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Mascot victims

So let me get this straight: We can rename a George Wright street after a lady indigenous warrior but we can't confer with indigenous people about a better indigenous name for the North Central High School Indians?
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We’re connected

My name is Aaron and I am eleven years old. When we look at our ever-growing Earth, we see many different types of people living in different places. There are people living in places with lush green forests or big cities, people living in places with good financial economies or places devoid of money and resources.

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A recent front page article described the Democrat proposed stimulus package. Notible absent in the article was the answer to (who and where). The why is patently obvious, buying votes. As to who the answer is more difficult. The government has no money. That’s right! The government has only money that it extracts from the taxpayer. Sometimes it has money taken previously and more often it works with the money currently taken. Lately, due to deficit spending, it borrows money from the future taxes.
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A workable carbon solution

With the clock ticking on our opportunity to limit global warming to the critical 2 ℃ increase by 2030, we need a bill in Congress that is both effective and bipartisan. A carbon fee and dividend policy, where a fee is assessed on carbon fuels and Americans receive dividend payments from the fees collected, is just that.
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Cruelty amid a cold snap

Cups of hot soup put into red, chapped, trembling hands brought attention to the urgency of the life-threatening reality of the homeless in last week's temperatures.
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Global battle protects locals

Thanks to the Spokesman-Review for printing letters with a variety of opinions, creating a forum for different points of view. I was particularly taken by Jenna Haines' letter this past weekend (Feb. 21) about the need to invest in global health.
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Happy Birthday, Peace Corps

Happy Birthday to the Peace Corps! On March 1, 1961, John F. Kennedy founded the Peace Corps. Ya don’t look a day over 25, my friend
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History will judge

Representative McMorris Rodgers signed on with other GOP House members to support the Texas attorney general’s lawsuit seeking the overthrow of election results of four other states. It was clearly a seditious use of judicial process by proposing the “by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States.” (U.S. Code 18 U.S.C. § 2384)
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SB 1110 infringes rights

The League of Women Voters of Idaho opposes Senate Bill 1110 as too restrictive and an infringement on the people’s right to place items on the ballot.
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Service members dedicated to mission

I served as a clinical psychologist at Fairchild Air Force Base, in the mental health clinic for 8 years, ending 30 SEP 2020. Since the U.S. military is now concerned about whether it has sheltered service members with extremist views, I thought some people might value hearing about my experiences in confidential conversations with thousands of service members, in terms of attitudes or behaviors that are antagonistic to the rule of law or DOD missions.
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Avista could do more

Avista reported an increase in fourth quarter earnings in 2020 compared to 2019 in today's (2/25/21) Spokesman Review. I do like and compliment the fact that Avista is a good corporate entity for Spokane.
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CMR ignores constituents

Today I had the pleasure to participate in the Evangelical Immigration Table, billed as an opportunity for Christians motivated by their faith to access their representatives in Congress, and request bipartisan immigration reform.
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Limit congressional terms

I had never been a fan of term limits, but after watching the impeachment trial of the former President, my position has been changed. It appeared that the vast majority of senators felt that Donald Trump was guilty as charged, but 43 of them voted for acquittal because, I believe, they feared the next election cycle.
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Public health needs governance change

As someone with over a decade of professional public health expertise at the local and national level, I was disturbed to read Sue Lani Madsen’s misguided February 25th opinion piece ("Public health decisions best made at local level") on pending public health legislation.
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The emperor has no clothes

As children, we hear many insightful stories that are simple, but often full of meaning. The one mentioned above seems to resonate with what is happening in our country today. Right before our eyes, we are seeing over and over the truth. Even though videos and pictures can be altered, it would have been an almost impossible undertaking to make fake videos of what happened that led up to and included the infamous events that took place on January 6, 2021.