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We still need hydro power

While Sen. Murray and Gov. Inslee’s efforts to remove the lower Snake River dams is getting a lot of attention ("With open minds, Murray, Inslee detail process to consider breaching Snake River dams," Oct. 22), no one seems to realize how costly this will be for our state and our community. Hydro power accounts for nearly 70% of our power base. Just this last summer, Spokane had rolling blackouts during a heatwave so dangerous it resulted in tragedy.
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When numbers don’t work …

If numbers and statistics were enough to convince the public to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, regardless of manufacturer, the death toll alone – 763,000 in the U.S., 5.11 million worldwide – would have people scrambling for vaccine slots. If not that, then the number of cases in ICU units – 849 people – and of people on ventilators – 106 people – as of Nov. 14, 2021, in Washington would surely spur some action.

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The only real solution

Once again we have all this talk about climate change with no mention of dealing with the real problem: over-population. The discussions in Scotland were pointless feel-good nonsense.
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Think of us, Cathy

On November 10th, I was delighted to see that Congress passed the “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act” -- HR 3684 -- which will help guarantee that our aging U.S. transportation infrastructure will finally receive much needed attention and repair. The article in the Spokesman-Review outlined all of the planned construction, from bridge deck repairs/rehabilitation to “expansion joint” repairs to “replace railings.” In addition, there is $65 billion aiming to ensure every American has broadband internet access, and $25 billion for airports.
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Death by misinformation

Deadly side effects? Absolutely -- but caused by misinformation like Al Newman’s letter ("Deadly side effects," Nov. 13).
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Stand or kneel

Regarding Dick Schuerman’s Letter to the Editor, ("GU team dishonors flag," Nov. 12), expressing dismay at some members of the Gonzaga women’s basketball team taking a knee during the national anthem. Here is my take or stand or kneel issue.
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Further research …

Saturday's letters column contained a letter from Mr. Al Newman ("Deadly side effects," Nov. 13) stating that there were 15,000 deaths from taking the corona vaccine, as reported by VAERS. Fortunately, almost nobody reads the online-only Saturday letters column. But in case somebody did, and did the research that Mr Newman suggested, one quickly finds a link to
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Insufficient progress

The meeting is over. Representatives from nearly 200 countries have flown home from Glasgow, Scotland, ending their mission described by scientists and environmental advocates as the last, best chance to save the Earth from climate calamity. Not surprisingly, I suppose, the UN conference was long on promises but short on action.
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We’re already ready

After reading Sue Lani Madsen’s “We aren’t there yet” (Nov. 11) opinion on electric vehicles, I thought of the burning of the last tree on an island for a cooking fire. No more wood to burn, so then find another way. Madsen will burn the last gallon of gasoline before buying an EV.
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Cruz, Boothe pick a fight with Big Bird

Ted Cruz and Lisa Boothe, two Republicans, are accusing Big Bird on Sesame Street of political propaganda for the government because he got vaccinated? And possibly other Republicans are thinking this way? To me this borders on idiocy!
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An interesting refusal

I read with great interest Gayleana Dschaak's letter ("What country do we live in?," Nov. 8) complaining about her husband - 20 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force and 17 years-plus with the DOD - because he must get a vaccine shot or be terminated, which Mrs. Dschaak states is nothing but EXTORTION (her caps).
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Anti-vax costs us all

It was recently reported that nearly four times as many law enforcement officers died of COVID-19 from 2020-21 than were killed in the line of duty. Although law enforcement won’t release the vaccination status of these officers, it is safe to say that the vast majority of the 550 or so officers who have died of COVID during this pandemic were unvaccinated.
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Meidl owes apology

I’ve been often saddened by the actions of the Spokane Police Department and by the actions of the local business folks who support the further victimization of homeless people in Spokane’s downtown. Our police chief’s silence surrounding last week’s episode of a Spokane cop's unethical behavior is thunderous.
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Monaghan deserves honor

As a low-ranking veteran of the Vietnam War who came home to suffer the scorn of many of my fellow citizens for about a decade, I stand with Hazel Hoeft's repudiation of attempts to remove Ensign John Monaghan's statue from downtown Spokane ("Monaghan was a hero," Nov. 11), precisely on all of the grounds that she raises.

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