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SUNDAY, JULY 10, 2016

The final edition?

Imagine the following scenario:Words, like guns, are hurtful. Because of the effect they sometimes have on innocent people, the government, with the approval of over 60 percent of the people, has decided to license, limit the size of and, in ...

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Victims of obsolete technology

It's not surprising that our community has not learned to talk about the real danger posed by spiraling traffic of coal and oil trains along our river and through our population. We can see that Mosier, Oregon, is lucky to survive and tracks are never entirely safe from constant trains of infinite length and weight.

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Wilson is humble, rational

As a lifelong Republican, it's hard to watch what's happening in the GOP. While I agree with Cathy McMorris Rodgers on a number of issues, she is now part of the problem. Her loyalty to the party has led her to endorse Donald Trump. For me, that is a deal-breaker and evidence that Cathy is putting party loyalty ahead of her good sense. She could have voted for a third party.

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American republic broken

The American republic has passed its breaking point. This happened to the Roman republic in about 100 B.C., when the Tribunes Gaius and Tiberius Gracchus were murdered in front of hundreds. No one who ordered it was charged, because they were powerful senators and "the fix was in."

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Pakootas better than Wilson

A recent letter stated we should support Dave Wilson for Congress because "the Democrats had their chance in 2014." Wilson was also on the ballot in 2014 and didn't perform as well against the incumbent as did the Democrat, Joe Pakootas.

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Police leadership lacking

On March 9, at an ineptly facilitated community meeting by the Department of Justice, Jim McDevitt asked the assembled to give him a report card at the end of his four month stint as chief law enforcement officer. The best I can give is a D. I have not seen a retraction of his oped piece from last year, which revealed a total lack of understanding of racially biased police decision-making.

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Respect gun owners' rights

I've never considered myself as a conservative. To the right, but sympathetic toward women's and Second Amendment rights among others. As a collective family, my family, we don't remember not having a firearm. It goes back to Germany before the World Wars. A way to provide for your family.

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Volz most qualified

In this monumental election year, the tired campaign sloganeering from both Republican and Democrat establishment politicians is being unquestionably challenged by the likes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.This is also a year for possible changes in our own statewide ...

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FRIDAY, JULY 8, 2016

Loyal to gun makers

On the day of a historic sit-in staged by frustrated House Democrats trying to force a vote on common sense gun control in the aftermath of the nation's largest mass shooting, where was Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers? Left early for a vacation.

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Theft disheartening

In reference to a letter from Deborah Davis ("Vandalism, theft disheartening," June 28), we have both been invaded. You lost a treasured rosary, and I lost all the decorations from my dear wife's grave.

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Turn to Libertarians

The present national presidential discussion should include policy of when to use our military. Sun Tzu, born 545 B.C. and author of "The Art of War," said "You can fight a war for a long time or make your nation strong. You can not do both."

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Expand home visiting

The June 28th article "Bring home successful parenting" highlighted the many benefits of supporting families through home-visiting programs. Solid research shows that intensive, voluntary home-visiting programs prevent child abuse and neglect and give kids the right start in life, which prevents crime later in life.

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Prevent homelessness

Regarding the June 30th article "Big plans for tiny homes": Is this not a foolish waste of money and time? Yes, of course, they are cute. But my guess is that many homeless families would be happy to go back to the home they were evicted from.

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Rules of the road

On the way home from the grocery store this morning, traveling neighborhood streets, I forgot that many adult bicyclists seem to believe that they are immune from the rules of the road. Fortunately I yielded to my left to allow this adult to have the right away at the intersection.

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HBO Blogos: A trip to Naples

Marianne Love/Slight Detour found an opportunity to get off by herself Sunday, so she snagged her camera and headed to Bond Lake in Naples, Idaho area. More photos and Marianne's ...

Salmon are Olympia bound

This post was updated at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday. OLYMPIA -- There are two migrations to Olympia each year. Legislators come in January, and leave . . . some time later. ...

Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

On what do you base that assessment? If you have gotten feedback, have you considered that these reviews might not have been candid? Have you been determined to improve your ...

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