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Pneumonia project puts risk down

The risk of developing pneumonia has plummeted in Boundary County thanks to quick thinking at the local hospital. Boundary Community Hospital was one of nine health care institutions in Idaho to receive a Qualis Health Award of Excellence in Healthcare Quality this week. Qualis Health is a nonprofit organization that works to improve health care in Idaho, Washington and Alaska. It also provides technical services to Medicare and Medicaid.
News >  Idaho

Medical problems force family’s move

The three kids from Shoshone County flew radio-controlled airplanes like pros, which Loren Hall, secretary of the Coeur d'Alene Aero Modeling Society, would have enjoyed more if one of the teenage boys wasn't bent over with an obvious back problem. "I was so impressed with their ability, but you could tell there was a problem," Hall said. "He was hunched over, frail and thin."
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He got it done

KELLOGG – Vince Rinaldi doesn't plan to land in the hospital any time soon, but Shoshone Medical Center is his choice for care, if the need arises. "I'd go there in a heartbeat," says the director of the Silver Valley Economic Development Corp. in Wallace. "It's very good, a welcome change."

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Keeping him in the game

Eric Seaman panicked when he examined his son Tanner's leg after the boy hurt himself playing soccer near his Coeur d'Alene home three years ago. Tanner was 7 then, and his right leg was noticeably shorter than his left.
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Habitat for Humanity store to move

HAYDEN – Move over, do-it-yourself home remodeling stores. A new super-sized store is about to open with less expensive materials, an eclectic selection and an altruistic goal that's hard for any for-profit business to match. Habitat for Humanity of North Idaho will move its year-old used building materials store from a 3,000-square-foot, hard-to-find building on Seltice Way to a 16,000-square-foot, cinderblock building along U.S. Highway 95 by the end of next month, Jim Erlanger, chapter president, said Thursday.
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Food charity teeing up for fund-raising drive

The homeless children at the Saturday afternoon soup kitchen tugged at Kyle Rutley's heart, so he decided to go golfing. Believe it or not, social workers who help the homeless and hungry wish people would follow Rutley's example.
News >  Idaho

KMC tops in imaging field

A cure for cancer is still wishful thinking, but Inland Northwest residents have access to the next best thing. "This is as close to the magic bullet phenomenon as we can get," said Dr. Arne Michalson, a radiologist and director of nuclear medicine at Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d'Alene, as he studied a three-dimensional image of a patient's esophagus on his computer screen. "What we're trying to do is find, characterize and treat problems earlier with less radiation, less overall cost, less morbidity."
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Community rallies to war hero’s cause

The reinforcements have arrived. An assault of medical bills is one battle plenty of Americans are flocking to help Medal of Honor recipient Vernon Baker fight. From Gov. Dirk Kempthorne to other Medal of Honor winners and legislators from other states, people and money poured into St. Maries last weekend, filling the town's one bed and breakfast and one motel, to shower the World War II veteran and his wife, Heidy Baker, with support.
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End-of-life decisions still being put off

The tug-of-war over Terri Schiavo's life hasn't prompted a stampede of Inland Northwesterners to hospitals and groups that offer living wills, durable powers of attorney and do-not-resuscitate orders. But it should, say organizers of such right-to-die groups such as Compassion and Choices and Final Exit.
News >  Idaho

Idaho cancer center to test vaccines

North Idaho cancer patients are about to test three vaccines that previous trials have shown effective in eliminating prostate cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and doubling life expectancy for people with pancreatic cancer. The clinical trials at North Idaho Cancer Center are for three different pharmaceutical companies, all of which are conducting nationwide tests. The vaccines are for people already fighting cancer and are in their last phase of testing, said Dr. Haluk Tezcan, an oncologist and director of clinical research at the cancer center in Coeur d'Alene.
News >  Idaho

Mobile clinic to cut many visits

Boundary County residents soon will see much more of the North Idaho Partners in Health mobile clinic than they have in the past three years, but the clinic on wheels will cut most of its visits to Shoshone, Kootenai and Benewah counties. The new schedule is part of a plan to keep the clinic running after the federal grant that launched it in 2002 runs out next month. North Idaho's three federally funded community health clinics will share responsibility for the mobile clinic. The Panhandle Health District manages it now.
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Group aims to improve senior life

North Idaho's oldest population has a major problem hearing and wants more opportunities for exercise and fitness, according to results from a recent survey conducted by Aging and Adult Services. "We have to wake up and pay attention to the hearing issue," said Pearl Bouchard, director of the service's North Idaho office. "As the population ages, we have to keep things so they can be heard by everyone in the room or people will stop coming to meetings."
News >  Idaho

Local clinic, dentists try to ease area’s pain

The patients who arrive at the Dirne Community Health Clinic moaning and clutching their jaws in pain frustrate Dr. Leanne Rousseau. "We probably see 10 to 12 people a month with screaming dental pain," says Rousseau, medical director at the clinic, which treats the area's uninsured. "And that doesn't count the low-level problems. It's appalling."
News >  Idaho

Medical bike provides hope

HAYDEN LAKE – A medical exercise bike may return to Sandra Dorosh what she most wants in life: use of her body. Dorosh, 55, sits in a wheelchair in her Hayden Lake home now, but two years ago she celebrated March's sun by swinging her golf clubs after working all day on her feet as a denturist. A swimming pool accident in July 2003 left her a quadriplegic, breathing with the help of a ventilator.
News >  Idaho

Retired nurses to help fill in gaps at KMC

COEUR d'ALENE – Skill steeped in 30 years of experience tantalized Carmen Brochu. The vice president of patient care for Kootenai Medical Center saw an abundance of potential in the retiring nurses who tearfully hugged her and their careers goodbye. Brochu knew when her time to retire arrived, her need to nurture people grasping for better health wasn't going to disappear like an extinguished flame.
News >  Spokane

Substance abuse frays kids’ safety net

COEUR d'ALENE – Drug abuse has created a generation of children with so many layers of problems that social agencies barely can scratch the surface, and foster and adoptive parents are finding themselves in over their heads. "We had at least 10 failed adoptions last year," said Sheilah Stone-Dorame, administrative director at Children's Village in Coeur d'Alene.
News >  Idaho

Her job is looking out for seniors

The fingernails tipped off Jan Young. Something was wrong. The woman in the wheelchair was well into her 80s, frail and confused. She was in a nursing home for 24-hour care, yet her dirty fingernails suggested that care was less than ideal.
News >  Idaho

Technology links experts, rural patients

SANDPOINT – The ovarian cyst Dr. Deborah Owen found in her patient was large but appeared benign. Appeared, however, wasn't good enough. Owen wanted a lab test. But Bonner General Hospital has no pathologist to examine tissue and offer a diagnosis.
News >  Idaho

KMC enjoys a healthy business

Hospitals across the nation are closing programs and laying off staff in a constant struggle to pay bills. Deaconess Medical Center in Spokane just eliminated 56 jobs as it ended three children's care services. Sacred Heart Medical Center laid off 162 employees last summer and is offering early retirement and separation incentives to employees now to downsize more. But Kootenai Medical Center in Coeur d'Alene is expanding, basking in the glow of staff approval and working with a budget in the black for the 20th consecutive year. What is KMC's secret? State and national health officials and veteran KMC workers say it's community growth and sound leadership in chief executive officer Joe Morris.
News >  Idaho

Bonner EMS system to be revamped

Bonner County's dependence on the good will and good judgment of volunteers to respond to life-threatening emergencies could end soon if an advisory board the county commission appointed this week springs into action. The three-person council's job is to build for Bonner County a reliable emergency medical system that works under one medical director and provides efficient and coordinated care, Commissioner Joe Young said Wednesday.
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Habitat project just waiting for donations

For more than two years, Habitat for Humanity volunteers have waited for enough money to turn weedy land in Post Falls into a cozy new neighborhood for a dozen working-poor families. They'll have to wait a little longer.
News >  Idaho

Practitioner to demonstrate Yuen

Kari Wagler tried healing with prayer, meditation and laying her hands on the pain. She finally found her answer with Yuen. "It's hard to expand your mind to believe it's possible," Wagler said Tuesday as she prepared for three days of free demonstrations of the Chinese healing method. "It relies on sincere compassion for a person."
News >  Idaho

Generosity overwhelms hockey player, his family

Donations of thousands of dollars and a flight home to Virginia in a private jet stunned George, Bev and Jason Resto and left them in grateful tears after the weekend. "We were touched by an angel," George Resto said Monday.
News >  Idaho

Ill ice hockey player needs help with trip back home

George and Bev Resto taught their three children to protect themselves, particularly on the ice where their two boys played championship hockey. So the Restos didn't worry last month when their youngest boy, Jason, 18, left their Ashburn, Va., home to play hockey for the Kootenai Colts in Coeur d'Alene. The Junior B team, one step below the Spokane Chiefs, offered Jason top-notch training and exposure to college recruiters and National Hockey League scouts.