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Help write history

A second generation of dreams from the Lish family now affords us this prime candidate, Mike Lish, to advocate for small and medium-sized businesses as well as schools to hear the voices of parents, students and teachers with impunity. His family is invested financially to see Spokane prosper for all who choose to make this their home as his parents immigrated here to the United States for those same opportunities.
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It’s not really ‘back’

I wish you would stop making such a big deal about “bringing back the Chronicle.” Believe it or not, a lot of us hate reading the newspaper online and refuse to do so, so unless the Chronicle that we knew and loved comes back in print form then it hasn’t “really come back” and we don’t care about one more thing that has to be deciphered on a digital screen.
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Recycling misprioritized

We have a lot of items to be recycled every week -- plastic, cardboard, etc. We always fill up our recycling can every week.

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SAR doesn’t represent us

Don't let Realtors and developers buy City Hall! Once again the Spokane Association of Realtors is spending big on the City Hall races as they just spent $100,000 in the primary to buy two seats on the City Council. They don't represent the best interests of our neighborhoods, our residents, our city or even most Realtors.
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The abolition of slavery

Bob Strong’s “What ended worldwide slavery?” (July 11) completely ignores the crucial role that people of color played in the abolition movement in Britain and the U.S. Black abolitionists such as Olaudah Equiano in Britain and Frederick Douglass in the U.S. worked side by side with white abolitionists such as William Wilberforce and William Lloyd Garrison in their countries’ respective abolitionist movements.
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Where are the vaccination patriots?

In World War II, Americans lost 405,000 lives. Uncle Sam asked and sometimes ordered residents to black out their windows so as not to become targets for our enemies. Travel was restricted. Gas was rationed along with sugar and coffee. This was war.
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A nonpartisan nation

I have thought for weeks, how do we bring healing to the United States? My conclusion is not preposterous. What would America look like without political parties?
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A simple solution, coach

As a retired faculty member and citizen of this state, I was enraged to read that the high-paid head coach of the WSU football team is refusing to get vaccinated for COVID ("WSU'S Rolovich not vaccinated," July 22), despite the university's mandate that students, faculty and staff be vaccinated for fall semester 2021.
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A thought before you vote

It is time again for us to vote for the best leaders to run our city. The real trial was the challenge of the last 18 months and the pandemic. All citizens and businesses needed to work together to try to get through this very trying time. It was a time for teamwork and everyone doing their part.
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Act now, for all of us

“Climate scientists warned us. When will we listen?” (Eugene Robinson, July 6) opinion piece asks, “One simple question for climate change skeptics: What is it about 121 degrees in Canada that you don’t understand?”
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Chase’s deadly ignorance

In the public debate about the risk/benefit ratio of getting the COVID-19 vaccine, misinformation from people who have no idea what they are talking about is dangerous. ("State Rep. Rob Chase’s anti-vaccine comments removed from Facebook," July 21)
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Do us all a favor

In our everyday lives we face risks all the time. When we get out of bed in the morning we face risks. We could fall over and get hurt and other bad things could happen, and these risks increase as we get older. I am 80 years old. So we weigh the risks of getting out of bed versus what would happen to us if we just stayed in bed.
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Grateful for public health leadership

I’d like to publicly thank the hundreds of thousands of individuals involved in all levels of the COVID vaccine program. Anyone, almost anywhere in the U.S. right now, can receive a vaccine. I look forward to reading the follow-up articles and books of what it took to get us to this extraordinary place.
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No big surprise

Suddenly, Republicans are standing up and extolling all to be vaccinated, now that their congressmembers in low vaccination states (red states) are seeing infection rates explode and THEIR Republican voters die.
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No lesson learned

As the U.S. troops and NATO forces leave Afghanistan they leave more than just the loss of the materials of war. The guns and ammo and the trucks and explosives and all of the equipment will still be there when the opposing, rag tag army takes over. But the most conspicuous part of the whole 20-year war that will still be there is the narcotics. That has not been mentioned in the recent withdrawal and loss by the invading forces. How did the local forces support themselves during this 20 year battle with the U.S. and NATO?
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Re-elect Nathan Jeffries

In the age of convenience, we expect ease of payment for everything from bills to rent, and anything else! Water District 3 recently upgraded their system to allow for a user-friendly and lower cost payment system.
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Your “free speech” is killing people

Reading Spokesman letters and opinions, I understand the limitations of free speech in America. I look at the freedom of saying anything the same way I approach a round-a-bout when driving. Never mind the yield signs, does any driver feel they have the right to proceed into the circle?
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If they’re so wonderful …

In reading Lucy Holt's letter this morning ("GOP about opportunity," July 14), I feel she needs to quit looking through her rose colored glasses.
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Keep church, school separate

I thought school board elections were supposed to be nonpartisan. After researching the three candidates running for the Central Valley School District, I was surprised to discover that one candidate had completed a School Board Candidate Survey sponsored by a right-wing religious organization with a 96% alignment. They asked questions about a candidate’s beliefs about the Bible, the work of Christ, and Judeo-Christian values, with each question referenced by a scriptural quote. This crosses the line from our nation’s founding principle of maintaining the separation between church and state.