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Though classified by the EPA as a midsize car, the Avalon’s roomy cabin invites comparison with the large-car segment.  (Toyota)

Toyota Avalon edges ever closer to luxury stature

Over the years, Toyota’s Avalon has evolved from roomy-and-docile family sedan to a near-luxury piece with athletic overtones. And when we say, “near-luxury,” what we really mean is “so-close-to-luxury-it’s-hard-to-tell-the-difference.” The all-new 2019 Avalon ($35,500) finds Toyota’s flagship four-door pushing against old boundaries. Deep sense of...

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The Prius has evolved over time — its powertrain has undergone constant improvement and the original sedan has given way to sleeker designs — but it remains the industry’s best complete hybrid. (Toyota)

Fourth-generation Toyota Prius still reigns supreme

Gas-electric hybrids account for a tiny fraction of U.S. auto sales, but automakers aren’t backing off. Every year, it seems, some new hybrid debuts, and companies like Honda and Volvo have announced aggressive new electrification strategies. Toyota was an early leader in the movement. It...

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MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

By adding 4.4 inches to the overall length of the standard-issue RX 350, Toyota makes room for a kid-friendly, power-folding third-row bench.  (Lexus)

Lexus's RX 350L crossover adds third-row seating

In 1999, Lexus RX 300 brought the word crossover into America’s automotive lexicon. The upright near-luxury vehicle was based on a sedan’s unibody but looked like a truck-based sport-ute. It rode like a front-wheel-drive sedan, while available all-wheel-drive echoed an SUV’s utility. The distinction was...

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