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Nov. 3, 2015

Nov. 3 Washington General Election

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Ben Wick Q&A: A more diverse council, Painted Hills decision on his mind

For departing Spokane Valley City Council member Ben Wick, the fifth time was the charm. Wick ran in the first Spokane Valley election, against 51 other people, then applied three times to fill vacant City Council positions before finally being elected in 2011.

Tax hike initiative wasn’t clearly unconstitutional, Supreme Court says

Court explains why it didn’t block I-1366 from the ballot, leaves open the question of whether it will survive a future challenge.

I-1401 ivory restrictions might have little impact in Spokane

Even before I-1401 passed, jewelry and other items made of ivory were rare in Spokane stores.

Last 2 races in Spokane area settled

Spokane County Elections Office has counted most of the ballots from last Tuesday and the two close races are decided.

Wood defeats Wick for Spokane Valley City Council seat

Spokane Valley City Councilman Ben Wick has last his re-election bid to Sam Wood. Wood has a 99-vote lead over Wick in the latest count of ballots, which was released Monday afternoon. Wood has 50.3 percent of the vote to Wick’s 47.3 percent. The difference falls just outside the amount that would force an automatic recount. The candidates would have to be within a half percentage point for the election office to perform a recount.

Haynes defeats Treppiedi for Spokane School Board

Incumbent Spokane School Board member Rocky Treppiedi has lost his re-election bid. The Spokane County Election’s Office finished counting on Monday almost all the remaining 5,000 ballots it had left to count from last week’s election.

Sunday Spin2: Some campaign tactics to rethink

The 2015 election won’t set any records, but it may have provided us with a few tactics which future campaigns might want to avoid.

Spin Control: Spin Control: That was the election that was

A look at some highlights and low-lifes of the past election

Mapping the vote: Turnout

Spokane County turnout hit 40 percent in Thursday evening’s ballot count. We look at where it’s strongest and lightest inside.

Mapping the vote: Shifts in Spokane School Board race

As The Spokesman-Review reports this morning, the Jerrall Haynes has passed Rocky Treppiedi in the Spokane School Board race. We’re mapping the shift.

Council races suggest conservative/progressive split in city

Tuesday’s election results suggest the city political strongholds are shifting.

Mapping the Vote: Council races suggest conservative/progressive split in city

For more than a generation, Spokane city politics divided mainly on geographic lines. Tuesday’s election suggests those lines may be disappearing and new coalitions are redrawing the electoral maps.

Mapping the Vote: Spokane Council Dist 3

Karen Stratton built her lead over Evan Verduin in the heart of Spokane Council District 3.

Mapping the Vote: Spokane Council Dist 2

Lori Kinnear has a lead of about 800 votes over LaVerne Biel in Spokane’s City Council District 2 race.

Mapping the Vote: Spokane Council Dist 1

Incumbent Councilman Mike Fagan received strong support from his base in Hillyard and other northern precincts to build his Election Night lead.

Doug Clark: One-term curse has ended, but Spokane politics won’t let me down

Despite the fact that the Curse of the One-Term Mayor ended on Election Night, Doug doesn’t anticipate any shortage of material to write about in the next four years.

Mapping the Vote: Close race for Spokane School Board Pos. 3

Longtime Spokane School Board member Rocky Treppiedi has a narrow lead over political newcomer Jerrall Haynes in the race for Position 3 on the board.

Mapping the vote: City Prop 1, Worker Bill of Rights

Spokane City Proposition 1, the Worker Bill of Rights, was swamped in the south and northwest precincts.

Mapping the vote: County Prop 1 for two more commissioners

Spokane voters turned thumbs down to increasing the county board of commissioners, but the margins of defeat in most precincts weren’t large.

Mapping the vote: Spokane Council president

Ben Stuckart was re-elected as Spokane City Council president Tuesday, beating challenger John Ahern in all but one of the city’s precincts.