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SUNDAY, SEPT. 23, 2018

Burke focused on what's important

Councilhuman Kate Burke is to be commended for her bold and courageous stand in favor of public profanity ("Misogyny isn't good taste," Sept. 8, 2018). This is an issue that has been ignored for too long. Thank you, Kate, for continuing to focus on the issues that are so important to Spokane taxpayers.

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Choices for gun owners

Millions of dollars are coming from out of state through Mayor Bloomberg's Safe Schools Safe Communities gun ban group. Gun owners are going to lose their Second Amendment rights through initiatives not ever going through Congress.

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Fair enthusiasm contagious

There is another reason our county fair had the best turnout in years: the local newspaper was a big booster! Spokesman-Review Editor Rob Curley conveyed his anticipation for the fair in an early story. I caught his enthusiasm. Then, reporters covering the fair, wrote upbeat stories, with fun photos. I would have liked even more photos! More farm animals! More kids!

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Judge Szambelan cares

While there is much needed to assist this country's beleaguered criminal justice system, it seems that local judges have worked diligently to create positive changes, such as Community Court which is not held in the "castle," but rather those judges who worked on making that project happen, including Judge Szambelan (when on the Municipal Court), hold that court in places such as the downtown public library and Northeast Community Center.

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Respect for the sheep

The photo of a child on the back of a sheep is disturbing and shows lack of respect for the animal. I know many readers will say, "Are you serious?" That poor sheep doesn't know the difference between a child and a wolf who may be trying to maul and eat it.

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Scare tactics and I-1634

My radio station, broadcasting from Idaho, is being paid to spam an ad by an astroturf organization trying to pass Initiative 1634. The lie is they claim that local government wants to increase taxes on all our groceries.

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Stick to the issues

I was shocked to read about Cathy McMorris Rodgers' red-baiting of Lisa Brown in "Brown's '86 Thesis ..." Fear-mongering distracts from facts and issues. Although John McCain's eulogizers just called for more civility, I haven't seen such Republican fear-mongering since Sen. McCarthy's 1950s scare accusations without evidence. I applaud McMorris Rodgers' "belief in [our] God-given freedom," but the fact is that our American Revolutionary heroes fought hard for our freedom, as our men and women in uniform – and yes, our activists, too – continue to do. This "standing up" is what Brown admired in her Ph.D.-economics thesis.

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The poor shoulder the costs

Once again, carbon "tax fee." As tax, much of its proceeds were to support the McCleary decision. As a fee, it can only be used for its intended purpose. The governor proposes to hold Washington citizens accountable to restrictive standards, exceeding the Paris Accords. Gas tax and utility fee increasingly punishes lower wage workers, but all citizens are affected.

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