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SUNDAY, NOV. 18, 2018

Honor the advisory vote

I have no position on where the new stadium should be built. But the voters sure did. By a 2-1 margin, Spokane voters told leaders to build the stadium at the Albi site.

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Judge slams Rick Scott for attacking election

A federal district court judge’s ruling might, on its surface, seem to vindicate Florida’s Republican candidate for Senate, Gov. Rick Scott. However, if one actually reads the opinion, it’s a stunning rebuke of Scott – and, by implication, President Trump.

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Playing with numbers

On Nov. 10, 2018, The Spokesman-Review published the article "Idaho utility's lawsuit against EPA involving salmon on hold" by Keith Ridler. Idaho Power claims that the change they advocate could "...reduce the cost of electricity, the company said, saving customers up to $100 million over 50 years."

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That was no wave

Morning Joe is correct in his recent article that President Trump's mouth and demeanor cost Republicans a lot of votes ("That was a wave; Trump lost," Joe Scarborough, Nov. 10, 2018).

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Vestal's out of touch

Throughout this recent election season, I was continually amazed at the Spokesman-Review's proclivity to have Shawn Vestal's column prominently grace your pages at what seemed like two to three times per week.

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We're in it together

This is not a political comment. It is not about the presidency or Donald Trump or Congress. It's not even about Veterans Day, although that's where this thought comes from.

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Where is the sympathy?

Now he has gone too far in his insensitivity! After saying he would give emergency funds to several California counties, President Trump then threatened to cut funds to those affected by the severe wildfire outbreak. The reason ... he says it's because of "gross mismanagement." So if they don't fix what her perceives as poor management immediately, no aid.

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SATURDAY, NOV. 17, 2018

A blue - and women's - wave

The Republican ability to ignore reality is again shown by John Wozniak's letter ("What wave?" Nov. 11, 2018). As of now, the GOP picked up only two Senate seats in a very extremely beneficial choice of which seats were up for election. At the same time, they've lost 32 seats in the House of Representatives. One tangent to note is that they won those seats with the same vote margin the GOP had when they won more than 60 seats in Obama's first mid-term, showing clearly that Republican voter disenfranchisement is working to cling to power.

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A not-so-cheap shot

John Blanchette's column, Broncos' ad a shot across Zags' bow, referencing the full-page ad purchased by the Santa Clara athletic department, brought a smile to my face while sipping my morning coffee. Talk may be cheap, but based upon S-R advertising rates, cheap talk will cost you $4,000.

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Confusion abounds

I can't tell you how confused I am. There are cattle ranchers who want/demand access to public land. They don't want the federal government to interfere. Yet when a few cows are eaten by wolves, they want the federal government to intervene. By killing wolves

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