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We’re missing a major mental health crisis: Teen boys are struggling, too

UPDATED: Tue., April 18, 2023

Teenage boys, in particular, are experiencing high levels of mental distress. The CDC's 2021 National Vital Statistics System showed a massive increase in male suicide among teens and young men. From 2020 to 2021, suicide rates for males rose significantly, according to the CDC, with the largest increase among males ages 15 to 24. Among this group, the suicide rate was up 8 percent in 2021 over 2020.
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People’s Pharmacy: Why did Canadian pharmacy ship drug from Mauritius?

UPDATED: Tue., April 18, 2023

Q. Some time ago, you wrote about legitimate Canadian pharmacies as a source for brand-name drugs. My wife uses a very expensive brand-name inhaler called Breo Ellipta. We were able to save well over half the price by buying it from Canada.I purchased from the pharmacy offering the best price. Though we are satisfied, I wanted to report something that I felt was very curious. In filling our prescription with this Canadian pharmacy, we expected to receive it from them directly. Instead, the brand-name drug was manufactured in Turkey and shipped from the African island of Mauritius! That's quite a circuitous route to get our prescription. Is this unusual or common?

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WSU partners to open Spokane autism clinic aimed at earlier diagnosis, reduced wait time

On April 25, a new Spokane autism clinic is set to open with multidisciplinary specialists collaborating on diagnosis to help close a gap of an average wait time of 12 months for initial evaluations. A group ranging from a pediatrics expert to a psychologist will evaluate patients for autism spectrum disorder, starting by 18 months and up to age 18. Called the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Clinic, it's through a partnership between Range Community Clinic and Washington State University's Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine, located in its WSU Health Sciences Building.
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People’s Pharmacy: Can sleeping pills wake some people up?

UPDATED: Tue., April 11, 2023

Q. Any product like a nighttime pain reliever that contains the antihistamine diphenhydramine (DPH) has the opposite effect on me, keeping me awake all night with jitters and restless-leg type symptoms. This is the opposite of what one would expect or want. As a result, I have to be very careful about what I take when I can't sleep. I would really like to understand why I have this reaction to DPH products. Also, what can I take when I need help with sleep?
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Spokane expects findings of fluoridation study in June

Supporters of fluoridation say the study will help inform voters, city residents and local leaders before they decide whether to commit to the costly infrastructure investment. Opponents worry completion of the study will be a formality.
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People’s Pharmacy: Generic Adderall disappoints people with ADHD

UPDATED: Tue., April 4, 2023

Q. I need to take Adderall for attention deficit disorder. My prescription has been filled with generics that are ineffective and causing me serious health issues. Of course, everyone thinks I am crazy! It is affecting my mood, my memory, my intestines, my body and especially my head. Because Adderall is a controlled substance, I am stuck with this disgusting generic for three months, and I am livid. I am angry, sick, aching, and generally feeling terrible. Why can't we just get the brand-name drug? It's what we are prescribed.

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