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A Matter Of Opinion archive for Sept. 2007

FRIDAY, SEPT. 28, 2007

Pull that ripcord

Scottish scientist James Dewar said, "Minds are like parachutes. They only function when they're open."Unfurl yours here at Friday's loose thread, open wide for your opinion of the day.

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Letter: Suing ourselves?

Seems to me, Gov. Gregoire is a typical conniving attorney. According to The Spokesman-Review today, she is entertaining ideas about filing a lawsuit against us for health care coverage for the poor and public employees ("Gregoire threatens lawsuit over kids’ health," Sept. 25). Lawyers spend...

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 27, 2007

Death penalty for Yates

The Washington Supreme Court decided this morning to uphold Pierce County's death sentence for Spokane serial killer Robert Lee Yates Jr.Read Richard Roesler's story.In a Spokane case, Yates was sentenced to 408 years in prison for other killings.Please join the debate. What do you think...

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Letters: Growth, not blight

(...) More houses per acre is not a good environmental solution. It increases human waste, it increases traffic that ruins our roads and adds to our already suffering air quality, it strains our natural resources, looks terrible and yes, destroys the quality of life here.Some...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 25, 2007

Bill O'Reilly said what?

Seems the Fox News commentator had a racial epiphany while dining at a soul-food restaurant. Excerpt: After eating dinner at a famed Harlem restaurant recently, Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly told a radio audience he "couldn't get over the fact" that there was no difference...

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Mars Attacks! Iran next?

Been tracking the visit to New York of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. And the images from his visit connect in my weird brain with the 1996 Tim Burton sci-fi spoof movie Mars Attacks! in which the president, Congress and ambassador types are very friendly to...

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Letter: Freeway too pricey

(...) The data contained in the Urban Mobility Report, released Tuesday by Texas A&M University, supports what a local nonprofit group has been preaching since the beginning of the new millennium: our regional traffic congestion can’t be used to justify spending billions of dollars on...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 24, 2007

Iraq: Up Close and Spokane Personal

On Wednesday, for one hour, Lt. Darel Maxfield and his wife Lesley visited editorial board members. Maxfield is on leave from Iraq. Maxfield, a social studies teacher at Ferris High School in Spokane, is a member of the Army Reserves and is training Iraqi soldiers...

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Downtown housing crisis

This Sunday's editorial examined the low-income housing crisis Spokane faces now that Otis Hotel residents have received eviction notices.It calls for tackling the problem with creativity and innovation. The bottom line is this: The entire city loses if more people are forced to sleep on...

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FRIDAY, SEPT. 21, 2007

Letter: Human values paramount

Steve Adams has posed an important question ("Arts readers turned off," Sept. 16): Is The Spokesman-Review’s reduction of visual arts and RV lifestyle coverage consistent with the paper’s aim "to reflect the life of our community every day in all of its wholeness and complexity"?Desultory...

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THURSDAY, SEPT. 20, 2007

Loose thread -- TGIAF

Thank God it's almost Friday! I tried to include a picture on one of the posts today and it didn't work for an unknown reason.But that won't keep you from bringing up what bugged you today. And here's the place.

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Letter: No reason to lie

How many of us would gladly and freely compromise our integrity? I think the answer would be "very few." This is why I am appalled at the response from the Democratic Congress (and a few Republicans) regarding the accusation that Gen. Petraeus is lying when...

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Human rights forum

Chief Kirkpatrick is hosting a human rights forum this evening. Will you be attending? If so, what's your main concern?"Come prepared to voice your opinions on tolerance, diversity, respect and dignity in interactions between police officers and the public," Kirkpatrick wrote in a letter sent...

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TUESDAY, SEPT. 18, 2007

Let teachers pack heat?

Battleground: Ashland, Ore. A teacher is battling for her right to bring a gun to school.Her catalyst is an abusive relationship, but she thinks it's a good idea in general for school safety.That would be illegal in Washington state. Should she be able to?

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Gimme an 'A'!

Avista wants to cut natural gas rates. How many letters to the editor do you suppose this will generate? My guess is nowhere near as many as when they raise rates.Why is that? Your theories are welcome here.

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Letter: Widen political gene pool

Career and politician: two words that should never have found their way into the same sentence. Freshmen in Congress are seldom involved in the scandals that plague seasoned bureaucrats. Seniority often leads to contemptuous behavior and the delusion of being above reproach.Headlines of unsavory conduct...

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MONDAY, SEPT. 17, 2007

School levies

The editorial board just finished meeting with proponents of the simple majority requirement for school levies. They said equity was the main goal of the proposal; schools shouldn't have to drum up more support than local governments, the Legislature or anyone else when they need...

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SUNDAY, SEPT. 16, 2007

SATURDAY, SEPT. 15, 2007

FRIDAY, SEPT. 14, 2007

OJ: If he did it, part 2

Looks like O.J. Simpson is back in hot water with police, according to BBC News. Sounds like Simpson is saying it was all a misunderstanding, but either way it should boost sales of "If I Did It," published by Beaufort Books yesterday.

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