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Readers in the Inland Northwest can submit letters to The Spokesman-Review. Letters should be no longer than 200 words and must include the writer's home street address and a daytime telephone number.

April 12
  • Builders support the community

    Page B5 In the April 6 letter “Enforce Current Planning,” the author suggests the Spokane Home Builders Association (SHBA) needs a “serious attitude adjustment.” This begs the question: Just who are the … 13

  • Treat pit bulls like lions

    Page B5 Before any more people are maimed by pit bull attacks, the breed should be banned or regulated the same as lions. In the city where I worked, the municipal code … 90

  • Stevens County turns blind eye

    Page B5 In response to The Spokesman-Review’s Feb. 21 story “Dogs rescued from ‘wretched’ conditions in Stevens County”: 4

  • ALEC calling the shots

    Page B5 Eric Went’s April 6 letter, “Government for the rich,” inflamed me and inspired me to write. “Our judicial branch is supposed to be our great equalizer.” Well, guess who is … 44

  • President’s Oso visit a waste

    Page B5 Our illustrious president will visit the Oso area April 22 with his entourage of political lackeys, security and promotional propagandist; doing a fly-over and taking selfies with Democratic Gov. Jay … 37

  • Stand up to Avista

    Page B5 I’m sure there are many of us in Eastern Washington that are having trouble paying our Avista bill. The state lets them have a rate increase every year. 19

April 11
  • Editorial: Knowledge is power for health care cost control

    Page A13 The Obama administration on Wednesday released 880,000 reasons why compensation for medical care in the United States should be shifted away from a fee-for-service model that encourages some doctors to … 33

  • Amy Goodman: Journalists face death for truth

    Page A13 Journalism is not a crime. This is the rallying cry in demanding the release of four Al-Jazeera journalists imprisoned in Egypt. Three of them – Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and …

  • Why the hate for Obamacare?

    Page A13 Recent polls suggest what many incorrectly say: Obamacare is not very popular. Considering how many people have signed up for it, and the fact it has lowered the number of … 111

  • Libraries should stick to books

    Page A13 In your editorial of April 4, you state that libraries are “… community centers, employment bureaus and entertainment kiosks.” You omitted meeting places, and classes on various and sundry. 3

  • Council wrong on pit bulls, pigs

    Page A13 I just read the April 6 story about a child and a man being attacked by a pit bull. This not the first attack by these dogs. How much longer … 12

  • Alexie ban proves his value

    Page A13 I would like to be the first to give my congratulations to Sherman Alexie. Nothing proves an author’s effectiveness more than when governments want to ban his works. 10

April 10
  • Guest editorial: Bruising report on CIA abuses needs quick, full disclosure

    Page A9 This editorial from the Los Angeles Times does not necessarily reflect the view of The Spokesman-Review editorial board. More than a year after it approved a report critical of the … 8

  • Dana Milbank: Paul Ryan’s budget bruises women most

    Page A9 This was not the way Republican leaders had planned to observe Equal Pay Day. On the eve of Tuesday’s commemoration – the day symbolizing how far into 2014 women must … 48

  • Home-grown tastes best

    Page A9 When I read the April 4 letter from Robert Johnson I laughed aloud, and lost my mouthful of coffee! Is he serious? 14

  • Planners short-shrift Logan area

    Page A9 Once again the Logan Neighborhood is receiving short shrift through inattention by the Spokane Planning Department; another violation of publicly stated interests of residents of this historic neighborhood. 48

  • Human circuses most humane

    Page A9 Tia Rosetti-Mills (April 4) and Spokane’s manager of the Humane Society 100 years ago are right: Nobody needs to see animals when visiting the circus. When I dream of a … 4

April 9
  • Editorial: City Council should throw dangerous resolution to the dogs

    Page A11 The Spokane City Council should rethink, and rescind, a week-old resolution supporting relief for the owners of dangerous dogs. Since its passage on a 5-1 vote, the following has happened; 30

  • Trudy Rubin: How to rise above hatred

    Page A11 At a time when sectarian wars are on the rise, a fascinating exhibit at the Free Library of Philadelphia reminds us that people aren’t born with these visceral hatreds, but … 19

  • ‘Win’ not appropriate for medal

    Page A11 I appreciated the April 3 article regarding Staff Sgt. Ty Carter, his work as an advocate for other service people, and the update on the action taken by our Legislature … 1

  • Many faiths have commandments

    Page A11 Those of you who think the Ten Commandments should be displayed on a Sandpoint public park, despite it being unconstitutional, and think it’s a Christian God’s moral laws, should realize … 35

  • Support Valley Library bond

    Page A11 Friends of the Spokane Valley Library was established in 2005. So began our popular biannual book sale. Books are donated by the community. These books are sorted and boxed every …

April 8
  • Editorial: Supreme Court decision a win for tolerance

    Page A11 Suits filed by a gay couple and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson against a Richland florist have lingered for almost one year in Benton County Superior Court. Perhaps a U.S. … 132

  • Mona Charen: Beware the explanation du jour

    Page A11 In the aftermath of the mass shootings in Aurora, Colo.; Newtown, Conn.; Tucson, Ariz.; Virginia Tech; the Washington Navy Yard; and sadly, other locales, conventional wisdom held that the epidemic … 3

  • Timber sale suspect

    Page A11 Colville National Forest Supervisor Laura Jo West is at it again. She proposes to take away what the unborn kids of the future should inherit – an undeveloped national forest … 4

  • Mentoring a forgotten skill

    Page A11 One of the most forgotten skills of teachers and coaches comes in the area of human development. The primary goal of many educators and coaches is to develop their students … 11

  • Legal game creates havoc

    Page A11 After reading and rereading the March 28 article on Pat Lewis, I’ve come to the realization that our legal system is messed up. How else can it be when interns … 1

  • Water story buried

    Page A11 John Owens, in his March 31 letter, took the television media to task concerning the poor job reporting the recent problem with our water here in the Pasadena Park Water … 2

April 7
  • Leonard Pitts Jr.: Blinded by their faith

    Page A9 Eleven years ago, Richard Stearns went to Washington. Stearns – president of World Vision, the billion-dollar Christian relief organization – joined other faith leaders in lobbying Congress to spend $15 … 25

  • Slide could’ve been stopped

    Page A9 Having reviewed forest practice applications for various agencies in the past, I would have caught the potential for a mudslide in the devastated Oso area. 13