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-Combat-Balancing the dice (Andrew Smith)

Combat - Balancing the Dice

The dark forest is lit by a lone campfire. Four figures crouch next to it, eating heartily. “I can’t believe we did it, I mean we actually won!” Another speaks, “Well, my goblin friend, when the dice are on your side anything is possible. I’m gonna get some more ale … I think that fighter had some left in his pack.”

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Cinematic Combat - Get into it! (Andrew Smith)

Cinematic Combat - Get into it!

“Roll to hit.” “Okay, you hit. Roll damage.” “Okay, next player. Roll to hit…” Does this sound familiar? If so you might be suffering from Boring Combat Syndrome (or BCS). Sufferers of BCS will often feel withdrawn and distracted during play. If you or someone you know is suffering from BCS, please read on for suggestions on alleviating the issue.

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Sometimes you don't have anyone else to game with... (Andrew Smith)

Speeding Up Combat - Do More Faster!

The clashing of swords… the roar of gunfire… and the pitter patter of dice, in these next couple post I discuss tips and ideas for making combat fun and exciting for everyone. This post will cover some alternative combat mechanics I use to speed up combat that can get bogged down in rules.

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