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MONDAY, FEB. 19, 2018

Proposed changes to building requirements

Regarding proposed changes in building requirements next to Riverfront Park: David Peterson, executive at Goodale and Barbieri, says "We need to create something that all of Spokane would be proud of. We need to create something that is going to generate a spark." (Spokesman-Review, Feb. 3)

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SUNDAY, FEB. 18, 2018

CdA Eagles chapter president responds

This is in regard to your Feb. 4 article (“Child sex sting arrest exposes former leader’s dark past”) about Ron Nold and the Coeur d’Alene Eagles. I am the current president of Coeur d’Alene #486 Eagles and would like to clear up a few misconceptions that may have resulted from this article. Because Mr. Nold was initiated back in 2005, nearly 13 years ago, I cannot speak for what was or was not determined with the interview committee at that time in regard to his application. That was back before most of our current trustees and officers were members and we cannot speak for past officials whom we have never met or who are now deceased. This is why no official statement could be provided on how Ron Nold achieved membership.

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Christopher Ingraham: Rising inequality hurts all of us

Over the past 40 or so years, the American economy has been funneling wealth and income, reverse Robin Hood-style, from the pockets of the bottom 99 percent to the coffers of the top 1 percent. The total transfer, to the richest from everyone else, amounts to 10 percent of national income and 15 percent of national wealth. It’s part of a massive concentration of wealth and income among the rich that has put the United States at levels of inequality not seen in this country since before World War II. It’s a trend that economists such as Thomas Piketty believe will continue unchecked in the coming decades, with the top 1 percent of Americans capturing a quarter or more of the national income by 2030.

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Jim Jones: Shariah bill is an insult to Idaho judiciary

A bill floating around the Idaho Legislature seems to assume that Idaho judges do not know what law they are supposed to interpret and apply. House Bill 419 says it is the public policy of Idaho “to protect its citizens from the application of foreign laws when the application of foreign law will result in the violation of a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution of the United States or the constitution of the state of Idaho.” Where to start? At the outset, it seems strange that the bill would permit the application of foreign law when it would not violate a fundamental right. The fact is that Idaho judges do not apply foreign law in deciding their cases, even if it would not violate someone’s rights. And, they would certainly transgress their oath of office if they applied a foreign law in violation of someone’s constitutional rights. That is why the proponents of House Bill 419 cannot point to one instance where an Idaho judge has done so.

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Froma Harrop: Trump turns farmers into a sacrifice

President Trump’s budget blueprint would only make things worse for U.S. agriculture. Trump’s hostility to trade deals has already inflicted damage on an economic sector highly dependent on exports. And that’s on top of his deficit-exploding tax bill and cranked-up federal spending, sure to make borrowing still more expensive.

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An "R" rubber stamp

In the 12 years that Cathy McMorris Rodgers has been in office she has authored only three pieces of legislation, one of which was to re-name the Spokane airport control tower. Considering how often she flies to DC, I'm not surprised that the tower would have caught her attention.

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Building setbacks

The Feb. 3 Spokesman-Review reported that financiers want the code on building setbacks facing Riverfront Park repealed to allow construction that would block sunlight from the park ("Changes to city rules could allow high-rise development along Riverfront Park") .

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One-sided Vestal

Mr. Vestal arrogantly paints those preferring parent-led teaching of their children's sexual behavior with the dark brush of bigotry in his hit piece directed at the "small but relatively loud" group of detractors who stood in the way of Get Real, Planned Parenthood's sex-ed, social engineering Trojan Horse ("Schools shouldn't tiptoe on sex ed," Feb. 2).

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Peacock no comfort

I read the recent Spokesman Review article about a person trying to sneak their peacock on board an airplane, claiming the bird was a "comfort animal" ("United joins Delta in tightening rules for comfort animals," Feb. 2).

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Five things to to remember

(Before tonight's U.S. vs. Canada gold medal hockey game.) 1. Not everyone cares for poutine. 2. The vast majority of Americans have never heard of Don Cherry. 3. The vast ...

Where’s Santa? NORAD is tracking him here

For decades the folks at the North American Aerospace Defense Command have kept track of Santa Claus as part of their duties of watching anything that comes over the North ...