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THURSDAY, JAN. 25, 2018

MLK Jr. demanded with dignity

Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't a "snowflake." That's the mythology of martyrdom. He wasn't a lamb led to the slaughter. He was a firebrand who freely spoke of justice for all people, not just people of color.

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Trump doesn't ignore problems

After reading what seems to be every other opinion calling President Trump everything from misogynist to fascist, let's put some perspective on current issues.President Obama, for his entire presidency, blamed the Bush administration for the stagnant economy but did very ...

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Why would Norwegians come here?

The biggest s***hole in the world is Donald Trump's mouth. As for his welcoming Norwegian immigrants, why would any Norwegian leave Norway where they have good benefits, come to a country with a racist despot of a president with a filthy mouth and filthy hands from groping women, who is trying to take away the only health care the country has managed to achieve?

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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 24, 2018

Carbon tax will hurt more than help

Gov. Inslee (Al Gore wannabe) is striking unfounded fear and hysteria by wanting a carbon tax, which would raise $1.5 billion every 2 years to reduce pollution. He wants us to model ourselves after California. Really? No thank you. California is a basket case. In case the governor didn't know, former President Obama proposed this to the Senate and it was voted down 99-0. Where's the guarantee that it will do what it's supposed to do?

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"No-recovery plan" for steelhead

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently released its new recovery plan for threatened/endangered Snake River Spring/Summer Chinook salmon and steelhead. States NOAA: "This recovery plan contains an extensive list of actions ... however, the actions will not get us to recovery." Unbelievably, NOAA acknowledges its "recovery plan" won't achieve recovery!

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Pacific and Brown crosswalk

The crosswalk at West Pacific and Browne is unsafe. In the last month I have driven up Browne and almost hit pedestrians each time. The area is congested, traffic is moving fast and at night it is hard to see if anyone is waiting to cross or if someone is in the crosswalk. This crosswalk needs pedestrian crossing lights. I applaud the city for placing these in other parts of town, especially around our University District, but these folks at the House of Charity deserve attention and safety also.

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TUESDAY, JAN. 23, 2018

Drilling for oil

So our current corporate president wants to start oil exploration in the Alaskan Arctic Refuge. That was one of President Obama's hands-off policies Trump wants to do away with? Plus he wants to start drilling off the coast of California. Or is it because California voters did not vote for him? Do you remember the oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara in 1969? I do!

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More taxes from Inslee

More taxes from our governor that was elected by King County. Remember when he ran for governor he stated "no new taxes," yet that is all he has done. Our budget has exploded from $30 billion to over $40 billion and forecast to be $50 billion soon.

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Wealth beyond economy

There is in politics a phrase coined some time ago that avers, "It's the economy, stupid." We are all grateful to live in times of a robust economy. But there are many kinds of wealth. Money in the pocket is an important consideration, but it is only part of human wealth.

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MONDAY, JAN. 22, 2018

Idaho health care executive order

Over the past year, when I hear the word "Healthcare," the next words that come to mind are: "Rising premiums," "increasing deductable," "300 percent price increase for the same service," "loss of choice" and "no cross-state competition to keep prices down."

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New year, new attitude

As we escaped from 2017 and headed into 2018 I was led to wonder, "Where do we draw the line?"Everyone has a right to their opinion but do they have the right to a public platform? Evidently The Spokesman-Review thinks ...

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SUNDAY, JAN. 21, 2018

Blanca Blanco and sexual harrassment

Is this some kind of joke? All these women coming out distressed about sexual harassment. Did you see on the front page (Spokesman-Review, Jan. 9) how Blanca Blanco was dressed for the Golden Globes? If that "attire" doesn't advertise "touch me," "look at me," "see that I'm sexually available," then I don't know what would aside from being totally naked in front of any normal straight man.

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Don't let politics divide us

To those who cannot hear the music, the dancers seem seriously crazy. Those who see my physical disability often rush to help me, a total stranger. But when I say that I cannot hear, the reaction is often irritation. They see my physical limits but not my loss of hearing. The response is stunningly different and very normal. I mention this because it is so important to be aware of things which need our response.

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Downstream indeed!

Shawn Vestal's column, "Cheers for tax cuts overlook downstream effect" (Jan. 9), celebrates the momentary glow provided by tax cuts, as well as the magical effects (more jobs, rising wages, increased investment in America) said cuts are deemed certain to provide, economic history be damned. It then questions whether the cuts will actually happen, citing conformance between federal and state tax collections as one significant reason they may not.

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Job well done, Mr. President!

First, it was months of Russian collusion allegations, then obstruction of justice, now mental health issues to remove Trump under the 25th Amendment. The left wants Trump removed badly.Despite this, here is what he has done in his first year ...

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The week that was…

On tonight’s “Idaho Reports” on Idaho Public Television, there’s a report on legislative leaders’ comments last week on gun violence; the big rally at the state Capitol in which nearly ...

What’s your DST style?

A) Daylight Saving Time. B) Daylight Savings Time. C) Daylight Savings and Loan Time. D) Daylights Saving Time. E) Selection Sunday Time. F) daylight-saving time. G) The Life You Save ...