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A dangerous statement

I see on TV that Sheriff Knezovich will not enforce Gov Inslee's direction that everyone should wear masks. I have a question for the sheriff: Do you drive in the middle of the road or on the left side of a two-way road? No, because you would be in or cause an accident and hurt not only yourself but someone else. Do you yell in church? Do you cut in line? Do you push people away from displays in the grocery store? Do you call people names? The last four are probably not illegal, but they are rules which can be broken and which infringe upon your right to be a jerk.
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Londoners persisted through a shelter in place order as they were bombed 76 nights in a row during the Blitz. The German bombing campaign against Britain lasted over eight months; World War Two lasted over five years. When I read Sue Lani Madsen's opinion piece, (June 25), I pictured B.S.D.B.ers (Bomb Shelter Door Blockers). People had the right to not use a bomb shelter during the Blitz but did not have the right to block the entrance.
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Businesses, stand up

I hear people say I will not wear a mask because it is my right not to. I will use a medical excuse; my carbon dioxide will kill me and every other lame, selfish excuse there is. To all of you, I say do what you want but don't impede on my right to try and live a normal life and help get the economy back to some type of normal.

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Coronavirus doesn’t care

In referencing Angela Jensen's letter (June 29.), here's a little synopsis of the cause and effect of COVID-19: It starts with droplets from an infected person's breath, cough or sneeze. It might be in the air or on a surface before you touched your eyes, nose or mouth. It moves down the respiratory tract possibly inflaming the lungs making it difficult to breathe. It damages tissues and blood vessels. Fever, rash, stomach pain, vomiting, heart problems and diarrhea.
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Democratic propaganda

It's apparent that local officials are using the COVID-19 threat to impose ever increasing restriction on the public, using the increased reported cases to justify their actions. The increase in reported cases is largely due the increase in testing. How many of these test are false positive? Have the restriction done anything to slow the spread of Covid-19? The main purpose of the restrictions is to make the public aware of the Covid-19 problem and has little or no effect on curbing the spread of the virus.
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Don’t thank me with a pink slip

I am a social services specialist and a proud member of the Washington Federation of State Employees (AFSCME Council 28). My job is to determine the best interests of a child who has become a ward of the court: to be reunited with his or her family, raised by another relative, or placed in an adoptive home.
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How is it political?

I want to share my frustrations with this response from the Superior Court. The article mentions, “It is unusual for judges to wade into public discourse that might be perceived as political.” My question is – how is the opposition of police brutality and gross misconduct political? Why is the BLM movement political, as it should be a simple statement of fact? The failures of our legal system should be a nonpartisan concern; a weak promise to “do better” reeks of performative solidarity. The lack of specific actionable steps or any timeline is unacceptable.
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Masks are a simple decency

In response to Angela Jensen (6/30/2020). I am not sure how to feel about this letter. Stunned, outraged, angry, disbelieving ... you choose. Do you not understand that we are in the middle of the deadliest pandemic since 1918? Millions have contracted this disease and almost 130,000 Americans have died horrible, lonely deaths since March. And it is only getting worse. Check with Arizona, Texas and Florida. They reopened too soon, are now in the midst of a deadly crisis, and are moving backwards on reopening. Certainly not helpful for their economies, is it?
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Masks are detrimental

The recent 'mandate' for everyone to wear a mask into any business last Friday, is an important barometer to gauge the logic, reason and critical thinking skills of the public. Several articles and videos have surfaced recently stating the risks of wearing a mask.
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Thank you Dr. Lutz

I would like to thank Dr. Lutz for his sound judgement and not proceeding to phase 3 in the reopening process. I understand how hard this is on businesses and employees but by doing the right thing of social distancing and wearing masks will get us there faster. Some things we have to learn the hard way and unfortunately we have not experienced a pandemic like this before in our lifetime.
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The extraordinary Dr. Thai

What a pleasure to open the S-R today and see the beautiful Dr. Thai on the front page. My sister Helen died 1 1/2 years ago after struggling many years with complications of diabetes that required frequent hospitalizations.
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The Inslee regime

All dictatorships use fear to control the masses. The Inslee regime is using a very cooperative media to spread fear through his pandemic propaganda and the threat of fines and arrest for non compliance. His latest decree of everyone wearing face masks, if obeyed, will further weaken our economy, lead to more bankruptcies and to increased illnesses and diseases. Wearing masks can cause headaches and impaired breathing and one study showed that mask users can have up to a 20% reduction in blood oxygen levels that can potentially lead to suffocation, respiratory trouble and even heart attacks.
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Vigilante justice?

Is anyone else concerned about the couple who held a suspected shoplifter at gunpoint outside a store on the South Hill? According to a June 30th article in The Spokesman, this couple "believed" that a woman who ran out of a store had shoplifted. They both pulled handguns, pointed them at her, threatened her, and refused to let her get out of her car. Ultimately, police arrived and charged the woman with shoplifting, a gross misdemeanor.
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Voters have an option

Generations of Republican and Democrat politicians have failed the people of America. Together they’ve given us over $23 trillion in debt, non-stop involvement in a deadly and expensive foreign war, skyrocketing health care costs, the highest imprisonment rate in the world; even higher among racial minorities and the poor, a broken retirement system unable to pay promised benefits, tariffs that are destroying markets for American farmers, and an endless immigration crisis.
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Way to go, Spokane

I recently needed to go to Spokane from my home in Sandpoint for some car maintenance. I have not been out of Sandpoint since March and let me tell you how impressed I was with your city.
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Working together works better

The “defund the police” movement says they don’t really want to eliminate the police departments but instead fund other methods of helping the community such as social workers, drug and alcohol treatments and other services that they believe will reduce crime.
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Look closer at Wright

UPDATED: Mon., July 6, 2020

Across this nation, many monuments and symbols representing and continuing to influence social injustice are being questioned. The Pacific Northwest can seem somewhat removed from these events, but certainly it should not be considered immune. For instance, the name Col. George Wright.
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Masks are a basic kindness

My mother told me many wise things when I was young, but two come to mind: "Goodness is its own reward" and "Think about how your actions impact other people." Both apply to mask wearing.
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More than just statues

The New York Times ran an article on June 21 about removing a statue from the Natural History Museum in New York City. The article ended with examples of rioters and vandals destroying statues in other cities, including some of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. The alleged claim is these statues being destroyed are "too offensive," according to the article.
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UFO sightings

Thank you for printing the page of documented UFO sightings in today's ("UFOs Over Washington," June 23) Spokesman-Review. I have personally witnessed a UFO and so have people I know. My only question is, why is knowledge of extraterrestrials being suppressed and by whom? Are they afraid it would have a disastrous effect on the world to know that we are not alone?

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