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Do It Yourself or Not? Replace a window sash

In warm weather, there’s nothing better than opening a double-hung window to let a cooling breeze inside a stuffy room; but when the weather turns cold, you want that window to be tight and keep drafty cold air outside. If you’re remodeling, one option is to replace the window with a new energy efficient unit, but a less expensive alternative is to install a sash replacement kit.

Why bees like to pollinate this sun-loving flower

Plant a field of sunflowers, and watch them grow. All summer you will see something amazing. In the morning, all the sunflowers will face east in the direction of the rising sun. As the sun moves, so will the sunflower heads to follow it. But as summer turns to autumn and the sunflowers get big and ripe and heavy with seeds, they will stop moving. Until they are harvested, they will face only east.
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Do it Yourself or Not? Install nylon carpeting

New carpeting can transform an ordinary room, because it provides a fresh backdrop and foundation for furnishings. Even the humblest of furniture takes on a new life when set on a uniform background that unifies the room with consistent color and texture.

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Water Cooler: A guide to cooking mushrooms

Ever since Julie Child said, “Don’t crowd the mushrooms,” the savory, earthy fungi solidified a reputation for being fussy in the kitchen. It is true that small mistakes can easily result in poorly cooked mushrooms, but don’t be intimidated.
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Water Cooler: Get spooked on Kanopy

“Day of the Dead” – The third and final entry of George A. Romero’s undead trilogy. In a last attempt to understand and fight the zombie apocalypse that has now spread across the globe, a team of scientists takes refuge in an underground research facility to study.