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Chocolate lovers, rejoice! It’s World Chocolate Day, and Spokane has plenty of choices

By Sidiq Moltafet The Spokesman Review

Chocolate has spurred cravings across the world.

Consider that during the past year, people across the globe ate 7.7 million tons of chocolate. Melted down to the individual, that’s about 2.2 pounds per person.

But in the United States, chocolate consumption is more aggressive. On average, each American eats 9.5 pounds. But that pales in comparison to the Swiss. Switzerland’s population takes full advantage of some of the world’s best chocolate by eating, on average, 20 pounds per person, according to Forbes.

Spokane also offers some fine chocolate, whether it’s the darker, richer kind or milky smooth.

On this World Chocolate Day, here’s a list of some of the top-notch local purveyors of chocolate in Spokane.

Spokandy Chocolatier

Experience counts when crafting a delicious piece of chocolate that melts in your mouth. At the venerable Spokandy, operating for more than 100 years, the expansive offerings include nearly every chocolate imagined. The most popular is the “Murphy,” a fresh vanilla mallow center that is hand-dipped in milk chocolate and rolled individually in toasted coconut.

Halletts Chocolates

If supporting a local chocolate business run by women is important to you, Halletts is the place.

Operated by four sisters whose names all start with “K”– Kitty, Kami, Kari and Kristy – Hallets has been in the chocolate business for almost 20 years.

The best seller, Pastel Mint Tube, is a chocolate to try. These smooth and creamy mints start with white coating, colored softly in pastels then flavored with peppermint oil.

Big Bear Chocolates

With more than 25 flavors of chocolate caramel apples and 25 flavors of fudge, Big Bear Chocolates is a must-go for chocolate lovers. The owners, Doug and Julie Hammond, have been operating the family owned business for more than a decade.

Gourmet chocolate caramel apples are made from scratch. Each apple is covered in homemade caramel, chocolate, gourmet toppings and drizzled with … extra chocolate.

Candy Works

Candy Works offers chocolates and candies from across the world. The signature European chocolate Milka is sold here. But beware, as it often sells outs.

Toxic Waste Slime Lickers are another popular candy that often sells out. With more than 2,000 different varieties of candy, Candy Works is set to satisfy any craving.

Ean Marie Chocolates

Ean Marie Chocolates is a family owned business where the chocolate is ordered from Belgium and hand-painted with perfection in Spokane.

Owners Gillian and Thomas Speight take pride in offering their best product.

Although Ean Marie Chocolates closed because of the pandemic, the owners are readying to open this December.

Sidiq Moltafet is a member of The Spokesman-Review’s Teen Journalism Institute, a paid high school summer internship program.