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A&E >  Food
Oct. 11, 2016, 4 p.m.
The Lentil, Chard and Sweet Potato Curry recipe is vegetarian and gluten-free, and it can be vegan if you use a yogurt alternative or leave it out.

A&E >  Food
Aug. 10, 2016, 2 p.m.
Raw zucchini “noodles” make the base for this summer salad.

A&E >  Food
July 12, 2016, noon
Cut carbs by stuffing riced cauliflower – instead of rice – into the belly of bell peppers.

A&E >  Food
May 10, 2016, noon
Taco night is a great way to feed the family or a crowd without too much fuss. Here’s another filling that will help take your vegan and vegetarian offerings beyond beans.

A&E >  Food
Jan. 13, 2016, 11 a.m.
Joanne Chang’s version of Hot and Sour Soup uses an extra egg for thickening and is easy to prepare

News >  Features
Dec. 8, 2015, noon
Make these DIY holiday presents in the comfort of your kitchen.

A&E >  Food
Nov. 10, 2015, noon
Thai Curry Stew with Turkey and Zucchini spices up Thanksgiving leftovers

A&E >  Food
Oct. 27, 2015, 12:01 p.m.
Whether you’ll be greeting the little ghouls and princesses at the door, or joining them as they haunt the neighborhoods for candy, dinner on Halloween needs to be easy and hearty.

A&E >  Food
Sept. 9, 2015, midnight
The suddenly cooler evenings and mornings have left me craving fall foods for comfort. However, it can be hard to choose something homey that will appeal to an array of palates when most traditional comfort food is built around meat, cream and gluten.

A&E >  Food
Aug. 12, 2015, midnight
Perhaps it was the backyard-fresh eggs. And who could discount the caramelized onions nestled beneath the eggs and bacon?

A&E >  Food
July 8, 2015, midnight
There’s no need to fire up the stove in this heat. Why cook, when you can chop? Summer salsas take some prep work, but the result is a tasty, refreshing mixture versatile enough to scoop with chips, top grilled salmon fillets or dress up chicken or pork. Salsas make a great substitute for salad dressings, too.

A&E >  Food
June 10, 2015, midnight
Here’s a delicious way to pack a quick dinner full of vitamins and flavor – try green rice. Green rice (arroz verde) is a traditional Mexican dish, but I had never made it at home. These Spicy Sweet Potato and Green Rice Bowls caught my eye while I was scrolling for supper inspiration among Pinterest food porn.

A&E >  Food
April 8, 2015, midnight
Look away, paella purists. This isn’t exactly like its rustic Spanish namesake, but this recipe for Spring Vegetable Paella will help you get a gorgeous, delicious and meatless main on the table quickly.

A&E >  Food
March 11, 2015, midnight
When I revealed my plans for making mini frittata with quinoa for this month’s Dinner Together to my family, the response was a resounding “meh.” Good thing I’ve never let that stop me. This recipe is a great way to customize mini frittata for everyone without too much trouble. These portable egg and cheese breakfasts get an extra dose of protein and fiber from the quinoa. With the right ingredients they’re elegant enough for brunch, but they are also easily frozen and warmed in the microwave for a quick but hearty breakfast or lunch.

A&E >  Food
Feb. 11, 2015, midnight
There’s no better way to chase away the winter gray or nurse a nagging cold than with a pot of homemade soup. Chicken noodle is always a great go-to remedy, but there are plenty of delicious options beyond Mom’s basic prescription. The recipe for this lemony lentil soup has been in the binder for almost five years, and I always think of it when winter skies start to drag on for too long. It’s a straightforward lentil soup, but a shot of citrus and zest give it a deliciously bright flavor.

A&E >  Food
Jan. 14, 2015, midnight
After the fuss of big holiday meals, it’s time to slow things down in the kitchen. Fill the house with sublime smells with a nearly effortless slow-cooker recipe from the January/February edition of Cooking Light magazine. Start by browning boneless pork shoulder on the stove, then nestle it in the crock with a mess of sautéed onion, garlic and peppers. Top with diced tomatoes, rosemary and thyme before heading out to work or play.

A&E >  Food
Dec. 10, 2014, midnight
’Tis the season of treats, and soon there will be plenty of temptation everywhere you go. If you’re planning to treat your family or bake up bar cookies for others, why not lighten the calorie load just a bit?

A&E >  Food
Oct. 8, 2014, midnight
Combine the familiar flavors of enchiladas with seasonal vegetables for a delicious budget fall meal. I liked this vegetarian version of classic enchiladas which features cubed butternut squash and black beans instead of a heavy meat and cheese filling. The recipe caught my eye while I was lurking around to try to find out when author Gina Homolka’s new cookbook should be hitting shelves.

A&E >  Food
Sept. 10, 2014, midnight
Share the fall flavors of squash and apple in a delicious and surprisingly quick soup. This spicy-sweet soup will satisfy even if you don’t splurge on crab to garnish the finished dish.

A&E >  Food
Aug. 13, 2014, midnight
I’m not one to complain too much about the summer heat, I just don’t want to cook in it. But when the temperature in the house reached 86 degrees, I decided it was time to cool things down with a chilled soup. The good news about these scorchingly long days is that our garden is packed with the perfect ingredient for a summer soup: plump tomatoes.

A&E >  Food
July 9, 2014, midnight
Pack an extra punch of protein into your summer salad routine with quinoa. Whether you need a dish to share at a backyard barbecue or you just want to have a salad ready for summer lunches, this Asian Quinoa Salad is an easy fix.

A&E >  Food
June 11, 2014, midnight
All this summer-like weather means the seasonal cravings for cool salads have started early – and that’s a good thing since we’re also trying to find ways to eat up the spring salad greens before they bolt. The dish for this month’s Dinner Together has become a warm-weather favorite. The combination of grilled shrimp, white kidney beans (also called cannellini beans), tomatoes and shallots are easily tossed together after just a bit of chopping. The tangy tarragon vinaigrette is so simple it always makes me wonder why we bother with salad dressing from the grocery store at all.

A&E >  Food
May 14, 2014, midnight
This Dinner Together almost didn’t come together at all. I scorched my pinky. I neglected the kids’ dinner. I nearly roasted the tomatillos into oblivion. Despite the challenges, the final result was delicious.

A&E >  Food
April 9, 2014, midnight
Because many people are steering their diets away from gluten or meat or dairy, it can be hard to find a dish that satisfies everyone for a dinner together. No one wants to play short-order cook just to have family or friends over for a meal. Instead of making separate dishes for those with special diets, try pulling out a wok for this fast, satisfying and healthy stir-fry. (Of course, a large frying pan will work just fine, too.)

A&E >  Food
March 26, 2014, midnight
When things are really hectic at my house, I dream about calling in reinforcements for dinner – or as my 6-year-old calls it, the “pizza taxi.” I’m always happier if I settle on something quick and fresh instead – something that makes me feel good instead of guilty.