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MONDAY, AUG. 8, 2016

Relationship with Putin unacceptable

Donald Trump and his apologists are doing their best to reframe his recent call for Russian hackers to become involved in our electoral process as "sarcasm" or a "dare." I heard his words and observed his demeanor, and it surely looked more like an "invitation" to me.

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Trump only loves himself

It's become very clear that Donald Trump does not understand or appreciate any aspect of our hard-won military ethos built over more than 250 years in this country. He apparently dodged the draft five times in his younger days; has said he knows more about ISIS than our in-country experienced generals; has said he could fix the vastly complex VA operations with one call from the White House; has totally disrespected John McCain's ordeal as a POW and most recently Captain Khan, a Muslim who was KIA in our country's service.

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SUNDAY, AUG. 7, 2016

Avista devalues customers

Avista chides its customers in frequent letters making comparisons with "neighbors." It does not take into account the situation of the individual customer. In my case, my husband was a double amputee, with multiple health issues. To keep the house at the suggested temperature would have been contrary to his needs.

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Clinton a stable choice

Although I was initially impressed with Bernie Sanders, the Democratic National Convention convinced me now, more than ever, the importance in supporting the elected Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and not Trump.

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Clinton is a beacon of light

Hooray, at 84, I'm finally able to cast my presidential vote for a woman, a strong and intelligent woman (Why are strong men admired and strong women viewed with distrust?). I was lucky to meet and briefly chat with Hillary. I was impressed with her warmth and kindness. Our shared concern for children warmed my heart.

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Cllinton will be a unifying leader

What a difference, between our two political conventions.At the GOP convention in Cleveland, fear, hatred, intemperance and unfounded accusations abounded. Donald Trump charged that we were a country in decline and under siege.The facts are that Americans are less likely ...

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Condon should apologize, resign

According to the Spokesman-Review, "Mayor David Condon is moving on" and "for the sake of the city, everybody needs to learn from the mistakes made and move on" too. I'll bet Condon wishes "moving on" were an option, but I think that bus has left the station.

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Council should do homework

In the Spokesman's July 26 article about the city council approving a ballot initiative to impose a $261 fine for each rail car of crude oil or uncovered coal passing through Spokane, it was stated that Councilwoman Karen Stratton said she expected a legal challenge to the ordinance and urged voters to "do their homework."

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Election about power

Watching the Democratic convention's platform presentation provided some real clarity. The Democrats adamantly oppose Citizen's United and just as adamantly support abortion, both the "law of the land." One is about money and the ability to speak, vote and influence. The other is an unborn child who can't speak, vote or influence.

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Fund swimming pool fees

After hearing of the need for donations to the city's pools to subsidize fees for underprivileged children, I immediately made a donation to the park fund for that purpose. Afterwards, I came to the realization that the city of Spokane and its council should be able to fund this bit of summer fun without the aid of donations.

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License gun owners

In response to "Why not control cars?" (July 26): Your argument as presented is a false bifurcation. There are options between total gun freedom and a total gun ban. Most gun control advocates I know don't want a blanket gun ban. We want accountability and reasonable controls, much like we already have for cars.

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Rebuttal to hit piece

Your front page hit piece on Donald Trump (July 28) begs rebuttal.Trump didn't "invite" Russia to hack e-mails, a feat that would be impossible. Perhaps you have forgotten that Hillary Clinton has testified, under oath, that there were no work-related ...

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"Red Dawn" come true

It was the oddest thing. The other night my husband and I were watching the movie "Red Dawn" (you know, the cult classic that makes grown men run around shouting "Wolverines!"). It's a movie about the Russians invading the United States. I had never thought about it before, but, probably because I grew up during the Cold War and experienced nightmares of Russian tanks in the backyard and had heard of the threats of Nikita Krushchev to annihilate the West with nuclear weapons, it now occurred to me: Could this really come to pass?

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The people should govern

The U.S. should stay "a government of the people," not of the corporations, unless you believe that corporations are people and money really does equal "free speech."Maybe the British people are the courageous ones and made the correct choice to ...

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SATURDAY, AUG. 6, 2016

Avista home energy reports inefficient

We too receive the "Home Energy Report" referencing how we are not as efficient as our neighbors. With the color graphics that are sent separately from the monthly billing Avista sends, how efficient is Avista? I understand that they are trying to inform us of how inefficient our home is, but couldn't this same information be sent quarterly or annually on the back side of the billing that is sent out?

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Remembered and recommended

Baseball fans, at least those who root for certain teams, might want to track down this 1997 volume from Doris Kearns Goodwin. It's mostly a memoir focusing on her 1950s ...

Parting Shot — 9.28.16

Ebonay Lee holds up her fist toward a line of Sheriff's deputies as she and other people protest today in El Cajon, Calif. Dozens of demonstrators protested the killing of ...



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