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Chop Sticks for reduced mess! (Kirk Everitt)

Gaming Food

What goes well with an evening hanging out with your friends having fun? Tasty food! This post will cover food suggestions and other food related knowledge.

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MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015


The rise of the 'shared experience'

Cooperative play is nothing new in video games. But with major publishers like Rockstar Games, Bungie and others designing unique experiences that require Internet connectivity and coordination to pull off, are we entering a new age of gaming?

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Everyone's a little quirky from time to time. (Andrew Smith)

Table of 100 Quirks

If you want to add a bit of life to a character without explaining large amounts of backstory, just add a quirk. This post will contain a massive list of quirks that can be applied to any character PC or NPC. Take a character, add a dash of oddity.

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MONDAY, JULY 6, 2015


Frustrated with Character Creation? (Bruce Blunt / Andrew Smith)

Trouble with Characters

Whether you’re creating a hero or villain, prince or pauper, enemy or friend, we’ve all had difficulties. Both DM’s and players alike have hit that creative wall. This will be a quick guide to help you stencil out your character idea.

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Vampire vs Werewolf

Styling a Storyline

As a DM do you find yourself without much time to plan out the details of each quest? On the other hand do you feel like your players are running the show and you want more control? This post is for you, as I discuss two different styles of storytelling, and a couple of games that exemplify these styles.

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