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A window into another culture: Library hosts ‘Making Snacks from Around the World’ for teens

The Spokane County Library District will host “Making Snacks from Around the World,” including a lesson on making hummus with a mortar and pestle.  (Getty Images)
By Megan Dhein For The Spokesman-Review

The Spokane County Library is hoping to create a bridge between teenagers and cultures from around the globe – through their stomachs. Moran Prairie Library is hosting the first session of “Making Snacks from Around the World” at 3 p.m. on Friday, July 12.

“Food is always a big draw for teens,” said Spokane County librarian Danielle Marcy. “We like to encourage the exploration of food.”

Marcy said teens will get a chance to make their own snacks – including making hummus with a mortar and pestle – experiment with spices, sample candies from around the world and learn interesting facts, like the world record for largest hummus dish, which was made because of a feud between a few countries that claimed to be the dip’s originator.

Marcy hopes the programming will be eye-opening for its participants.

“It’s the whole picture book analogy,” she said, referring to a study about the positive effects of multicultural picture books. “I feel like food can be the same way in that it can be a window into somebody else’s culture, or if it’s your culture that’s being shown and enjoyed, that it’s a reflection of you.”

The event is free, but participants must register, and it’s limited to ages 13 to 18. There will be four other chances in July to participate.

To plan, the librarians consulted multicultural cookbooks such as “The Jewelled Table: Cooking, Eating & Entertaining the Middle Eastern Way” by Bethany Kehdy. Marcy said all of the recipes and snacks were tested prior to the event to ensure a delicious experience for all who go.