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Ask the doctors: Location of cervical osteophytes determines pain

Dear Doctors: I had severe pain in my neck and couldn’t turn my head. I saw an orthopedist, and she diagnosed me with bone spurs on my vertebrae. Apparently, my choices are doing physical therapy, seeing a pain specialist or having surgery. Do you have more to add?


Miss Manners: Friends keep flaking on my teas

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have hosted several teas for five to eight friends, most of them around my age (mid-20s) or a little younger. My difficulty is with RSVPs: Each time, I’ve had multiple guests tell me the day of the tea that they’re no longer able to attend – for reasons such as being tired, having work to get done or needing to go grocery shopping.

Dear Annie: Setting free sibling drama

Dear Annie: My one sister and I took care of our parents for the last 20 years due to their poor health and dementia. We have another sister who always made promises to our parents to stop by and take them out to eat or make them some of their favorite food, but they hardly ever did that.

Ask the doctors: Yearly physicals set baseline for health

Dear Doctors: I am baffled that what used to be a thorough and comprehensive physical exam is now just a few questions, taking some vital signs and a few blood tests. No checking your eyes, throat, glands or reflexes. No breast exam. Why has this changed? What constitutes a complete physical these days?
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Movie Review: ‘Past lives’ beautifully explores the essence of time

UPDATED: Wed., May 31, 2023

Late in “Past Lives,” there’s a scene in which two people walk down a street and silently wait for an Uber, captured in a single shot. Like the film itself, it is a deceptively simple moment, a seemingly mundane interaction that is simmering with tension and fraught with meaning, the ticking clock of the car’s imminent arrival pulling the narrative taut. It’s a deft and daring choice from filmmaker Celine Song, especially since she just lets the audience take this in, secure in the knowledge that our attentive patience has been carefully earned over the course of “Past Lives,” a film that is at once about two minutes, a day, a year, 12 years, a lifetime and many lifetimes.
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Movie Review: ‘The Boogeyman’ is a vehicle for creepy, if overly literal, fright

UPDATED: Thu., June 1, 2023

There's good news and bad news about "The Boogeyman," the scary new movie based on a short story by Stephen King about - well, the title says it all. First the good news: You will sit on the edge of your seat for much of this movie, and jump out of your skin periodically, especially if you can still remember being afraid to go to sleep because of the monster that lived in the closet, the thing under the bed, the shadow cast on the wall by the Yeti-like hominid lurking just outside your bedroom window, plucking leaves off a tree and eating them.
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Movie Review: ‘Spider-Verse’ sequel is overlong and overstuffed, but wow, those visuals

UPDATED: Thu., June 1, 2023

Say this much for "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse": It's a lot of movie. When "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" opened in 2018, it felt like a bolt of something genuinely new, its dazzling animation breathing new life into a mini Marvel franchise that was verging on exhaustion and its protagonist, a Brooklyn teenager named Miles Morales (voice of Shameik Moore) taking suave ownership of the iconic title character for a new generation.

Miss Manners: Neighbors excluded from group trip

DEAR MISS MANNERS: In our neighborhood, there is a core group of about 25 residents who are very close, often taking trips together. We do not belong to that group, though we are friendly with them.
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How to store bread to keep it fresher longer

As anyone who jumped on the sourdough bandwagon during the early days of the pandemic can attest, baking bread is a labor of love. So whether you’re baking your own loaves at home or grabbing a boule from your neighborhood bakery, you want to savor every crumb so none of the baker’s hard work goes to waste.

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