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THURSDAY, AUG. 17, 2017

DFO Day in CdA 19 

I was completely surprised at the Huckleberries Farewell-fest when Deputy City Administrator Sam Taylor asked for the mic (even though we had no mic) and read a proclamation from Mayor Steve Widmyer proclaiming today, Aug. 17, 2017, as "DFO Day in CdA." Amazing. (Brenda Oliveria…

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DFO's Farewell-fest 

We had a sweet time at the Huckleberries Farewell-fest tonight. Many came. We roasted and toasted. Brilliant photog/friend Brian Plonka snapped this photo. Also, Don Sausser posted a number of photos on his Facebook wall. You can find a link to them below.

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Contact Info 

My SR email account,, will be active for another 2 weeks. You can also contact me on my new Gmail account: And/or you can follow me on my Huckleberries Facebook and Twitter. More info below. See you, guys.

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DFO at Huckleberries Central by Noah Kroese.

That's How Many Birthdays 

Occasionally, Tom Wobker wrote about me. There's 3 or 4 rhymes in "The Bard of Sherman Avenue: Poems by Tom Wobker." Here's one I saved for this special occasion. Also, I saved this cartoon from Noah Kroese.

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P.S. Still dancing through life 10 

Here's Mrs. O and I after renewing our vows on our 40th anniversary two years ago at the JACC in Post Falls. At 5 o'clock today, she will have my less-divided attention as we greet the Huckleberries Online crowd at the Fort Ground Grill. Afterward, we'll go on dancing through life. I'll miss you guys.

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Final Wild Card ... Ever -- 8.17.17 52 

This last week has been an emotional roller coaster. I chose to announce early. So we can spend a week digesting the end of Huckleberries. (I've heard no plans to continue this forum.) You're probably tired of the week long drama. So I promise I won't be back tomorrow to continue it.

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Cutline Contest -- 8.17.17 10 

The final Cutline Contest photo was taken, without my knowledge, by KHQ's Adam Mayer. I applaud all of you who have participated in this "contest" over the years, including formidable competitors gitrdun and JohnA. Wednesday Winner: JohnA.

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A farewell speech 

It just hit me. I need to make some remarks at Farewell-fest. And we need to toast the dearly departed: Patrick, The Bard, Dave (of Atmospheric Ruminations), Joan Harman ... And then it hit me that this could be emotional. Portuguese men don't do emotions. So I have a problem on my hands.

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--30-- 13 

I've just submitted my final newspaper column. For the first time in 47 years, I'm through with newspaper deadlines. Alleluia. Free at last.

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Here's my dearly departed friend Tom Wobker (right) with office mate Ron Nicklas at Pennaluna & Co in downtown Coeur d'Alene. This SR file photo was taken in 1993, or about the time that Tom and I began collaborating to publish poems by the mysterious Bard of Sherman Avenue.

To His Abscess

One thing I'm miss most as a result of my departure from Huckleberries Online is posting the rhymes of my dearly departed friend, Tom Wobker, The Bard of Sherman Avenue. Washington Poet Laureate Tod Marshall wants to get together early next year to see how we can promote Tom's work further. Stay tuned.

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HBO Farewell-fest today 14 

Several HucksOnline faves have RSVP'd that they can't make the Farewell-fest today due to schedule conflicts (Mayor Widmyer, Christi Wood, Spudbob, etc.). But I hope some of you show. It'd be embarrassing if Mrs. O and I are the only ones at Farewell-fest. The SR provides the cake and treats. Be there, or be square: 5-7 p.m. at Fort Ground Grill.

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Hamming it up

Duane took this photo of two women who were enjoying the downtown concert last night. They saw him taking photos and invited him to take one of them. I like this photo because it expresses joy -- 2 friends having a good time on a viewtiful summer evening in this special place of ours.

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Alert! Tubob escapes the cooler! 

What would Huckleberries Online be without one last word from TUBOB (The Unbearable Bobness of Being). TUBOB was a royal headache -- and an incredible talent that drove many uber-cons away from Huckleberries. Yet, he helped moderate my view of others who didn't share my personal viewpoint. I owe him for that.

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IFF blames Left for cancellation 37 

Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation claims that his organization had to change venue for its "annual celebration of freedom" as a result of pressure from the Left. Quoth: the Left is successfully bullying businesses, badgering, trolling and harassing anyone who dares to contradict their progressive worldview." Sounds like pay back to me.

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Driver dies in early AM Athol crash

An Athol man in a pickup was T-boned and killed by a semi early this morning at the H95/Chilco Road exit. Gary C. Knoblich, 58, of Athol, was killed at about 5:47 a.m. when he drove into the path of a truck driven by Ryan B. Crabtree, 35, of Athol.

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JBelle: Best DFOisms? 

"I want to talk about The Best DFO-ism. Ap-hollow-gy for sure is in the mix. Fer Shame fer sure. And ...?" -- JBelle. (DFO: Now you're talking. I'll list some of my favorites below. Feel free do join in.)

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The flap that changed local history 

I encountered former Mayor Sandi Bloem. I thanked her again for her grace and guidance in leading this town for 12 years. And for persevering on McEuen Park. Searcher (below) sez helping stop the recall against her & 3 others was shiniest moment at HucksOnline. I agree. Now, let's imagine what would have happened if Sandi & Co. had been recalled.

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Dancing in the street 

Here's another terrific photograph by my bud Duane Rasmussen. You may have had issues with his politics. But no one can argue with the quality of his photography. He caught a lot of political heat over the years from uptight Republicans. But he continued to send his photos to Huckleberries. I'm glad he did.

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JohnA: How about amnesty? 

JohnA: "You may want to check that cooler on the way out. Like that last forgotten piece of huckleberry cheesecake hidden behind the pickle jar, you may find the likes of Sisyphus, TUBOB and TWolf." (DFO: I released Tubob last week. And just released Sisyphus, TWolf and Gary D. Rhodes)

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Onset asks: Biggest flap? 

Onset asks: What was the most memorable kerfluffle of the Huckleberries Online era? Mitchell/Amaro judge race. Douglas/Kalani email flap. 2012 attempted recall. CAVErs opposition to Kroc Center/Dirtgate. I give my answer below. And invite you to provide your answer.

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