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Prayers or action?

Here we go again, thoughts and prayers for more victims of two mass shootings. 31 dead, dozens injured within 24 hours. 112 dead from mass shootings in 216 days in America. Thoughts and prayers do nothing to stop the carnage from firearms.
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Speaking of violence …

In Democratic candidate for president Marianne Williamson's article, "America is hooked on violence" (Sep. 3), she neglected to include the violence of abortion. Since Roe v. Wade in 1973, over 50 million babies have been killed. Fact Check: CDC.
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Try something else

I'm not a native of Spokane, but in the 46 years that I've lived here I've been in love with this town and the whole region. This has always been a place of beauty, kindness and hope. So where did the recent ugliness, anger and hate come from?

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Understanding, not fear

Multiple news sources have informed me over the years that many homeless persons (perhaps most) owe their status to economic factors such as overbearing medical or housing costs, often in tandem with inadequate income levels. The data especially support this point in regard to homeless families. Mental health (civilian and veteran) is also a historical factor.
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Creating failing schools

Because of a great lack of voter interest and uninvolved parents, the Mary Walker School District fails our community and few, if any, care!
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Matt Shea’s coven

For me, I thought Shawn Vestal's recent article ("It's up to voters to do the right thing," Aug. 21) about the voters of Spokane Valley being the ones who need to oust Matt Shea with their votes come the next election was insightful. Shea did not get elected in a vacuum over the past years. Yes, it is my understanding he has a long history of supporting violence which extends from his military service for which he was reprimanded, domestic violence, road rage with a gun, and now a hate group of religious "Come to Jesus or we'll kill you" warrior recruits being bred in the back country of Ferry County and beyond.
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Mindful Trump hatred

In his letter to the editor, "Mindless Trump hatred," (Sept. 3), Randall Jones insists that the left and liberalism is all about hating Trump and "don't have a clue why," but mindlessly believes what CNN, a teacher or a movie star tell them that "Trump is destroying the economy" ... and therefore they believe it.
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Our governor, our tax dollars

In a failed bid for the nomination for president, Washington's governor used a lot of taxpayers' money and time between his official duties and his campaign, while traveling around the country accompanied by 14 Washington State Patrol troopers – two sergeants and one lieutenant – mostly speaking to empty rooms and still being paid $182,000 a year.
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Thank you, letter writers

I am not a person who writes letters to the newspaper. Well, maybe a couple of times in my 74 years. So I want to thank those of you who have had the courage to speak your mind, whether I agree with you or not. Lately there have been some very meaningful letters that speak my mind. I would like to address a few from Aug. 31 in particular.
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Transparency serves us all

Tension and conflict are normal elements in life, from where to live to how to handle concerns in our city. Spokane voters decided by a wide margin for creation of the Office of Police Ombudsman in 2008. The office was established to provide independent civilian oversight for Spokane Police Department conduct-related matters. The police ombudsman's duty is to ensure that investigations are timely, thorough and objective. Four commissioners serve as oversight to the staff of the ombudsman's office.
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An inspiring message

On Sept. 28, 2018, I served as a substitute teacher at Kettle Falls High School. In the room where I taught was a statement by Albert Einstein, who was one of the most brilliant human beings to have ever lived. His statement on the wall read, "It's not that I am so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."
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No fear here

As contributing authors to a recently published research article cited in the Spokesman-Review on Aug. 28, we wanted to provide a disclaimer to the misleading headline – "Childhood Obesity Link? Parental Fear."
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We’re used to him

We were not surprised when the president hawked his Doral hotel at the G-7 summit or by his melodramatic response to the Justice Department's criticism of Comey. Whatever he does, he's become one of those kids everyone lets off the hook: "That's just Donnie." I'm not talking about his base and followers in the GOP. I'm talking about us.
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Helping the homeless

I wish I couldn't write this letter but unfortunately I have some knowledge on this topic via family members. First of all it does not matter how much money we spend – nothing will change the addicts unless they want to change. I have attended multiple graduations from treatment programs, so I can state that unless the person wants to change, no program nor any amount of money can create the change.
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Homeless housing idea

With all of the discussions about providing more services and housing for the homeless and the heated discussions on where the housing should be located, I have a suggestion.
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Where are the leaders?

I speak from the outside looking in. I am a longtime, long-distance volunteer for the NIC Booster Club. I have been following the turmoil at NIC as the newspapers spin the situation and different persons write their impressions.
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Fonda acted on conscience

I can see it now. An entire page of Letters to the Editor excoriating the Spokesman for running an editorial by Hanoi Jane. Other than the fact that she wrote it, it seemed pretty non-controversial to me.
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Change can be good

I would send my kids to a teacher that has never taught. Electricians, mechanics, carpenters all have first days and many will go on to be desired craftsmen.

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