lilac City looks quite comely wrapped in a white blanket. Sorry.” As a region, we’ve turned some corner where the default attitude about this season is assumed to be grumbling petulance. Expressing a contrary or qualified perspective invites wary looks and muttered doubts about your sanity. You know it’s true/Paul Turner, SR. More here.

Question: Do you like winter?

Inept Capt. Jack Sparrow Burglar YouTubed

A would-be burglar who closely resembled a famous Disney pirate and became a sensation on YouTube turned himself in with a dislocated knee after his failed attempt to break into a coffee shop in Lakewood, Wash. More here.

Stickman: A Kiss A Day Keeps Blues Away

I married a woman many years ago that is much younger than me, and I haven’t a cent or much of a future, except making sticks and giving them away. I made a New Years resolution to kiss her more each day, at least once or twice to make her feel that she is wanted and loved. I never have made resolutions before, but this one time I feel I can keep it up and I hope it makes her feel more wanted. Life is so short, we better make the best of it no matter what our station is in life. She does her best to make our society better and to make our environment cleaner and safer, what more could I ask? We need to make the ones closest to us feel better about where they are in life. Not worse. Try to smile at least once a day just because, life is so precious/Stickman.

Anderson: Jay Walking

Nick Anderson/Houston Chronicle

Hump Day Wild Card — 1/9/08

Sometimes, you guys cause me to bust out laughing at my office desk. John Austin succeeded in doing so with two of his comments this p.m. Ditto for Hilarious re: that Coeur d’Alene “Pubic” Library photo this morning. Also, OnLocation North Idaho surprised me with that Paul Bunyan-for-prez sign b/c I hadn’t noticed it — and it’s next door to the SR building. Thanks for the chuckles. Also, you HBOers in the Post Falls area can expect to see the return of Huckleberries print in the Voice tomorrow. (I’ll also reprint it here in the morning.) The Handle Extra will feature a second full-length column for the week Saturday. (Don’t tell Katrina, but her son’s boogers are going to be immortalized as well as petrified in the lead item Saturday.) Now, for your Wild Card …


naive pundits
demean their station
…inane gossip

Sue Turner/Tumblewords

Cis: Are You, Have You Ever Been A Californian?

Are you a Californian? Or have you ever been a Californian … (kind of sounds like the days of the 50’s and the McCarthy trials) But seriously. California is like a dirty word up here in Idaho. Anything, and I do mean anything, that goes wrong, it is blamed on the Californians. Too much traffic? Californians. Too high prices for house … Californians. Crime rises up, drugs on the rise? High fluttening rich people? Gated communities? Californians, Californians and of course Californians/From A Simple Mind. More here.

Question: Have you ever lived in California?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/9/08

Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., leans over to kiss two-month-old Eden Stedman at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., following his New Hampshire primary election victory Wednesday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Begun as a diabolical scientific experiment in the dark prisons of Communist Vietnam, the creature that calls itself John McCain must suck the life force from an innocent baby at least once a month to stay alive — Average Joe.

2. From prisoner of war to prisoner of cliches — GaryC.

3. Sen. McCain crosses his fingers as he kisses one little froglet who just may magically transform into Super Tuesday Voter Charming — LynnS.

HM: Joan Harman

PFSD IDs 7th-Grader Who Collapsed, Died

The seventh-grade boy who collapsed and died outside River City Middle School Tuesday has been identified as Sean Morris. Doctors reportedly discovered serious problems with the boy’s heart but haven’t determined the cause of death, said Jerry Keane, superintendent of the Post Falls School District. A funeral is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday at the Post Falls Chapel, 1824 E 16th Ave. (The boy’s mother gave the school district permission to release her son’s name.)/Meghann M. Cuniff, Spokesman-Review.

Roundup: CDA Train Derailment Shuts Hubbard

3:55 p.m., power lines are causing problems on Lincoln Way and could force closures. Commuters may have to find a different way home.

3:54 p.m., report of line down and power pole snapped at 53 & Meyer.

3 p.m., Bus slide-offs reported on Clagstone Road (near Silverwood)

Midafternoon: Coeur d’Alene City officials are reporting that a train has derailed near downtown Coeur d’Alene near the University of Idaho branch campus. Crews are currently directing traffic off Northwest Boulevard. Taryn’s checking it out. More here.

Grocery Tax: Clark’s Right But Not Veto Proof

Rep. Jim Clark, R-Hayden Lake, had a meeting with Gov. Otter today, and took the opportunity to inform the governor that Clark doesn’t like his grocery tax relief bill and plans to introduce his own. Last year, Clark and Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, unsuccessfully proposed a bill to phase out the sales tax on groceries, with several complicated features. “We’re going to change it – take it off in four years, period,” Clark said. When he told Otter that, Clark said, “He said, ‘Good.’ He said, ‘I got something for you if that’s what you do.’” Otter pulled out a card with the governor’s official seal on it, and stamped it with his big, red VETO stamp/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Question: Which grocery tax relief bill do you support: Jim Clark’s, which would phase out the tax altogether, or Butch Otter’s, which would benefit only the lower income?

Should I Tell On Ourselves?

You may have noticed that the story re: the troubled Hayden man who cut off his hand wasn’t in the SR today. Although it was published on Huckleberries and our online edition, it fell through the cracks in the print edition. In other words, thanks to a Berry Picker who tipped HBO off after hearing about the incident on the police scanner Saturday, Huckleberries had it first. But the Coeur d’Alene Press printed it first this morning. Also, an SR editor or two balked when Erica Curless’s story established a possible link between the Bible and the man cutting off his hand because he thought it bore the “mark of the beast.”

Yes, Virginia, Teachers Love Snow Days, Too

But still, yesterday when there was a glimmer of hope for a snow day, I was hoping that just maybe we’d get to stay home today. All the weather people were saying this BIG storm was coming our way. All kinds of warnings about inches and inches of snow on the way were all over the tv and radio. We even had calls come in to the school office to see if we were cancelling school yesterday before a flake even fell. And so, as I lay down to go to sleep last night, I listened carefully for the wind to blow in the storm that would allow me to have a pajama day with my family/A Butterfly Moment. More here.

Question: Were you a consciencious student who missed few school days? Or did you play hooky ever chance you could?

Parent Complains About “Snow Falling” Decision

re: 3-2 decision by CDA school board to keep “Snow Falling On Cedars” on required reading list.

According to the board-approved material list, District 271 actually recommends materials for minors, which contain vulgar, profane and sexually explicit material! When public school students are unknowingly and unwillingly exposed to vulgar, profane and sexually explicit material it could violate their fundamental right to a safe educational experience. Officials have been asked to re-evaluate their recommended materials list because it violates school policies and fails to meet appropriate selection standards for minors in education.

Mary Jo Finney
Full letter to Coeur d’Alene Press here.

HBO @ Noon: Who Should Drop Out?

Item: Edwards to press on despite loss: ‘I am in this race until the convention’/Associated Press

Question: At this point, who should drop out of the presidential race?

Morning Headlines — 1/9/08

Kathy Plonka/SR

Barbara Bisaro along with her daughter Kayla, 15, in Kayla’s pirate theme bedroom at their home in Post Falls on Monday. Kayla was able to decorate her room to her liking after Barbara went through IHFA’s self sufficiency program and was able to purchase the home. Becky Kramer SR story here.

*Sherry Adkins’ Idaho Records/SR

*Coldwater lays off workers at HQ: Women’s apparel industry in slump/Becky Kramer, SR — Bad time of the year to get a pink slip.

*Kootenai County 2008 outlook bright: Commissioner Rick Currie gives annual State of the County Address/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press — Would Commissioner Currie admit it, if the 2008 outlook wasn’t bright? Wonder how he feels re: possibility of former CDA police chief Tom Cronin running against him this year?

*Record snow buries region/Thomas Clouse, SR — My wife called after she got finished digging us out this morning and said: “Next year, we get a snow blower.” (We take turns shoveling, depending on time of day. She gets the mornings.)

*UI, Wild Rose move forward with plans for Sandpoint campus/Marlisa Keyes, Bonner County Daily Bee — Keep your fingers crossed. This is an important project for Bonner County and North Idaho higher ed.

*Light, noise could hurt Commerce Park: Businesses must shut down after 10 p.m. if set limits are exceeded/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press — Don’t the businesses have squatter’s rights or something? A grandfather clause? The Commerce Park has been there for a long time.

Reader: Signe Cartoon Disses Mormons

Signe Wilkinson/Washington Post

Reader: On Dec. 29 you ran a “cartoon” by Signe Wilkinson on page B5. I am surprised that in this day anyone would put “Morman Politians” in a separate category than they would “Christian Politians.” “Mormons” are Christians and they believe in God our Eternal Father, in his son Jesus Christ, in the Holy Ghost and in the Bible, so long as it is translated correctly.

Opinion Edior Doug Floyd: Response: I agree with Ms. Gadberry that Signe Wilkinson’s decision to include the Book of Mormon in her cartoon was probably influenced by Mitt Romney’s candidacy for president. But I suspect that a bigger consideration was the fact that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints formally recognizes a separate volume of scripture — The Book of Mormon — in addition to the Bible. Since the theme of the cartoon focused on various religious books, it seems like a logical image to help make her point.

Full Ask The Editors post here

Hayden Man Cuts Off, Microwaves Hand

Item: Hayden man cuts off, microwaves hand/Erica Curless, Spokesman-Review

More Info: A Hayden man cut off his hand with a circular saw Saturday and put it in the microwave, allegedly to rid his body of the mark of the beast and escape the wrath of God. “It had been somewhat cooked by the time the deputy arrived,” said Kootenai County sheriff’s Capt. Ben Wolfinger. “He put a tourniquet on his arm before so he didn’t bleed to death. That kind of mental illness is just sad.”

DFO: I agree with Capt. Wolfinger — sad.

Knocking The “L” Outta Old Library Sign

Hilarious/Special for Huckleberries

HBOer Hilarious snapped this shot of the old Coeur d’Alene “Pubic” Library after a clever vandal had his/her way with the lettering. However, the city of Coeur d’Alene has already fixed the problem. All the lettering had been removed when I drove by the old library building this morning.

FrankS: Did Obama Suffer “Bradley effect”?

re: Did Obama’s Supporters Lie? Explaining the dissonance between polls and results in New Hampshire/Mark Blumenthal and Charles Franklin

This is getting to be fun. Those of us who predicted Hillary’s demise on the basis of the huge Obama poll surge should have been more mindful of the potential for the Bradley effect, which, if that’s part of what happened here, will make any general-election polls with Obama atop the ticket a true nailbiter regardless of any assertions that he’s ahead.

Frank Sennett

McCain, Clinton Win New Hampshire …

… Prolonged battle looms for Demo nomination

Elise Amendola/AP Photo

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y. reacts at her primary election night victory rally in Manchester, N.H. Tuesday.

Parting Shot — 1/8/08

Troy Maben/AP Photo

Sledders make their way up the hill below the vacant Governor’s Mansion as afternoon snow falls Tuesday afternoon in Boise. Private Fundraising for the mansion,which was donated by Idaho Billionaire J.R. Simplot, has resulted in $475,000 put into an account and $1.1 million in pledges. The amount raised falls far short of the $3.5 million needed for projected renovations.

Polished, Trim Replaces Grungy In Men’s Fashion

Item: Men’s fashion for 2008 is in the details: Polished and trim replaces distressed and grungy/Samantha Critchell, Associated Press

Question (for women): How would you describe the fashion sense of the man in your life? 1. Dr. McDreamy (“Grey’s Anatomy”), 2. Open to my makeover, 3. Joe Average, 4. Joe Sixpack, 5. Neanderthal.

AP Photo of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/8/08

John Super/AP Photo

Conservation researcher Chloe Inskip receives some help from one of the animals as she counts Ringtailed Lemurs (Lemur Catta) whilst she assists in performing an annual stock take at Chester Zoo, Chester, England, Tuesday. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. “Tiger attacks, sick elephants and hot polar bears. C,mon Chloe, that’s the only zoo news people ever hear. How come you never write anything positive? Just the other day, the lemurs found a lost penguin and alerted the zookeeper. ‘Tragedy averted.’ How’s that for a headline?” — MikeS.

2. Is my name on that waiting list? Seems like I’ve been in this line forever! — Al Hassell.

3. “Thanks so much, Ms. Moore. It’s for my daughter. Sign it, ‘To the most endangered critter I know — Love, Mandy’” — LynnS.

HM: Marmitetoasty.

Ah’m Your Huckleberry …

A Berry Picker was somewhat surprised by a package delivery made at the KootCo courthouse today, one for an employee, containing ammo. Seems the guard merely phoned the employee (not a bailiff) in question to pick up the package and didn’t blink at the contents. The weird part? On Monday, the same Berry Picker overheard a security guard rip into a girl who tried to go through his station wearing a punk rock belt, lined with fake bullets. The kid forgot that her belt had fake ammo on it. The teen was turned away, ending back at her car in tears. Sez the Berry Picker: “You would have thought she had plastic explosives strapped to her waist or something.”

Eye On Boise: D’s Agree w/Butch, Say R’s In Way

Legislative Democrats gave their response to the governor’s State of the State address this morning, and said they agree with Gov. Otter on ideas like addressing climate change, improving air and water quality, improving health care and substance abuse treatment and making it easier for families to afford college. “On these issues we are standing with the governor,” said Senate Minority Leader Clint Stennett, D-Ketchum, “but let’s be frank: This Republican Legislature is standing in the way”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

More Eye On Boise: Craig attorney issues statement; So, it’s not really a new problem? And: Otter went line-by-line through budget.

Craig: Officer Invited Senator’s Actions

Item: Craig: Officer ‘invited’ conduct/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review

More Info: Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has filed a 96-page brief in his Minnesota appeal in a sex sting case, arguing that he should be allowed to withdraw his guilty plea to disorderly conduct charges in part because an undercover officer “invited” the senator’s actions in an airport restroom.

Question: At this point, does anyone have anything left to say about the sordid actions of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig?

AMOO: Ever Buy Pet @ Grocery Store?

Brian Plonka/SR

In our editorial today, we looked positively on ordinances that will prohibit the selling, giving away or bartering of animals on public space.

In the 1989 Michael Moore documentary “Roger & Me,” a woman sells her rabbits for “pets or meat.” She shows Moore how she clubs to death the cuddly bunnies, unless a person buys them to keep as pets. Moore focuses on the pets-or-meat woman to tell the story of desperation in Flint, Mich., a community impoverished by the auto industry’s ups and downs. The people who stand in retail store parking lots and on street corners selling puppies and giving away kittens tell a story, too, about Spokane. It’s a story that animal advocates hope is changing with enactment of an ordinance making it illegal to sell, give or barter away animals in public spaces anywhere in Spokane County/Becky Nappi, A Matter of Opinion.

Question: Have you ever purchased a puppy or kitten in front of a grocery store or another public-like space? And how did the pet work out for you?

CYT’s Announces Dancing w/Celebrities List

The Christian Youth Theatre has picked the following celebrities for its March 21 fund-raising show at the Bing Crosby Theatre:

Janet O, KHQ
Brett Bowers, KVNI
Will Pitt, KREM 2
Jim Wasko, Deputy Fire Chief Coeur d’ Alene
Nancy McLaughlin, Spokane City Council
Joe Shogan, Spokane City Council
Jay Hughes, Spokane County Sherriff
Jennifer Kim, KHQ
Linda Ball, Coeur d’ Alene Press
Eldonna Shaw, President, Spokane Valley Chamber
Lee Stoll, Krem 2
Kjerstin Ramsing KXLY

Question: Which of the above celebrities would you like to see dance?

HBO’s AM Headlines — 1/8/08

Troy Maben/AP Photo

Idaho Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter gives his State of the State and State of the Budget Address at the Boise State University Speacial Events Center, Monday afternoon. Betsy Russell story here. And: Dan Popkey column here.

Idaho Records/Sherry Adkins, Spokesman-Review

*North Idaho loses out on vets cemetery: New one in Spokane causes feds to look elsewhere/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise — One more reason for North Idaho chauvinists to dislike Spokane city cousins.

*Inmate program paying dividends: Bonner County jail laborers help needy/Conor Christofferson, Bonner Daily Bee — Kudos to Sheriff Elaine Savage.

*Here comes the snow: Storm expected to dump as much as 8 inches in CDA/Sean Garmire, Coeur d’Alene; SR 5-day forecast for CDA — My neighbor snow-blowed my sidewalk Sunday. It’s my turn to do his tonight.

*Post Falls businessman in Senate race: Phenneger to run as Republican/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review — Who?

*Border issues at forefront of town hall meeting: Sali: “I’m working on a solution”/Brian Walker, Coeur d’Alene Press — Why do I think we’ll still be talking about a solution when the 2012 presidential election rolls around?

Columnist: Christians Are Arts Slackers

“There was a time when rock music inspired cultural change, asking important questions about life itself. Steve Turner, a journalist who interviewed many of these philosopher-poets, writes in his work “Imagine: A Vision for Christians in the Arts” about how people such as Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, Pete Townshend and John Lennon were “no longer simply entertainers by prophets and shamans. … Believers in a counterculture thought it exemplified a new commitment to basic human values and a rejection of greed, war, hypocrisy and exploitation.” It’s a shame that Christians aren’t contributing much to this discussion. Rather than engaging cultural beliefs and assumptions, many Christians are content to keep singing happy little salvation songs from aboard their lifeboats without regard to the people who are still struggling in the water”/Erin Dienst, WSU Evergreen. More here.

Question: Agree? Disagree?

School Board OKs “Snow Falling On Cedars” 3-2

Item: ‘Snow Falling’ survives school curriculum challenge/Becky Kramer, Spokesman-Review

More Info: During Monday night’s meeting, Assistant Superintendent Hazel Bauman told parents that they couldn’t quote sections of the book that weren’t “family-friendly” because the meeting was being recorded for broadcast on cable TV. “I am aware of the irony,” she said. Mary Jo Finney, one of several parents who raised objections to the book, said that underscored her point: “It’s adult reading for minors.”

Question: Should the Coeur d’Alene School Board have allowed opponents to read aloud portions of “Snow Falling On Cedars” that weren’t “family-friendly”?

Bob: Other Shocking Stats About Idaho Males

re: 1 in 34 Idaho males in prison, on parole

1. Average full scale IQ: 78
2. Owners of Subaru Brats: 1/13
3. Average % of diet consisting of squirrels or perch: 37%
4. Average % of DNA shared with spouse: 40%
5. Average % who believe we were attacked on 9/11 by Armenians: 54%
6. Average % who think OTV would love to review their elk camp chow: 72%
7. Voted for George Bush because he looked like a good guy to shoot meth with: 1/19.


Sparky: Father-in-laws Can Be Gross, Too

re: Napkin Notes learns again — boys are gross

Men are funny. I married into a farm family and spent my first years married shocked by wear food came from. The grossest moment I witnessed was when my father in law lanced a cyst that shot its insides all over the face, only to walk into the house a few minutes later to have a snack without washing his face. In fact, he did not change his clothes all day because why dirty another pair of overalls/Sparky.

Parting Shot — 1/7/08

Nathan Bilow/AP Photo

Taking advantage of the new snowfall, a horse drawn carriage travels on the snowy Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, Colo. on Saturday. A total of 16 inches of snow has fallen within the last 24 hour period and two to four feet of snow is expected in the Southwestern Colorado mountains.

Top Comment: OTV’s Thrift Store Book Section Review

One of my favorite comments over the weekend was OrangeTV’s capsulized rundown of the book sections at the local thrift stores. Sample: “Thriftique (Appleway): Unorganized but very low priced. In addition to the main book section, they’re scattered all over the various sections of the store as props and I like that. This store is so random, like grandma’s attic.” You can read the rest of his quickie review here.

Question: Do you shop thrift stores? If so, which is your favorite? Why?

HBO’s Best of the Local Blogs — 1/7/08

Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho

“The chairlift at Lookout Pass was sitting room only on a recent Saturday morning,” posts Kerri Thoreson/OnLocation North Idaho. “It’s a one-way ride to the top, the only way to get back down is via skis or snowboard.”

*Arch Druid wonders if Coeur d’Alene Press columnist Bob Paulos is trying to become a stand-up comedian, with his constant shots at Spokane, here.

*Dogwalk Musings isn’t amused that the neighbor’s new dog menaces her during her daily walks with Bacchus here.

*Silver Valley Girl is going in a new direction with her blog on Mondays. Check it out here.

*Soul Doubt discovers that her baby has become the epicenter of her household, not her or her man, here.

*Sparky’s Notes is glad the Christmas vacation is over and the kids are back in school here.

HBO Blog Numbers (for week of Dec. 30 thru Jan. 5): 32,773 page-views and 19,859 unique views.

Meanwhile, Tumblewords offers Moon Haiku and more here; A Family Runs Through It endorses “I Love You More” here; As The Lake Churns promotes a book signing here; Sweet & Sour Herb procrastinates here; and Idaho Rocks is pleasantly surprised here.

Idaho D’s Pick Roark As New State Chairman

“Idaho currently has a United States Senator who has disgraced our state and placed his own petty interests above the good of the public. We have a United States Representative whose comments about Islam show not only ignorance of the United States Constitution but a total lack of common decency. We have a Governor who never holds a press conference and disdains the very notion of public access to elected officials. Where there is no effective, two party system there is no accountability. Where there is no accountability there is no responsibility. Elected officials, under such circumstances, eventually ignore not just those who did not vote for them but those who did as well” — Idaho Demo Chairman Keith Roark (pictured). More from story by Jill Kuraitis/New West Boise here.

Question: How can Democrats close two-party gap in Idaho?

1 In 34 Idaho Males In Prison, On Parole

The governor just shared what he called a “shocking statistic” with lawmakers: “One out of every 34 Idaho males is under the supervision of the Idaho Department of Correction, either in prison or on parole. That’s equivalent to an entire legislative district, and it’s equivalent to the population of Eagle, Idaho, or Post Falls, or Moscow.” Many are in for drugs, he said. That’s partly why he’s backing converting a warehouse at an existing state prison into a 300-bed treatment facility/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

Eye On Boise covers opening session: Denney wants short session; Otter tells lawmakers: “It’s up to you”; Guv makes transportation proposals; Otter wants 5% for state employees; Otter wants $20M aquifer study; and Meth ads kick off today.

Idaho Legislature Opens In Cramped Quarters

Troy Maben/AP Photo

Idaho State Representative Branden Durst of Boise straightens out a computer cord as he gets ready for the opening day of the 2008 legislative session this morning. Durst was the first house representative of the day to start setting up his new desk in the old Ada County Courthouse building in downtown Boise that will house the legislature this year as the Statehouse across the street is being renovated.

Idahoans Not Wooed by Washington Minimum Wage

Item: Higher wage does not draw Idaho workers across border/Becky Kramer, Spokesman-Review

More Info: Theoretically, Idaho’s entry-level workers should be swarming across the state line in search of higher pay. The fact that they aren’t suggests market forces have already pared the $2 per hour discrepancy in the two states’ minimum wages. At Zip’s Drive-In in Post Falls, the starting wage for employees runs about $7.25 per hour.

Question: What’s the lowest wage you’ve ever worked for?

Huckleberries Best of the INorthwest — 1/7/08

Shawn Raecke/Idaho Statesman

Aaron Beavor of Crestline, Calif. helps his new daughter in-law Sarah Nichole Beavor of Meridian get ready for another wedding portrait in the wind outside of the Mormon Temple in Boise Friday. Sarah along with her new husband Nathan battled the elements and braved the cold and the strong gusts of wind on Friday afternoon while getting their wedding pictures taken.

1. Boise is often near the top of those “best cities” lists. Best city for business… best city for biking… best city for recreational activities. But there’s one kind of list few would expect Boise to be on: Most lustful cities here/KTVB.

2. An ordinance making it unlawful to sell, barter, auction or give away animals in public areas – or private areas that are open to the public – became effective in unincorporated areas of Spokane County and in the city of Spokane Valley on Jan. 1 here/SR.

3. Spotlight: SR columnist Doug Clark has written and sings another of his parodies, this time to commemorate Eddie Ray Hall’s life of crime here and here.

4. News Roundup: Court won’t review ruling on Columbia pollution/AP; Hawaii football coach leaves for SMU/Statesman; Bighorn lambs dying in hell’s canyon/KTVB; Candy billionaire fights Montana energy push/AP; and Christian Exodus leader expanding to Gem County, Idaho/AP.

5. Blogosphere: Terms of engagement/Dogwalk Musings; Republican debate scorecard/Palousitics; Roark’s election/Randy Stapilus; Snow-shoe freedom/Slight Detour; and Afraid of Larry LaRocco/Adam’s Blog.

6. IMHO: Doubting the silver bet/David Bond, Silver Valley Mining Journal; Just no beating St. Brett/Art Thiel, Seattle PI; Federal lands should have consistent gun rules/Statesman; December set several weather records/Michelle Boss, SR Handle Extra; and “Juno” = cinema joy/Tyler Wilson, Coeur d’Alene Press.

Poll: A plurality of 31% of 749 respondents to an Idaho Statesman poll said “fixing roads” is the top priority for the Idaho Legislature. “Lowering taxes” was second with 29% of the vote.

EOB: Nonini, Henderson, Anderson In Peanut Gallery

So who’s sitting in the new upper level of the House chamber? Its denizens include Reps. Bob Nonini, Eric Anderson, Frank Henderson and Cliff Bayer. It’s not that they got the short end of the stick. “We wanted to be up here,” said Nonini, R-Coeur d’Alene. “This was our first choice.” Grinning from his high perch, Nonini said, “There’s just something more, an aura about being above everybody”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise.

DFO: Now that the Idaho Legislature is in session, Eye On Boise (in the Uber Blog category to the right) is a must-read.

School Board To Discuss “Snow Falling On Cedars”

The Coeur d’Alene School Board will discuss a request to ban “Snow Falling On Cedars” from school reading lists, during its regular monthly meeting at about 5:40 p.m. today in the Midtown Center meeting room. Last month, the board approved committee recommendations not to ban Maya Angelou’s “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” and Walter Dean Meyers’ “Fallen Angels.”

DFO: I just picked up a copy of “Snow Falling On Cedars” for $2 from St. Vinnys. But it’ll have to wait until I finish Garrison Keillor’s “Book of Guys.”

Question: What are you reading now?

Richert: What To Expect From Otter Speech

We can expect Otter to outline a plan to put new money into Idaho’s highway backlog – but we’ll have to tune in to see how much it’s going to cost, and where Otter hopes to find the money. Otter is also likely to put in a plug for a Proposition 13-style plan to cap home property taxes and push his plan to give low-income Idahoans a break on grocery taxes – two tax plans that put the governor squarely at odds with many legislators/Kevin Richert, Idaho Statesman. More here.

Press: We Need To Find Money For Senior Meals

Item: Focus needed on seniors’ needs/Coeur d’Alene Press Editorial Board (Story here.)

More Info: “… you might be inclined to assign much of the blame to Kootenai County’s Board of Commissioners. We think some of that blame is absolutely warranted. The money is there — commissioners just need to make some tough decisions on how to fund the seniors’ needs. Heck, the 3 percent raise commissioners gave themselves would have more than covered the local Meals on Wheels program.”

Question: Where should help come from, to solve senior citizen meals crisis?

Poll: Top Idaho Legislative Issue?

What should be lawmakers’ top priority in the 2008 Legislature?/Idaho Statesman.

*Fix roads
*Lower taxes
*Expand health care
*Improve air quality

Related: Statesman’s guide to 2008 Legislature

Ramirez: Only Real Change

Michael Ramirez/Investor’s Business Daily

Wild Card/Sunday — 1/7/08

I was checking out the used books in local thrift stores this afternoon — and met an HBO blurker who approved of a coupla poetry books I found at the Youth Ranch book section (“The Mentor Book of Major American Poets” and Nikki Giovanni’s “Blues for All the Changes”) L said I looked like someone familiar and wasn’t surprised who I was when I introduced myself. She posts a comment occasionally. But promised to post more often in the future. Nice lady. I enjoy meeting you guys when I’m out and about. BTW, I need to ask OTV to review the book sections at the local thrift stores. Of the three I visited today, I’d rate them this way: 1. Hospice on 4th (best prices and good selection), 2. Youth Ranch (mebbe best selection), and 3. St. Vinnys. OK prices but disorderly. (However, I found “Snow Falling on Cedars” there for $2). Any of you HBOers know a thrift store with a good selection of books? You can talk about book selections in thrift stores or anything else you want with this Wild Card …

Sue: Hillary’s Time Has Come; Cis: No It Hasn’t

Sue: Obama is a wonderful orator. He is fresh, and inspiring. His time is coming. Hillary’s is now. I can’t believe there is a woman voter out there who wouldn’t support her, for her qualifications alone, but also, because it’s way past time for us to have a woman leader. Setting that aside, I like her stance on health care & diplomacy. What other candidate out there will improve your life in a real way? She will. She is extremely intelligent, and a good speaker. Go Hillary!

Cis: Sorry, Sue this is one female who is NOT going to vote for Hil. If you ever been to a Vet’s hospital and to see their doctors, you will get an idea of what Hil’s health plan will be like. Woman in the office, postively YES, just not Hil. Experience? Let’s see we have her experience in the lawyers office, and don’t even go with the being First Lady experience. I don’t know who to vote for yet… but it sure won’t be her. And a lot of my female friends feel the same way.

Question: On a scale of 1 (loathing) to 10 (worshipping), how much do you like Hillary?

BrentA: Richardson Most Presidential In D Debate

I think Bill Richardson looked the most presidential in the Democratic debates tonight and I liked his brand of change - every one of the Dems seemed to have his or her own brand. Richardson looked like the man to encourage Americans toward a better future - including what he called an “energy revolution.” He talked about 50 mpg cars, light rail and improvements in American science and math, “asking people to sacrifice to do something for the country.” He specifically mentioned trading a year of service to the nation for college money. You have to like that. I liked what he said about Al Gore, too: “Al Gore has been right. He deserves the Nobel Prize. I’m glad he stayed out of the race.” His message that he’s the only Democratic candidate with executive experience, the only one who’s negotiated directly with foreign leaders and balanced a real budget, resounded with me too/Brent Andrews More here.

Question: What was your impression of the D debate in New Hampshire Saturday night?

APhoto of the Day — 1/5/08

Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo

Democratic presidential hopeful, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., speaks at her caucus night rally with husband former president Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Thursday in Des Moines, Iowa. In a presidential race where the Democratic candidates are competing as agents of change, Hillary Rodham Clinton’s most reliable campaign prop is something of a political relic - her husband. You write the cutline.

Online Poll: Are You Still Resolved?

How’s your New Year’s resolution going? — Idaho Statesman

*Piece of cake
*Getting rough
*I’ve given up
*Didn’t start one

Ground Force Fire Causes $700,000 Damage

Firefighters said a malfunctioning oil furnace at Ground Force Manufacturing caused a three-alarm fire and at least $700,000 in damages to the plant Friday. Jim Lyon, spokesman for Kootenai Fire and Rescue, said one Ground Force employee was taken to the hospital after suffering smoke inhalation and several firefighters slipped on snow and ice at the scene/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Partners Pull Plug On Controversial Mortuary Location

The partners who proposed the funeral home across the street from the Lake City Senior Center have decided to look elsewhere for a place to put their business. “The concern of people in our community, I think, was a tipping point for both of us,” said Jim Asper, who had applied with Mary Hansen for a special use permit to operate Aspen Funeral Home in the building on Lakewood Drive. Asper said the two began “making decisions” after learning about 100 seniors who use the center had signed a petition protesting the funeral home proposal/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Consultants: UI Profs Unproductive, Hindrance

Item: UI professors are behind, says research group/Shawn Vestal, Spokesman-Review

More Info: Say the words “culture of Moscow” to anyone familiar with the northern Idaho college town, and a certain stereotype of artsy granolians is likely to emerge. But when a team of consultants hired by the University of Idaho use the term, they have something different in mind – an inflexible, unproductive faculty they say is hindering the UI’s efforts to overcome the financial crisis of recent years.

Question: How should the University of Idaho respond to the consultants’ findings that its collection of professors are unproductive?

TGIF Wild Card — 1/4/08

I’ve received word that my nephew and his wife have returned safely from a weeklong trip to Ethiopia, with their two new adopted daughters in tow, Bezi and Maya. Ages 18 months and 4 years. Dunno which is which. I’ll get that straightened out this weekend when I call my older sister, who’s officially a grandmother now. The kids, of course, can’t speak English. So, it’ll be fun the hear reports from my niece and nephew, who were childless before this point, re: their adjustment to SoCal. ‘Tis a nice way to ring in the new year. Now, for your Wild Card …

Cis: Relationships in the ‘Hood

What kind of a relationship do you have with your neighbor? Best friends? Occasional coffee break? Over for dinner? Talks across the fence each time you both are outside? A wave or nod as you are doing yard work? Or taking the garbage
to the curb? Have you ever been in your neighbors
house? While they owned it? Do you know who to call for them if they have health problems? If they are single. Do you house sit for them? Do you loan them tools and etc?/From A Simple Mind. More here.

DFO: Occasional chats over fence or when taking garbage to curb. I’ve been in one neighbor’s house. My neighbors are good people. But we keep to ourselves. Mostly.

Question: What’s your relationship with your neighbors?

APhoto of the Day w/Top Cutlines — 1/4/08

Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/AP

Toilet Bowl king Justin Perschke catches an incoming roll of toilet paper while queen Bobbi Neimuth is covered with paper during the Toilet Bowl parade Tuesday in Hustisford, Wis. This is the 43rd year of the Toilet Bowl in the Dodge County hamlet. During the 20 minute parade, spectators and participants toss rolls of toilet paper at each other. The parade is short it goes by twice. The Toilet Bowl is a football game, which raises money for the Hustisford Volunteer Fire Department. Following the game, firefighters compete in water barrel fights. You write the cutline.

Top Cutlines

1. Coeur d’ Alene’s newest piece of public art is set outside the sewage treatment plant this morning — In The Know.

2. With the presidential election on the horizon, revelers celebrate the arrival of the aptly named Year of the Toilet — A Token D.

3. Clean up crews roll through Iowa wiping up all the bull**** left by the campaigning Presidential wannabes — KeithinCDA.

HM: Nic


“Brothers” — A Family Runs Through It

My son and I were talking about our cat, Basil, posts Phil/A Family Runs Through It:

SON: “Did Basil have a lot of other brothers?”
ME: “Yes, I think he came from a litter of eight.”
SON: “Oh. Do you think they miss Basil?”
ME: “I’m sure they don’t even remember him. They haven’t written or called the past few years.”
SON: “Kind of like Mommy’s brothers.”
ME: “Yup.”

Question: Are you close to your siblings?

You Think Roads Are Slippery Here …

Jennifer Delmonte/Daily Inter Lake, AP,

Responding to his first accident serving as Flathead County’s new public works director, Dave Prunty shovels gravel out of a plow that had rolled off Tronstad Road north of Kalispell, Mont., Thursday. This snowplow overturn is one of two that occurred within 20 minutes of each other, near Kalispell. Story here.

Breaking! Fire Breaks Out @ Ground Force

A large fire broke out this morning at Ground Force, a manufacturing business in Post Falls. Smoke and flames were visible from a large warehouse on the back of the lot. The preliminary investigation indicates that a oil heating unit was involved in the fire/KREM2. More here.

Time Warner Won’t Carry Super Bowl Game

Originally posted at 11:34 a.m.

Item: Standoff looms over Fox Super Bowl: Time Warner won’t carry KAYU-28 coverage/Rick Thomas, Coeur d’Alene Press

More Info: But after more than 13 months of on-and-off negotiations, that channel, KAYU-28 in Spokane, still has not returned to the Time Warner Cable systems in Kootenai County, Moscow, Pullman, Wash., and Libby, Mont., after rebroadcast rights were pulled in mid-December of 2006. Though several new or returning series, including “American Idol,” will begin their season runs on Fox between now and then, if the biggest televised sporting event of the year is not available on cable, it might mean negotiations are off the table.

Question: Is it finally time to consider switching from Time Warner to satellite?

HBO @ Noon: What’s Your Fave Caffeinated Drink?

Last night, Amy Dearest informed her mother and me that Starbucks has a new drink, one that eliminates the calories in her favorite drink and still tastes great. (She didn’t say if it’s less filling.) I can’t remember what she said was in the drink. Me? I always drink the mid-sized coffee — grande? tall? whatever — at Starbucks — black. What about you?

Question: What do you order at your favorite coffee shop/hut?

HBO AM Headlines — 1/4/08

Idaho Records

*Local supporters hold caucus watch parties/Erica Curless & Jim Camden, Spokesman-Review — Erica was impressed by the turnout and energy for Barack Obama at the Kootenai County caucus.

*Deputy fired first in shootout that wounded fugitive/Jody Lawrence-Turner and Thomas Clouse, Spokesman-Review — Huckleberries is following this one because Spokane County Deputy Jeff Thurman is a Coeur d’Alene High grad and his mother, Lynda, who made the call for back-up is a Northern Lights fire commissioner.

*Examiner recommends commissioners approve: Says proposed switch complies with Comp Plan/Marc Stewart, Coeur d’Alene Press — This one ain’t over until two county commissioners agree with the examiner rather than bow to strong opposition.

*ITD patches I-90 potholes: Fix may not last long because concrete does not have time to cure/Lucy Dukes, Coeur d’Alene Press — A temporary fix is better than none at all … and long lines of traffic.

*GOP lawmakers reject Democratic ethics reforms:
Idaho Republicans fear ‘chilling effect’
/Betsy Russell, Spokesman-Review — Idaho Democrats are right here. There should be a waiting period before a public oafishal can take a job as a biz lobbyist. Shame on the Repubs for not backing this common-sense legislation.

MGR: Craig’s Stumping For “Desperate” Risch

” … LaRocco’s release also notes that Senator Larry Craig has been speaking at fundraisers on behalf of Jim Risch, something “mysteriously” omitted from Risch’s solicitation letter”/MountainGoat Report. More here.

Question: Is Risch wise/clueless to allow Larry Craig to stump for him?

CDA Press: Mortuary Location Tacky, But Legal

It doesn’t get the highest grade for location sensitivity, but a proposed new funeral home in Coeur d’Alene deserves better than the appeal filed against it recently. Aspen Funeral Home has made several headlines in this paper for seeking to operate its proposed new business directly across the street from Lake City Senior Center. Tacky? Perhaps. A story Thursday indicated some 100 Senior Center patrons have signed a petition asking that the funeral home not be located directly across from the tables where they eat their meals. But despite the seniors’ obvious discomfort, Aspen Funeral Home appears to be satisfying the requirements for legal operation. Its special use permit request will be the subject of a public hearing before the Coeur d’Alene Planning Commission on Feb. 5/Coeur d’Alene Press editorial. More here.

Question: How much weight should the concerns of the senior citizens carry in deciding whether to grant the special use permit?

FrankS: Hillary’s Toast

As for PDX’s points, Obama won because he was able to boost turnout to historic highs; his victory was in no way a foregone conclusion—if he’d won by a point or two you could probably point to the regional aspect, but this was a turnout trick Dean desperately tried to pull off in 04 and Obama did it, lighting a fire under mostly young folks who’d never caucused before. And that question about if Edwards drops out, most of those votes go straight to Obama. That’s why I think Hillary’s sunk. She’s boxed in by her high negatives. The only thing she had going for her was her “inevitability.” That’s gone. So what’s her winning narrative? She’s done/Frank Sennett.

Question: Did Iowa fatally wound the former First Lady’s prez chances?

Stantis: That’s Just The Beginning?

Scott Stantis/Birmingham News

Huckabee, Obama Win Opening Round in Iowa

AP Photos

Item: Huckabee, Obama projected as Iowa caucus winners/Robert Schroder, MarketWatch

More Info: Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Illinois Sen. Barack Obama won upset victories in Iowa’s Republican and Democratic caucuses on Thursday night, U.S. television networks projected, sealing important wins in the first bout in the 2008 presidential election.


Iowa Caucuses — Election ‘08 Kicks Off Tonight

Item: In Iowa, flurry of activity as candidates bring out the vote/Chris Cilliza, Washington Post

From A Simple Mind: Give me a dark-horse candidate

Question: Will Iowa’s caucuses affect how you vote this year?

HBO’s Best Of Friends Blogs — 1/3/08

Chris Peterson/Glacier Geographics

“One willing dog. One set of skates. One ice rink. Happy Holidays” — Chris Peterson.

*Parakeets, sez Atmospheric Ruminations, love two things — broccoli and to be sprayed with water. At least his four do. Click here.

*Chronic Discontent shares his thoughts about that controversial Idaho POST academy graduation slogan here and about the TV writers’ strike here.

*Fresh from terrorizing Your Huckleberry Hound with an ominous crimbo card, Marmitetoasty is caught in the kitchen with her hand up a fresh turkey’s bum here.

*Sam The Reporter explains what a caucus is, for his Bellingham Herald readers and you here.

*TUBOB already is celebrating “the final year of the hideously evil and deranged Cheney/Bush madministration. Finally. These nasty bastards will be gone before we know it.” Click here.

HBO Blog Numbers (for Wednesday, Jan. 2): 6617 page-views and 3722 unique views.

Meanwhile, Bill Sali Fan declares 2007 to be a good year for the congressman here; 2 of our Silver Valley Siblings take a road trip to Wallace here; Palousitics lists its Top 10 Stories of the Year here; PDX Pup live-blogged New Year’s Eve here; Synaptic Disunion describes a recurring dream here; and Wayward Episcopalian holds out hope that Biden will win in Iowa here.

Inside Huckleberries — 1/3/08

*I just added the SR’s popular Sportslink to the Uber Blogs roll, for your easy reading pleasure.

*There’s a local angle to that deputy involved shooting in Spokane last week. A Berry Picker tells Huckleberries that she attended Coeur d’Alene High School with Deputy Jeff Thurman. And that his mother, Lynda, who was riding along and called for backup, is Northern Lakes Fire District commissioner.

*Update: The Coeur d’Alene Press removed that slanderous troll comment about me that slipped through the cracks during the holidays. No harm. No foul.

*I’ve done some blog roll adding and subtracting. Some inactive blogs were pruned. I added an “Uber Blog” roll that includes Eye On Boise and my western Washington buddy Orbusmax. Also, I added Sam Taylor’s Bellingham Herald blog under “Friends of Huckleberries.”

*More 2007 HBO Numbers: On Wednesday, I posted my final blog numbers for 2007: 2,248,474 page-views and 1,319,919 unique views. That’s an increase of 660,160 page-views over the 1,588,314 from 2006. Or 41.6%. As always, thanks for helping make HBO successful.

EOB: Idaho Repubs Still Want Closed Primary

Asked if he’s seen a bill yet to close Idaho’s primaries to non-party members, House Speaker Lawerence Denney said, “I have not seen one. The state Republican Party chairman said he will have one, but I have not seen anything”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise.

Blog: Do You Let Strangers Watch Kids?

The Iowa caucuses are in full swing today with some of the candidates offering child care so that people can get out and vote. Do you, as a parent, let strangers take care of your children?/Lisa P, Parents Council

Question: Who Are Worst Icy Road Drivers?

Item: Area motorists prep for winter weather: State troopers debunk ‘California driver’ myth/Erica F. Curless, Spokesman-Review

More Info: Northwest natives often disdain newcomers, especially those with California plates. There are jokes and bumper stickers about praying for a heavy snow year to drive transplants back to their southern homes.

Question: Who are the worst drivers on snow-packed roads: locals? California transplants? Others?

Huckleberries Best Of The INorthwest Online 1/3/08

Toe-tapping U.S. Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, was a shoo-in for Mad magazine’s “20 Dumbest People, Events & Things of 2007.” Story here.

1. The Jesuits have agreed to pay $4.8 million to 16 people who where sexually abused as schoolchildren in the 1960s and early 1970s at St. Mary’s Mission and School near Omak on the Colville Indian Reservation here/John Stucke, Spokesman-Review.

2. A weathered bundle of $20 bills will go on auction as the FBI launches a new effort to find the hijacker who called himself D.B. Cooper and who parachuted into the night after taking over the 1971 Northwest Orient Airlines flight here/Associated Press.

3. Sports: PAC-10 basketball preview/Bob Condotta, Seattle Times. Also, McElwain turns down Eastern Washington/Steve Bergum, Spokesman-Review.

4. News Roundup: Boise diving instructor almost drowns/KTVB; Montanan trapped in trench may lose limbs/Daily Inter Lake; Idaho newspaper claims mag stole stuff/KTVB; Ex-Spokane music instructor stabbed to death/SR; and Wyoming snowmobile trail rated nation’s best/Billings Gazette.

5. Blogosphere: How about a Potatohead Political Bowl/Slig