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Bank robbery suspect nabbed quickly

A bank robbery suspect was captured and arrested as he reportedly fled the scene Thursday in North Idaho. Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a U.S. Bank branch in the 6300 block of North Government way for a robbery in progress just before 4 p.m. Thursday.

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Folk singer Zach Hval (one of the four sons of Cindy & Derek Hval) will bring his Bob Dylan style to Calypso's from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Friday.

Wild Card/Thursday: Zach or Poet's Night? 

Hucks Nation will have a tough decision to make Friday. At 6:30 at the CdA library, Washington State Poet Laureate Tod Marshall will headline a group of 9 talented poets for a Poet's Night that will include a tribute to our Bard of Sherman Avenue. At 6 PM Cindy Hval's son, Zach, a folk singer in the Bob Dylan mode, will perform at Calypso's.

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Parting Shot -- 4.7.16

Raindrops and trees are reflected in a puddle during a rainy Wednesday in Chicago. Rains will scatter and become more occasional during the afternoon. Snow and rain is possible on Friday as well with highs failing to reach the 40-degree mark.

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Frank Church died 32 years ago today 

In his Slice column, Paul Turner reports that the late U.S. Sen. Frank Church, for whom the Frank Church Wilderness is named, died on this date in 1984. Then, Paul asks a question I'd like you to answer: "What would the longtime Democratic senator from Idaho have made of today's political climate?" Anyone?

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Cutline Contest --Time2Vote 

The Cutline Contest today features a member of a Chinese honor guard who lost his balance when hit by a strong wind during a welcome ceremony for the Sri Lanka prime minister. Wednesday Winner: (three-way tie) Dennis, MJhartid & Nonashi.

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'Secret society' dispositions quashed 

Idaho Falls attorney Steve Taggart, who attended the court hearing today on the attempt by Bonneville County GOP officials Doyle Beck and Bryan Smith to depose a group of local and state GOP officials, reports that Senior Judge Richard St. Clair has quashed the move for the depositions.

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Blogos -- 4.7.16 

The daily roundup of posts from HucksOnline blogosphere includes: Long game/Randy Stapilus, Sisterly birthday/Slight Detour, Calling Mitch McConnell/Fort Boise, Keep an eye out for these guys/On Tap, 'My brother was there ..."/Cindy's All Write, Montana launches trail hiking guide/Outdoors, Don't wait until dark to hear Steve Oliver/7 Blog ...

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I'm a lefty! I'm a lefty? 17 

"(Idaho Freedom Foundation executive Wayne) Hoffman issues a strong call to arms, expanding his scope to 'lefty journalists' who promote big-government ideas through their works. He goes after the Spokesman-Review’s Dave Oliveria for undermining conservatives and getting them booted from office" -- Chuck Malloy/Idaho Politics Weekly.

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Ybarra scores on 2 of 3 top issues 

Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra made good on two of her top three legislative priorities during the 75-day session that adjourned last month. But she was less successful with a series of 10 proposed bills that her staff unveiled during an education conference last August.

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Did Risch just endorse Cruz? 

Idaho Sen. Jim Risch endorsed Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign on Wednesday — depending on your definition of the term. Risch said he wouldn’t support Republican front-runner Donald Trump and framed Cruz as the only candidate he could support. Then, he walked back from that non-endorsement endorsement.

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White House: Clinton more qualified 

The White House on Thursday said Hillary Clinton is qualified to serve as president, rebutting comments from her Democratic primary opponent, Bernie Sanders. “The president has said that Secretary Clinton comes into this race with more experience than any other non-vice president in recent campaign history,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz said.

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Fire boat practice 

During our walk along the waterfront Wednesday, Greg Lee and I spotted the local fire boat spraying toward Tubbs Hill, from Third Street dock, on a windy day. The spray was almost reaching us as we walked the Boardwalk. I don't know whether the fire boat was practicing. Or cleaning the machinery out.

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This may be the only bad photo I've ever seen of state Sen. Shawn Keough. The Idaho Freedom Action/Foundation crew must have searched far and wide to find it. It is posted on the Idaho Freedom Action Facebook wall with some mumbo jumbo that the effective co-chairman of JFAC voted to raise taxes.

Here's what Idaho Freedom Action is 

Chuck Malloy of Idaho Politics Weekly pulls the curtain back on the little game played by Wayne Hoffman of Idaho Freedom Foundation re: a HucksOnline post today. Idaho Freedom Action is a sister organization to Idaho Freedom Foundation that by virtue of its 501c4 can make endorsements. Also, there's a nice jab by Hoffman at me below.

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IFA treats Keough, Malek poorly 

Idaho Freedom Action, some sort of 501c4 that's allowed to make endorsements, has a Facebook page that doesn't treat respected North Idaho legislators, like Sen. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint, and Rep. Luke Malek, R-Coeur d'Alene, well. At all.

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IFF demands correction 53 

Dustin Hurst of the Idaho Freedom Foundation emailed to say that Huckleberries Online erred in saying IFF had endorsed a list of candidates, based on its "Freedom Index" scorecard. IFF doesn't endorse candidates, Hurst said. Idaho Freedom Action does. Idaho Freedom Action, for those keeping score at home, is a sister organization to IFF.

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Here comes TrusTED

In a New York Times story, reporters Nicholas Confessore and Matt Flegenheimer report that big GOP donors are warming up to the erstwhile most hated U.S. senator, Ted Cruz. The Anyone But Trump movement has added fuel to Cruz's late surge for the GOP presidential nomination.

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Went for a run and locked myself out of my house. To hell with this. This. This is why running is the devil -- Christina Lords, assistant editor of the Idaho Press Tribune. (Question: When did you last lock yourself out of the house?)

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Poll: We want brokered GOPfest 

In the Wednesday poll, Hucks Nation said it would enjoy tuning in to a brokered GOP national convention this summer. Today's Poll: If the voting was held today, which one of these Kootenai County commissioner candidates would you vote for? (Bob Bingham, Leslie Duncan, Fred Meckel or Duane Rasmussen)?

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AM Headlines -- 4.7.16

The daily roundup of AM Headlines includes: Whitman College to drop, Missionary mascot/AP, Health officials: Idaho flu season running late/SR, County worker background checks proposed/Press, ISU speaks out against anti-Muslim DVDs/EOBoise, Lawmakers set 6-year record for productivity/EOBoise, Crapo, Cantwall worry re: lack of wine designation/EOB.

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KCSO reports mail thefts in Harrison

Over the past two days, the Sheriff’s Office has responded to several reports of mail theft and damaged mailboxes around the rural areas surrounding Harrison. Of the ten victims that have filed reports, some have had their locked mailboxes pried open with nothing stolen while others have reported the theft of items from their mailboxes.

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With Sheriff Ben Wolfinger in the background, challenger John Green speaks at the Panhandle Pachyderm Club in Post Falls. The event took place recently.

John Green's statement re: Malheur standoff 27 

On his John Green for Sheriff Facebook page on Jan. 9, "Constitutional Sheriff" candidate John Green made a statement about the Malheur Wildlife Refuge standoff that was in its opening days. Green indicated he would have handled things differently than the local sheriff involved in the standoff.

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Malheur occupation & its aftermath 

In the Idaho State Journal, Ralph Maughan reports on the aftermath of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge occupation 1 1/2 months later. The story mentions Montana journalist Hal Herring, who lived with the militants. Herring found them "generally likable folks, but most were also basically 'crackpots' when it comes to political reasoning."

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